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  1. Do we tell our 5 year old
  2. Can't diagnose without teacher input?
  3. new and so very confused
  4. Providing structure for ADD child...when you've got ADD too !?!
  5. Miracle Belt?
  6. Adderall and liquids?
  7. My Experience Growing Up Medicated
  8. Opinions about starting Intuniv, 1 mg
  9. symptoms/signs, is it adhd?
  10. ADHD or Something Else?
  11. Could Omega-3 supp make this kind of difference?
  12. Advise on Diagnosis
  13. Violent at home
  14. Son's Ritalin LA 20 mg stopped working
  15. Med questions??
  16. OCD and ADHD
  17. Im beginning to think that I need psychiatric help for myself...
  18. Good article on children's mental health
  19. I am desperate with 10 year old daughter
  20. Mg and Zn
  21. Multivitamin with 15mg of zinc?
  22. 3rd grade sucks.
  23. I Suspect ADHD
  24. Son - Strattera and hearing voices
  25. Refusing meds
  26. Still waiting for diagnosis!
  27. Finally got an appointment....
  28. Cycles
  29. need advise has my son god ADD/ADHD????
  30. Switching meds and nothing seems to be right
  31. Beginning of process w/6-yr-old boy
  32. Disruptive Behavior Disorder
  33. Giving Drugs to Kids
  34. Upcoming psych appt. for daughter
  35. Greetings :)
  36. ADHD and other disorders
  37. Intuniv and new tantrums
  38. Newly diagnosed - EQUASYM
  39. Disapointing diagnosis process
  40. Child recently diagnosed
  41. vyvanse and exercise
  42. Was this OK for my child to take Adderall like this?
  43. Finally a diagnosis!
  44. Hi, new to the forum
  45. 100mgs of Vyvanse
  46. New Diagnosis
  47. Intuniv question
  48. medikinet
  49. So good!
  50. Need advice for nearly 4 year old, please.
  51. What dosage does your child take?
  52. Where to go from here?
  53. I feel my 5yr old daughter has ADHD - any advice please???
  54. When to call the pediatrician.
  55. 7 yr old with abdominal pain while on meds
  56. Need input...suspect Intuniv is causing weight gain in our 6 yr old son
  57. 9 yr old son just diagnosed with AD/HD Inattentive
  58. Need help/thoughts/feedback - no medication working
  59. Will Vyvance side effects diminish over time?
  60. Frightened about ADHD
  61. The Effectiveness of Mindfulness Training for Children with ADHD and Mindful Parentin
  62. Getting the dosage right with Ritalin
  63. Need some advice on first time med for my son aged 6
  64. Wellbutrin and Vyvanse combo -
  65. Asking for help from our members
  66. 14 year-old With ADD Inattentive Type Symptoms
  67. medication and the already small child; appetite suppression, growth, etc
  68. Importance of exercise vs mental activity
  69. advice
  70. toddler: ASD? ADHD? Both?
  71. Does my child have ADD?
  72. Increasing dosage was a disaster!
  73. Paradoxical reaction to stimulants
  74. How early is too early for Meds?
  75. Titration to 10mg of Vyvanse- Inconsistent
  76. What a roller coaster week!
  77. Finally have a starting point!
  78. 6.5 yr old burning through meds
  79. New and need advice
  80. Behavior Diary ?
  81. Should we drop the Vyvanse immediately??
  82. New member needs help, is an MRI needed?
  83. Care to share Concerta and Focalin Experiences?
  84. New here need some support
  85. Finally yay!!!
  86. Heart-related side effects?
  87. To switch or not to switch, that is the question
  88. New Here, please need help and suggestions on getting 4 year old to take Focalin
  89. Dextroampheta sulfa
  90. How to take Intuniv?
  91. DS continues to struggle
  92. starting meds tomorrow and nervous
  93. Feedback please
  94. Newbie
  95. Questions about Adderall XR
  96. worried about DD11 and issues in school. (sorry, long)
  97. Risperidone
  98. New Member: Have the Ritalin SR but it makes me nervous to give it to her
  99. Is it medicine, behavior or both?
  100. Changing Anxiety Meds
  101. Not sure if this is the right diagnosis - any opinions welcome.
  102. help me and my child
  103. Son recently started taking Ritalin, help please
  104. can anyone help us we are at the end of our tethers
  105. Question about Adderall
  106. Starting to consider Aspergers
  107. Need some advice
  108. Magnesium
  109. Help
  110. Anyone have any experience with Quillivant XR?
  111. Not sure where to go with meds next
  112. Primarily Inattentive 7 year old daughter
  113. New to Forum, but not to ADD
  114. changing impulses
  115. Need ideas re next steps DD sensitive even at low doses
  116. 7 yr old on Adderall XR 10 mg has tic HELP!!!
