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  1. is main stream school ok
  2. DCAP plan?
  3. I have an IEP Question
  4. Son FINALLY got IEP!
  5. School wants to put him in "the special class"
  6. Does it always feel this way?
  7. A little vent: Placebo effect?
  8. What would you do?
  9. My son's leaving gifted classes
  10. How do you get through your CSE meeting?
  11. Anyone have insight on a TAT meeting?
  12. Lindamood-Bell and Orton Gillingham
  13. Self contained class vs. integrated class
  14. book cover This Little Kiddy Went to Market: The Corporate Capture of Childhood
  15. 15 yo son talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk
  16. Best private school for ADD
  17. School Meeting for gifted/ADD son
  18. To push forward or to hold back?
  19. IEP plan etc.
  20. Frequency of IEP Progress Checks
  21. Six more days
  22. Need advice on helping 8th old with hw?
  23. schools problems driving me mad.
  24. <rant> Bad day in Bella-land!
  25. education
  26. Sitting in the classroom with my son
  27. The problem is not so much with our kids as it is with the way schooling is done.
  28. I just wanna GUSH!!!!!
  29. Why-I-am-normal essay
  30. Help, trying to get a 504 plan for my son.
  31. how do you educate teachers about your kids adhd
  32. reading, etc. over summer?
  33. Iep
  34. Multiplication tables
  35. Education: Finland's way
  36. Thought I should come and update now that school is over :)
  37. Thoughts on Homeschool?
  38. My son is getting an IEP
  39. New School year... and help??
  40. Consquences of forgotten med times in school
  41. 1st week of school.. mom already in tears.
