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  1. BPII and ADD meds?!
  2. Adderall & Seroquel?
  3. Bipolar or Unipolar+ADHD+PMDD?
  4. BP or ADD - ???
  5. Lamictal for Bipolar II?
  6. Med for irritability?
  7. Advocacy/Causes
  8. Don't bother reading'll never make it.
  9. My BP journey to ADHD.
  10. It isn't always our fault is it?
  11. Mood Stabilizers...
  12. thought this was a good read for some of us
  13. the difference between mania and hypomania
  14. Bipolar II diagnosis is freaking me out
  15. Bipolar diagnosis thru Personality questionnaire?
  16. What are the most used/most efficient meds for bipolar and adhd
  17. Anxiety & BP
  18. What were your internal struggles of 1st being diagnosed BP2?
  19. adderal cut way down
  20. Depakote and Adderall and feeling like giving up on meds
  21. Pediatric Bipolar discussion
  22. generic lamactil
  23. My doctor put me on a mood stabilizer. Does that mean he thinks I'm bi-polar?
  24. Breakdown today...
  25. Rapid cycling?
  26. Bipolar II hypomania??
  27. Hmmm...
  28. ADHD vs. Bipolar in me... :(
  29. Barometric pressure and mood
  30. Who has been through a confirmed misdiagnosis?
  31. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  32. Question about adding stims to Bipolar cocktail
  33. Need hep ( Im Kind of a Newbee
  34. Untreatable?! Help...
  35. SeroquelXR or Abilify?
  36. Interesting info on Strattera and bipolar usage
  37. bipolar partner
  38. Zyprexa anyone?
  39. How is it that everyone has been able to explain their bp/add but me?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  40. Bipolar II with ADHD Questionnaire
  41. Bipiolar II without ADHD
  42. hypomanic anyone?
  43. BP and pets
  44. Lithium and Adderall?
  45. What time of day is worst for you?
  46. Please explain bi-polar to me?
  47. I cant figure out if im really bipolar!
  48. PLEASE HELP! Is this psychosis?
  49. Sleep
  50. Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression
  51. Hypomania?
  52. Pregnancy, bipolar & ADD
  53. Help- What is going on?
  54. BP II and ADHD at 39 y/o!
  55. Question about "ultradian cycling"
  56. BP/ADD....Geodon & Adderall?
  57. Lamictal and Adderall
  58. BP & ADD meds?
  59. What is early-onset bipolar like?
  60. Bipolar Disorder Represented in Film & TV
  61. Latest diagnosis/continuing care problems
  62. Vitamins/minerals for Bipolar
  63. Anger outbursts?
  64. ADHD meds make BP worse?
  65. Psychotic or just anxious??
  66. How to feel?
  67. Bipolar & ADHD Help
  68. So what does that mean?
  69. Adderall unstable moods!
  70. Newsletter announcement on A newsletter came in from the Juvenile Bipol Juv Bipolor
  71. Bipolar disorder and night do I tell my boss these two don't mix?
  72. I'm freaking out
  73. What was your childhood temperament like?
  74. Dex or Adderall / manic
  75. Is this ADD or BiPolar symptoms?
  76. Manic psychosis
  77. What are good supplements for Bi polar? Please read this and try to help.
  78. what is going to happen to me!!
  79. Anyone Living As An Artist?
  80. Bi-polar ADHD treatment question
  81. For Bipolar Mothers/Expectant Mothers.
  82. Friend with bipolar....
  83. Not sure anymore...
  84. Mixed Episodes vs. ADHD...
  85. ADD meds mess with my moods?
  86. What to expect?
  87. Question about Anti depressants & Bipolar
  88. What do you feel in your brain?
  89. how do you feel in your brain?
  90. Hypomania or just a bad couple of days?
  91. Bipolar women / ADD
  92. Wellbutrin
  93. What is this- help with diagnosing??!!!!
  94. Is this hypomania? (Been DX'd depression)
  95. Cyclothymia & ADHD Diagnoses
  96. You were always Impotent!!!!
  97. Cyclthymia & Smoking
  98. I just need to vent...
  99. Lamictal ODT for "Mood Disorder"
  100. bipolar or adhd or both
  101. Bi-Polar, ADHD, or both?
  102. Seroquel for Bipolar II/Cyclothymia, feeling flat.
  103. Degridation of symptoms through generations.
  104. Second Opinion?
  105. Does my friend have bipolar disorder?
  106. Bipolar, but no major sleep issues
  107. Bipolar people are more likely to develop thyroid issues
  108. Back
  109. Effexor (Venlafaxine) and bipolar disorder
  110. anyone have their mood change without any manic episodes?
  111. Very emotional night. ADHD and bipolar II question... Please respond.
  112. Prozac "Poop Out" or Hypomania?? Help!
  113. I don't want my highs to end!
  114. Lithium + Lamictal Together?
  115. Bipolar, Adhd,, Thyroid,,,,,,, help
  116. Adderall and Bipolar Disorder: A Very Personal and Urgent Concern
  117. Lamictal and ADHD
  118. Klonopin and Adderall?
  119. What mood stabilizer?
  120. Still Trying to Cope
  121. I don't know who to talk to...
  122. latuda anyone?
