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  1. Seriously, normal people are messed up!
  2. orginally diagnosed add, now diagnosed bipolar 2
  3. Swinging the other way
  4. Do mood stabilisers help with cognitive impairments??
  5. Shouls I Be Worried?
  6. Were any of you bullied growing up?
  7. Does work or school help or hurt your wellbeing?
  8. Could i have bipolar?
  9. Going out - releasing the beast
  10. How do you stop yourself from sinking?
  11. Differences Between Bipolar Sleep Issues and ADHD Sleep Issues
  12. Am I Being A Hypochondriac?
  13. Still can't concentrate
  14. Differentiating between Mood disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder.
  15. Therapy
  16. I'm pretty screwed
  17. Long Term Remission?
  18. starting lamotrigine - dosing question
  19. Holy Crap!! Is this how normal people feel??
  20. Was I misdiagnosed?
  21. Bpi vs. Bpii
  22. Silver Linings Playbook
  23. Could my daughter have ADD, aspergers autism and bi polar??
  24. Overlapping symptoms of ADHD and bipolar disorder
  25. Just watched Silver Lining Playbook. A real representation of bipolar?
  26. Medication seems to be making it worse?
  27. I'm so irritated today..for no reason
  28. What is the physiological basis for bipolar disorder?
  29. I mustn't get stuck in traffic
  30. apathy is back
  31. Fighting a losing battle
  32. My daughter is in the hospital
  33. Hypomania-->Then Depression+Can ADHD meds make the depression more pronounced?
  34. My poor brain
  35. Is psychotherapy enough to treat BP?
  36. The difference between cyclothymia and bipolar?
  37. Treating Childhood Bipolar with Ketamine
  38. Missing Hypomania
  39. blame it on the mania...
  40. Hypomania? Feeling normal? What's going on...
  41. I'm very confused - Can somebody help me with diagnosis please?
  42. emptiness
  43. psychiatrist is dragging out any treatment for add
  44. maybe I *am* cyclothymic...
  45. Going off meds
  46. Hypo mania confirmed
  47. Would increasing the dose of lamotrigine help with depression?
  48. Mixed emotions
  49. Doctor does not want to give me Risperdal :(
  50. warning pathetic whining read at own risk, or, Abi's Psych Diary
  51. The daily struggle to fight off depression
  52. Is it really bipolar??
  53. "Manic seizures"
  54. The similarities between bipolar and epilepsy
  55. How were you diagnosed with Bipolar disorder?
  56. Annoyed for no reason
  57. Untreated ADHD due to bipolar complications - anyone else?
  58. New to the boards
  59. Diagnosed with ADHD, but had an episode?
  60. Emotional lability
  61. When it all comes down to it I'm selfish and care only about myself
  62. Is self diagnosis really such a bad thing?
  63. Treatment resistant??
  64. Eh.....
  65. Where the **** is hypomania??
  66. I don't want to ride the glass elevator...
  67. What are mixed episodes?
  68. Anyone else have screwed up sleeping hours?
  69. executive function in bipolar
  70. CT Scan Shows Cyst on my Brain
  71. Bipolar Disorder - Not A Mental Disorder
  72. I've stopped lamotrigine
  73. Waxing & Waning- crazy crazy me..
  74. A dark manic
  75. Bipolar Disorder - Manic Depression - The Manic High
  76. tricked
  77. My Battle with Bipolar Disorder
  78. Why do anti depressants poop out?
  79. Life sucks
  80. Sorry
  81. How many anti depressants would you try?
  82. Bipolar and Alexithymia
  83. Is this bipolar?
  84. My psychologist thinks I have a mood disorder- confused.
  85. What does this mean? Help!
  86. ***POTENTIAL TRIGGER***Some Thoughts (Split from Grad School Thread in Adult Ed)
  87. An excellent blog
  88. I'm feeling strange
  89. question on bp1 and 2
  90. Down
  91. Hypomania and Two Voices
  92. Difference between mania/adhd meds
  93. Does anyone else stay up three days straight sometimes?
  94. How to mask hypomania?
  95. Hypomania
  96. how do you feel during mixed episodes?
  97. Are my ADHD meds exacerbating my bipolar depression?
  98. Antipsychotics for Bipolar Depression.
  99. Rage
  100. Memantine shown to improve cognitive function in BP1 & BP2 patients
  101. Understanding Bi Polar
  102. Hypomania Real-Life Footage
  103. Calming Activities for Hypo Racing Mind - Need Suggestions
  104. When Hypomania Turns Harmful
  105. How to not let a bad mood take over you
  106. Do the symptoms you experience during mania differ from medication to medication
  107. Bipolar and money management
  108. Bipolar and Reactions to Meds/Cycles
  109. Bipolar 1 possible ad(h)d
  110. nothing billiant to add
  111. I'm worried about Bipolar
  112. I am more than just bipolar
  113. .
