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  1. My 3 yr old Son
  2. From straight F's to a C average without meds
  3. The Diagnosis Mess
  4. Help
  5. help dr appointment
  6. Meds vs. No Meds
  7. Need some ideas
  8. ~* A Cry For Help *~
  9. Help
  10. How was Your Child Diagnosed?
  11. I admitted my son to hospital....
  12. Medicine problems need advise
  13. Earliest age for diagnosis
  14. Suggestions?
  15. Options
  16. adhd, ocd, anxiety,depression and possible Asperger's syndrome
  17. How young....
  18. Doctor spent only 15 minutes with my child before prescribing meds!!!!!!!!
  19. What about younger children?
  20. Child with ADHD
  21. Children with ADHD....after meds
  22. Weight loss with Strattera
  23. Interactive Metronome Training???
  24. I'm back..diagnosis confirmed ADHD
  25. Need Help with 5 year old ...
  26. Diagnosis
  27. Stopping Meds
  28. Diagnosis 2
  29. Deficits in Social Skills
  30. Anyone been on a waiting list to see Dr. about starting meds?
  31. Diagnosis 3
  32. Diagnosis 4
  33. To medicate or not!
  34. Any experiences with these meds?
  35. daughter diagnosed with inattentive adhd
  36. I think my 5-y.o. may have inattentive ADD...
  37. Teen ADHD Symptom Checklist
  38. switching meds
  39. daughter started on Adderol
  40. Pyroluria
  41. anyone tried metadate for ADHD?
  42. is my son adhd
  43. I'm a bit confused, can anyone help?
  44. A letter Worth Reading
  45. looking for a psychiatrists and theraist
  46. ADHD and comorbids
  48. New to ADHD with a million questions
  49. Did I make a meds boo-boo?
  50. Med question
  51. Need advice first grader
  52. I feel like I'm raising my ex-husband
  53. Outgrowing Adhd? Do I dare hope?
  54. My daughter was tested positive for ADD....
  55. Daughter got put on Ritalin SR 10mg
  56. Risperdal and Stattera
  57. I hear a big change in my son
  58. My doc said that I will see a change....
  59. Switch Medication?
  60. Newly Diagnosed ADHD 9year old
  61. Daughter has been on 10mg of Ritalin LA for a week now and I have seen little change
  62. How much do Occupational Therapists Know??
  63. Finally!!!!!!
  64. anybody from milw/waukesha wi area?
  65. Chemicals and ADD
  66. Think beyond drug therapy for treating ADHD: Study says medicate and modify
  67. What if they say it's not AD/HD?
  68. Surgeon Generals Report on Mental Health ADHD in Children
  69. HELP Mom and 8yr old NEwly Diagnosied
  70. DD diagnosed w/ADHD recently....
  71. Diagnosed with ADHD later in life
  72. I guess I'm official
  73. Taking your ADHD child off of Meds
  74. New ADHD Diagnosis??? Treatments?
  75. 3 Year Old With ADD/ADHD????
  76. ADHD & ODD
  77. 3 yr Old Rages -- is it ADHD or something else?
  78. adhd and deficits in attention, motor control and perception
  79. My 3 year old -- how can I get help for his ADHD?
  80. Dietary Changes in ADD/ADHD children
  81. Upping Dosage Question
  82. Ritalin LA, Adderal XR and one horrible attitude
  83. Suggesting meds to DR.
  84. How long do you try out a new med....
  85. Racing Thoughts, anyone taking Risperdal?
  86. Finally a diagnosis
  87. Question... (ADHD meds for children)
  88. Weight loss in ADHD children
  89. son had bad reaction to strattera dr wants to try adderall
  90. Prescriptions Vs. Natural Meds for ADHD
  91. Meds Questions
  92. anyone tried neurofeedback?
  93. HELP I need Advice on MELATONIN
  94. What age for ADHD diagnosis?
  95. How young has anyones child been tested for ADHD?
  96. Second opinion by a Psychiatrist for son's possible ADHD
  97. Questioning current med. regime -- ADHD child having rages
  98. ADHD and ODD
  99. need answers (LD, possible ADHD in child)
  100. The Psychiatric Evaluation for my son
  101. Help!!! (Strattera doesn't seem to work on my child anymore!)
  102. concerta and paranoia in ADHD child
  103. How do your meds help you with ADHD?
  104. Uh oh! forgot my meds at cabin!
  105. Need some Help -- should I medicate ADHD son?
  106. LCP Solution for ADHD?
  107. HELP!! Son's having Problem swallowing pill
  108. Today's Update (pill swallowing)
  109. When ADHD meds just don't work!!!
  110. need help on ANOTHER ADHD medicine!! (Focalin)
  111. crying spells when ADHD child's Concerta wears off?
  112. Med increase questions (ADHD child)
  113. Help, son just prescribed Concerta for ADHD...having doubts about giving him it...
  114. Difference b/w Brand Name and Generic ADHD medications
  115. Concerta and my 4 year old ADHD son.
  116. Having Tough Time with ADHD Meds
  117. Newly Diagnosed 6yr Son ~ ADHD
  118. Does your ADHD child do this?......
  119. i need some information about DAMP
  120. Tics or Tourettes
  121. Strattera according to weight question
  122. How do I pick a Psychologist for Son?
  123. Son Most likely ADD Going to MD Tues: what ?? should we ask
  124. How to tell if 7 yr. old has ADHD?
  125. Weight Loss in ADHD child taking Concerta
  126. Seeing the doctor..looking for input
  127. Neurofeedback for ADHD
  128. Newly medicated ADHD 4 y/o...questions
  129. Pre-schoolers and ADHD
  130. what next
  131. New - questions on testing & Conners scores
  132. What meds for a 5 year old?
  133. concerta anyone?
