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  1. New Here, looking for experiences
  2. psychiatrist versus psychologist?
  3. ADD meds and decreased athletic performance
  4. ADD/ADHD - what does it mean?
  5. Psychologist Going Overboard To Diagnose Teen (13)?
  6. Need advice, wonder if I am jumping the gun
  7. My story
  8. I am a lost parent!
  9. Any feedback on paedatric Chiro?
  10. ADHD-H + general anxiety disorder? WTD?
  11. DD started Ritalin today...
  12. Finding the right doctor... is it possible???
  13. Child on Focalin...So many questions!
  14. Dexedrine for a 4 y/o and the side effects
  15. Depressed dad
  16. Guanfacine somnolence
  17. Nephew has ADD and his parents aren't doing anything about it. (This could get long)
  18. Should I really give my 9 year old Concerta?
  19. 8 yr old with start medication or not
  20. recently started adderall-sleep problems?
  21. New treatment of childhood PTSD
  22. How do you diagnose ADD/ADHD?
  23. ADD/ADHD & Dyspraxia
  24. 2 Kids with ADHD?
  25. Medication choices
  26. Jax, FL
  27. 8 Year old and questions about programs such as Dore
  28. Are these Strattera side effects or Zoloft withdrawal?
  29. Guanfacine long acting - Intuniv
  30. Received our Diagnosis
  31. 6 yo gets meds. 8 yo gets parent/teacher conference
  32. New and trying to figure out the right meds
  33. weight loss and getting worried
  34. newly diagnosed/medication
  35. Long term use of methylphenidate
  36. A stab in the dark?
  37. Methyphenidate and vitamin help please
  38. Just so frustrated! =(
  39. And so the journey begins.........
  40. Risperdal
  41. Therapy?
  42. Adderall XR... working or not?
  43. Sigh. I'm getting no where!
  44. Experiences with Chlonodine
  45. Interesting results on study of diet and ADHD
  46. New Here-Medication questions...
  47. Afternoon boost or not?
  48. Any ideas to help my 9 year old sleep? Please help!
  49. Hi! Newbie here, and I really need help. :(
  50. Diagnosis and referral waiting times in northern ireland.
  51. WISC-IV - results return time
  52. private prescription for vyvanse
  53. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Linked With Attention Problems In Kids: Study
  54. 6 yo - third day on adderall. Will sleep issue go away?
  55. adderal xr question
  56. Intuniv or Tenex
  57. NeuroSky or Emotiv
  58. The Answer To Underdevelopment Is Development
  59. Risperdal questions.
  60. Average length of stability
  61. good private doctor in kent / London
  62. New to this. Teen with ADHD taking Vyvanse, nightmare
  63. My child is pushing me too much
  64. Youth Inpatient Assessment?
  65. Evaluation and 504
  66. Need some guidance
  67. How long to you try a medication?
  68. ADHD in "Third" World Countries
  69. Undiagnosed & desperate!
  70. cancer chemo induced ADD
  71. Concerta-medication causing Anxiety or symptoms becoming clear as ADHD is controlled?
  72. The Mislabeled child ~ Brock Eide
  73. Has Anyone Tried The Listening Program
  74. Krill Oil
  75. an introduction and my sons situation...seeking advicd
  76. Behavioural Therapy More Effective Than Drugs?
  77. Long QT and AD/HD meds
  78. ugh...scared now!!
  79. Diagnosis today
  80. Autism Often Not Diagnosed Until Age 5 or Older: U.S. Report (Article)
  81. ADHD or Immaturity? Help!
  82. ADD Dosage/Brand Issue?
  83. Attachment and Trauma
  84. Pediatricians raise caution on sensory-based therapy(Article)
  85. Could an ADHD sufferer's eyes be extra sensitive to light
  86. Getting desperate, son with possible ADHD
  87. Vitamin Dosage question
  88. Promoting the Physical and Mental Health of Girls and Women of Child-bearing Age
  89. Overcoming sleep disorders in children (Article)
  90. What Works. . .
  91. Concerta XL made him more hyper???
  92. At what age can a child be diagnosed adhd?
  93. Adding Wellbutrin?
  94. Need some advice
  95. 5 Year Old DX'd With ADHD and Anxiety Disorder
  96. Help this is all brand new and no support
  97. Newly Diagnosed ADHD & brain damage
  98. Pulling my hair out with 4-year-old son
  99. Newbie - Help with Equasym XL Side Effects
  100. Parents of ADHD children needing meds?
  101. How much melatonin for 4-year-old child?
  102. Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents
  103. Anyone have any success stories to share?
  104. adhd meds started younger ....(article )
  105. Help!! My son starts his ADHD meds tomorrow....
  106. Supplements/vitamins
  107. Anyone tried green tea or L theanine on their child?
  108. Appointment with Community Paed (UK)
  109. 7 year old son recently diagnosed and I have some medication questions...
