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  1. To those ADDers who are sales representatives: Important Questions
  2. feeling like im stupid
  3. I'm Going to Quit
  4. Anyone Else Left the Corporate World To Work From Home?
  5. Who here has a problem keeping a job, especially...
  6. Why it is so hard to control myself at work
  7. Is ADHD Interfering With Your Career?
  8. job in jeopardy, just realized I have ADD
  9. Does anyone else work from home?
  10. Can't focus on my work :-/
  11. Add and job frustration, underemployed but underperforming!
  12. I love my job
  13. I just quit
  14. How do you become a career counselor?
  15. How do you introduce yourself? (a/k/a Career Advice from an LA Waitress....)
  16. Well, I lost my job thanks to ADD.
  17. New town, same challenges
  18. Im enlisting in the Navy or Army
  19. ADD and data entry
  20. about to get fired, and -
  21. Recently Fired From My Job, Can the EEOC Help?
  22. Want to Teach/Any States Offer "Conditional" Licensing?
  23. Just got fired! :-(
  24. I don't play the office bull s-h-*-# game
  25. What are good jobs for someone with ADD?
  26. Procrastination
  27. Horrible experience at an interview today....
  28. Well, my husband didn't lose his job
  29. Attorney consultation advise
  30. ADD & programming
  31. New Job & Anxious
  32. 1001 jobs
  33. work problem
  34. Interviewing
  35. What do you do to get through your boring job?
  36. Internal Interview
  37. Reinventing My Career
  38. too much debt!
  39. Why did YOU get fired?
  40. jobs jobs and more jobs
  41. How much is Cobra for Single Person
  42. Passed up for promotion because I "lack people skills"
  43. Just got fired today, having a hard time
  44. Bad day at work.
  45. fired at 925 this morn, anyone else at home
  46. Dead end job
  47. How to tell boss about ADD? Lateness
  48. lost my job, completely frustrated
  49. the easy way out?
  50. just told my boyfriend i was fired
  51. Should I tell My Boss I am Burned Out?
  52. JOB SEARCH Currently hunting? Share your journey.Celebrate Success
  53. What Would You Really Like to do When You Grow Up?
  54. How to Get a Job as A Delivery/UPS Driver?
  55. Let Go From My Job & No One Will Tell Me Why!
  56. Credit check for new job
  57. I am a loser:(
  58. Best career for ADHDers?
  59. Is Depression Covered By FMLA?
  60. Need advise for about to loose my 5th job
  61. Stay-at-home mom afraid to go back to work!
  62. ADD and Holding Down A Job
  63. Advice on my add and job. YOur biggest problem?
  64. How to deal with my innatentive add at work. What part of add caused u to loose jobs
  65. Am I Making The Right Career Choice?
  66. number of jobs and or posistions held.
  67. A Professional Website-will it even the career playing field for professionals/ADHD?
  68. Marketing
  69. Crying Spells/I really don't want to go to work tomorrow!:(
  70. Therapist Wants Me to Put me on Mood Stabilizing Meds
  71. panicking
  72. Career counselor in Colorado (or close)?
  73. First day of work...called in sick!
  74. About Ready to Snap!
  75. If you cannot hyperfocus you cannot function
  76. Question for those who are happy in their job
  77. Help with Hiring an Assistant
  78. Lots of overtime=lots of sleep
  79. chronic quitter
  80. Working from Home
  81. Dealing with an intimidating boss
  82. Extending probationary period
  83. Need to call about job.
  84. Work is my WORST issue....
  85. I HAD the perfect job!
  86. Questions about Firing, Quitting, and ADD
  87. Functional workforce mbrs plz respond
  88. Are there bad jobs for people with ADHD?
  89. ADD/ADHD in academia?
  90. self employment and ADD
  91. The GOOD STUFF about CAREERS-What do you love about your job! Why are you good at it?
  92. Has anyone ever done this before?
  93. Loan Officer/Fun Position
  94. Big Question about possible new job
  95. I don't know how much more I can stand it anymore
  96. Any ADD elementary school teachers?
  97. Frustration
  98. Fired just two about hours ago
  99. How do you handle boring meetings at work???
  100. Mandatory Urine Tests for Employment-Fair to those who take Schedule II meds?
  101. Q/A-Intellectual Disabilities in the workplace and the Federal ADA Act
  102. Oh boy....I think that my inattentiveness will cost me my career
  103. NOISY co-worker! Help!
  104. I applied for assistance
  105. Okay...who here is not working?
  106. Anxiety-Job Offer-Scared
  107. Job Offer/Can't Find Specifics on Health Plan/Can't ask?
  108. Gave my notice today
  109. Mixed Feelings about Job Offer/HELP
  110. ADD Discrimination
  111. Very bad job situation and rant
  112. Unable To Hold Down A Job?
  113. I won a lawsuit with my former employer...
  114. My dream job...
  115. Can anyone top this...?
  116. How do you get a new job with history of termination???
  117. Failing In Sales?
  118. Does Everyone Hate Work This Much?
  119. Story on People with Disabilities in the Workplace
  120. Warning Signs of Being Fired
  121. at long last an update
  122. Offered Job/Didn't Receive Offer Letter
  123. job offer, but ...
