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  1. ADD symptoms varying between the sexes
  2. Attention Deficit Disorder and PMS
  3. Women with ADD - Hair Falling Out
  4. getting pregnant while on ADD meds
  5. ADD and Easily Overwhelmed?
  6. Does ADD create dependence?
  7. Organizing Tips from Women with AD/HD
  8. Great Resource for women and girls with ADD/ADHD
  9. Woman having happy ADD day
  10. ADD women feeling scatterbrained
  11. Woman with ADD deals with PMSing daughter
  12. Making wedding plans for ADD women!
  13. A moment that ending up working(ADDer venting)
  14. ADD and PMS
  15. NEW! Online Support for AD/HD Women
  16. ADD women feeling like the Odd Girl Out
  17. ADHD: A Women's Issue
  18. Stress and Anxiety for Women with ADD
  19. ADD and PMS:Anyone get extreme fatigue?
  20. ADD women remembering to take the Pill on time
  21. the AD/HD-Menstrual Cycle
  22. Woman with ADD feels crazy
  23. Pregnancy and ADD
  24. ADD women and their friendships with other females
  25. what do you think? (women with ADD only)
  26. am i adhd woman???
  27. Women with ADD having Calendar event or To-do list?
  28. Does ADD medication cuase Misscarriages?
  29. add, women and lonliness
  30. Do women give you more flack than men regarding ADD related foibles?
  31. Woman with ADD wonders if there's a different tolerance level between the sexes
  32. Women with ADD and sewing
  33. Forum Moved
  34. Woman with ADD Wonder if She Needs Meds Now
  35. My "Monster" and ADD
  36. Woman with ADD Just Diagnosed... freedom or hell?
  37. ADD and nursing a baby
  38. Do I have ADD?
  39. How old were you when you 1st remember your ADD being related to problems?
  40. I think I may have ADD/ADHD
  41. Woman with ADD has appointment with doctor
  42. Dr. Patricia Quinn Online Thursday April 22
  43. "Speaking of the Monthly Visitor....." - ADD and Menstruation
  44. Women with ADD - See your name in Print!
  45. ADD woman needs help desperately
  46. New here, so happy to find a forum for ADD women!
  47. ADD meds and 2 weeks late on Period
  48. Women with ADD - Iron deficiency
  49. "What's wrong with me!?!?" -Woman with ADD upset
  51. fasttalkingmom's update on meds/life situation with ADD
  52. ADD or not?
  53. misunderstood woman with attention deficit disorder
  54. Woman with ADD - need help finding help for ADD.
  55. Woman with ADD reaping bodily benefits from Ritalin
  56. Woman with ADD PMSing!!!! Wahhhhhhhhh!
  57. ADD and Ncgi
  58. My daughter and I are ADHD Inattentive & Impulsive....
  59. Women with ADD and trying to organize time for hair, makeup, clothes, etc.
  60. ADDer's trouble opening up to get the proper help needed
  61. Effect of Pregnancy on ADD symptoms?
  62. Woman with ADD feels like Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde
  63. Someone please talk me out of it! - Woman with ADD's urge to cut hair
  64. Woman with ADD ponders, "Ran a good race; but now that I'm over 40 ..."
  65. Woman has several concerns about possible ADD
  66. mothers w/add
  67. Woman with ADD - others not believing ADD exists
  68. Woman with ADD wants children but unsure because of condition
  69. How many of you women with ADD procrastinate in beauty matters?
  70. ADHD and Obsessing over hot actors
  71. Do ADD/ADHD symptoms get worse during PMS
  72. Newcomer asks Do you women with ADD ever feel in control?
  73. Women with ADD - Friendships are hard...
  74. Need advice from women with ADD about dating guys with ADD
  75. Having babies over 35 and being ADHD
  76. Creating an ADD home
  77. Woman with ADD asks: "Did you 'play house' when you were little?"
  78. ADD and Postpartum Depression link?
  79. Pregnancy/Breastfeeding & Medicine -women with ADD
  80. Information on Medications and Breastfeeding for Women with ADD
  81. OT - Women's Health - Hysterectomy
  82. I'm New and Need Opinions, please - woman with ADD
  83. Intro and ?..ADD Moms and kids' homework-HELP!
  84. New Here
  85. Woman with ADD -I just need to vent before I sit down and cry!
  86. Sleep patterns for women with ADD
  87. A few questions from woman who may have ADD
  88. Women with ADD - Trouble keeping track of menstrual cycle
  89. Women with ADD/ADHD - Husband can't stand ADD symtoms
  90. ADD Women and cooking with children
  91. Women with ADD are you cranky?
  92. Did i mess this up?
  93. ATTN: Women With Inattentive Type ADD - Dhea Deficiency?
  94. Women with ADD which Parent Did You Inherit Your ADD From?
  95. Women with AD/HD do you have problems selecting what to wear?
  96. Great day
  97. Women Diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD At 50 or older
  98. Woman with Possible ADD/ADHD - HELP! Losing my mind?
  99. Women with ADD/ADHD Frustrated with Everyday Life
  100. Female with ADD/ADHD missed periods on Strattera
  101. Adderall starts my period & it never stops!!!
  102. Getting "in the mood" on drugs
  103. Looking for success stories/inspiration/insight...(daylight)!
  104. Getting Pregnant with ADHD
  105. Imaginative Play
  106. Note to self...
  107. Woman with ADD - Not sure where I belong
  108. Women with ADD attracted to dysfunctional relationships
  109. pocketbook
  110. Women with ADD/ADHD are u or were u a tomboy?
  111. Menstration, ADD & Meds
  112. Hi everyone
  113. Not sure where to put this.....
  114. Tired of talking about sex
  115. intro
  116. Taking control of impulses
  117. How do I?
  118. Opinions Needed... Do women with ADD love too much at times?..
  119. Being Feminine
  120. From a mothers point of view?
  121. Women's sexual side effects with Adderall
  122. A few wonderful books for women
  123. introductions and a little venting
  124. mommy details- need a handbook!