  117. Update: Very non dramatic methyl
  118. 6 year old/Ritalin - not sure he's responding to it
  119. No meds over spring break. Was it a good ideal???
  120. Diet Modifications?
  121. When is best time of day to take Intuniv?
  122. Candida and ADHD
  123. Adderall XR and generic differences?
  124. Metadate CD or Daytrana
  125. Ditching meds, wish us luck!
  126. Focalin XR
  127. Concerta and Tenex
  128. Vayarin
  129. ADHD-Should I put my Kindergarten son on Meds?
  130. Normal Childhood development - imitating
  131. Omega 3 recommendation
  132. Pre-diagnosis - Anyone had any success with caffeine?
  133. returning to the forum (story and ???)
  134. Funny thing my daughter said about her meds
  135. Generic version of Ritalin LA
  136. Noise can be good for kids with ADHD
  137. day 1: ritalin 5 mg
  138. Telling Child About Diagnosis
  139. Please help me!
  140. Meds and Car Sickness?
  141. Have you seen this thread?
  142. Day 8; Ritalin 10mgs (a little update on what we are seeing :)
  143. New to this
  144. To the parents who medicate their kids...question??
  145. Interesting article from Time on ADHD
  146. Totally Confused
  147. How do I go about getting my son diag'd?
  148. another ill informed semi embarassing adhd article
  149. :) A happy thread, just wanted to share:
  150. adhd/combined type and cognitive function
  151. What to do while waiting for formal diagnosis?
  152. Low IQ but normal Adaptive Functioning?
  153. Running med before or after?
  154. Kapvay Not Covered Under Plan
  155. melatonin??
  156. Strattera???
  157. dilated pupils?
  158. Do we need to up my son's Ritalin LA ?
  159. Has my daughter got ADHD or something like it?
  160. ADHD Rages?
  161. Increasing dosage to 20 mgs of ritalin?
  162. Caffeine
  163. Switching from Concerta to Metadate ER
  164. Does this look like ADHD?
  165. My boy Chase
  166. First couple of days trialing medication
  167. medicating my son and why I loved him enough to try
  168. Finally figured out-ADD is the problem
  169. New and really confused
  170. Dr wants to change stimulants
  171. New and really in need of help
  172. emotional problems in adhd kids may be related to brain activity during sleep
  173. 5 1/2 year old son recently diagnosed adhd
  174. Starting Concerta, but when?
  175. Think Adderall dose needs to increase?
  176. 7 year old;Adderall 20mg
  177. what do I do?
  178. FAS Diagnosis - Now What?
  179. I need help with my child please
  180. Family Doctor prescribe meds?
  181. feeling useless
  182. still confused - adhd or not?
  183. Summer break (from school AND meds???)
  184. successful psych/therapist relationships
  185. Disparity in ADHD diagnosis starts early for minority children.
  186. Anti Social Behavior on Meds???
  187. major med taking issues
  188. our ADHD children as infants...what was yours like?
  189. Question regarding concerta
  190. First day on stims
  191. Whoa!
  192. My 16 yo son was arrested
  193. Multi factor evaluation Results
  194. is being overly emotional related to ADHD?
  195. ADHD Meds and Acne - Is there a link?
  196. Static Encephalopathy and ADHD
  197. Allergic reaction to Guanfacine ?
  198. Update on my 16yo son who was arrested
  199. concerta and zoloft opinions
  200. just a chuckle....
  201. Goodbye ADHD, hello GAD
  202. First Brainwave Test for ADHD FDA Approved
  203. Son new to meds
  204. My 5 year old son starts his first dose of meds tomorrow
  205. Update on my 16yo son who was arrested
  206. Is this true? POLL: Does your child take adhd medication outside school?
  207. Medication isn't the only option.
  208. Son started on Ritalin with no effect
  209. Risperidone side effects??
  210. Long - need advice,wisdom, anything...
  211. Update on DS--School starts soon
  212. New here and looking for support!
  213. Desperate for help
  214. Testing/Evaluation???
  215. Losing my mind?!
  216. Anyone tried CBT for their child?
  217. Has anyone tried a diet change for ADHD?
  218. 50 Conditions that Mimic ADHD
  219. 12yo daughter started Adderall today...confused
  220. Strange Question re: Foods and Med Effectiveness
  221. dexatrine+Tenex+Clonidne???? for a 4 yr old...
  222. Adhd or ODD????
  223. Recommendation meds for adhd with odd symptons.
  224. Advice re medication and help
  225. Vyvanse and cyproheptadine
  226. Diagnosing and medicating 16 year old
  227. quillivant xr
  228. ADHD phases
  229. Sleep troubles and Quilllivant
  230. Can my sons Doctor ask for unused medicines???
  231. Changing meds, a little confused
  232. Add? Or imaturity?
  233. ADHD treatment: our family's experience.
  234. does this sound like adhd or something else?
  235. How to tell if it works
  236. will Focalin side effects demage kids health?
  237. Has anyone had to hospitalize their child?
  238. Parents split on medication
  239. What are we missing?
  240. Is it me....
  241. Ritalin LA -- how much?
  242. Adjusting Medications
  243. Inattentive ADD(High school) or lazy
  244. child with ADHD
  245. Do any of you split meds so the effect last longer into the evening?
  246. Possible ADHD
  247. Help!! Ritalin causing child to get annoyed with sounds
  248. Intuniv
  249. Has anyone at all had any luck with fish oil or other alternative meds?
  250. The Social Express?