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  1. my poor girl
  2. Success Stories
  3. Just a hi
  4. Need some ideas
  5. School Trips
  6. Help with 4th grade son
  7. Transitioning to Middle School
  8. kids and high school!!!
  9. My most controversial post yet. What I think of the school system
  10. Nice section closure on this public school thing
  11. tutors
  12. Gifted Children
  13. AD/HD and Home Schooling
  14. Communicating with teachers
  15. Suspending Special-ed kids! GRRRRRRR
  16. 504-C Plan
  17. Your Ideal School
  18. ADHD brain forgetting learned information
  19. Who is supposed to keep them safe?
  20. How can we tell how much he really knows, anyway?
  21. High school curriculum for homeschooling
  22. tired..
  23. Focus and Fantasy
  24. Attention Parents: I need your help!
  25. Attention Parents
  26. To clear some things up.......
  27. son and school HELP
  28. 10 Things Teachers Wish ...
  29. Grade impacts after starting Metadate?
  30. more public school problems..
  31. Trouble with Teacher's
  32. I am getting frustrated (though not defeated)!!
  33. ADHD & Learning Disability
  34. slow processing and adhd
  35. Anyone have experience with Montessori schools for ADHD kids?
  36. ADHD and IEP---questions
  37. Is it a cheetah? (A different way of looking at our "different" children.)
  38. Suggested modifications schools can provide for ADHD or LD
  39. Successful homework strategies for ADHD or LD
  40. an update
  41. Help! ADD & too smart for 504?
  42. ADHD IEP question
  43. Sons SAT scores
  44. 1,000 books and still going strong...
  45. requesting placement to Principal (long).....
  46. Teacher of ADHD student not following 504 plan
  47. Dakota got the lead role...
  48. Anti-ADD Rant
  49. 1st grade and retention
  50. frustrated with the school
  51. school questioning ADD / ADHD student
  52. Communication with your child's teacher about ADHD
  53. ADHD child needs to be the best
  54. Child's School and IEPs
  55. Coping with repeating a grade
  56. Handout: Classroom Accommodations to Help Students with AD/HD
  57. Wishing All Of You (and the kids) a great school year!
  58. Impatience Part 2 -- Homeschooling by/for ADHD
  59. avoiding the back to school homework blues
  60. My letter to my ADHD son's teacher
  61. Gifted with ADHD & Starting Kindergarten
  62. ADHD Teen, TASS, needs help doing the required standardized tests
  63. Back to School 2004 (ADHD) Getting yourself and your children organized each morning
  64. letter to a parent from a teacher with adhd
  65. I'll whisper (he might be listening!)
  66. Stephen went from f's and d's to a's and b's
  67. ADHD and 504 School Frustration - help
  68. Whats in your ADHD childs IEP?
  69. ADHD and Parent teacher conferences
  70. Advocating for ADD / ADHD Students
  71. ADHD Pre School Diary
  72. My son Kyler (both gifted and ADHD)
  74. Question about ADD and bilingualism
  75. Incentive, Reward and Homework Charts
  76. Need one on one ADHD Aide in Classroom
  77. Sick of the school system and its teaching methods.
  78. wanted real info on section 504
  79. talking to kids about adhd/add/asperger syndrome
  80. ADD/ADHD Behavior goals questions
  81. ADHD and gifted and Aspergers comparison
  82. Behaviour reward coins
  83. Homeschool and ADD?
  84. Koda is flunking math again
  85. general vs special ed
  86. I am silently screaming...
  87. Funniest thing I heard all year
  88. Mother wants to send child to a new ADD center, but....
  89. Math grade from F to C!
  90. Homework battles
  91. Testing at school?
  92. Research: Identifying the Gifted ADHD Child
  93. Neuroscience for Kids
  94. Research: Left blind-spot 'gives ADHD clue'
  95. Impulsivity
  96. Placement at a year round school
  97. Dyslexia testing
  98. Studies supporting need for routine?
  99. Sample 504 Procedural Guide
  100. HELP ! they sent my son to a alternative school
  101. help with routines
  102. Homework ban
  103. had a great year
  104. Examples of IEP and Behavior Plan
  105. Need Help:Class placement for next yr already!!
  106. Introduction
  107. Teen Son transferring to Public High School
  108. Work on handwriting?
  109. Educational Testing Rights
  110. Organizational Tutors
  111. When to start the IEP/504 PS Intervention Process
  112. Getting ready 504, have a ?
  113. Any parent here actually READY for school...
  114. First day of school and Koda is already begging to be homeschooled
  115. 504 Plan or IEP
  116. Changing a 504 meeting to an IEP? LOONG :o
  117. Turning in homework
  118. Please Help: Kindergarten is too hard for my child!
  119. Help!!!!! Need Link!!!!
  120. Fist fight on school grounds
  121. Invited to leave
  122. School quitting childs
  123. help with reading
  124. help!my son is having trouble in Kdg./any suggestions?
  125. Twice Exceptional and ADD
  126. Learning To Remember To Do Homework
  127. Family Education website
  128. Please help!
  129. Accomadations to ask for
  130. PO'd and Venting
  131. Gifted and AD/HD - Long post
  132. The child who is or isn't ADHD
  133. smart kid but no help?
