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  1. Barkley on Classroom Accommodations.
  2. Feeling guilty as a parent-is this my fault?
  3. IEP question
  4. New here, lots of questions, at a total loss!!
  5. New programs
  6. How do I approach teachers?
  7. What support from the teacher?
  8. Grade 3 Math
  9. Serious issue can you help?
  10. parent/teacher conference
  11. Special Ed. Students and Grading Scales
  12. Problems with Education Records
  13. missing the pieces.
  14. may be moving to US, no idea where to start
  15. Should I explain the 30% rule to my girl's teachers?
  16. My open enrolled daughter with ADD is being transferred...
  17. remembering sequences
  18. Seclsuion Rooms for Kids W/Behavior Issues
  19. Online High School
  20. ADD & or Traumatic Brain Injury
  21. I was that kid once.
  22. Took my 5 year old out of Kindergarten
  23. School kills creativity
  24. Experienced AD/HD parents please help!!
  25. ADHD and unfair teachers...
  26. Exiting Spec Ed, Starting 504
  27. Son (almost 8) is having very inconsistent grades
  28. ADHD & Math LD ?
  29. School's report card
  30. my son has the following difficulties and we are due to have an annual review next we
  31. Anyone familiar with the Accelerated Math program??
  32. What Are College Alternatives for ADD Teens?
  33. Advice on online highschool classes.
  34. Maybe a learning disability? How can I tell?
  35. My brother
  36. I'm a teacher AND I have ADD (inattentive)
  37. ADD and Montessorial Schools
  38. A question on IEP/504
  39. I'm considering a 504 but I'm not sure what he needs
  40. adhd a factor in math placement
  41. Tomorrow is DD's first Dr visit...
  42. ADHD support in Toronto school system
  43. Which school should we choose?
  44. College and University prep
  45. Classroom accomodations?
  46. Going to home educate my children
  47. Going to give the 504 a try....
  48. Help in the classroom
  49. ADHD and Reading Comprehension
  50. How to improve handwriting?
  51. computers
  52. Academic problems
  53. Concerned About Moving Ahead
  54. I am a little worried
  55. Initial Meeting with School. Nervous
  56. Anyone Ever Heard Of Vision Therapy?
  57. Rather concerned
  58. Had our school meeting yesterday
  59. Information on Working Memory and Students
  60. Homeschooling through a virtual academy
  61. Strategies to share with my son's kindergarten teacher
  62. Assisting/Correcting/Fighting "I Forgot" Syndrome?
  63. school failed child no sports
  64. Accommodation Opinion Question
  65. I am worried
  66. 5 year old ADHD with ODD and school
  67. New here, 9 yr old ADHD, in desperate need of help...Please, THANK YOU
  68. I need advice with IEP meeting..
  69. Considering Homeschool
  70. Daycare/School for ADHD Toddler
  71. ACT/SAT accommodations
  72. I'm a HS Teacher - Tell me how I can help your ADHD/ ADD Student?
  73. Trouble with matching-style tests
  74. School says its his attitude
  75. without medication things got worse..
  76. Teacher's conference blues
  77. Can the school kick him out ???
  78. Chapter 15 Service Agreements
  79. dicriminatory grading rubric ??
  80. anger management
  81. Interesting Information from Dpt of Ed.
  82. Homeschooling kids
  83. Need advice or coping aid.
  84. Can't get 504 -school wants IEP
  85. Son with ADD, school given up after 6 months
  86. meet with the teacher
  87. Upcoming 504 thoughts :S
  88. Struggles with educators NYT article
  89. Public school kindergarten tuition
  90. long rant~Why has it come to US vs. THEM??Sons teachers refuse to work with me??
  91. Still fighting for my ADHD son's rights, researching and I found this~must read!!!
  92. How long do you have to give school/teachers to comply?
  93. Have you considered a special/private school? Financing?
  94. Advocate says they won't help
  95. Those with IEP/504, etc experience...
  96. How do you keep emotion out of it when dealing w/school?
  97. Help for parents with ADD kids and schools that won't help!!
  98. It's official, we're homeschoolers!
  99. Advice on managing behavior in school
  100. homeschooling-how do we keep their attention?
  101. ages = grade
  102. Incident at school on Friday--not pleased with outcome
  103. So angry!!!!
  104. Here we go again!
  105. So what do I do with him tomorrow?
  106. New here but question about school and ADD
  107. Would you say something?
  108. Teachers don't believe my son has ADD!!!
  109. 504 Plan & School Violation
  110. What else can we do to help child complete schoolwork?
  111. what type of accomodations for reading/writing?
