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  1. Daydreaming Men?
  2. Men with ADD Working out
  3. Organizing Tips from MEN with AD/HD
  4. Men with ADD and Volcanic Anger
  5. what do you think? (men only)
  6. Who(gender wise) do men with ADD get more flack from?
  7. Attention Deficit Disorder Men's Hour
  8. How do I ask for Help
  9. Anger
  10. Grumpiness
  11. ADHD and Drummers
  12. The Med's are a big positive !
  13. Strattera and weight management
  14. yellowbufflo
  15. new to this
  16. looking for a light in the tunnel train
  17. Men with ADD - Do then tell or Ask then do
  18. Self-distortion and men with ADD
  19. Making the best of your ADD/ADHD....
  20. Question for the Guys...
  21. Adults with ADD - Anyone ever just "shut down shop" to catch up w/ piles etc?
  22. Any older men with ADD / ADHD use this forum?
  23. Man with ADD Needs some advice related to school and work situation
  24. No SURPRISES if you please!!
  25. ADD/ Straterra versus Concerta
  26. Adults with ADD and money management + a warning
  27. Hey ADD guys, how is your sleep pattern?
  28. Men with ADD / ADHD Which Parent Did You Inherit Your ADD From?
  29. Seeking software for organizing tasks
  30. Problems with Intimacy
  31. Anyone read Tom Hartman?
  32. add and disability
  33. How do you handle depression?
  34. No SLeep
  35. Do meds really help?
  36. Adderall causing impotence?
  37. gender memories and emotion
  38. My Test results
  39. Feedback from Men with ADD/ADHD about Diagnosis
  40. Man with ADD/ADHD oblivous when being hit on by females
  41. Bath tub therapeutic?
  42. I'm a big dorkhead...
  43. Alpha male in beta male clothing
  44. Comlicated.. Suffering contra life and feelings
  45. Input Required From Males
  46. Help
  47. military adhd
  48. Glazed eyes...
  49. contractors with ADD
  50. Do any of you guys hunt?
  51. feel violated and confused
  52. Men with rods, do you like to fish?
  53. Pick up lines I have screwed up.
  54. The all time caliber resolution thread (shotguns too)
  55. Time pass's by, enjoy your family
  56. when not hunting
  57. Help! My life is a mess!
  58. Hi. I'm back
  59. I found these body language notes from a site awhile ago
  60. So I won a rifle...
  61. self realization
  62. Any men get senitmental in movies?
  63. For Fathers.....
  64. Nervoues around people
  65. Diet
  66. Any one else become a total wreck when your wife is pregnant.
  67. what? flowers?
  68. black depression and add
  69. Shopping
  70. Problems meeting woman....
  71. i find paper work difficult - is it just me???
  72. Memory
  73. Need men's opinions please!
  74. Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys
  75. Anger Management
  76. Diagnosis advice...
  77. **graveyard shifts**
  78. i think that Einstein had ADD
  79. no sleep
  80. Sexual Desire- Adderall: Up, Concerta:Down
  81. clicker, turner, spinner?
  82. Male Emotions
  83. Ever say something to a friends girlfriend & catch hell
  84. ADHD Father & Son vs non ADHD Son
  85. My wife is mad at me again.
  86. ADHD/Dyslexia CEO - On TV 12PM EST Tonight on PBS
  87. This forum is a godsend
  88. Emotion problem odd
  89. Impotency with ADD?...Adderall
  90. looking for help
  91. Does Offering Suggestions Or Help Ever Get You In Trouble
  92. Weight Loss
  93. GF hates video games
  94. never got promoted
  95. The Dating World and ADHD
  96. World's most embarassing question, right here fellas!
  97. A history of anger, sadness and stoicism
  98. ADD and sex
  99. ADD and goalies
  100. depression bi polar II ADHD
  101. Do you buy things you don't need?
  102. ADD and hunting (esp whitetail)
  103. Ritlian, beer, wine and strippers andy comments?
  104. Wow, Loads More Nutters Like Me...
  105. Shaving (and the like)
  106. haircutting and ADD
  107. first time with Adderall
  108. Any guys here over 55 taking Adderall?
  109. ADHD and Golf
  110. Profile Comparisons
  111. Do you guys ever settle in terms of women?
  112. difficult phase in my life
  113. Did nothing today
  114. settling down
  115. overwhelming
  116. Asking the guys' advice...
  117. Goose me
  118. yummers! Fish!
  119. What makes a man a man
  120. fights with the wife over what!!??
  121. Athletes - ADHD - Concerta
  122. Medication turning me into workaholic?
  123. Adderall=lots of porn/masturbation for anyone else?
  124. Adult ADHD with GAD
  125. Wanting the right meds, so I don't gain weight, and can still get the hot chicks...
  126. Im having trouble picturing myself in a relationship.
  127. how would you handle getting back together with someone????
