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  1. Personality Testing and ADHD/ADD
  2. A failed project
  3. Another job, another disaster
  4. "Sandwich" feedback
  5. ADD Boss - But She Doesn't Know/Won't Admit It
  6. ADD & working as a software developer
  7. Confessions
  8. Hm, that's rather unexpected: getting a job is not as hard as I thought.
  9. Is it hard to find a job if you're old?
  10. Tired of being treated like garbage at the workplace.
  11. I had my 3rd and 4th job interview today (at 2 pm and 4 pm)
  12. Need help with concentrating
  13. How long should you be in a job before looking for something else?
  14. Professors Struggles
  15. I have a job!
  16. Unleashing high potentials (luv writing it)
  17. Is a career in emergency medicine possible with ADD-PI and overfocused types?
  18. Now I really lost my job
  19. Careers for people with ADD
  20. I just signed my contract for my new job!
  21. Unintentionally disclosed adhd
  22. ADDers working in the mental health field?
  23. Had a bad day at work.
  24. Need help making schedules for calendar
  25. To take the plunge or not take the plunge...
  26. Applying for jobs when you have anhedonia and general feelings of worthlessness
  27. Let go of another job
  28. Note Taking/Organizing research
  29. My first day at work
  30. Mandatory EAP referral
  31. Practicum is killing me slowly...
  32. Valid tipping point or being too impulsive?
  33. Money. A pain in my butt.
  34. why cant i stay focused at work?
