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  1. Starting a new job tomorrow
  2. Truly horrible work experience - need help
  3. I gotta give myself credit ......
  4. Lost another job
  5. Occupational Health check for job (rude and upsetting)
  6. Passing Up Jobs Because of Fear
  7. Needed
  8. ADHD or other problem?
  9. Here I am, wasting a beautiful Saturday
  10. Can you learn to like something you hate doing?
  11. Interviews and ADD--Help!
  12. Attention Adrenaline Junkies: What do you do for a living?
  13. Freelancing or Self-Employment Careers
  14. Quitting gonna feel so good!
  15. When is it time to give up?
  16. ADD and jobs requiring a security clearance.
  17. How do people manage to go home at 5pm???
  18. employee-manager relationship
  19. Forgot to go to work
  20. My Rights
  21. Starting my upgrading january 22nd for college/university
  22. should I disclose my renumeration of previous jobs to new recruiters?
  23. Has anyone used job search site ?
  24. Dream Job requirements and meds
  25. I feel like I've ruined my life.
  26. What do you say on a self-evaluation?
  27. I got fired! I should've walked away..but no!
  28. Brain...why did you fail me again????
  29. Maybe I'm not cut out for a career in academia
  30. Coping as your own boss/working from home
  31. Tyring to behave in the workplace...
  32. Help getting started???
  33. Using ADHD to imagine or create.
  34. I am so sick of it
  35. A ray of hope
  36. People with mental illness/disorders becoming psychiatrists or mental health workers?
  37. Discrimination at work again
  38. Restlessness in the office...
  39. Affects my Job
  40. A work outlet that I feel is perfect for an unemployed/underemployed ADD'er
  41. What Might Very Well Be a Great Job For Us ADDers.....Wildlife Rehabilitator
  42. Help! Interview tips for the ADD'er
  43. Good or bad choices for an ADHDer?
  44. Feeling like a failure at work...
  45. Just had a meeting
  46. UPDATE "Discrimination at work again" UPDATE
  47. do you guys follow up on a job application?
  48. Medical Rights at work
  49. Do you, as an ADHD'er, strive for independence?
  50. I feel like a lot of doors are closed to me
  51. Sigh. Any work from home ideas?
  52. Work Experiment
  53. Jobs and Drug Testing
  54. "you had all opportunities extended to you"
  55. Accountants - I need help....
  56. Anybody know about Audio Recording laws
  57. Need help to focus at work
  58. Audio Recording
  59. Argh.. Can not think!
  60. Who here dreams bigger than anybody?
  61. Gah @#$& self-destructiveness
  62. Resigning from my job in March
  63. No tolerance dealing with people
  64. Jobs are hard to get...still....
  65. About to FAIL again!
  66. Slow worker
  67. Issue is giving me anxiety and a headache
  68. Weird When You Find Yourself Following the ADHD Traits, Just Like in the Books !
  69. I'm not sure I can make it..
  70. First bad performance review.....p*ssed.
  71. Suing My Job for Disability Discrimination and Failure to Accommodate my ADHD
  72. New Nursing Job in Jeopardy-Warning: LONG (sorry)
  73. Falling asleep on the job
  74. cant keep a job
  75. how do I respond to hostile interview questions?
