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  1. The ADD Dilemma
  2. Adult with ADD/ADHD - Can't handle no routine at work
  3. Adults with ADD using a voice/tape recorders at work
  4. Adult ADD and Lack of Organization/Structure at work = Chaos
  5. Help!!! Confused!
  6. What does the AWDA mean?
  7. I Have Finally Decided On What I Want To Do .......
  8. Adult with ADD Super Depressed about work
  9. XML for TechnoADD types
  10. Adult with ADD - Waking up on time and getting to work
  11. Registered Nurse with Adult ADD
  12. CNA anyone?
  13. Question regarding a resume
  14. Computer Science - What's the algorithm to write an aglorithm ?
  15. Has Anyone Else Taken Time Off?
  16. Clutter making it difficult to work?
  17. Temporary work, job anxiety, perfectionism, unemployment, and underemployment
  18. Any ADDers out here Teachers?
  19. Job Conundrum?
  20. I have no idea what to do for work, the story of my life!
  21. Career Transition into IT
  22. Thinking Out The Box Mentality
  23. Resignation, Termination, or.....
  24. Tardiness at Work Might Cost a Promotion
  25. ADA/Help???
  26. How many ADDers work in hi tech jobs?
  27. Books - Adults with ADD and Workplace Issues
  28. supporting unemployed ADD spouse
  29. Meeting With Boss/NERVES!
  30. Totally Unmotivated...About Anything:(
  31. My Meeting with My Boss & Supervisor
  32. Help with summer job please!
  33. Working in a Cafe
  34. Issues in and around the workplace....Opinions and comments needed.
  35. Do I tell my Boss I have ADHD/ADD?
  36. a key, a ladder, red paint, and Josh
  37. I lost my job today...
  38. Great job so well suited for an ADD'er...why am I still so bored?
  39. Getting started
  40. Job app. how do I word I got fired...
  41. Which jobs?
  42. Wine Coolers
  43. Vocational Rehab
  44. A couple of questions.
  45. Failing yet another job.
  46. Nervous wreck!
  47. To Treat or Not To...
  48. My embarrassing day at the Unemployment Office
  49. job interview
  50. 31 and still no "career"
  51. Seem to be Stuck/Can't Gain Momentum
  52. Job boredom
  53. My ideal job?
  54. Work for my Dad, I have ADD he doesn't know...
  55. applying for part-time jobs
  56. Starting a new job
  57. Getting to work on time!!
  58. New Job
  59. Job protection and ADD
  60. Learning a Job That You Have NO Interest In
  61. med school and add meds
  62. Disability insurance
  63. Ritalin for job boredom
  64. ADD Friendly Jobs
  65. Watch the movie Office Space if you hate your job!
  66. Time Management Trick
  67. discriminated against because of pre-employment drug test
  68. 5-htp
  69. Show Business
  70. Admit ADD in an interview?
  71. Want to Start a Job Support Group?
  72. Nightmare job for ADDer
  73. Trouble Speaking Clearly?
  74. Should I mention ADD on a job application
  75. 1.5 year curse
  76. Should I quit or get fired?
  77. Rushing through proof reading and documents in general?
  78. Medical questionnaire and jobs
  79. Truck Driver?
  80. Foreign Service Careers
  81. How many jobs have you been through???
  82. Scared to make a change
  83. Lack of motavation
  84. Ideas on how to write a resume'
  85. Should I leave Job/Unmotivated
  86. I'm quitting tomorrow-need advice & to vent
  87. ADA Accommodation: Will you tear down this wall?
  88. Drug testing for new job & on dextroamphetamine
  89. Succsessful story of career as ADDer...!!! read it...
  90. I did the RIGHT thing and got fired.
  91. Sitting in a seat 24/7- how do u cope?
  92. Oh My Goodness what did I do!!!
  93. Ugghhhh....Vent-putting it here, no sub sections here
  94. Low functioning days
  95. Waitress was not for me.You ?
  96. Job boredom already
  97. listening skills
  98. Too comfortable in my temp job?
  99. Indecisiveness - multiple tentative career paths?
  100. Need to Get Away
  101. Time to move on? -- productive, or APPEARING to be productive?
  102. Can't mind my own business....
  103. Trouble at new job. Need support. :(
  104. I told my employer that I have ADD
  105. Question: Truckers, ADHD & Ritalin
  106. Get A Haircut and Get A Real Job!!
  107. ADD friendly job or Family friendly job?
  108. Dealing with getting fired
  109. I Don't Want to Go!
  110. Trouble following rules at work...
  111. What is more IMPORTANT???
  112. work boredom
  113. ADD in the Corner Office
  114. New and confussed
  115. Messed myself right out of a job!
  116. Psuedo vent/complaint about motivation at work
  117. Adult ADDers as IT Professionals
  118. Things Getting Worse with my Job-Help
  119. Great News!
  120. How many of you have problems at work...
  121. Help Needed -- Desperate
  122. anyone out there a court reporter?