  114. thunderstorms
  115. Clinical and treatment implications of co-morbidity
  116. Hypomania
  117. Bipolars unite!
  118. 9th day of hypomania!
  119. It's NOT easy
  120. I hope someone understands! BIPOLAR
  121. Pain in Stomach ***Please Help***
  122. Wish Me Luck
  123. recently diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD comorbid and prescribed Lamacital..questions
  124. Does This Song Describe Your Bipolar?
  125. Sleep really does make a difference
  126. Quick Med Advice PLEASE - For Tonight
  127. mental thunderstorms
  128. ADHD meds and Hypomania
  129. My family told me i'm a failure not Bipolar
  130. Blah and Need Support ***Potential Trigger***
  131. NTs don't get it
  132. Did Lamictal/Lamotrigine improve your memory?
  133. Guilt/Restless when trying to rest and Rumination
  134. Do I have bipoiar II?
  135. What's going on here?
  136. Cycling between over and under controlled emotion?
  137. bipolar and mental fugue
  138. Very Stressed, Paranoid, Issues
  139. Medication effect or impending episode
  140. Manic Writings/Art/Whatever - Please Share!
  141. Smartphone App Created for People with Bipolar Disorder
  142. Insight - A question for the bipolars
  143. Preventing the next episode
  144. Giddy before manic episode
  145. Real Bipolar vs Fake Bipolar (video)
  146. Mixed episode alert?????????
  147. Am I Bipolar?
  148. No longer caring
  149.'s probably not bipolar
  150. Anti-deps making me manic now
  151. Flight of Ideas
  152. Is this a mixed episode?
  153. Advice for friend?
  154. Need Advice QUICK
  155. They Don't Get It
  156. ***Desperate***Internal Pain Why Does This Happen(ing)
  157. Why are the IMG tags void in the Bipolar Forum
  158. Bipolar vs Cyclothymia vs Normal
  159. 3 Libras, A song that describes Bipolar and my interpretation of it
  160. My First Mania
  161. I think this may be my first mixed state? Feels awful, help pls?
  162. dealing with other people s hypomania
  163. Positive Hypomania
  164. Bipolar Meds Help
  165. Feeling abandoned
  166. Can albuterol sulfate cause or intensify hypomania?
  167. I'm making sounds and gibbersih words
  168. mixed episode
  169. Feeling guilty .... Anyone else?
  170. So normal people don't go through this?
  171. For those with dysphoric hypomania (or whatever)
  172. ***trigger warning*** My mixed/anxiety episode thread
  173. Irritability - ways to calm down?
  174. Visual hallucinations - what they are, what they aren't
  175. Sleep a lot then hardly sleep?
  176. I might be Bipolar w/ ADD but not sure if I feel normal or manic
  177. Abilify and Concerta
  178. bipolar questions
  179. Bipolar: when did you experience your first manic or hypomanic symptoms?
  180. Cyclothymia???
  181. (humerous) Treated differently cause I'm bipolar
  182. Bipolar, but hidden about it?
  183. What bipolar and mania is and isnt (for me)
  184. How to get someone to notice when they're manic?
  185. Adderall & Bipolar vs. ADHD or both?
  186. Everyone's suddenly bipolar, and I'm sick of it.
  187. Bipolar Rollercoaster!
  188. Hypomanic Episode!
  189. How quickly do you titrate up Lamotrigine?
  190. Anyone noticed how awesome sex is when you are hypomanic?
  191. Can you have both bipolar and adult ADD
  192. ADHD or bipolar or both?
  193. New diagnosis - Bipolar II alongside ADHD-PI
  194. Questions About ADHD vs Bipolar?
  195. Anyone here with ADHD and bipolar?
  196. vyvanse comedown
  197. Brintellix and Fanapt combo???
  198. ADD is not as important as bipolar, my psychiatrist says
  199. My story
  200. Bipolar first then ADD to treat attention?
  201. Is it normal to feel this way on Vyvanse?
  202. Losing myself, Losing my mind, Wish someone would tell me I'm fine...
  203. Anyone else feel they been misdiagnosed with BP?
  204. Is this really hypomania?
  205. bipolar or menopause?
  206. Adderal XR and Bipolar II
  207. Stimulant treatment - uncontrolled bipolar.
  208. Where ADHD ends and BP begins?
  209. Cyclothymia meds newbie
  210. Suspected Bipolar 2. Feeling really stupid.
  211. I donít think Iím bipolar afterall. Sorry if I bothered you guys.
  212. my brother just got prescribed Lithium, why?
  213. depression results to being bipolar?
  214. **** just got real
  215. Blarg