  76. Latest Steampunk Creations...
  77. I hate looking for jobs!!
  78. Feel guilty - poor communication
  79. Question About My Job and Cleaning
  80. I need a real job! Venting
  81. Just got warned by my supervisor
  82. Just told my boss
  83. Lost 12 jobs
  84. Completely overwhelmed...
  85. business owner in state of avoidance
  86. Is there anyone here in EMS? (EMTs, Paramedics)
  87. I just... quit!
  88. Well, do I have what it takes? Job responsibility
  89. My own struggles
  90. I feel paralysed
  91. Doing what I do best
  92. Hostile Work Environment
  93. IT Theory vs Practice and ADHD
  94. Thinking about Enterepreneurship. I'd like advice...
  95. Helping staff with ADHD
  96. Fired for taking Adderall XR prescription
  97. Fired for being late and other issues...
  98. Reading job descriptions is depressing
  99. Ruined my new job...first day
  100. Has anyone else never had a job?
  101. Rare Person Walks into Unemployment Office
  102. Any success stories with therapy/counseling?
  103. Psychiatry Job Wanted: What is Good for Me?
  104. i give up
  105. Can someone clarify the rules of Disability In the US? kind of long..
  106. Problems at work...
  107. Hey Guys ! Check This Out !
  108. New ADD diagnosis and feeling incompetent
  109. Parents Occupations
  110. About to graduate with Accounting Degree...Scared
  111. Trouble trouble stress stress
  112. How do I find an assistant to manage ME?
  113. How to manage Work + Study + ADHD
  114. Calling all photographers!
  115. ADHD & the job hunt.
  116. jobs
  117. How bad is stereotype in the work place?
  118. I went to a job fair today!
  119. Bored at my job...what now?
  120. Cruise jobs
  121. Does anyone feel dissatisfied with IT career ?
  122. The dreaded "strenghts and weaknesses" interview question
  123. ADHD and Child Support Orders..long
  124. Online applications! RANT!!
  125. Got interview from job fair!!
  126. Lost confidence in my writing
  127. Journalism: good for the ADHDer?
  128. The hardest part
  129. Drug test levels too high?
  130. I have an interview. GULP!
  131. ADHD Rumor: Exciting Physical Jobs
  132. I had the interview
  133. Still Employed, but looking for a new job.... is everybody struggling like this?
  134. Medical Assistant Night Shift - good for ADDer?
  135. the lie behind "creative" jobs for ADHDers
  136. Going Back To Work - Anxiety
  137. The Value of Thank You Cards?
  138. What about game development?
  139. How do you handle constant change?
  140. Interview tomorrow!
  141. How hard to get started at work?
  142. Calling all successful ADD/ADHD
  143. New here - problem with work - can I just go home?
  144. Karma is a beeeyotch...
  145. Telling about ADHD - or how to work around it?
  146. There Really Is A Stigma against long term unemployed
  147. Lost My Job Due To Discipline Issue
  148. My company is driving me crazy!!
  149. Ive had 20 different jobs
  150. Lost my job, need advice
  151. No Job, Dual Degree Madness (Help)
  152. Looking for a job.. :(
  153. Meds now control ADD, but...
  154. Suggestions for a career change?
  155. I reluctantly applied for Disability
  156. Cat Sitting
  157. Has anyone been successful working as an online tutor?
  158. Frustrated With Myself
  159. studies about ADHD
  160. potential self-employment?
  161. credit record and collections (Canada)
  162. What are the workplace laws
  163. Need Advice
  164. I got the job!!
  165. Find Job
  166. Do you think eating lunch at your desk makes you more/less productive?
  167. I'm stuck...
  168. Question about Disability
  169. Anyone an Independent Consultant?
  170. Finally starting my dream job!
  171. Owning a Business with ADD
  172. Interview-bombed
  173. Interview Problem: Extreme Dry Mouth
  174. Afraid I'm about to get fired...
  175. Bottling Interviews
  176. disability papers, lol
  177. The downward spiral of job loss
  178. New Job
  179. Meeting deadlines makes for disaster without planning skills!
  180. My fears were confirmed today... Lost my job
  181. ADHD and Fitness training
  182. Career Ruined / Symptoms at Work
  183. forgetfulness
  184. ADHD and patience/passions/interests and work
  185. Gift? Really?
  186. Lost job...lost insurance
  187. How does a person with ADHD find a job?
  188. Any Teachers with ADD/ADHD?
  189. Having some issues with work...
  190. Finally did it, I quit my job!
  191. How do people concentrate and focus at work?
  192. Forced Hyper Focus - Mental Reboot?
  193. Need help applying for SSDI
  194. Picking something and sticking to it
  195. Ideas needed
  196. My dad doesn't want me to get a real job
  197. Fear instead of excitement for starting new job
  198. Anyone work in Construction Project Management?
  199. ADHD lifeguard off medication?
  200. Need help navigating technical interviews
  201. Lack of focus affecting my desire to even go to work...
  202. Disastrous Job situation
  203. Self-Employed and having motivation issues
  204. Most workers hate their jobs or have 'checked out,' Gallup says
  205. Issues with a coworker
  206. Impatient
  207. Today was a day like no other
  208. Should I place my real address on my company website?
  209. Just bad *ss at Greenpeace fundraising...
  210. Damage control, when you've already failed rather than fear it
  211. How (un)suitable is support work/nursing? Experiences much appreciated!
  212. Vocational Counselors useful for ADHD?
  213. pre-employment drug tests
  214. AAAGHHH!! Horrid Experience At Work
  215. Interview tomorrow, help!
  216. Disclose or not disclose at work?
  217. How Do You Know If Career Is Right For You?
  218. The new "volunteer" job
  219. Forgetting things
  220. Critical Stories
  221. Fear, anxiety and coping with work
  222. Advice on treatment.
  223. This is Bordering on the Ridiculous
  224. Old Prescriptions and Pre-employment Drug Testing?
  225. Questioning My Ability To Find Work.
  226. Traits of workers with ADD
  227. Success ADD story
  228. My Weird Behavior At Work
  229. impossible to get job
  230. Hate nursing, Jump ship now or just finish it up and jump ship later?
  231. Key Question to Focus On
  232. Will have interviews soon... not sure what to tell them!
  233. "attention to details" qualification
  234. Super Powers in the Workplace
  235. Not for me
  236. UK Universal Job Match
  237. Vocations without meds
  238. Paperwork is evil
  239. I hate my boss!!!....More commiseration
  240. Does your job seem easy on meds?
  241. Does anyone forget to do some important task while under stress at work?
  242. How I Got Bait-And-Switched Into Being a Slave
  243. So I DRAFTED my resume and wanted to share!
  244. had interview today
  245. Doing well without medication
  246. Relationship with the hierarchy
  247. Barkley on employer management of ADHD
  248. Just lost my government job due to the sequester
  249. insurance/job prospects
  250. Today I Put My Boss In Check