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  1. Feel so alone and hopeless
  2. How do you get out of a bad funk?
  3. When its just all too much to handle. how do you deal?
  4. I feel to old for my age
  5. **Trigger Warning** How many times does one have to think suicidal thoughts
  6. I think I have depression along with my ADD. But I am not always sad
  7. what else is new?
  8. when other people....
  9. Self loathing
  10. what am i really upset about?
  11. Ritalin doesn't lift my mood at all
  12. People giving you attention when you're depressed
  13. I Think I've Been Depressed Most of My Life
  14. Dealing with Young Adult Stress and Depression
  15. what an annoying habit!
  16. ***Potential Trigger*** Overreact
  17. Feeling Sad and those who 'try' to help... feeling uncomfortable
  18. Wellbutrin stopped working after 9 month post-pardum depression
  19. Bereavement
  20. its my fault
  21. When it pours..VERY long
  22. Is there a way to just push through depression?
  23. A Question .....
  24. Idk what happened to me. Alone.
  25. Underlying Issues
  26. Idea for the day ......
  27. [Potential Trigger] Feeling soul sick,
  28. I just want a way out.
  29. Please don't give up hope
  30. Ritalin, what did this stuff do?
  31. Sleep disorders and atypical depression with ADHD
  32. heavy depressive episode
  33. This World We Live In Makes Me Depressed ***Possibly Triggering***
  34. Is there a way out?
  35. The first steps: baby steps
  36. Another day of depression
  37. Intervention at the point of performance
  38. Something Interesting from the Net ...( I Hope)
  39. Chocolate seeking
  40. Other Options?
  41. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
  42. Just want to punch something
  43. Post SSRI Erectile Dysfunction
  44. The clouds are lifting
  45. What do I do now?
  46. I'm feeling lost and confused...
  47. How do I talk to about suicidal feelings without it feeling like a bargening chip?
  48. Inability to plan for the future
  49. Help me. Please.
  50. I am lost and I need help.
  51. Zoloft Great For Anxiety But Making depression worse
  52. A powerful man, rising above depression
  53. Is There Any Hypnotism That Actually Works?
  54. Steven Ilardi - The Depression Cure: Therapeutic Lifestyle Change for Depression
  55. I want to...
  56. Depression lifted greatly!
  57. So tired
  58. Depression is like a black dog
  59. Really no clue whats wrong with me. Life without feelings nor emotions
  60. All that's keeping me alive...
  61. **** everything
  62. Stress Starts Up The Machinery of Major Depression
  63. Depression: is there a secret handshake?
  64. How to prevent falling back into depression
  65. **Trigger Warning** Stuck Inside in a Room
  66. What happens when the savings runs out?
  67. Depression Lifting
  68. Pseudodementia
  69. Irritability?
  70. beautiful....
  71. Depression
  72. New blood, urine tests find 5 distinct types of depression
  73. Empathy and depression
  74. Feeling tired after crying even if I'm not depressed no more
  75. Meeting New People
  76. Eh. So I'm here again.
  77. ADHD symptoms making depression worse (Trigger warning...suicide references)
  78. A fine way to test if I'm still depressed
  79. nonamed cat
  80. Struggling with bipolar depression. Medication?
  81. Stressed, anxious or depressed?
  82. A decade later - What's next?
  83. Turning a corner?
  84. Curious - what's the toughest part?
  85. Curious - what's the toughest part?
  86. Depression taking a hold again
  87. Should have built up some resilience when I still could
  88. Question for you...
  89. Wellbutrin and flatness
  90. Robin Williams DIDN'T Kill Himself
  91. Persistent low mood affecting everything
  92. Lexapro +Wellbutrin vs. Cymbalta / Effexor
  93. World affairs having immense personal impact
  94. Monday, 7.12.98
  95. Aspie moment: Why wouldn't someone want to understand depression?
  96. How to proceed from here...
  97. Depressed?
  98. preoccupation with death
  99. ADHD under control and now... depression? oh great...
  100. ANOTHER depression aspect thread
  101. How do I know if I'm depressed?
  102. Morning depression, anyone?!
  103. Ever feel worthless? How to make it stop? :(
  104. Dear Depression...
  105. Just one question...
  106. Is indifference depression?
  107. A Lesson From Eeyore
  108. My escapes aren't working
  109. Does anyone else cut?
  110. People not understanding why I'm depressed.
  111. maybe we'll get it right this time around
  112. How to avoid talking to people while depressed?
  113. Am I doing the right thing
  114. (trigger warning: self harm) How to get my mind off of cutting?
  115. Just Feeling Down
  116. (Trigger warning: mentions suicide) How Do You Know When To Get Involved?
