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  1. Why I can't give up.
  2. Advertising
  3. Diagnosed with Manic Depression today
  4. Omg Omg Omfg
  5. Symptoms of Bipolar Depression
  6. How to fight depression
  7. Eating crow...
  8. Tomorrow is BiPolar Awareness Day
  9. Stolen From Eye's Post> Bipolar Awareness Day
  10. Is this Bipolar I?
  11. I can't stop. Need help.
  12. Article: Children’s bipolar disease is often undiagnosed
  13. kay jamison's an unquiet mind
  14. Bipolar Tie To Creativity, Do you Believe? What are your Gifts.
  15. The high level of support...
  16. A bipolar article
  17. Death in the family
  18. Compulsive Shopping & Spending - Trying to forgive myself
  19. Anyone here dually diagnosed with illnesses? need advise
  20. Bi-Polar possibilities
  21. Bipolar and Anxiety
  22. 12/3... dx time
  23. Happy Thanksgiving
  24. If you feel manic most of the time
  25. Article: Bipolar Children and facial expression response.
  26. Free Mood Chart and Side Effects Evaluation Form
  27. I could use a little help
  28. ok, one other issue I'd like some advice about
  29. Periods when Cycling or Manic Stages were especially BAD
  30. Is everyone okay?
  31. Merry Christmas
  32. How does one go about getting checked for bi-polar? Where do you start?
  33. Red Flags - 7 signs of mania
  34. Different subtypes of Mania
  35. Denial of Mania
  36. hello
  37. Going to see psyc doc (finally) this week -- what to say?
  38. I feel like I don't understand anything
  39. Manic Symptoms Worse at Night
  40. The Cycling Team Social Group
  41. Result from psyc appointment
  42. Confused...
  43. Finally an accurate diagnosis
  44. Question regarding the concept of "activating" meds
  45. Mild Bi-Polar and not ADD???
  46. Anyone Tried Brain SPECT?
  47. NOT what I wanted to hear at the dr's . . .
  48. A reminder for the new members of the Cycling Team
  49. Bipolar II, rapid cycling and ADD
  50. Bipolar or Anxiety Disorder?
  51. 2nd PHP
  52. New York Times Article: Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am
  53. Andy in crisis
  54. Anyone struggle with having to take meds?
  55. study
  56. About To Explode!!!
  57. Numb to all external forces...
  58. I think its working!!!!
  59. I guess pimping IS easy
  60. Could Bi-Polar/ADD be a success story?
  61. Bipolar-II and love feelings...
  62. Hypochondria and BP
  63. Stability without medication? Is it possible?
  64. In your Dreams are you Bipolar?
  65. BiPolar Stigma!?!? I am EXTREMELY angry.
  66. Why is bipolar ii more common in women than men?
  67. Coming out: Terry Cheney speaks openly about battling bipolar disorder
  68. my current labels
  69. Bipolar and other mental disorders...
  70. Bipolar help please
  71. Don't mock me for this!
  72. Real feelings or BP feelings - exhausted!
  73. Wondering, could I be bipolar?
  74. Found this interesting
  75. Does anyone experience this (re: suicidal thoughts)
  76. Just a huge thank you and encouragement
  77. Article: Bipolar: The highest highs, the lowest lows
  78. I am so damn proud of myself!!!
  79. Depression-Hope
  80. I need some help re: Bipolar/ADD
  81. Blood test could reveal bipolar disorder?
  82. the process of going from psychosis/mania to reality
  83. Going back to my doctor
  84. PMDD from H-E-double hockey sticks
  85. agitated depression, mixed state, or just stress???
  86. admitted to my dr I don't want to see them
  87. At what age is the dx done?
  88. Article: Mental illness is a shame that's shared by many
  89. Help ETD! Exteme Tabbing Disorder! 138 Browser Tabs within hours
  90. How common is it to have ADHD and bipolar?
  91. Mind over Mood
  92. At-Home Gene Test for Bipolar
  93. Obssessed?
  94. Going back to doctor
  95. could use some possible insight?
  96. Sad news, y'all . . .
  97. warning I'm a ticking time bomb
  98. My Wife & Bipolar
  99. kinda nervous...
  100. Scam or not?
  101. What's the difference between bipolar and amphetamin induced mania??? Pls help
  102. Depressed
  103. Manic. . .
  104. Shopping... can't stop
  105. Questions again...
  106. Diagnosis... possible bipolar, what do you think?
  107. How do you know you're going down the spiral?
  108. Confused
  109. may be bipolar II rapid cycling...
  110. Wife is Making TODO List to Got to Mental Hospital
  111. On my way down
  112. Well being BP II still sucks
  113. Cowboy up
  114. Just ticked off about it all
  115. Hello I am hoping someone can help me..
  116. beyond scared...
