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  1. What do you do for work?
  2. I Chose to Be A Little Late Today - But I Am Not Late
  3. Give an Inch, Lose a Mile
  4. I plan to volunteer at a homeless shelter while studying
  5. Federal government jobs and disability employment
  6. advice needed
  7. Business owners: seeking advice on building weekly tasks
  8. Tips for Turning Job Internships Into Careers
  9. Not Sure if I Should Take Revenge on My Boss???
  10. A solution for anonymouslyadd
  11. I got a raise but with it comes more hours, stress etc.
  12. Probably a stupid question but, do I possible have ADD?
  13. ADHD vs. certification exams
  14. Classification and Compensation
  15. Calling Tech Support on Behalf of Someone Else = Nightmare
  16. Some interesting ponderings
  17. Interview tomorrow
  18. How do I tell my boss I confronted a bully coworker and she went off? I have to tell.
  19. Human Resources Temporary Employee Job Rotation
  20. Anyone Do Multiple Jobs
  21. Beneficial for an ADHDer to be self-employed?
  22. I just can't work
  23. Need help with focusing on my business goals
  24. If your'e in a desperate need for a job...
  25. I just knowingly made a very stupid career decision
  26. I want to quit...
  27. Any engineers here who work in bio-med?
  28. Using career as stimulation?
  29. Working for a psycho boss and feeling anxious
  30. Boss Doesn't Believe in ADD
  31. Is inability to work out a future (career) ADHD related?
  32. Trade Shows/Art Shows Table Management
  33. How can we drop clues to our superiors that we have ADHD?
  34. Who you'd be today....
  35. Fired from multiple jobs?
  36. The bully and the psycho fired me for no reason!
  37. Managing Condescension
  38. how do you even bring this up?!
  39. Considering a career change - Intersesting story inside.
  40. What to do. I lied about my graduation date for a job.
  41. Late for a meeting
  42. Article: Messy Desk = Creative Mind
  43. My intuition was right...
  44. How do I Make Money without a Job?
  45. Mental Health Problems in the Workplace-- Harvard Mental Health Letter
  46. MEOW! A Business Idea that....
  47. The Antithesis of a Common Problem: I spend too little time handling Email
  48. How on earth am i supposed to pass a Polygraph test??
  49. I need a reality check from someone
  50. is multitasking the new word for ADD???
  51. How has ADHD affected you in your job/career/profession?
  52. ADD = asset
  53. meeting...scared..why am I so bothered?
  54. To programmers wit ADHD
  55. tired of job failures
  56. Servant Leadership
  57. Good ADD job: landscaping
  58. Am I The only one Stugling
  59. Career path: Disability Pension
  60. Employer looking for avid computer gamers
  61. How to follow through on promises?
  62. To do list - clearing my head
  63. Delving into the grey
  64. My Dad, annoying job suggestions.
  65. My boss got shown up.
  66. who else here works in an office?
  67. Exhausted all my time and energy...
  68. Sales
  69. Start your own small business!
  70. They are trying to get me fired or to quit!
  71. Strategies - help please
  72. Am I doing the right thing?
  73. I've done it again!
  74. You've got a great idea and great plans!.....
  75. How many here are happy with their job?
  76. ADHD underachievement-any way to turn it around ?
  77. Drug testing for work and ADD medications?? Help?
  78. Working for a disorganized boss
  79. ADHD and typing skills
  80. ADHD-PI Career Change Advice
  81. Drug test for job
  82. The job search:
  83. Promotion at work requires drug test, please reply
  84. Train My Brain to Work Quickly
  85. Pushing people's buttons,
  86. Releasing Full potential
  87. What do you think about my time?
  88. You know, when you pretty much know you're going to get fired
  89. Any programmers with executive function problems?
  90. Have I forfeited my protections?
  91. Where to now for some? Proffessionally
  92. i have a job, i don't have a job!