  123. Just started a company!
  124. Anyone here in the medical field?
  125. At Work I Do Not Take Myself Seriously ? problem for others
  126. How can I start my career?
  127. What does a good ADD job really need?
  128. Completely Burned out!
  129. This might help with focus and procrastination--get you started
  130. Perfect job?
  131. New Job Anxiety - Fear of Yet Another Failure
  132. Difficulty in getting started
  133. Mentoring New Employees
  134. Calling all Youth Workers/community workers.
  135. Think i found the career for me!!
  136. Loss of job after 1 lousy week!
  137. Fired again
  138. The work and med struggle
  139. Telling employers about ADD/ADHD
  140. work in pharmacy?
  141. New job--a bit scared
  142. "Do what you love....."
  143. Uninsured, no money, ex user and jail
  144. Hrmmm, I need to bluff a resume
  145. I think I picked the absolute worst profession
  146. Sales job....need advice for using ADA
  147. PLEASE HELP - Communication at Work
  148. rescue jobs
  149. Drug Test/Strattera
  150. Adventures in Temping
  151. Pre/Post Medicated Typing Test
  152. "¤nsubordination" issues
  153. I messed work again!!!
  154. How to survive billable hours?
  155. Got Fired from my new job today.....need opinions quickly, please.
  156. Since I left... :(
  157. anyone a radiology tech?
  158. Ever declined a job that would 'tweak' your ADD?
  159. Fired!
  160. getting sick at your job!!!!!
  161. Now what Job nightmare?
  162. How did you know ?????
  163. Laid off again!!!
  164. My Career Path
  165. Uhm... what are my rights here?
  166. Trouble Maintaining Professional Image/Hindering Career
  167. ADHD + Financial Sector/Investment Banking Jobs
  168. Careers that Work for ADDers
  169. Scared, tired and can't believe it!
  170. Does anyone care?
  171. New Job - Scared to death....
  172. Job decision to make
  173. To rebel or not to rebel..that is the question
  174. What advice to get my 18 year old
  175. Should I take the Manager position?
  176. V. LONG RANT: Passed Over for Promotion
  177. Considering telling my boss
  178. Nightmare on the job
  179. Anyone Else in Sales?
  180. Bored at work again
  181. Attention to Detail
  182. ADD and Compulsion Repetition Syndrome at work.
  183. boring co-workers
  184. Best Way to Break Into Sales?
  185. Interviewing and ADHD, bad mix?
  186. advice needed
  187. We bought our own business
  188. Being a server and ADHD...
  189. Bad job experiences
  190. Famous and ADD
  191. ADHD and Accounting?
  192. More frustrations...
  193. ADD and Air Traffic Control?
  194. Military
  195. ADD Tech Support Guy here, needs advice
  196. complete standstill
  197. people in the Armed servies with Learning Disbilities anyone here that has a story???
  198. Anyone here work as a Bank Teller?
  199. Working for a Boss w/ Undiagnosed ADD
  200. Adderol and Pre-employment drug testing
  201. "I already told you!" was what my new boss said
  202. Need to hire an assistant
  203. where to start from, where to go to...?
  204. lost my job b/c of ADHD and LD...
  205. Drug Testing Dilemma
  206. What type of work could I possibly do??
  207. Aggressive Job Searching Tactics
  208. Is my ADD to blame for my unable to keep a job?
  209. Being called a slow worker
  210. Another Job Lost !
  211. High school and college
  212. Completely Burned Out/Motivation Gone
  213. Job Openings
  214. can someone please tell me how to do this?
  215. ADD issues and my failing a clinical
  216. Fear of beginning
  217. my job and i are breaking up slowly..bummer.
  218. New to the forum please help
  219. Psychiatrist with ADD/PMDD?
  220. new job
  221. Job is in Jeopardy: How to Tell Boss
  222. How will Meds affect my work?
  223. Why this urge to change jobs.
  224. Lost the first job I've had in a year
  225. Mobile office - great for ADDers
  226. Job In Landscaping?
  227. Why do I have to have ***** manager with an Ultra Organized by the book attitude
  228. hello kinda long
  229. About to get fired, should I quit first?
  230. Panic Attacks About Finding a New Job....
  231. Enormous learning task- help!
  232. Need Urgent Advice
  233. This manager I have seems like she trying to get me fired
  234. Cops with ADHD? ((Or anyone else with a REALLY important job))
  235. Anti-ADD Employers (discrimination)
  236. I see lots of posts fear of being fired for ADD
  237. Someon has GOT to know how to to idenfity ADD to an employer to not get fired or to
  238. It is a fact: boredom is the cause of an add bad job performance
  239. I get fired alot and do not understand why
  240. Moving for a Job/Leaving Friendsa and Family
  241. I've been forced to hand in my resignation
  242. Work Place Accomodations
  243. Career Options
  244. I was wondering...
  245. Did you tell your boss about your ADHD?
  246. Am I crazy?
  247. My supervisor just put me on a 30 day warning
  248. Any Suggestions for Breakfast Interview:)
  249. "Attention to details"
  250. I didn't get job:(