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  1. Comorbidity
  2. Lofepramine
  3. Is this a depresion?
  4. Treating depression - without meds
  5. PMS and Depression
  6. Wake Therapy (Sleep Deprivation) for Instant Remission of Depression- Experiences?
  7. Life is too difficult
  8. ADHD Family, Pain and Depression
  9. To those of you with kids...
  10. Self pity is the emotion I loathe most
  11. The curious case of my depression.
  12. Kinda strange occurence
  13. An Emotional Video From Those Who Are Left Behind..
  14. how do I restore confidence ?
  15. Angry and I don't know why
  16. My 2 girls are diagnosed with MDD
  17. Two birds one stone?
  18. What is it like to not be depressed???
  19. My pity party
  20. Tired
  21. Did anyone cure their depression by using Lamictal as their only med?
  22. Mood swings
  23. Its getting more difficult to cope every day
  24. Does anyone else trigger bad feelings on purpose?
  25. The mood swings are killing me
  26. Depression that's so bad it's almost infuriating
  27. Alcohol and motivation
  28. What do you do to get the "emotional high" ?
  29. The Different Types of Depression
  30. my life is broken please help
  31. Is it possible, i don't have ADD. But just Depression?
  32. Dying Inside Mentally, Emotionally, in spirit
  33. The negative self talk are killing me, literally
  34. when do you guys know you recovered from depression ?
  35. diarrhea and viibryd?
  36. Taking care of yourself when depressed
  37. if i didn t have depression
  38. Is this Depression: Losing interest in movies, TV shows, video games and novels?
  39. Advice on beating depression?
  40. twisting
  41. Is there an end to depression?
  42. CAN NOT get myself out of bed.
  43. Depressed for no reason
  44. I learned lesson from my awful experience but why do i feel
  45. To me, 2012 is really the end of the world!
  46. Fast acting medication for depression
  47. Lamotrigine (aka Lamictal)
  48. ECT anyone??
  49. Horrible Experience in a Psych Hospital
  50. Trapped..what's next??
  51. Depression when bored
  52. Depresson into anger/frustration
  53. The Blues
  54. Haven't slept or left room for two weeks
  55. enough
  56. pity party on planet fuzzy
  57. post traumatically stressed
  58. I think I was depressed for a very long time and didn't know it
  59. What do you do til your meds kick in?
  60. Depression is coming
  61. Depression after 3 months on Vyvanse?
  62. Left Hemisphere
  63. Sick and tired of messing with my brain
  64. overwhelmed by the mood swings..again
  65. %$!!!!! Side Effects
  66. Depo-Provera
  67. what are different types of therapies for depression ?
  68. Idk
  69. why should i get better?
  70. How did going on an antidepressant help me have enough of an attention span to enjoy
  71. What's the point?
  72. What do you do when you can feel your mood sliding?
  73. How do you guys hold back your tears?
  74. how do you guys cope with work stress & daily life stress?
  75. Black hole
  76. What cheers you up?
  77. Vyvanse helping depression???
  78. Does anyone take a Mood Stabilizer to augment their antidepressant?
  79. how often do you cry / get angry?
  80. {{Rant Alert}} I just can't...dshfsdoa I don't know!
  81. Do I have some sort of depression?
  82. Thinking of seeking treatment for depression...advice?
  83. How can you help yourself when you are too depressed to do anything??
  84. Medications for Depression.....
  85. Back to good old depression again
  86. "Life Will Break You" (article followed by TED video)
  87. Upcoming Birthday Making Me Depressed
  88. Does this sound like a normal state of happiness?
  89. not manic, hypomanic or normal..just good old depression
  90. Any one depressed but no problems with focus, concentration, procrastination??
  91. Out of hope
  92. Elevator going down...
  93. Could use a pick me up...
  94. Dysthymia, ADD
  95. is anybodY happy at all?
  96. I'm sinking and there seems to be nothing I can do
  97. Impulsive/crazy ideas then shot down=RANT
  98. Depression and ADHD?
  99. Numb
  100. Depressed brain vs. a non-depressed brain
  101. Driving away the clouds
  102. Can anti-depressants cause mania?
  103. Vyvanse + Zoloft rant-ish
  104. **NB: POTENTIAL TRIGGER** Suicide: if you've ever considered it, what stopped you?