  128. The Thrill Gene
  129. Embarrassing question, but need info
  130. ADHD -- Getting drunk and wandering off...
  131. Breaking the apron strings
  132. re: the oblivious guy thread. TIME TO HELP EACH OTHER OUT!
  133. Anger and ADHD. I need a males perspective!
  134. anyone a inventer?
  135. another embarassing one...
  136. Can't get it up on dex, help!
  137. Aggressiveness
  138. impending doom
  139. First Time Strattera
  140. Time of the year again
  141. Conduct Disorder
  142. advice and help in uk please
  143. bad guy syndrome
  144. Hell wishes it hath the fury...
  145. ADD philosopher
  146. why is it so tough to get chicks in High School?
  147. a.d.i.d.a.s
  148. paranoia and add
  149. Bad Marriage, Terrible wife!
  150. Anger Issues and Breaking Up
  151. ADD and men
  152. Inattentive males
  153. Any of you boys hunt
  154. Sexual Effects please help!!
  155. ADD causing "Delayed" or "Nonexistent" ejaculation!
  156. Success!!
  157. I love you, but not in-love with you.....
  158. looking for a name of a disorder
  159. even MORE questions about libido!
  160. Father/Son Relationships
  161. Is it ADD?
  162. Adderrol users experiencing any itching "down below"?
  163. Add and shyness?
  164. Sexual Issues
  165. the FIRST date... were they ok for you?
  166. ADHD hereditary between father and son
  167. Trouble with lovemaking in the morning
  168. How long do you wait before calling a girl?
  169. 'Male issue'... a little concerned here, need advice...
  170. Problem of Withdrawing
  171. men and their anger !
  172. Big Boy’s that don’t cry grow up to be men.
  173. Important question about sleep disorder!
  174. Local Newscast to do story on Adult ADD
  175. Advice on Abilify dosing (Titrate or level)?
  176. 'Sup?
  177. Anger while participating in or watching sporting events
  178. Very close to adulthood
  179. The 15 Second Principle
  180. free adhd podcasts
  181. Waking up in sunlight increases serotonin
  182. ADD and Internet Addiction
  183. ADD relationship question
  184. Hi and advice needed
  185. Destined for Bachelorism? + artists?
  186. Turkey season is here !
  187. Truth or self-deception ?
  188. FDA / DEA Question
  189. insensitivity where I want it
  190. Male resolving pecking order
  191. Adderall & Sex (Longer Lasting)?
  192. male pecking order resolution
  193. Amphetamines + Penis
  194. Question to ADD Men
  195. Manipulative Men
  196. i need a competent doc!!!
  197. Been Diagnosed with ADD
  198. Off topic, but: Anybody have testicular cancer stories to share?
  199. Telling women about my ADD
  200. any other adders who can't, won't, or doesn't work at all.
  201. add issues(i hope otherwise i'm a lousy person)
  202. Question about Fiance
  203. What should I do?
  204. D-amp and sperm?
  205. Mourning a loss
  206. what is the deal with
  207. deciding to be done
  208. Meds and Women
  209. Suggestions for Adrenaline Rush
  210. post your medication + add type & comorbid disorders
  211. Why am I such an *******?
  212. Poll: What has Adderall Done for your Libido?
  213. New to this forum
  214. New to forum and have some questions
  215. How to get motivated????
  216. Men and their bodies...
  217. 4 of my friends and I are either
  218. Loss of sex drive?
  219. Are you a womanizer?
  220. Adderall + Wellbutrin = no libido??
  221. Men and porn?
  222. Gay Men/ADHD
  223. Hi, I am new here and would like to introduce myself
  224. Diet and ADD, ADHD
  225. For guys with erection problems while taking stimulants
  226. Agggghhhh!
  227. ADHD is the best diagnosis what we may get :)
  228. Meeting nearly killed me!
  229. How is your care?
  230. A day of me and my dog.
  231. Love Country?
  232. comorbid: bi-polar type
  233. Strip Clubs
  234. am i a jerk
  235. Relationship problems
  236. New. And needing advice
  237. I get nervebreakdowns
  238. Newly diagnosed ADD Male needs advise
  239. How to explain ADD? and some help..
  240. Question about "coaching" for my son
  241. Prioritization with multiple interests
  242. Resistance
  243. ADD and chatting
  244. Interpersonal Excpectations
  245. Wife has AD/HD too or is it in my head?
  246. One job at a time?
  247. Glbt Adhd Forum
  248. Are you sick and tired of being nagged by your non-ADD partner?
  249. Addiction?
  250. Men With ADHD & Anger Problems