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  1. New Job is doodie
  2. careers with lots of competition
  3. What would you think about this?
  4. Job Review issue
  5. Any ADD News Reporters Here?
  6. disclose for prescription benefits?
  7. Job loss(es) via walk-off
  8. Thoughts on filling a formal complaint
  9. Frustrated at work
  10. Can't keep up at work.
  11. Is a masters course at a university a scam?
  12. What to do?
  13. Can medicine help me be better at workplace?
  14. Writing: Is it ADD or just lack of talent?
  15. Any tips for 'presenting' work?
  16. Tips on Securing Your Next Job
  17. Why am I sabotoging my freelance job?
  18. Working multiple jobs: how do you handle an employer who randomly asks for overtime?
  19. Fearful of the work force-frustrated
  20. Afraid at work
  21. ADHD All-or-nothing? I'm finding that I handle full-time work better than part-time
  22. Any nurses out there?
  23. Been here before :( called on the carpet
  24. Do people with ADD have lesser salaries compared to the Non-ADDers?
  25. Should I Tell My Employer?
  26. Enlisting in Air Force
  27. More from the idiot coworker.
  28. My Employer found out i applied for another job
  29. Interview tomorrow and I'm freaking out
  30. when you think you did a job just fine, but
  31. Is this job description common? Just found it...
  32. over qualify for a job?
  33. Reaction to a "big girl job"
  34. What kind of environment would you THRIVE in?
  35. Good morning, you are "All over the place".
  36. How to torture someone with ADHD in the workplace
  37. Fired
  38. Don't apply here if ADD in subtext?...job descriptions
  39. Wells Fargo fires employee for 1972 shoplifting conviction
  40. Career Guidance Book
  41. Job interview today... wish me luck
  42. OMG!!! What have I done?!?!
  43. About to start a Lawsuit against my employer
  44. Most ADHD friendly books for office management and productivity
  45. Help Lower The Unemployment Rate -- Go On Disability
  46. What job should a talentless person like me hold?
  47. Lucky to have a career I love
  48. Can't Hold a Job
  49. Why won't anyone hire me!!!!
  50. I Hate Job Hunting
  51. Baaaaad evaluation
  52. Multitasking in a work environment. Better or worse with ADHD?
  53. Education and my ADHD
  54. So I did little Self Analysis and found out
  55. ADHD the ADA and reality
  56. How I pay my rent .....
  57. Getting a job never crossed my mind
  58. Does your job bore you?
  59. Missed my interview :(
  60. I Suck At My Job!! Feeling Completely Incompetent!
  61. feeling sluggish at work
  62. I give up- I refuse to live with ADD-I forever and being an idiot without a career
  63. Stop the day from dragging
  64. Do you work better unsupervised?
  65. i dont understand it
  66. How to take/carry medication at Work?
  67. dunno if it's adhd related, or because i'm in pain...
  68. I wish life had a "rewind" button
  69. Meetings and ADHD
  70. interview question: 3 weakness?
  71. any nurses with ADHD?
  72. Question for ADD/ADHD folks in sales?
  73. Job Ad
  74. Quitting?
  75. online job applications
  76. Moral Dillema
  77. Work friends?
  78. night shift
  79. Tomorrow is my Interview and ....
  80. What is the term for a boss evaluating you based on the last thing they remember
  81. Any military (or prior) ADHDers out there?
  82. Post Job Offer -Medical Questionaire (Need advice)
  83. Self-employed and overwhelmed, especially with taxes!
  84. what career can an IT guy switch to another career ?
  85. my reason for starting meds again-getting the job i deserve
  86. wais 4 score are they useful?
  87. Terrified- State hearing w/unemployment- kind of long, sorry
  88. Any other self employed ADHDers?
  89. When you try best but you don't succeed...
  90. ADD and ADA
  91. interesting article
  92. Cold Calling - Scared to Death
  93. One Consolation For We Slackers
  94. Is it realistic to follow a career path that depends on medication?
  95. Tell me What to Say and What Not to Say
  96. "You Should be Networking Like Crazy" - I get it.. but HOW?
  97. Finding your passion
  98. I started some voluntary work experience today
  99. Job interview
  100. Discrimination at work
  101. ADHD amd Job Performance problems
  102. Dislike for fellow employees?
  103. Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  104. I lost the unemployment battle :(