  134. Non Stimulant Drugs
  135. 4 y/o switching from Ritalin to Concerta- input, please
  136. Info on Pediatric Neurodevelopmental appt?
  137. Donezepil (Aricept) or Galantamine anyone?
  138. concerta & wellbutrin in 10 year old?
  139. Homeopathy and ADHD
  140. Yep, we're ADHD!
  141. Have I found my answer???
  142. L-Tyrosine
  143. ADD/ADHD and convergence insufficiency
  144. Yikes - my daughter got a "perfect" score on the Taylor Hyperactivity Screen Checklis
  145. The Tomatis Method
  146. Getting kid assessed - scared
  147. caffeine vs stimulant meds
  148. Who can Dx ADHD in children?
  149. Is this right?
  150. Brand new with 6 yr old DD (Inattentive ADD)
  151. Symptoms in Girls vs Boys
  152. Anyone's kid ever chew concerta?
  153. Metadate?
  154. Does Behavioral Therapy Help?
  155. Testing for ADHD/Do you have to take IQ Test?
  156. Brand Name VS. Generic
  157. On line tests for ADD
  158. my 10 and 8 yr olds dx with add & adhd
  159. ADHD and the Diagnostic Dilemna. Getting the right diagnosis
  160. Research:Does Medicating Your Child Predispose Him/Her To Later Substance Abuse?
  161. Research:ADHD and Alternative Treatments for Children
  162. READ ME FIRST!!-ADHD Basics-What Everybody Needs to Know In Diagnosis/Treatment
  163. Research:Neurofeedback Articles
  164. Feeling Frustrated
  165. Is it still "over" diagnosed?
  166. DD is borderline ADD, possibly repeating Kindergarten?
  167. Sleep Dude says...
  168. Have you noticed?
  169. child just diagnosed with add-I'm confused
  170. Catapres patch and pre-schooler
  171. What next? Med change?
  172. Depressed teen...
  173. To medicate or not to medicate?
  174. Looking for help
  175. Next step?
  176. Son had new dr visit & .....
  177. cyproheptadine and anti serotonin meds
  178. ADD and OCD and Anxiety?
  179. Depression in Adolescents - What to do?
  180. Euphoria!!!!
  181. diagnosis?
  182. Meds, depression, more - advice?
  183. On-Line Help: Dr. Daniel Amen Adult ADD Tests x2
  184. ADHD and Omega 3 supplements
  185. ADHD and Remeron
  186. any advice for in-home counseling?
  187. Caffeine allergy and ADHD/ADD
  188. Behavior Modification for my daughter
  189. Testing - what happens next
  190. Team Player
  191. 4 Year Old - Too Young for Meds? Opinions please.
  192. bCalm'd Capsules
  193. Im lost
  194. Professional Help in Seattle?
  195. Genetics or environmental?
  196. Sleep study?
  197. Strattera and Asthma
  198. ADHD or BI POLAR?
  199. Hmmmm
  200. ADHD son cycling rapidly lately
  201. need help too
  202. New Here - Trouble with 7 year old son
  203. How are children diagnosed?
  204. Here we go again!
  205. super nu therapy
  206. I think my daughter has ADHD
  207. Son went in for diagnosis yesterday
  208. My little 2nd son
  209. new diagnosis/adderall prescribed/toxic
  210. Ticks?
  211. not sure if son has ADHD along with the sensory issues
  212. How do you talk to your child?
  213. New and looking for direction
  214. Not doing individual counseling with ADHD kids
  215. Seeking "right fit" for focus issues
  216. Perseveration, Hyperactivity, Inattention, and the Dopamine Theory - Seeking Opinions
  217. Just Diagnosed
  218. Is this sick, or what?
  219. HELP! Parent of a 5 year old!
  220. Need advice please!!!
  221. Will tyrosine give you the same feeling/effect as Adderall?
  222. A Doctor for my son. I need help!
  223. please read
  224. Scared of Meds, do any herbals work?
  225. Where to go?
  226. How does Adderall affect children
  227. Treatment in Childhood could lessen the rates of Adulthood Mental Disorders
  228. 1 parent wants meds, the other doesn't
  229. Long-lasting ADHD med patch for kids
  230. Preschool son, stimulant meds didn't work - dr wants to try risperdal - bipolar?
  231. Concerta/Alcohol
  232. seven yr old son on adderall XR
  233. if anyone knows about adderall please reply!!! Im really worried for my son
  234. DMAE or PediActive
  235. Fish oil capsules
  236. New here--Concerned about Adderall dosage for my 7 yr old son
  237. hoping to get diagnosed today (questions)
  238. Mom needs advice on the effects of food and ADHD
  239. concerned mom re:9 year old and 40mg Adderall XR dosage
  240. Please tell me about Concerta!
  241. New here. Anyone know much about Focalin XR?
  242. 9 yr old girl: just not sure
  243. Brightspark
  244. Some advice needed
  245. What's going on with my son???
  246. What test or questionaires should the DR do when testing for ADHD?
  247. What Symptoms of Anxiety Overlap with ADHD
  248. Opinions on book Stopping ADHD?
  249. Play Attention
  250. Going to see my childs Psych this evening.