  105. A little help in treatment choice.
  106. remembering...tonight, nine years ago
  107. I think I have Depression.
  108. Ever smash anything?
  109. Do you find you have a higher stimulant tolerance bc of ADs?
  110. Wellbutrin weirdness
  111. Can't afford therapy
  112. Stuck..forever and ever...
  113. What do you do when you forget to take your meds?
  114. My life is wasted on me
  115. Depression lifted after treating ADD w/ stims?
  116. I think, I need help
  117. finding my way,-little peace nd courage
  118. Feeling really down and depressed..
  119. Despairing..or maybe I just don't care
  120. Its getting unbearable
  121. Displaced...
  122. What do you do to break out of your depression?
  123. My friend is depressed
  124. My slowly, losing fight with depression.
  125. Dr just turned me away..
  126. Back in 08
  127. Effect of depression on hyperactive ADHD
  128. I'm not WEAK
  129. Fml
  130. I just don't know what to do anymore.
  131. Motivation Coming Back
  132. self pity
  133. Up, Down, one day, How is this possible?
  134. Depression and sense of humor
  135. ADHD related to depression
  136. What the he** happened?
  137. How to tell people
  138. Does ritalin make depression worse?
  139. Inertia
  140. ***TRIGGER*** Self Harm and Suicide Information
  141. How do you support yourself when depressed?
  142. Hopeless?
  143. ADHD, Depression, and "The Mess"
  144. ***Potential Trigger*** I just cut my arm
  145. I swear these moods are killing me...very long rant
  146. I'm struggling
  147. My friend attempted suicide the other day
  148. Rant about depression
  149. Going to the Doctor Tomorrow
  150. Depressed and Confused...
  151. Therapist's Office Screwed Up 1st Appointment
  152. Understanding His Depression
  153. Worth starting counseling for only a few months?
  154. Found out P-doc's reason for not presrcibing anti-depreesants
  155. feeling unwanted
  156. I go through extreme highs and lows
  157. Started Cymbalta About Ten Days Ago.
  158. Depression: is any life worth living?
  159. My psych wants to talk to someone about me
  160. I'm just so sick and tired of it all
  161. do you guys lose the ability to multitask when having depression?
  162. Blanking out?
  163. ***POTENTIAL TRIGGER*** A plea to suicidal members
  164. Hyperbole & a Half: Thought this was relevant
  165. Dreading Summer
  166. Finally saw the mental health team.
  167. So I'm depressed again.
  168. Help - I could use the insight please
  169. about to lose my *****
  170. Does depression ever go away for good...
  171. This is endless .....
  172. Ex, depression, break down, obsessive thoughts.
  173. Finally got the courage...
  174. the reset button
  175. Normal Negative Responses and Depression
  176. Kicking and twitching during very bad spells?
  177. Everything is ok but I am dreading the future
  178. Depression
  179. Tired all the time
  180. Fake it till you make it
  181. Dysthymia vs. Normal ADHD symptoms
  182. I can't take it anymore
  183. Distraction
  184. Depression and ADD
  185. I can't cope anymore
  186. Depression and ADD. Lexapro and Vyvanse
  187. History of Depression and newly Diagnosed with ADD
  188. Is this ADD or just me??!
  189. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel :-)
  190. ADHD with no depression?
  191. Learning from depression
  192. Confessions of a Depressed Comic - video from TEDx (independent TED talks) Youth
  193. Graduation
  194. Depression deafened by the loudness of a cause
  195. sitting on the dock of the bay...
  196. Has anyone accused you of being self absorbed?
  197. ritalin is making me depressed. I cant go on much longer
  198. People don't know how to talk to those depressed
  199. Been in a deep depression
  200. I'm such a screw-up..
  201. Can my GP section me?
  202. Desolate and lonely
  203. Commitment & Accountability
  204. I keep trying but it's so hard . . .
  205. how can anyone not be depressed
  206. Debating on socializing tonight...
  207. Helping Yourself with Depression Help
  208. Why does the opposite sex always make me come undone?
  209. 10 Common Symptoms Of Depression
  210. Psychotic Depression
  211. Is it possible to get over depression without meds and people's support?
  212. There just seems too much
  213. I just don't give a shi*
  214. Article on Depression in Men
  215. I Guess My Cymbalta Must Not Be Working
  216. Vyvanse for depression?
  217. Trying to reach out
  218. Tired of being awake
  219. Video:
  220. Bring me to life
  221. Housemate is close to suicide today
  222. Hallucinations?
  223. Questions about add and depression
  224. Off my meds now
  225. Feeling shabby
  226. How can a person end up so alone so easily?
  227. Thinking of quitting sertraline
  228. Anyone who can interpret this Tianeptine study?
  229. Worried I'm spiraling into another major depressive episode.
  230. Dont feel up to going to college
  231. Cyclic Depression ?
  232. TMI post: What if it's not AD withdrawal????
  233. S.a.d.
  234. lexapro?
  235. Emotional dysregulation
  236. Are you terrible at everything?
  237. Sinking
  238. Friend thinks I'm "sick"
  239. Recognizing Uncommon signs of Depression
  240. It's not a cry you can hear at night
  241. What to do when you don't care about anything?
  242. Do depressed ADHDers always need an antidepressant, too?
  243. Lost job 8 months ago, more sad every day
  244. What's the next step if antidepressants don't work and the depression gets worse?
  245. Depression full time
  246. Recovering from severe depression
  247. Can depression cause comatose state?
  248. Do you all ever love someone so much you get depressed?
  249. whats missing
  250. Finding the right med/combo: Hang in there, be will get better