  134. Teach your children not to touch their teacher.
  135. Summer Camp Scholarship for children with ADHD
  136. Private schools
  137. Understanding ADHD and the Creative Child
  138. Private Schools VS. Public Schools
  139. Sylvan Learning Center, Score , Huntington ?
  140. Son feels humiliated in class (LONG)
  141. Desperate for answers...
  142. What about homeschooling?
  143. We decided to homeschool
  144. Back to school
  145. "The Fog of War" - parent staff conflict
  146. Well This Doesn't Surprise Me!
  147. How to Improve K-12 Education for ADD/ADHD Kids?
  148. 20/20 with John Stosel
  149. Am I the only one?
  150. Bahahaha, Justice is SERVED (key word)
  151. Writing trouble
  152. Not causing problems, therefore no help.
  153. Really, was it to much to ask?
  154. IEP, what does your child's look like?
  155. gym teacher...
  156. Katy Texas schools ?
  157. Need help-do not want my twins to graduate from H.S.
  158. social security??
  159. Teacher with ADD will help students with ADD
  160. Testing for math disability
  161. ADD Presenation forTeachers-I need Parent input-how teachers work with parents
  162. ADD/ADHD HS Student Accommodations &The Role of The Reg Ed Teacher-article
  163. Want to help my son get organized
  164. How can I help when parents wont?
  165. Getting school records
  166. Expressive language disorder
  167. divorce, homework, elementary solutions, foriegn countries..
  168. What would a school/classroom for students with ADD be like? Share ideas!
  169. Misunderstood Minds-PBS Documentary-Kids/Parents/Teachers/Disabilities
  170. Med Change and staying in school-Help!
  171. Sustaining Effort: The Impact of Attention
  172. 100% Free Audio Book Resource-great for reading difficulties.
  173. Sequential Memory
  174. Gifted Teen's mom need advice re: reading
  175. Jumping around while reading!!
  176. Best eval for educational struggles?
  177. Please Help
  178. This seems so wrong to me,am i wrong?
  179. Add/adhd Kids In Our School Systems Today
  180. 504s IEPs and private schools
  181. Left missing out on an education.
  182. My Problem When I Was Going To School With Teachers
  183. When You Went To School Did You Get Teased Alot?
  184. Were you a loner in school?
  185. any one played sports in highschool ?
  186. did anyone ever get writin up with refferals in school?
  187. did teachers call your house for being bad in class?
  188. in school did you have to go to the office to take ur medicines during school ?
  189. did you spend alot of time in the libary in school or the basketball courts?
  190. how many students where in ur LD classes?
  191. Untimed ACT Testing
  192. Is it the ADHD/Aspergers or a learned behaviour?
  193. when you read a big chapter books do you rember what you read?
  194. Declaring majors in high school
  195. Help for ADD teen in getting 504 (sorry LONG)
  196. Australian Identity
  197. Taking "Bubble" tests
  198. Essays... help...
  199. Justice For Jane
  200. Anyone have a link ...
  201. im geting tutored for my regular diploma i have a speacial diploma
  202. Gap between english and math skills??
  203. Memory training
  204. SuperBrain Yoga
  205. Calling out
  206. all my school years looking thru school life IT SUCKED.....
  207. How do I get an IEP approved for my kindergarten son?
  208. Treated bad in school, because you had ADD
  209. My head is spinning
  210. Goodbye, textbooks; hello, open-source learning
  211. why would parents put there kids in a private school
  212. how funny is this i was talking to my boyfriend and i found he went to same school
  213. The teacher and me...
  214. adhd son wont go to school
  215. algebra 2 URRGENT
  216. i found out im almost got expelled in 2nd grade jaja thats crazy
  217. I find it easier to concentrate when i'm tired
  218. St. Paul Schools
  219. Special kids can be part of it all, too.
  220. The Dimensions of Attention by Mel Levine
  221. my 11 yr old
  222. why were the speacial classes in school always given the crappy old books for us to
  223. Dealing with the school
  224. 504 / IEP Meetings
  225. So I think I figured out one of the cures for listening in class.
  226. Only certified teachers allowed to homeschool in California
  227. What strategies do your kids feel are helpful in school?
  228. Schools and there Knowledge of ADD/ADHD
  229. ADD Stigma at School
  230. Support strategies that work
  231. ADD/504 son starting high school
  232. placement breakdown
  233. ADHD and IEP's???
  234. Do any of you like IEP/504?
  235. IEP for 1st grade
  236. Another school
  237. Scholarships for high school
  238. Retention Because of ADHD :(
  239. Is high achieving public school best for teen with adhd/low motivation?
  240. I feel like crying
  241. Special Day class for 1st grade
  242. Graduation Speech at Eagle Hill
  243. IHAD tryst with Dallas
  244. Behavioral Problems and AD/HD
  245. How to obtain evaluation? - Massachusetts
  246. Reading Challenge
  247. read the classics
  248. ADD (non hyper) teacher here if you want to ask any questions :)
  249. Your IEP goals
  250. Teen hates to read