  105. Having terrible time at work place!
  106. Medical Leave
  107. Myriad of emotions, but I think it's generally a *yay*
  108. Testing for career fit?
  109. Need your Input on This Potential Job Opportunity!
  110. What's wrong with me?
  111. Working and Disability?
  112. Getting Hired
  113. My boss will not sit still!!
  114. I finally got a job!! :)
  115. Self employed, working from home, and it's stil hard
  116. Career Poll- What do you do for a living?
  117. Distancing yourself from people at work?
  118. Refused to cover for possibly ADHD co-worker, hoping I did the right thing.
  119. Leadership Role?
  120. Starting new job Tuesday.. nervous and still can't focus
  121. Rumination and a bit of paranoia at work
  122. The impulsive incident - dismissal... Any help?
  123. the irony of my employer offering to pay for my meds
  124. Learning from your mistakes?
  125. Clothes
  126. Advice for supervisor of someone with ADD?
  127. ADHD and the Military
  128. ADD-PI. Terrified of starting new career
  129. Missing a piece of the puzzle, don't know what to do.
  130. Calling on the ADD Forums hive mind.
  131. Anyone taken the Actuarial Exams?
  132. Pre-employment drug screening
  133. White Collar career paths ADHD people excel at
  134. Any legal protection from losing job because of symptoms?
  135. ADD (but not ADHD) and the British Army
  136. Not letting others get you down- how do you cope?
  137. What career would be good for an Adder?
  138. Keeping up appearances
  139. Switch or stay? Quick advice needed...
  140. Long commute...
  141. The Benefits Of Living A Lie
  142. What is the WORST job you have ever had?
  143. What's the BEST job you've ever had?
  144. My employment situation stinks
  145. I have an upcoming Polygraph Test.
  146. "Productive" ways to waste time at work?
  147. Dealing with micromanagement and how to get them to back off!
  148. Counseling
  149. Difficulty staying with one job?
  150. Anything wrong with my attitude towards Facetime at work?
  151. Hopefully got it this time guys
  152. Writing and Blogging and Vlogging and Trying Not To Stab Someone
  153. Can't Get My Work Done !
  154. Messed up today and freaking out
  155. Get up and Go Got up and Went... AGAIN
  156. How many times
  157. "Life Coaching"
  158. public speaking advice
  159. Looking for accounting advice
  160. PLEASE Help was fired from my job
  161. CS Boss oddly yawns during conversations
  162. Criticism
  163. To quit or not to quit?
  164. Anxious about going back to work
  165. Old job...hmm...can I go back?
  166. Haven't posted in years, maybe this will inspire someone.....
  167. I'm an accountant and was asked to take the minutes for an important meeting!
  168. Working Conditions ......( Warning: Long, Even For Me )
  169. I'm a little lost
  170. Does ADHD reduces your effectivness at work?
  171. Applied for ADA accomodations
  172. Interview in the MORNING - not my best time
  173. Trouble with background noise...
  174. Ways to self motivate
  175. How do you cope?
  176. What Motivated you to go to work? Other than money
  177. Information and Resources on Reasonable Accommodation and Disability Discrimination
  178. ADHD, the workplace and discrimination
  179. What not to do at work
  180. Medications and Urine Drug test
  181. Reaching out to too many people at my "Dream" company. Does this sound desperate?
  182. Inattentive ADHD - positive traits that give us an advantage over our peers?
  183. Need job advice
  184. One year at work...
  185. Books about how to navigate professionalism?
  186. Most suitable IT career path for ADHD
  187. Don't know if I can go BACK to work - Should I fight the BIG Corporation or bow down?
  188. An excessive sense of gratitude and guilt make me the perfect door mat
  189. Unemployment Help
  190. SO ashamed/embarrassed. Just want to hide away.
  191. Was your difficulty in your career reflected in your GPA?
  192. You Lost The Job When You Answered The Online Test
  193. ADD and stuttering - career opportunities?
  194. Engineering
  195. Music Career & further
  196. Anyone find their calling?
  197. Punched my boss in the face and he gave me a freaking raise
  198. need IT internship
  199. Anyone with experience being a facilitator?
  200. Is this what I can expect from my working life?
  201. 4 year confusion
  202. For those on Disability
  203. Does anyone work from home with ADHD?
  204. Work place bullying
  205. What sort of jobs have you had??
  206. So dumb, don't know why I'm even posting this
  207. Adderall and Future Careers.
  208. Do we have to tell employers about ADHD?
  209. Meetings
  210. Psychometric tests
  211. how much do you share with your work?
  212. Starting over at 25
  213. Boss has no sense of humor..
  214. Add/ADHD the illness of lost opportunity
  215. Harassment at work.
  216. How dare he!!!!!!!!
  217. Bank Teller with ADHD/Bipolar
  218. Didn't get hired because references were from time of pre diagnosis/pre treatment
  219. Anyone here is a IT consultant
  220. Afraid...
  221. Is it Just Me?
  222. Having trouble stepping up as management
  223. Using Medication at Work vs. Home/Free Time
  224. Why did I agree to this?
  225. No interest in work
  226. How do I find a solution for this quandry?
  227. Attention seeking ****head
  228. I'm so tired of struggling with this...I need advice, a mentor, someone please help
  229. Horrible way to go through life
  230. Work Trouble
  231. OmniFocus and Getting Projects Done on time at work
  232. Why does this ALWAYS happen to me??
  233. Addicted to the internet
  234. uggh I hate doing administrative stuff
  235. Engineering/Business Analyst/GIS internship
  236. Dealing with Miss Detail
  237. Job Interview and Adderall-Induced Dry Mouth
  238. How do you guys deal with stress on the job?
  239. Stuck between a rock and a hard place
  240. Meds and Working Again
  241. Wake up lost and confused
  242. Dealing with a know-it-all
  243. Any Loan Officers here ?
  244. does anyone here work in the field of IT ?
  245. PC Tablets as work aid.
  246. Being a professional with ADHD
  247. A business partner who compensates for ADD
  248. I'm just not able to work
  249. Swamped at Work, ADHD TOTALLY out of control!
  250. Swamped at work, ADHD totally out of control! lol