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  1. Come on in, the water's warm
  2. Everything you need to know about Bipolar
  3. Difference between AD/HD and Bipolar?
  4. What's bipolar, and what's me?
  6. waiting for the other shoe to drop
  7. Studies clarify diagnosis, identify possible treatment for adults with ADHD and bipol
  8. Please help me...!
  9. Am i or arnt i??
  10. Fuctioning ADHD Inattentive / BiPolar II
  11. Are you Bipolar?, Cover Story of New York Magazine
  12. Cycling down
  13. Web Page: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity - or Bipolar?
  14. So I can be both?
  15. From the heart of a bipolar crash victim
  16. Need help/advice pls - ADD, severe depression
  17. thanks all!
  18. It's not my fault!!!!!!!!....Or is it?
  19. Bipolar in 16yr girl .. I have questions
  20. Thyroid test to rule out bipolar?
  21. Lafnalot
  22. Following Diagnosis: Things to Ask Your Doctor
  23. New Findings Even After 'Decade of the Brain'
  24. Mood Chart
  25. How do you know if you are Bipolar? Online Test & Symptom Page
  26. Is it PMS or just a bipolar thing????
  27. Jane Pauley shares her story: Former Dateline NBC co-host talks @ struggle w/illness
  28. Study solidifies biological and genetic roots of bipolar
  29. Study shows impact of family burden and clinical outcome
  30. Bipolar Linked to Other Disabilities
  31. Information on Working or Going to School with Psychiatric Disorder
  32. Bipolar Celebrities
  33. Mood Stabilizers and Mood Swings: In Search of a Definition
  34. Cognitive therapy helps people change the way they think, act
  35. A Reevaluation of the Relationship between Psychiatric Diagnosis & Chemical Imbalance
  36. Does Bipolar Disorder Affect Dreams?
  37. Bipolar Disorder a Misunderstood Disease
  38. ssi for bipolar?
