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  1. Disability
  2. Documenting Bullying
  3. is anyone else having difficulty finding a job?
  4. Start a CPA firm
  5. First day!
  6. How do you kill time at work??
  7. Does it seem like a lot of the heros in movies are adhders?
  8. Darn it - Listen when I talk to you!
  9. New office plan and the effect on executive function
  10. DREAM JOB Interview + Inattentive = ASAP HELP AHHHH!
  11. ADHD and job troubles..
  12. Was working. Now problems creeping up at work.
  13. Preschool teacher?
  14. About to be jobless
  15. Need To Improve Performance Before I'm Fired.
  16. Anyone work in construction/trades?
  17. Filing an HR complaint against a co-worker
  18. Applying for jobs is SO HARD
  19. The Interview Nightmare
  20. Recent Work Issues
  21. My former supervisor making comments about my ADHD to my replacement.
  22. help!!! greatful for any suggestions
  23. Career advice? Lost and confused...
  24. Can not be quiet at work even on medication :/
  25. Really affecting my job 😞
  26. Mistakes at Work
  27. Might get fired 2morrow
  28. Job hunting woes
  29. Want to go self employed
  30. working again ^_^
  31. how do you guys deal with stress related work?
  32. Military and ADD
  33. Depressing norm in society - workplace performance
  34. Motivation! How do you get it?
  35. Anyone else have a start like this in trucking? 2014 has been pure hell so far.
  36. Resting on Laurels (as a Business Owner)
  37. Didn't even get an interview. Why???
  38. Open interviews for 1+ yrs. exp. Should I go anyway?
  39. My Struggle
  40. Stressed out
  41. What kind of job do you have?
  42. Interview blues
  43. Unnecessary self imposed stress in work
  44. Dealing with a pathological liar (possibly ADHD)
  45. ADD vs. career and job
  46. Any TEACHERS with ADD/ADHD?
  47. how do you guys answer the question strength & weakness in job interview?
  48. List one thing to find out during a job interview
  49. I need to get a job!
  50. Leaving a job the 'right way'
  51. Noise in my office
  52. Starting job as a new nurse
  53. PIP - Personal Independant Payment UK
  54. Outbursts
  55. Eating Humble Pie (I need a job)
  56. tired of pretending I'm a functional member of society
  57. Stress Reduction
  58. I could be working...but can't focus or be confident enough
  59. Being Harassed over Doctors Appointments at work Help!!!
  60. Future Teachers with AD(H)D
  61. Any sales people around here?
  62. I'm Robin Hood : ADD made my business profit and YES I'm not soulless
  63. Career Options To Suit Comorbid ADHD and Anxiety?
  64. Attention to Detail - Hopeless?
  65. Long update, new RN job going ok but.....
  66. Inattentive at the workplace
  67. Zone out during exams!
  68. Situation
  69. How Do Others Deal With "Mean Girls" At Work?
  70. Appealing a dismissal in PT clinicals. recently diagnosed ADD inattentive
  71. I can't get off the internet
  72. How do you 'stick with it'?
  73. Any ADD'ers settled in a rewarding, stable job?
  74. A breakthrough (maybe)
  75. Digital age pushes boundaries of work relationships
  76. Starting a new job
  77. Anyone in the US successfully get Social Security?
  78. Job interviews will be the death of me!
  79. Consulting vs full-time work?
  80. New job in new field but same issues!
  81. Ideas for work, applying for jobs.
  82. My Boss: "It's nothing we can't fix."
  83. Any Entrepreneurs Out There?
  84. Just got screwed over in annual review again..
  85. My job is killing me.
  86. Out of Character for me!
  87. I has news
  88. Can you think on your feet?
  89. I'm Looking for Body Doubles
  90. Blurted out ADHD status to colleagues
  91. I'm frustrated by my workplaces descrimination
  92. Uncooperative colleague
  93. In too deep- New job.....
  94. mixing up my work schedule
  95. Any managers out there with ADHD?
  96. Trying to find other ADDers like me
  97. Giving up your dreams to be happy?
  98. Job interview tomorrow - nervous
  99. any tools for adhd developers?
  100. Freelancer
  101. Resistance at work after promotion
  102. I need to stop wasting time!!
  103. I work from home - to get an office or not?
  104. help! I keep losing stuff!
  105. Becoming a police officer on prescription ADD meds
  106. How do I move forward?
  107. When coworkers become friends and then frenemies
  108. what working in the mental health field has taught me
  109. New Job! FEAR!!!
  110. Any teachers on here?
  111. Tips for staying focused during meetings please!
  112. High Salaries (100,000+)
  113. Anybody who has Innattentive ADD and INFP Personality type?
  114. Job searching makes me feel stupid sometimes, as if I had no skills
  115. I hate responsibility
  116. How do I become what I really want to become?
  117. I Got A Different Job
  118. I think I got a job. Can I stick with it?
  119. 20 reasons I want to work at a retirement home...