  112. What Now?
  113. Not primary/secondary education but...
  114. A suggestion about high school for girls
  115. Help me understand why my son needs an IEP
  116. Kind of long, but can someone help?
  117. OT/Fine Motor Skills/Dysgraphia/Left-Handedness
  118. SIGH, here we go again
  119. homeschool to public school
  120. Anyone else dealing with RTI ?
  121. 504 meeting on Monday
  122. getting ready for eval meeting
  123. Who is pathological- us ADDers or the school system?
  124. Imagine Schools and Project Child
  125. Home from putting the 504 in place..
  126. My minor gripe for the day...
  127. Bad Grades in school
  128. 5 year old son removed from private school 6 weeks before finishing
  129. Testing for Admissions to Private Pre-K
  130. "Alphabet Rap"...made for ADHDers BY an ADHDer! :-)
  131. I am so happy for my son..proud moment
  132. If you controlled your schooling...
  133. How do I get the school to update me
  134. Psycho-Educational Evaluation update
  135. My Son Failing School -- Help ... !!!
  136. ADHD and 504 Plan ...
  137. does retention really help?
  138. Preparing for Meeting to Evaluate My Son ....
  139. Preparing for Meeting to Evaluate my Son ....
  140. Maybe I'm too permissive!
  141. So Become an Agent of Change?
  142. Looking for input...
  143. Meeting at School - 504/IEP
  144. Got eval report today. Questions?
  145. Working on "parents' concerns" and "vision statement"
  146. Late Assignments - Only Partial Credit?
  147. Disclosing Medical Records to School ...
  148. The Good Ones are ALWAYS Taken
  149. Executive Functions and ADHD ...
  150. Distracted child
  151. Micromanaging homework?
  152. School Restricting Communication With My Son's Teachers ...
  153. More issues re the underlying assumptions of the school system.
  154. anyone heard of the mediated learning style?
  155. School Based Therapy-Summer Program
  156. Familiar with PLATO learning?
  157. Gifted, Adolescent, and Inattentive ADD?
  158. School Negligence Continues .... Hide Signature
  159. Do You Pay Private School Tuition For Public School?
  160. Factsheet to give to teacher
  161. ADD friendly schoolbag?
  162. Parents and/or teachers...teacher needs some advice
  163. I said 'no'
  164. Has anyone tried this program?
  165. The fundamental flaw of the education system
  166. MY request for a 504 and testing for LD - and response
  167. new to public school-should I disclose ADHD?
  168. Getting nervous about school
  169. Has anyone else noticed change in behaviour over holidays?
  170. School Dr negative- advice needed
  171. Promethean Board
  172. Child friendly books for kids with adhdplease.
  173. Got thru the 1st wk of school
  174. Suspended
  175. 1st Grader does great in school, but...
  176. Should children with adhd be sat at the front of the class
  177. Behavioralist Meeting Update
  178. Afterschool a No-Go today
  179. Class FULL of ADHD 7th graders!!!
  180. DS couldn't handle the bus today
  181. Boy, is this year going to be a challenge.
  182. How many times can you ask for help?
  183. 3rd grade daughter terrible at Math!
  184. Seems like a lot of kids. . .
  185. What should I expect at next meeting?
  186. Test Support
  187. other children redirecting
  188. First Post. Can I force an IEP eval
  189. My daughter had developmental eval and now was dxed adhd what do i do with school now
  190. Reduced writing accomodation?
  191. class teams?
  192. tapering off cues?
  193. Dragon software on sale
  194. APPROVED for 504 plan.
  195. Accomodations
  196. Finally hit right dose?
  197. parents evening yesterday
  198. Homeschooling?
  199. Books on CD ?
  200. School doctor advice
  201. can school cause adhd ?
  202. First Grader - Reading
  203. update on DD's first quarter in K!
  204. Advice welcome - middle school
  205. So excited!
  206. What does "social skills" help look like at your school?
  207. 2nd grade IEP and/or 504 plan meeting
  208. At a loss
  209. Natural Remidies??
  210. Amazing Conference
  211. Latest SST meeting
  212. Need help with 504 for high school student
  213. 9th grade- failing everything
  214. Teacher didn't know he had an IEP!
  215. Report Card C's and D's - worried!
  216. Iep article
  217. What's your child's 504 plan?
  218. Recess Issue
  219. RIght brain learning again
  220. Had my daughter's 504 meeting
  221. ADA Amendment Act
  222. Hey everyone! Need school advice for my Kindergartener
  223. Begging someone to open a school for those in-betweeners...
  224. Still fighting the fight
  225. Frustrated with my sons school
  226. "Ideal" school situation... if the possibilities were endless
  227. ADHD and Teachers... BEWARE!
  228. Sampling my Sons Focalin.
  229. Letter to the BOE- need advice
  230. Should i change schools?
  231. Middle school ?
  232. Normal classes??
  233. School districts that do really well?
  234. She just needs to STUDY more....
  235. need suggestions for products for 2nd grader
  236. My 5th Grader: ADHD, Gifted program, behavior problems
  237. Can't cry anymore...
  238. Retaining ADHD child in 3rd grade to get caught up? Advisable?
  239. Need School Recommendations
  240. How to teach
  241. Need help with ideas for my 1st grade son and his ADHD issues in school
  242. ADD and School issues
  243. Is this ADD, or something else?
  244. DD has problems with frinedships
  245. penalize academic grade due to adhd behaviors
  246. Looking for Enrichment Ideas
  247. handwriting issues- is K too early for OT?
  248. 504 and IEP??
  249. Odd school policy...
  250. Learning aids for all levels