  39. Receiving Disability and SSI for Bipolar Disorder
  40. Work and Mental Illness - What Do We Really Know?
  41. Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: An Evolving Interface
  42. Do I have Bipolar? What is the manic part like?
  43. New Book..."Bipolar Exposed"
  44. Judge considers bipolar disorder
  45. Most with bipolar disorder still able to work
  46. New magazine targets bipolar sufferers
  47. I am ADD, my husband is Bi-polar... Help!
  48. Capsules May Be Effective In Treating Bipolar Disorder, Study ...
  49. Lincoln family struggling with bipolar disorder
  50. bipolar psychotic break & legal "in" justice system
  51. Scanner may give bipolar diagnosis
  52. Bipolar Deadly????
  53. Anxiety Disorder Comorbidity in Bipolar Disorder Patients: Data ...
  54. Parents send mentally ill children to foster care for help
  55. Hope in sight for thousands of Canadians suffering from the ...
  56. AstraZeneca Announces Two Business Milestones for Seroquel
  57. Substance Abuse Relapses: Could It Be a Dual Diagnosis?
  58. Right pill, wrong patient
  59. Equetro OK'd for Bipolar Disorder
  60. Bipolar Disorder - New Evidence of Brain Chemistry Abnormalities
  61. Stress Impairs Thinking Via Mania-Linked Enzyme
  62. Study Demonstrated Long-Term Treatment with Zyprexa(R) Reduced ...
  63. Extended-release carbamazepine approved for bipolar disorder
  64. Determined Davie woman beats bipolar disorder
  65. When they shop, they can't stop
  66. Part 3: Online to Offline - Taking the Leap
  67. Two mental diseases appear to be linked
  68. Part 1: What Makes Internet Relationships So Desirable?
  69. Part 2: Warning Signals and Self-Protection
  70. A bipolar diagnosis delayed, a childhood lost
  71. Bipolar disorder: the hidden epidemic
  72. Anticonvulsant drug found to help bipolar alcoholics
  73. Problems in a person's mood
  74. I hardly slept due to mental illness
  75. Bipolar Basics: Understanding Manic Depression
  76. Bipolar or Manic Depressive Disorder
  77. Uses of Lithium
  78. How is Bipolar Disorder Diagnosed?
  79. Psychiatrists question standards
  80. Service Dogs for Bipolar Disorder
  81. Gene Hunting
  82. Do You Have Achiever's Disease?
  83. The Effect of Anxiety Disorders on Bipolar Disorder
  84. Psychiatric disorders detected using blood test
  85. Bipolar Vs Life Insurance Compainies Take 2
  86. What? ME? I'm Bipolar?
  87. The Struggle of a Significant Other
  88. How To Explain Bipolar Disorder to Others
  89. How To Find Hope in the Battle with Bipolar Disorder
  90. Regaining Perspective
  91. Half of people with Bipolar Disorder experienced abuse in childhood
  92. Mood Disorders and Sleep
  93. Olfactory receptor cells may provide clues to psychiatric disease
  94. What is Dysphoria?
  95. What is the Treatment for Bipolar Disorder?
  96. Doctors fail to diagnose bipolar disorder in study
  97. Bipolar disorder one of life's lessons
  98. ABILIFY(R) (aripiprazole) Granted Approval for New Indication
  99. What make me so brave or Stupid
  100. Many college students major in despair
  101. FDA Approvals: Clarinex, Abilify, Isovorin
  102. The curse of a bipolar disorder: Ecstacy & Despair
  103. Jekyll and Hide - An Allegory
  104. Bi-polar / PTSD / COD / ADHD
  105. Social Security Disability and Bipolar Disorder
  106. Strategies to overcome misdiagnosis of Bipolar
  107. Research: Diseases that Co-occur with Bipolar Disorder
  108. Seattle Deputy Sherriff Fired Due to Diagnosis...
  109. GlaxoSmithKline recalls drug used for epilepsy, bipolar disorder
  110. Bipolar Disorder - New Evidence of Brain Chemistry Abnormalities
  111. Screening Tool Distinguishes Bipolar Behavior From ADHD
  112. BP question
  113. i dunno im confused...will someone help me
  114. RESEARCH: Comorbidity of ADHD and Bipolar Disorder (Early/Late Onset)
  115. Global Survey Reveals Personal Impact of Bipolar Disorder
  116. The Effect of Anxiety Disorders on Bipolar Disorder
  117. It's All in Your Head ... And Other Things Said!
  118. Truths About Bipolar Disorder
  119. Victims of mood
  120. The individual impact of bipolar disorder
  121. Risperdal Raises Tumor Issue
  122. Research zeros in on bipolar disorder genes, link with thyroid condition
  123. Progress in treating bipolar disorder lagging
  124. Bipolar disorder leads to eating disorder
  125. FDA Warns of Antipsychotic Use For Elderly
  126. Detecting Bipolar Genes
  127. Bipolar Dad
  128. Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders
  129. New to this forum
  130. dx'd bp II on Saturday
  131. Psychiatrist Claims That Many Bipolar Adults Have ADHD
  132. Rhythm Therapy.......BiPolar
  133. Bipolar depression?
  134. I don't understand?
  135. Hi I'm new. Bipolar, Canadian, and more than likely ADD
  136. Hoping to put link here...
  137. Miami shooting...Bipolar strikes again
  138. Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder: Ruling Out Other Psychiatric Conditions
  139. Brain Scan Helps Diagnose Bipolar Disorder
  140. A Sudden Shift in Moods-Cyclothymia vs Bipolar
  141. 10 Tips for Surviving the Holidays
  142. How To Prepare for Traveling
  143. How To Find Hope in the Battle with Bipolar Disorder
  144. Psychosocial disability fluctuates in parallel with bipolar symptom changes
  145. Bipolar disorder more common than expected in hospitalized adolescents
  146. Self-Medicating: When the Cure IS the Disease
  147. New gene linked to bipolar disorder
  148. Bipolar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. Dating
  150. Depression/Epilepsy/Bipolar
  151. Light Shed On Bipolar Disorder By Clock Molecule's Sensitivity To Lithium
  152. Bipolar NOS?
  153. So...
  154. Do you think I'm bipolar?
  155. just found out my diagnosis.....