  35. Yee Haw !
  36. The Pendants ......
  37. Demoted at my job
  38. A thing that I have... a... disgust for work/job doing things.
  39. More Pieces ......
  40. Career Change - Quitting Computer Science/Programming
  41. Just starting my career
  42. Dealing With Subordinates and Lack of Confidence
  43. Do you tell your employer?
  44. How to You Gracefully "Bow Out" of A Job
  45. I'm in a difficult position and need advice...
  46. Outbound call center
  47. Which job are you good at and decided to continue doing ?
  48. Hey , say congratulations ! I lost my job, how can i specify the suitable career ?
  49. Don't know how I'm going to survive the summer
  50. My office
  51. A Manual for Employers
  52. ADHD & a workplace situation
  53. Callcentre stressing me out!
  54. Repetitive work or switching between tasks?
  55. Recently Diagnosed NS Still got suspended from work - Help?
  56. What do you do when you've run out of professional confidence?
  57. Not able to follow verbal instructions.
  58. Frustrated with job market
  59. Restrictions being placed on me at work
  60. Adderall and hair follicle drug test (not showing up)
  61. Woman Fired When Bosses Find Out She Has ADHD
  62. Workplace advice sought
  63. employment/disability/insurance advice needed
  64. Starting to feel like ADD & my treatment regimen is the core of my identity...
  65. Fired from sales job
  66. I hate my job
  67. Am I employable?
  68. After 3 months, my boss and colleagues think I am doing well
  69. Starting my new job soon after I give my 2 weeks notice tomorrow!
  70. My proffessional concern
  71. Are you just unmotivated when it comes to applying for jobs?
  72. Hi, I'm new here and I have hit a new low.
  73. Anyone an Engineer?
  74. does this have to do with any mental illness or am i just a dumb loser
  75. I burnt out
  76. The Productivity Boosting Club
  77. To do list at work
  78. Help with crouching EEO complaint
  79. I Am Afraid I'm Going To Go Off On A Coworker If She Doesn't Shut Up
  80. I feel like I may fail at this job
  81. Excessive job failures. What to do?
  82. What do you do for a living?
  83. Teachers and quitting mid-year
  84. I think after christmas it will be time.
  85. Can't focus with background noise
  86. My boss/supervisor is hyperactive ADD and I'm inattentive ADD.
  87. Workforce with SCT'ers
  88. Questions about Productivity at Night
  89. Is this discrimination?
  90. Please help, advice needed - poor time management
  91. Need quick advice!
  92. I need to rant a bit about my inability to choose a career
  93. Questions about a drug test
  94. Vocational Rehab?
  95. ADD and the skilled trades
  96. Managing your time with two jobs
  97. Governmental Mediation Granted
  98. Mentioning that I'm looking for a new position?
  99. kind of stuck at work
  100. About to get fired...again.
  101. Any ADHD academics on this board?
  102. School accommodations to job accommodations?
  103. Unprepared
  104. Help me help him
  105. Possibly loosing my job tomorrow
  106. About to get fired from customer service & sales job
  107. Job interviews thread
  108. Coping in a call center
  109. Meeting with Boss and Supervisor
  110. Staying Organized/ Finding Consistency
  111. From my blog: What Do I Do With My Life
  112. Chronic Lateness
  113. ADHD In Corporate
  114. Employer Medical Benefits, boon or bane?
  115. Job performance PTSD
  116. I need help.
  117. D***, It's Been Sooo Hard, Complex, and had a Pile of Complications
  118. As Per Request !
  119. Detriment to My Job; Completely Useless
  120. Need Dexedrine for Work, Can't sleep
  121. Disrespectful boss
  122. ADHD and Willpower
  123. Is this a typical ADD Problem
  124. Had a bad day at work.
  125. How do I handle mistakes made on the job prior to my diagnosis?
  126. Attention to Detail
  127. emotional melt down at work
  128. Getting laid off past 4 jobs of 7
  129. A co-worker called me disrespectful; wants me written up
  130. Apprehension, fear, anxiety
  131. Legal Issues, Employment, Privacy and ADHD
  132. Interviews just to practice??
  133. Hitting my wall at my job.
  134. Stimulants affect my writing negatively
  135. HELP!!! Wish me focus and efficiency...
  136. Any Photographers here?
  137. organising problem
  138. ADHD Medication and the Military
  139. Traveling Job with Controlled Substances. What else can I do?
  140. "Foggy head" periods at work getting serious
  141. What kind of job/career pays decent but doesn't require much reading or conversation?
  142. End of options
  143. Distress at work - help!
  144. I just can't take a job where I'll need Adderall to perform.
  145. Had a meltdown at work today!
  146. ADHD and desk jobs?
  147. I got a new job. It's a mix feelings and reasons.
  148. Things are Finally Coming Together ....
  149. Medical coder/coding?
  150. Managing people
  151. "Thank you" to previous boss?
  152. Help! Supervisor didn't follow up with reasonable accommodation
  153. Diagnosed with ADHD- Do I have to tell an employer ? Are there any advantages at all?
  154. Accidentally Missed a Shift
  155. Social Anxiety gets in my way
  156. Help me handle a difficult work situation
  157. Highly qualified but no skills
  158. Anyone else having an INSANELY hard time choosing a career path?
  159. Corporate Meeting Reveals Much...
  160. Anyone work in sales?
  161. What skills do you believe employers want ?
  162. Just got fired
  163. Always giving it all for nothing...
  164. ADHD friendly epmloyer of the year contest
  165. Can't hold a job
  166. Can I pursue this career anymore?
  167. Colleagues
  168. Lawyers with ADHD
  169. Working with ADD
  170. Calling all social workers, counselors, and nurses
  171. Can't Get Anything Done - Horrible Indecisiveness
  172. How to prepare for possible future employment
  173. Distractions at work and setting boundaries
  174. Can't get anything done, feel intimidated
  175. Interesting Comments About My Teaching
  176. Boss says we need to discuss 'several issues'
  177. I have no idea what I even want in a job!
  178. 5 tips on handling a meeting with the boss
  179. The 3 Most Important Questions for Planning, Prioritization, Conflict Management,Life
  180. How to call out sick when you have a job interview
  181. How to handle a controlling coworker
  182. Has anybody ever gone through an official SSDI review?
  183. Hostile and/or passive-aggressive co-workers?
  184. Career longevity
  185. How not to let procrastination affect people's opinion of you
  186. retreating into the building's focus rooms
  187. How to handle a meeting with the president
  188. Share one piece of career advice with us
  189. Teetering on the brink of unemployment
  190. Do you overcompensate and set yourself up to fail?
  191. Epic Work Failure
  192. Any tips for concentrating at work when I can't take medication?
  193. Style?
  194. Letting go of it all
  195. Don't do well with change
  196. Annual Income
  197. ADHD and Jobs
  198. Career advice
  199. Could my new job be affecting the effectiveness of my meds? Problems with new job.
  200. Discussing Mental health issues at work
  201. Finally catching up with me- Close to losing job
  202. The end of my job may be approaching...
  203. Getting Interviews but no offers
  204. Boss Hounding Me About Details
  205. Canít get out of my job
  206. Job issues
  207. Tips for Cubicle / Noise-Cancelling Headphones Without Sacrificing Hearing the Phone
  208. I'm Making A Decision.
  209. Job/Career Predicament
  210. So you want to be an Astronaut?
  211. Performance Improvement Plan
  212. Work ADD and planning.
  213. The best career advice that I was given
  214. Possibility of a career in law enforcement with ADHD, or automatic red flag?
  215. Tips for adapting to new job?
  216. Just got let go from my job
  217. Frustrated over meeting with human resources
  218. How to deal with anger issues?
  219. ADD has just cost me my job, again
  220. Should I ask for accommodations under the ADA?
  221. Tomorrow Is My Last Day At Work, Feeling Anxious
  222. Resigned From My job Today, Feel terriffic!
  223. I wonder who would sponsor a ADDEmployment Center?
  224. Any ADD IT freelancers out there ? - advice needed
  225. Should I finish my schooling?
  226. I'm a manager? What a joke.. someone help
  227. This job isn't The One, either!
  228. sooo considering going freelance
  229. Treatment by co-workers
  230. Moved to new departament - Might be jobless in a month
  231. Professional Classical Musician Student with ADD
  232. Finding an ideal career - Suggestions?
  233. what's yo job?
  234. In trouble, hopefully not fired
  235. Tell boss of pre-emptive job search??
  236. Really stressful day
  237. I hate people
  238. Written warning then something very bad
  239. So.. jobs
  240. Considering applying for ADA accom. but I feel weird about it
  241. Moving to part time because of recent troubles - concerned about money?
  242. Is 37 too old to start your own business
  243. Accountability as an Accommodation
  244. I did not get fired
  245. I'm too dumb to do my job
  246. Staying in employment
  247. Curious about work habits (sorry long winded)
  248. Written up a work
  249. Looking for a coach experienced with working with executives / managers with ADHD
  250. I've been let go of, again. I need