  42. SST vs IEP
  43. Required ADD testing
  44. Stigma in School for ADHD Children?
  45. Ask and ye shall receive...
  46. Advice Needed - Impulsivity in Kindergarten
  47. A rather sad story from Hamilton ON
  48. ADHD, Fulfillment, and Learning
  49. Preschoolers on meds: Too much too soon?
  50. IEP and 504's aren't just protection from a lazy system
  51. ADHD/anxiety and holding back a year in school?
  52. Question about IEP
  53. Thoughts on school testing children?
  54. Help!
  55. Not Cooperating at School
  56. We have a meeting with our son's teacher today.
  57. Finding the right school for a child with ADHD
  58. Depression & Self Esteem
  59. Update on the meeting with our son's teacher.
  60. IEP/ 504 What should I do??
  61. Thank goodness for a cooperative teacher!
  62. adha
  63. Tertiary education!
  64. daughter with adhd
  65. My 4th grade daughter turning out like my ADHD mother !
  66. Alternative School
  67. School is so frustrating!
  68. Children with ADD/ADHD need help ASAP (article)
  69. Focus suggestions for IEP
  70. adhd medication during sports
  71. Segregating ADHD child within his/her classroom
  72. Anyone homeschooling?
  73. Manipulatives/techniques for ADHD students?
  74. 6 yr old ADHD's teacher separating him from peers? Concerned
  75. Discipline/Recess
  76. Having Troubles in School
  77. Autistic Child Punished Because She Can't Communicate?
  78. IEP for ADHD-I not being followed... but...
  79. 5 year old starting kindergarden
  80. Teacher talking about dosages ???
  81. help needed please
  82. Finally getting an IEP, but not what I expected
  83. No Where to Go
  84. Khan Academy Online
  85. Free Therapy Materials Available for Home and Classroom
  86. The school up the road...
  87. At home education help!
  88. A post from an adult Add PI
  89. Son 7y/o is possibly going to be held bck due to reading issues
  90. Article for teacher who thinks ok marks mean no accomodations?
  91. Online Special Education
  92. Report card comments
  93. Serious school problems...
  94. Adhd and gifted
  95. Thanking secondary school
  96. Needing advice on deal with primary school and my ADHD child
  97. Letter to request assessments/evals for services
  98. This is disability awareness?
  99. She DID IT!!!
  100. alternative schools(eg Montessori) and ADHD
  101. What is a good theme for an 8th grade prom?
  102. Need info about my 4 yr old and daycare/school?
  103. Advocating for a child that is not your own
  104. IEP Objectives Bank
  105. Families help ADHD students in college
  106. Back to School Tips
  107. Accommodation Reccommendations
  108. Big changes
  109. Trouble helping teens when whole family is effected by ADD
  110. Venting...overheard teachers at the coffee shop.
  111. Talk me down! Daughter's 1st test!
  112. 1st Grade Problems
  113. Getting a 6-year old to read...
  114. How Much Do You Share With Teachers?
  115. Donīt know what to do?
  116. Need some Suggestions
  117. So Frustrated! 6th grade help...
  118. 1st Grader & ADHD
  119. ADHD child and school not admitting there is a problem
  120. ADHD awareness - Does your child tell friends?
  121. More issues with my 1st Grader
  122. Homeschool Advice?
  123. How do i get diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD?
  124. Inconsistent academic work
  125. What do I need to get help from the school????
  126. Suggested school accommodations for ADHD
  127. Following through and turning in assignments
  128. Homework grrrrrrr
  129. Child with ADD
  130. Advice Please...5 year old, K placement...not working.
  131. UGH! mom vent about crappy school
  132. Segregating ADHD child in small room
  133. New to site, looking for feedback on different schooling options
  134. UK special education system
  135. How do I help my child with school?
  136. Home school advice needed
  137. 504 impact college admitance
  138. Supreme Court awards 6 figures to special ed family
  139. A small triumph but I know you will understand.
  140. Does anyone here homeschool?
  141. Son doesn't "remember" misbehaving?
  142. Wichita Kids Stand Up For Learning
  143. Update on Music class concerns
  144. Advice
  145. Non-supportive -- ill-informed teachers and school
  146. Talked to music teacher--not good
  147. Montessori & ADHD
  148. Good news about my daughter, I want to share
  149. HELP! Son won't try in school.
  150. AAP Article on Recess
  151. I want to start my own school
  152. Currently untreated...
  153. About to begin the 504 process ...again
  154. How to schools help your childīs learning style
  155. ADHD Medicine for College
  156. Different perspectives of ADHDer on math - might help?
  157. ADHD but brilliant
  158. Ideas for Maths please please
  159. Grants or Tax Deductibles for private School?
  160. 14 year old immature is this normal
  161. School SENCO doesnt want me to 'label' my son
  162. I'm so disappointed in my daughters' teachers :(
  163. what to say to teachers at yet another meeting!
  164. time and tense of the following extracts ? please Choose one:
  165. SENCO says he 'needs to apply himself more' !! grrrrr
  166. 504 to IEP in middle school?
  167. Please help
  168. Severe ADHD (mostly managed with meds) and in pre-AP class. School refused IEP and of
  169. Seriously?? Suspended until after Spring Break???
  170. Public School Stalling?
  171. Am i overreacting??
  172. ADHD Specific School?
  173. Advice - State testing and parental rights
  174. 504 help Please
  175. Special Education
  176. Need to write letter to school
  177. How does this evaluation request sound?
  178. 504 vs. IEP
  179. Here's the most recent services request letter draft
  180. Back to School Has Been Rough
  181. Homework: A Guide for Parents
  182. It was a good day.
  183. A good activity for kids who have trouble expressing language
  184. Jinxed it, trouble getting to school today
  185. Upcoming IEP meeting, looking for advice & help
  186. Teacher's note to a 6 year old boy
  187. Quick update on DS and School Avoidance
  188. BIP done
  189. homeschoolers and ADD??
  190. Help me get my thoughts straight before I meet with the teacher
  191. Undiagnosed ADD boy, homeschooled
  192. Update--Using Homebound Teacher now
  193. Common accommodations for middle schooler
  194. Strategies to use with a student with ADHD
  195. End Of Grade Testing not going well.
  196. Accommodations for Children and Teens
  197. The Underground history of American Education.
  198. retaining in kindergarten
  199. How much responsibility should we be taking for our child's homework?
  200. IEP testing and a 504 denial
  201. He PASSED! And IEP Eval Update
  202. School Officials Disappear due to Attorney
  203. Iīm so happy and daughter is walking on air
  204. Doing it the hard way
  205. IEP/504 plan
  206. "ADHD Drugs Don't Boost Kids' Grades?"
  207. Education System
  208. Options
  209. alternative curriculm with iep?
  210. Tutoring Undiagnosed 16 year old with ADHD
  211. Visited the new school last night.
  212. Breathing a BIG Sigh of Relief
  213. Social issues: Difficulty making and keeping friends
  214. 504 Plans in public education
  215. School Update
  216. We are really struggling.
  217. Is the teacher right?
  218. Iep hq
  219. So far so good, hope I don't jinx it!
  220. Mild Dyslexia
  221. He told me to go to work
  222. Backslide again!!
  223. Back again
  224. Failing the sixth grade
  225. A great report!
  226. Finally got a 504 plan!
  227. Foreign language and ADHD and 504 plans
  228. Help with school pressuring for medical diagnosis
  229. Handwriting?!?!
  230. self/child help books
  231. 15 year old with ADD
  232. violence in children with adhd
  233. Can't win.
  234. Attachment Items
  235. Easing Kids into Acceptance -> EBOOK
  236. Struggling with rushing to get things done
  237. I love my daughters teacher!!!
  238. Should a teacher be doing this?
  239. ADHD School frustrations with trying to skip grades.
  240. A New issue with my sons teachers..
  241. School Punishments
  242. Senioritis setting in early?
  243. What a difference a year can make
  244. Teachers Won't Let Sophomore Work Off-line
  245. Help with School Compromise
  246. School atmosphere and ADHD diagnosis
  247. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, oh my!
  248. School not willing to give an inch
  249. Frustrated with my childs school
  250. How to help my child with long winded math word problems?