  117. Depression eating away at me...
  118. Our lives and the Significance our words have
  119. :( How to stop depression? (just me throwing a stupid pity party for myself)
  120. Anyone on cymbalta + ritalin?
  121. Dysthymia? But apprehensive about taking an antidepressant.
  122. Can you remember the best day of your life?
  123. Losing hope
  124. I do everything wrong
  125. Pointless
  126. I don't think I'm depressed but
  127. Nightmare.
  128. Does Depression=Selfishness?
  129. Would medication actually help me feel happy or just take the edge off?
  130. sigh
  131. frustrated.
  132. feeling like giving up
  133. Tired of it
  134. Hormone imbalance = depression (trigger warning: suicide mentioned)
  135. depression & ADHD & suicidal ideation (Trigger warning)
  136. Project 1 in 4 is raising mental health awareness
  137. What My Job Has Taught Me About Scars
  138. Metaphors for depression
  139. Paralyzed by Depression
  140. Your Brain and Persistent Depression
  141. The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness - Audio
  142. feel like i made a huge mistake by opening up about my add
  143. Putting a face while slowly sinking
  144. The never ending cycle of depression
  145. Back here
  146. Has anyone here felt depressed then started taking ADHD medicine & felt better?
  147. Am I depressed?
  148. Other treatments for depression? I
  149. was getting emotionally better but...
  150. Winter depression
  151. Inadequacy
  152. Mixing Vyvanse with antidepressants, what's possible?
  153. Unfamiliar thoughts
  154. Diural mood variation?
  155. Depression with no sadness ... situational? Hormones? Help!
  156. It's back
  157. Depression/ADHD
  158. recent stats of depression in N. America?
  159. Can ADHD cause depression?
  160. Depression?
  161. Best anti-depressant for those with ADHD?
  162. Does talking help you?
  163. Depression..Does treatment actually work???
  164. article on depression
  165. Treatment resistant depression
  166. Need Advice on add and depression while being a student
  167. Masking Depression with unconscious lies?
  168. Is it okay to rant? I hope it's okay to rant. :l
  169. Movies from depression
  170. Situational depression
  171. Coping with grief
  172. Am i bipolar?
  173. am i depressed?
  174. How to deal with feeling "not good enough"
  175. i am not sucidial im just tired
  176. Resources and supports for families of suicide attempt survivors?
  177. Brintellix?
  178. I'm just so sick and tired with life
  179. VERY Irritable Late Afternoon and Evening
  180. Which Medication for my Depression?
  181. What to do..(possible trigger)
  182. I have TRD and ADD but.....
  183. New Medication
  184. Graduation day
  185. Another Rant.
  186. Personal thoughts on.. Whatever this is
  187. Feeling depressed, again
  188. Definition of Suicidal
  189. Purpose, depression and understanding
  190. i feel hopeless
  191. Drug flow chart/guidelines?
  192. Why depression and ADHD together stick around
  193. ADD...and Depression?
  194. Dealing with ADHD and Depression
  195. Inspirational quotes for times when you need motivation
  196. Help please
  197. Scared and Lonely
  198. The ADHD Depression Trap
  199. How to tell neighbours to keep the ******* noise down! (Take 2)
  200. How to deal with feeling alone
  201. 1/16/2017 is Blue Monday
  202. the constellation of energy
  203. Feeling like nobody likes me
  204. ECT - has anyone tried it?
  205. **** I think I'm on another verge of another mental/emotional breakdown.
  206. Sam-E 800mg a day...some results
  207. Left college course
  208. My Current Space
  209. Depression a pain in the a..
  210. Struggling With Depression?
  211. Cant tell how bad my depression is
  212. Depression as a 2nd diagnosis
  213. Agitated depression
  214. keep hearing, suicide, the cowards way out
  215. Lost In self awareness
  216. Dealing with negative thoughts sucks!
  217. insecurities kicking in again
  218. fellow ADHDer passed, feeling sad
  219. Does depression stifle or enhance your creativity?
  220. SAD lamps
  221. Why even bother......
  222. A ramble...
  223. Depression stole my mom
  224. From venlafaxine to bupropion
  225. Where to go from here: ADHD Dx, Failed therapy for Depression
  226. Very Interesting Study on Refractory Depression
  227. meds not working
  228. Obs
  229. California rocket fuel Effexor+Remeron
  230. As good as it gets
  231. just another vent
  232. Can MRI or CT Scan detect depression?
  233. How many types of depression are there?
  234. Do you ever feel like you caused your depression?
  235. Self-Acceptance Teachers
  236. Help me with this..
  237. Suicidal racing thoughts at night
  238. What do you do when you want to give up...but can't?
  239. Will I ever be happy?
  240. DASH diet
  241. True observations of depression
  242. Anhedonia
  243. Do you guys think virtual reality can help reduce depression?
  244. Depressed
  245. Increased Dopamine
  246. Still feels like a lie
  247. So I guess I have to do this without psychiatric help
  248. How do I avoid overwhelming myself?
  249. Is it weird that thinking about someone keeps me from being suicidal?
  250. Melancholia and Justine’s plight