  123. Am i bipolar?
  124. Wellbutrin for your ADD?
  125. Cymbalta for concentration
  126. Overdiagnosing?
  127. Adderall or Ritalin and BP?
  128. Reaction to stimulants = bipolar?
  129. I feel like crap...
  130. Hate
  131. Trileptal anyone?
  132. Hypothyroid**how does this tie into bipolar?
  133. Cyclothymia
  134. This or that?
  135. Not sure anymore, what is wrong with me?
  136. topimax (topiramate)? anyone?
  137. Lithium anyone???
  138. Bipolar Medictions
  139. Positive emotions sign of relapse?
  140. Does this sound like hypomania?
  141. Workaholic = manic?
  142. Bipolar Suspicions
  143. Do you question your diagnosis frequently?
  144. Your main med?
  145. Can no longer take Adderall due to mania...Coping skills for ADHD symptoms?
  146. Finally diagnosed Bi-Polar
  147. Bipolar Video / lots of drug info
  148. Do I rapid cycle
  149. just questioning if its possible i have bipolar?
  150. Bipolar Medication Help
  151. Medication A Misconception
  152. ADHD & Bipolar II
  153. On the Doorstep of Mania
  154. Bipolar with Dysphoric (Hypo)mania and its impact on our lives.
  155. My experience with ADHD / Bipolar-I
  156. I'm and idiot. What's the difference between BP I and BPII? I forgot.
  157. Does this sound bipolar?
  158. How does alcohol affect you?
  159. Not sure if I need medication for bipolar
  160. hyperfocus or Bipolar II hypomania?
  161. What to do when your pdoc refuses to believe that you have ADHD?
  162. Bipolar and Alcohol
  163. I've just been diagonsed but have some concerns (your opinions would be appreciated)
  164. Confused- ADHD or Bipolar
  165. For members FORMALLY DIAGNOSED bipolar or cyclothymic only, please
  166. Documentary on Bipolar
  167. Can anyone share what a psychosis is like?
  168. What medication combinations have worked for you with bipolar and ADD?
  169. Is there a "Dr. Barkley" of Bipolar?
  170. Borderline Bipolar
  171. Confused - bipolar or ...??
  172. New Member New Diagnosis...
  173. Question about the relationship between ADHD and Bipolar 2
  174. I want to understand my sister
  175. Documentary on bipolar disorder
  176. Imipramine inducing mania??
  177. Possibly misdiagnosed as having bipolar instead of ADHD?
  178. Hypomania and Celebrity Crushes
  179. I hate May
  180. ADHD ..and Bipolar..or maybe not.
  181. How do you feel the "racing thoughts" of bipolar disorder?
  182. Don't know what's wrong with
  183. ADHD or Bipolar?
  184. Bipolar I, II, Mania, what's the difference?
  185. High Achieving Teens Four Times As Likely To Develop Adult Bipolar Disorder
  186. Could I be bipolar? What do you think? Anyone?
  187. Were Bipolar ADHD unrecognised in the past?
  188. What is the problem with Ritalin in Bipolar comorbid with ADHD
  189. Does BD and ADHD sometimes exclude each other?
  190. Lithium and Stimulants - counter productive, necessary?
  191. Things you can't do because of bipolar
  192. From "Fun Crazy" to "Crazy Crazy" BP1 & BP2
  193. Mania W/O depression - New idea
  194. Mania question
  195. 2 diff opinions?!
  196. Not sure what med!
  197. How do people with bipolar view cyclothymia?
  198. I want to understand bipolar II...
  199. How to succeed after screwing up royally
  200. Oh I have that
  201. Mixed not BPII?
  202. Feeling rage and anger!
  203. Possibly Bipolar?
  204. What does this mean?
  205. Severe influenza / bronchitis / respiratory infections reduce efficacy of mood stabs?
  206. Severe Chronic Sleep Deprivation
  207. These sex moods are getting intense
  208. Disordered
  209. Stephen Fry .....
  210. Are you aware?
  211. Manic depressive friend
  212. Whoa indeed
  213. Possible bipolar or just my ADHD?
  214. Funny thing happened to me at the dr today
  215. differences between bipolar and unipolar depression
  216. Could use some advice...
  217. Checking in.....
  218. Hypomania while on meds
  219. Adderall with Bipolar/questions...
  220. What's the problem with hypomanic episodes?
  221. "bad adhd" days or possible mania/hypomania?
  222. How do mood stabilisers affect you?
  223. depression, bipolar or bpd
  224. Another new user's plea for help: dizzines & poor memory; lamictal & stimulants
  225. bipolar and anti depressants
  226. Long post- I just don't get it, almost don't care to anymore
  227. I was put on Lithium 900mg
  228. Need general advice dealing with bipolar (ex) bf
  229. Reconstructing Your Manias
  230. Citalopram and Zoloft for Bi-Polar Disorder?
  231. Not motivated at all.
  232. My sister has been drinking for four days
  233. i don't want to be bipolar
  234. Buying Lithium Correctly
  235. Doing Grocery Shopping in 0230AM
  236. What's the use of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder???
  237. I can't stop feeling good
  238. ...and now I can't stop sinking
  239. Seroquel, Good but not Great
  240. Impulsivity, Compulsivity, Lack of Will Power, or Episodic
  241. Am I maic NOW?
  242. Can someone please direct me?
  243. Is it worth getting a second opinion?
  244. Had a manic episode on new year
  245. mood tracker app
  246. New Year: Nothing has changed
  247. Emotional Dysregulation
  248. Anyone have experience with stimulant tolerance while being on lithium?
  249. Might I be Bipolar?
  250. What's a mixed state?