  93. 180 day supply requirement
  94. Fired due to ADHD tardiness - any recourse?
  95. My life is at a breaking point.
  96. I'm at a breaking point in my life.
  97. How many items are on your to-do list?
  98. Working for Amazon = Hell
  99. Dealing with the no references problem
  100. WHY?! I keep leaving jobs, help
  101. My coworkers think I'm not working
  102. Work friendships question
  103. Fear of failing holding me back?
  104. Please help a lost soul find a career...thank you in advance
  105. Medication Availability May Force Disclosure
  106. Any tips on how to get foot in door?
  107. Noticing a pattern...
  108. Any Network Engineers out there
  109. Should I disclose??
  110. Too ashamed to get on disability
  111. Unemployed and Lost
  112. Job?
  113. Reasonable accommodations
  114. Good book regarding ADD/jobs!
  115. Getting a job -.-
  116. Add Vs Dylexia
  117. On the verge of losing it all......
  118. Emergency Help needed: strategies for ADHD and LD at the workplace
  119. Is anyone hiring in the fort walton beach/destin area?
  120. Help I took a new role and doing terrible
  121. Afraid of responsibility
  122. Having a difficult time charging people
  123. social security disability & ADHD
  124. Need some tips focusing when job searching
  125. New form of applying for jobs
  126. Some good news (I hope) !
  127. Do I have to disclose my medications to my employer? (TX)
  128. Just going through the motions...
  129. Debating response after feedback from boss
  130. How much information during conversations does the average person retain?
  131. Engineering & ADHD
  132. Has anyone experienced harassment because of taking medication at work?
  133. Need advice from ambitious Corporate ADHD'ers ...
  134. It's almost the season! To apply to a new school!
  135. Anxiety rages on
  136. Phone call blues
  137. A little rant. Another one bites the dust.
  138. Worst Job for ADHD
  139. if/when to confront boss
  140. Where do I go from here
  141. There's something wrong with you. Here's some more suspension days to fix it.
  142. Multi Tasking
  143. Exploding with frustration and anxiety
  144. venting - is this prejudice at work?
  145. "More effort and more outgoing attitude needed"
  146. Where to go.
  147. Have: The perfect job Need: Just one success, please.
  148. Teachers with ADHD?
  149. Should I tell the temp agency I'm adhd?
  150. Filling out job applications is abysmal
  151. How do you juggle your ADHD and job together?
  152. Just Lost My Job!
  153. Losing credibility at work because of disorganization
  154. Career change TORNADO... Please comment or add your wisdom.
  155. Started a new job- part time
  156. Applying to jobs is stressful!!
  157. New full time permanent job on next monday..
  158. Need Advice for Interview - Quit Recent Job
  159. The Big Problem
  160. Federal jobs and disclosing/schedule A
  161. Jobs Which Reward Arguing (ODD)?
  162. Eeeek. New job anxiety!
  163. The Bonus
  164. So I found this check....
  165. Help:( Careers etc.
  166. Just a Bit Down
  167. Advice really needed :/
  168. Questions On ADHD Medication & Military Service
  169. Handling ADA Accomodation & Bosses Concerns about Favoritism
  170. Should I tell my boss about my ADHD?
  171. Do you like your job/career?
  172. Self identification
  173. Who Am I?
  174. Feeling guilty about not being able to concentrate at work.
  175. Positive Vibes?
  176. careers in medicine and healthcare
  177. Going into business ?
  178. arrrghhh, colleagues and office moves
  179. Making the choice to succeed
  180. Had my accommodation... and now I don't?
  181. Jammed up, fearing failure, melting down.
  182. Music while working..
  183. new member with work trouble, ritalin?
  184. Adderall showing up on Drug Test help!
  185. Workplace compassion, oxymoronic?
  186. I don't know what to do...
  187. Interview today!
  188. Burnt out/toxic work environment, Going back to school at 31?
  189. Tell your employer?
  190. Catch 22 - Afloat job
  191. Those on SS disability - how did you decide?
  192. Getting ready for work
  193. Is this discrimination in the workplace?
  194. New Hope! :)
  195. fired. feeling crappy about it and life
  196. penalties for actions prior to disclosure
  197. Pre-Employment Urinalysis Drug Test and MRO
  198. ADHD in the military
  199. This is how i make a living..
  200. Adult ADHD Learning Programming?
  201. headless chicken mode
  202. God I'm scared (possible interview for a job)...
  203. The things that hurt most
  204. Start volunteering next week! :D <3
  205. ADHD hitting me hard in my career, but mainly just one symptom
  206. please make me organized, hardworking!!
  207. Called in sick, skipped meds, depressed
  208. My career woes. What to do?
  209. ADHD + starting your own business = ?
  210. ADD and federal employment
  211. ADD/ADHD-friendly careers
  212. A long term thought
  213. Has anyone ever asked for an accomodation based on equal access?
  214. Not again . . .
  215. I think my employer dealt with a drug test result illegally. Need legal advice please
  216. ADHD and Customer service!!
  217. Keep Getting Fired, 4 Jobs This Year Alone
  218. Keep Getting Fired, 4 Jobs This Year Alone
  219. Pigeonholed
  220. Helpful Podcast for Career Choices
  221. Nervious every time called into bosses office.
  222. Thinking about disability again
  223. Work Problems
  224. *******s
  225. New job!!
  226. a little organization and memory
  227. Study + Work = HELL!!
  228. What do you do for a living?
  229. Just Got Fired!
  230. Success/creativity
  231. does anyone worry about losing their job at anytime?
  232. Whatever you love...
  233. 23 and trying to find my way with little progress
  234. Small mistakes at work driving me crazy
  235. Tired of struggling, feel like giving up
  236. What careers/jobs are best for ADD people?
  237. Recovery from mobbing
  238. drug testing hair test
  239. QUICK! Someone DON'T pinch me! I dont wanna wake up!! (GOT A JOB!!)
  240. Stages of jobs
  241. I want to make money, but I can't
  242. Thinking about Entrepreneurship/Self Employment
  243. How do YOU zone back in?
  244. Property
  245. Any tips on how to sustain?
  246. Anyone with ADD in the architecture profession?
  247. I've got a new job
  248. Seeing RN NT's struggle like us. Interesting!
  249. Anybody have a job where leadership is paramount?
  250. Unemployed ADHD-Difficulty Finding Work