  117. Burning in that ring of fire
  118. In serious debt & financial trouble
  119. Depressive thinking (slightly revelatory)
  120. Recently diagnosed BP II
  121. bipolar and needed
  122. Do you need a "reason" to change mood abruptly
  123. Can anybody relate to this??
  124. Is this a typical Hypomanic State??
  125. Things might *gasp* be going my way for once...
  126. Question about symptoms
  127. 'Chasing the Mania'
  128. I just needed to share...
  129. I need to kick my dad out
  130. Do you find yourself disassociated from reality??
  131. Does this happen to anyone at night?
  132. Synergistic side effects from the dark side
  133. Ever had your p-doc laugh at you...?
  134. Do you think we tend to focus more on the negative than recovery?
  135. Where do I go from here?
  136. The "problem" w/being BP and what BP means two me (DOUBLE FEATURE/LIMITED TIME ONLY)
  137. BP Check-in
  138. Bipolar or borderline personality disorder
  139. still awake
  140. I go from being a great optimist to being a pessimist
  141. starting to adjust, need to know whats normal what isnt..
  142. Do you think about life before Bipolar?
  143. I have no control over my emotions
  144. Does bipolar make ADD worse?
  145. Hypochondria?
  146. Being diagnosed...
  147. Parental Mules & other stubborn donkeys!
  148. Rapid Cycling every few days & self medication
  149. new recovery model for mental illness....
  150. Adhd -bpii
  151. Furious Music
  152. Bipolar II and the AD/HD connection
  153. ...And un-furious music
  154. Hypomania? "Normal" response to stress/excitement? (looong post--I'm a talker!)
  155. Sabotage
  156. Never thought about it, BUT.........
  157. Possible Mania and seeking help
  158. You knew this right? BP & creativity
  159. Bipolar Realization
  160. Not your average diagnosis thread
  161. "The Bipolar Puzzle" (The New York Times)
  162. Seasonal Affective Disorder- Bipolar ?
  163. Bipolar and Memory
  164. how bout some good news?
  165. will getting a diagnosis screw me for future health insurance?
  166. Unbalanced?
  167. Bad Insomnia plus food cravings
  168. i was just wondering
  169. Please some suggestions
  170. soft bi polar
  171. How to deal with bipolar friend?
  172. New and with question on how the mind works
  173. Bipolar & ADD - Med Free Treatments?
  174. my pdoc suck...i need some advice on my meds...
  175. Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!
  176. That dangerous cold clear calmness....**Poss trigger SI or worse**
  177. BP Disorder AND your MEDS
  178. Is she really bipolar????
  179. BP 1 & 2 + ADHD + Stimulants + Mood Stabalizer = MANIA?
  180. Could my new friend possibly be bipolar
  181. Extremely Frequent Mood Swings. Please help.
  182. The girl that I think is bipolar
  183. Bipolar- What type of medication to expect?
  184. What are the chances I have bipolar III, a.k.a. cyclothymia?
  185. I have so many personality disorders
  186. BP and ego
  187. BP diagnosis instead of ADD
  188. Today was really a challenge for me mentally
  189. Sound like Bipolar?
  190. do adhd meds make you manic?
  191. must have excess energy?
  192. Comming off med's problems
  193. Bi-Polar I & Medication Aversion
  194. You know . . I just don't care anymore.
  195. Newly diagnosed - questions...
  196. the cycling club
  197. 3 - 4 day cycles?
  198. OMG... generic medication DISASTER
  199. wondering if any co-morbid bipolars or ocd-ers might shed some light on things
  200. Lamictal
  201. Pdoc Appt Tomorrow, excited and nervous/scared
  202. pdoc appt to discuss my options...
  203. Help! Feel like I Micromanage
  204. Talking to the pdoc...
  205. ADD Teens and Bipolar
  206. People with adhd/bipolar q??
  207. 3/3 Appt.
  208. It looks like Cyclothymia or Bipolar type 2
  209. Help wanted: re: med input
  210. Just diagnosed -- some questions Google hasn't satisfactorily answered
  211. Hospitalization
  212. 3/19 appt.
  213. just an update and short vent
  214. Just a vent...
  215. What is going on here????????????
  216. Serious Bipolar Issues
  217. really hating medication right now...
  218. Is this normal dx'ing?
  219. How do you know if you have Bipolar Disorder?
  220. Have i got bi polar
  221. Don't think I'll tell the doctor I have bipolar type symptoms
  222. Need help
  223. Desperate for help- ADD and Bipolar II
  224. Were you treated for BP or ADHD first?
  225. psychotherapy?
  226. generic lamictal issues
  227. When to go to the next level
  228. How can you tell the diff. between hypomania and hyperfocus
  229. help
  230. Very alone Mom.
  231. Hay gais
  232. Bipolar disorder is the most annoying disorder.
  233. I have a PLAN.
  234. Learning about bi-polar...can it come in consistent waves?
  235. I'm trading it in and help is on the Way
  236. abilify for bipolar AND adhd?
  237. Med changes, lack of motivation... what do you think?
  238. Let's play a game!
  239. ADHD and Bi-polar...need advice! (medication)
  240. Seroquel, Dextroamphetamine, And Citalopram, What I am trying out..
  241. Gah....
  242. Why does adhd mimic bipolar? I don't understand...
  243. Does lithium affect Strattera's effectiveness
  244. New to bipolar stuff, what will work?
  245. Mood Fluctuations not Otherwise Specified
  246. employment - getting a job AND keeping it
  247. Bi-polar II?
  248. manic
  249. BPIII or just ADHD?
  250. Mood fluctuations, adhd or bipolar?