  156. Could I be bipolar?
  157. Diagnosed Bipolar...I thought I had ADD????
  158. Support group for families, where do I go?
  159. ADHD, Bipolar or Both?...confused
  160. Wild mood swings!
  161. Manic Rating Scale
  162. Help!
  163. Ultradian rapid cycling?
  164. I don't know what to do anymore?
  165. Does My Sister Have It?
  166. What does bipolar feel like?
  167. Spoiled brat? I don't think so!!!
  168. Mania
  169. Frustrated
  170. Unipolar or Bipolar?
  171. Bi-polar?
  172. Bipolar or just depression And Sleep/Chicken or the Egg?
  173. Sleep Mask Working/No Cycling This Week
  174. my dx
  175. Bipolar Disorder Takes Heavy Toll on Workplace
  176. Personal Yahoo Group For Bipolar Disorder
  177. Other Possible Factors Involved With Bipolar Disorder
  178. Am I ADHD or Bipolar ?
  179. New
  180. People who won't take their medication.
  181. *Put head in hands*
  182. Just got dx bipolar
  183. What's the difference between hyperfocus and hypomania
  184. does blue sky trigger euphoria or manic episode?
  185. is mania a bad thing?
  186. GP thinks i have bipolar
  187. Bipolar Group
  188. Bipolar Avatar
  189. Diagnosis, Neuropsychologist & Testing
  190. I need advice
  191. Are you Bipolar? (found as a blogthings quiz)
  192. A BIPOLAR'S RANT!! (Ok we need one over here too!)
  193. Doctor and Me stuck on dx...
  194. Recent Info via American Journal Managed Care 2005
  195. "Soft Signs" of Bipolar Disorder
  196. "Mood Stabilization"
  197. Is it possible to be ADHD and Bi Polar?
  198. Pregnant and Bi Polar
  199. Article on People Who Don't Believe in Mental Illness
  200. Breaking the Chains of a Bipolar Mentality
  201. I am not past my First Trimister..
  202. Bi-polar Episode
  203. Struggling with a lot of guilt and shame
  204. Question about EMDR
  205. Just when I thought I finally found a good psychiatrist
  206. I am so sick of people not getting me
  207. Reflections on my experience with my latest psychiatrist
  208. Frustrated by lack of understanding of bipolar
  209. ?s about bipolar women having children?
  210. Nervous about visiting my family
  211. angry about the past
  212. thinking about going back to therapy
  213. my former awful psychiatrist is no longer in private practice
  214. i have adhd and my mom thinks i aslo have bi polar
  215. Best Friend Diagnosed as Bipolar-Any Advice?
  216. Done with working on anger
  217. Anxious and Afraid
  218. Perspective on Guns & Mental Illness
  219. Dump the Stigma and Focus on Recovery
  220. Cyclothymia & ADD
  221. Video on Bipolar Disorder
  222. This Stupid Phone Call I Got
  223. do i have it?
  224. Share your story
  225. Back on Meds
  226. Sylvia Plath
  227. How To Explain Bipolar Disorder to Others
  228. So Damn Angry
  229. Sick of Myself
  230. Question
  231. I am scared and I feel shame
  232. Hi!
  233. Hi Everyone
  234. Do Your Meds Ever Stop Working?
  235. How do you guys keep your friends???
  236. Today was a bad day
  237. ? about possible mild bipolar
  238. stimulant induced hypomainia
  239. Family History
  240. Denial> A Medical Cause? Denial & The Stages of Grief
  241. Treatment resistant depression = bipolar?
  242. Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder: Ruling Out Other Psychiatric Conditions
  243. Pdoc appointment...not good!
  244. New bipolar treatments being tested
  245. Has anyone been to a DBSA support group mtg?
  246. Where does mania end and hope begin?
  247. Okay bi polar and pregos
  248. Mania will it ever stop?
  249. Question about tolerance and threshold
  250. is bipolar possible without manic phases?