  125. I need all the help I can get
  126. 02-08-05 Any one else have touble with CHP?
  127. Is anyone a Registered Nurse?
  128. Women with ADD/ADHD and Cutting
  129. Note of Relative Unimportance
  130. ADHD Meds and Menstration - I feel awful
  131. Woman with ADD/ADHD need help with pregnancy
  132. Starting Over Show Abusive to Women with ADD
  133. Concerta & Rebound
  134. tampon? what tampon?
  135. I think my husband is catching on....
  136. ADD/ female cycle/ ritaline
  137. An AD/HD person trying to get over "things"
  138. Wow...where do I start...?
  139. Do the strengths that come with being ADD make relationships with men more difficult?
  140. How to say "no" without feeling guilty?
  141. ADDer and Makeup as in stuff we put on our faces ;)
  142. Research: Beauticians Tips and Tricks
  143. ON meds and then major trama....
  144. Realizing good enough is . . . well, good enough!
  145. An ADD woman "going crazy"
  146. dont really know how to word this...but please read!!
  147. Books - Women and ADD
  148. ADHD and Obsessing...
  149. Mom of 3 - Meds don't work
  150. How come I didn't realize this before?
  151. ADDer in need of advice please!!!
  152. creative women
  153. epilepsy and adhd
  154. creative women 2/unfinished projects!!
  155. making/keeping friends
  156. Not what I wanted, but it'll have to do...sign of Spring, ladies?
  157. So glad I've found you guys!!!!
  158. laugh louder, love more deeply, and cry harder than the average Jane
  159. incredibly oranized and creative-check it out!
  160. So ashamed-long
  161. ahh! invited to a wedding!
  162. I'm going to cry
  163. It isnt working!!!
  164. virtually spotless
  165. Welcome :) & Accolades for Andrew
  166. Well... it's official (kind of long...!)
  167. went back to the doc!
  168. Introduction & Question about Treatments
  169. lost in a hopeless state, will this ever end or get better
  170. Atypical symptoms??? Are other ADDers like me?
  171. Hi Ladies,treatment finally! ~happy dances~
  172. I just want to scream............
  173. how to shorten showers?
  174. I have ADD and trying to raise five kids. Destine for punishment??
  175. I think I intimidate other females...
  176. social trauma
  177. Strattera was working, now it's not! Help
  178. reading for fun/becoming more well-read
  179. I've come to realize
  180. newbie needs meds
  181. Herbal remedies???
  183. Great Idea!
  184. Danger! Danger! Mood swings! help!
  185. A step in the right direction (encouragement)
  186. Mom says menopause is the best!
  187. Has anyone gone to school for Administrative/Clinical Medical Assisting?
  188. Decisions, decisions...
  189. question for you lady's
  190. Judged by lack of seriousness
  191. ADD and Baby Blues/PPD
  192. Did anyone see Oprah yesterday?
  193. Growing up me....
  194. How do you feel about your therapist/psychiatrist?
  195. ADD Medications & Breastfeeding
  196. does anyone else have a maturity problem?
  197. My doc said that there is a link with ADHD and headsches?
  198. Simply Abundant in Boo Boo Land
  199. Who I want to become...
  200. Anyone ever do this?
  201. any ADD woman who is not talkative?
  202. Playing Games with your Children?
  203. the intuitive sense
  204. When did you feel most beautiful?
  205. My story
  206. Meditation for bad girls
  207. slippers or pink bunny fur?
  208. Strattera & A Female Perspective
  209. HRT and ADD meds
  210. Post-Diagnosis: Am I the only intelligent life here?
  211. really big interference...
  212. Difficult, Perfectionist Person
  213. I Finally got the right diagnosis!
  214. does anyone else find this funny?
  215. ADD Women Who Come From Divorced/Separated Families?
  216. Pregnant, Off Meds, Happy as a Clam!
  217. Need some advice, please..
  218. Your pre-magnificent stage?
  219. Jennifer Wilbanks - Women with ADD?
  220. Purses, bags, etc
  221. do you get along with your mother?
  222. I'm not a woman but I play one on tv
  223. I invited friends over yesterday and then panicked.
  224. Just an Introduction!
  225. Do you Tend to Dress younger or older than most people your age
  226. That Midnight Hour
  227. ADHD/ADD women and relating to males
  228. Suicidal ADDer
  229. Meds and PMS
  230. Wondering if I have ADD?
  231. What is the Deal With This Anger and Isolation?
  232. Advice needed
  233. Now come on.....I mean really.
  234. To those who can't have kids/ and some who can :0P
  235. Where's my cell phone?
  236. What do ADD women REALLY want?
  237. Having "normal" friends
  238. ADHD and Intimacy!!!
  239. GREAT Book! Great Perspective!
  240. Increasingly more isolated
  241. Mom rant
  242. What "kid" stuff just makes you Giddy???
  243. Any ideas please???
  244. pbs program women and ADD
  245. "after" a situation
  246. my toe
  247. How do you keep a guys attention??
  248. gourmet's garden
  249. Slow on the uptake
  250. Embarassing Topic