  120. Rant: ******* *******s
  121. Success and/or Failure Stories in Sales Roles
  122. Recently Fired From Job, Unsure of What To Do Next
  123. can't tolerate tedious paperwork
  124. I Wanna Be a Screenwriter
  125. Now a team leader!
  126. How many different employers do you normally have in a year?
  127. Being Stupid and Paranoid idk Why
  128. Quit job, do what I want.
  129. What Keeps You Going?
  130. Advice on Exit Interviews after a failed job
  131. Informal/Overly Personal Cover Letters...they CAN work!
  132. I Want to Have So Many Careers at Once. Help?
  133. Expanding My Business........
  134. If these are symptoms of ADHD can meds help?
  135. Need Advice with ADA Accommodation Letter
  136. inflexible IT
  137. I'm about to be PIP'ed. Again.
  138. I'm getting a job at an elementary school as a reading assistant!
  139. Steps in Putting Together Large Quantities of Jewelry
  140. What is your preferred way of working?
  141. At Last !
  142. And Here I Thought I Was Doing So Well !!
  143. You know you're bored at work when .........
  144. These are the times that try my soul.....
  145. Curious about people without meds
  146. well, 4 letter word .....
  147. I Have the Best Friend in the World
  148. Man...starting to loose my spark again.
  149. I'm Someone With Aspergers That Needs Help Funding Necessary Services
  150. are you passionate about your job?
  151. What's a Hiarchy and why do I need it?
  152. Senior care center employment update...
  153. Self-esteem for job interviews
  154. half the credit for the same quality or better work
  155. :d :d :d
  156. Help...I feel SO overwhelmed I could cry!
  157. I Need a Specialist/Researcher for ADD/EF
  158. Working in an open office.
  159. How I got offered a job in 5 minutes
  160. My experience with ADD and losing my badge as a police officer
  161. FINALLY...I'm not alone!
  162. What is a good job to have for people with ADHD
  163. Yes Yes Yes I may not have to sue
  164. Update on the Watch Parts Jewelry Business
  165. Photos ! at last ....
  166. And Yet More Photos !
  167. It works for me...
  168. What do I do when my boss does not respect me
  169. Do you ever...
  170. Runing totally out of luck? :(
  171. Got tired from a grocery store job... I hate my ADD
  172. how do you explain employment gap in resume?
  173. A Losing Game
  174. Disability support payments? How does everyone manage?
  175. Difficult first and second day on the job
  176. Issues at work
  177. Can't take the stress anymore -> I want to quit
  178. Working in an Oversaturated Open Office
  179. Newly job seeking and already discouraged
  180. I blew off work and someone almost died, I was the only one that could have helped
  181. I am scared to work again??
  182. How would you explain it?
  183. challenge yourselves, damnit!
  184. How do you work from home
  185. Retrospective Conclusion and Thank you (long story, long
  186. Has anyone applied to jobs using Schedule A
  187. What do you call a collection of capabilities?
  188. ADD job coach and starting a career with ADD
  189. When you get a rejection letter but it tells you to apply again...
  190. Told my boss I have ADHD
  191. online aptitude test for a job.
  192. how do I recover from a bad interview?
  193. Laid off in just 4 days?!
  194. No Diagnosis Yet How to Save Job - Three Weeks Until Doctor's Appointment??
  195. Need help writing this paper
  196. I am struggling ADHD boss
  197. Fired!
  198. So basically I lost my job
  199. Finding work you are good at and love
  200. Drug testing for new job....questions
  201. Worst/funniest mistakes at work stories.
  202. 3 reasons never to share your ADD
  203. My Managers Think I'm "Slow"
  204. Got a promotion, overwhelmed
  205. Choices, Obstacles, Responsibility
  206. Can't seem to keep a job
  207. I have a job
  208. Five characteristics to avoid in a job
  209. How many times have you been fired from a job?
  210. Musician with ADD, need help/suggestions
  211. Am I just sleep deprived and overworked? Or do I need to up my dose?
  212. What are YOUR biggest handicaps/flaws when it comes to being in the workplace?
  213. I wrote my first job application for a job in my workfield
  214. I need help please
  215. Dealing with competative "alpha" co workers?
  216. Seeking help with mapping home addresses
  217. I know what I need to do next, I'm just not sure if I can
  218. In the dark depths of depression
  219. Clergy
  220. What do you do about work references?
  221. Self Employment
  222. Am I the only woman, who can't seem to find a job that sticks!?!
  223. Getting Disability & Medicaid Coverage - Any Tips??
  224. how are any of you able to learn OTJ
  225. Today Isn't a Gift
  226. New Job, New Place.
  227. Any IT Techies in the house?
  228. ADHD problem
  229. Help requesting an application fee waiver due to condition
  230. I tend to stay at a job for a minimum of three years before I "lose interest"
  231. Friendly reminder to be confident at the workplace in your own abilities.
  232. Boss says that "I'm not getting it"
  233. Human Rights Tribunal Decision - British Columbia, Canada
  234. List your positive traits and strong points you have in your workplace.
  235. Lost my dream job, feeling hopeless...
  236. Medications and Job restrictions?
  237. How Do you Know What Job You are Supposed Have in Life???
  238. I had a good day, I told my manager and a colleague about my ADD and have no regrets
  239. Help functioning at Work with ADHD
  240. Seeking an Agent/Business Partner
  241. Looking for article about the more you advance you get career, the more you struggle
  242. Perseverating Thoughts About Work
  243. Comparing yourself and hiding your symptoms
  244. feel bad asking for time off
  245. Looking for an Agent/Business Partner
  246. Extreme tiredness after work
  247. Worried about losing my passion
  248. Is there an ESTJ in the house?
  249. Teacher with ADHD -- What Can I Do?
  250. can't find a job becuz of my ADHD