  110. I Don't Know What To Do This Summer
  111. Travelling to USA with meds
  112. Considering Acupuncture treatment for sleep & anxiety for my 8yr old.Advice please..
  113. Generation RX and "The drugging of our children" movies
  114. Can Changing strattera dose time improve results?
  115. Newly diagnosed ADHD & Clonidine Question
  116. So Much Potential Here; We Need More FollowTHrough
  117. Should I discuss my son's ADHD/LD/Executive Function issues with him in detail?
  118. Anything over-the-counter to help child sleep?
  119. Transfer Factor
  120. Should I be concerned? Could this be ADD?
  121. Meds without therapy?
  122. ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder
  123. Airline Pilot and ADHD?
  124. Any success with retrying a med?
  125. Newbie - Help !! (a bit long)
  126. Emotional Weepy 7 yo
  127. Behavior at Home VS Other locations
  128. Concerta XL advice
  129. Magnesium/B6 Treatment
  130. What age to start treatment?
  131. New member- and many questions
  132. AttenGo
  133. Back to school and time to re-evaluate med decisions
  134. Can inattentive ADD be mistaken for bad hearing in children
  135. hi all need some advice plz me new ty
  136. Help! Angry outbursts
  137. Trying Vyvanse--Nervous
  138. Magnesium B6 Update
  139. New here...just full of confusion. LONG!
  140. help feeling terrible
  141. Not sure about ADHD-Need Help
  142. Auditory Processing Disorder
  143. Encouraged after 3 days on Vyvanse
  144. Typical Toddler Behavior, or ADHD? 10 Ways to Tell
  145. please help!
  146. ADHD in girls linked to later self-injury
  147. Neurofeedback as effective as methylphenidate based on parental reports!
  148. ADD son has very slow visual processing speed. Effects reading & writing. Help....
  149. So So Frustrated with my Son's ADHD Meds...Please help!
  150. Ok, weird night!
  151. Focus Formula
  152. Why couch potatoes are more likely to do poorly in school
  153. To Medicate or not!!
  154. Antipsychotics in Children and Teens
  155. Rethinking Vyvanse...
  156. Hit a bump in the road
  157. What age did they put your kid on meds?
  158. Vyvanse not working
  159. Problems Refilling my son's ADHD medication
  160. DD1 got her Diagnosis!
  161. Lost and in need of help?
  162. Vyvanse, Dr Appt and School Updates
  163. Please help us
  164. Kapvay
  165. Hey there! New member! I hope I am in the right place!
  166. Interesting slide shows on ADHD
  167. Ritalin LA
  168. Protocol
  169. I want to cry
  170. Resources...
  171. ? Vaxa attend
  172. Getting Frustrated
  173. 4 yr old son recently diagnosed with adhd
  174. Strength Survey for Children
  175. I need Help so I can Help my daughter.
  176. Tired of Medicating
  177. Hello
  178. Worried parent, all help appreciated!
  179. Need help, 4 year old just started Vyvanse
  180. Think we need to up the dose again!
  181. Need some suggestions
  182. hi all :)
  183. I can´t believe it!
  184. Newspaper: ADHD drugs suspected of hurting kids
  185. Feeling like a terrible mom...and Intuniv users?
  186. hi new here
  187. receptive/expressive language disorder help
  188. New and need help
  189. Vyvanse not giving us what we need
  190. Dr's appt Update
  191. Prescribing information/Medication Guides for ADHD Medications.
  192. child diagnosed with ADD
  193. Methylphenidate and delayed puberty in boys/children
  194. New Here and Problems with Vyvanse
  195. trouble manly at home
  196. Anyone used Biphentin on their child?
  197. Red Dye 40
  198. How can I find a great doctor to treat my sons's ADD/TS/OCD? I'm in Kansas.
  199. My son fell asleep in class today! What should I do!
  200. Child behavior checklist ages 1.5-5 - please help?
  201. how long before you notice the ritalin is working
  202. Programs in NJ or PA?
  203. ADHD and Anxiety
  204. EEG Biofeedback now a “Level 1 — Best Support” Intervention for ADHD!!!
  205. Working memory games
  206. So frustrated!!
  207. Newly Diagnosed 5 Year Old
  208. Alternative remedy to help ADHD sufferers
  209. 7 year old son dx'd today with ADHD and started on Vyanese...HELP
  210. Question for our UK members
  211. Ritalin 'Doesn't Turn ADHD Children Into Robots'
  212. 6 year son - offered Ritalin
  213. Newbie - 13 yo daughter newly diagnosed with ADD
  214. Making appt. on Monday for 5 year old.
  215. Anxiety and my sons ADHD
  216. Vyvanse and Depakote/Trileptal
  217. Would you bring your child to this Dr's appointment?
  218. Any concerta mums please.
  219. medikinet
  220. Vyvanse update--mixed reviews
  221. Vyvanse Questions
  222. teens with ADHD,question
  223. Deal with the side effects?
  224. 10 mg Metadate CD
  225. Just need to let it all out.
  226. Hello I am new here
  227. New Diagnosis
  228. Concerta experience please
  229. Developmental Disorders Major Epidemics
  230. Anyone have a child that has Type 1 Diabetes and ADD?
  231. What to do?
  232. Oxford Learning
  233. Need Info. My 5 yr old prescribed straterra.
  234. Questions
  235. First time on Concerta
  236. Facial tics while on Adderall XR
  237. At what age did you get your child diagnosed?
  238. Help! What Evaluation Path To Take
  239. Side Effects of Vyvanse
  240. Living with an ADHD Child: Catching the Signs Early
  241. Son driving me mad is he adhd
  242. Can Straterra cause problems with vision?
  243. At my wits end and lost...
  244. My ADHD son
  245. how to explain to a 7 year old??
  246. How long to see positive improvements at school?
  247. Is anyone else's child like this?
  248. Taking forever for diangnosis of teen
  249. Clonidine but does NOT have ADHD?
  250. My Son's Experience on ADD Medication