  124. Definately Going to be Fired - What Do I Do?
  125. Bizarre problem - any advice?
  126. Performance Improvement Plan = Preparing to Fire you Plan
  127. Occupations
  128. Has ADD prevented your from achieving your greatest hopes and potential?
  129. Prioritization help list - choices, job efficiency
  130. Anyone else have this pattern...?
  131. Who here is in sales/account management?
  132. Any Dental Assistants out there??
  133. Human Resource Professionals with ADD Thread
  134. can you get disability for adult adhd?
  135. Telemarketing
  136. Does waiting for word on Unemployment realy take so long?
  137. Please Help - I Need Advice ASAP
  138. Job Jumping and Extreme dissatisfaction
  139. Job Boredom a real problem?
  140. Job opportunities in the Gulf Countries -Excellent Salaries
  141. Relocating Alone For A Job/How Was It
  142. Good Excuse for Not Going on the Interview
  143. And it happens again.
  144. Any Accountants with ADHD ?
  145. Apparently, it is no longer illegal to fire someone for having a disability
  146. Great Excerpt:Establish Trust to Create a Safe Work Environment
  147. I am dumb/Should Have GOne For the Interview/SHould I beg for it now?
  148. ADHD + job tips. what works for you.
  149. Focusing at Work
  150. I got a job!
  151. Got Let Go !! ... However have had 3 Offers !
  152. Terrible crying breakdown at 4am because of my job
  153. I got fired today YAY!!! *twirls*
  154. Inside Sales/Cold Calling Position
  155. I Accomplished my goal...Yay me!!
  156. Been Making Mistakes at Current Job-don't really care anymore
  157. Exhausted at the end of workday
  158. The "I Have a New Job" Thread
  159. What would you do???
  160. being gun shy
  161. Profession Roll Call
  162. Ideal job for person with ADHD
  163. question
  164. Self employed- How do you do it?
  165. I was approve for Social Security
  166. Talking about ADD in an interview--good or bad idea?
  167. vicious insurance cycle
  168. need advice please
  169. Can we get any help from the government
  170. Hope this can help others - impulsive email sent at work led to firing
  171. 401K/Retirement Advice For Us With Lots of Job Changes?
  172. dealing with negative coworkers
  173. Statement defining disabilty from SS
  174. Are you anal at work?
  175. Teachers/Trainers with ADHD
  176. New Job - New Career - New Location - New Home
  177. Good news on the job front!! ..finally
  178. Do you need to have a psychology/social work degree to do social work?
  179. Not able to get nursing license to work!!
  180. Teacher Planning to Disclose ADD to school personnel desparate
  181. New job prompted going on meds
  182. Job finding predicament
  183. Hitting Bottom, Careerwise (Long Rant)
  184. Work Hoards and Lazy Workers
  185. Getting Accommodations-A Story in Absurdity
  186. When is it safe to disclose ADD
  187. Horrible moods at work
  188. Becoming an entreprenuer
  189. What's the first step?
  190. "Everybody has those problems!"
  191. Working like crazy then not at all
  192. Not even 6 months and problems
  193. Fired from last job, now what to say in interview?
  194. ADD or just getting Lazy?
  195. Job Developer or Career Counsellor or Job Coach
  196. Signs You May Lose Your Job (Pt 1 of 2) - Article
  197. grieving a job lost
  198. Any ideas to keep me busy????
  199. Only way to go is up?
  200. Any graphic designers/illustrators or others in a creative career?
  201. Business and Medication
  202. Lost my job 5 months ago I am lost
  203. What jobs do ADDers perform best? Worst?
  204. Adult ADHD & the workplace, how to make them understand?
  205. minimal brain disfunction?
  206. Catch-22
  207. Anyone think ADD job loss could be because the employer is afraid?
  208. Word of Warning
  209. Can't keep a job
  210. Volunteer to proof my Resume for Teaching Job-Thanks
  211. Agents/Professional Photographers
  212. Okay just quit
  213. 8 months on the job and he got replaced
  214. Why a high % of ADDers in "entertainment" careers?
  215. Going to WORK as an ADDer
  216. Concentration at work
  217. Help... I can't figure out what I want to do when I grow up!
  218. ending a job
  219. For those who want to disclose...
  220. intelligent misperceptions
  221. Taking Medication - Job Perception?
  222. Disgusted w/my life at the moment
  223. Stuck in a great but dead end job
  224. ADHD and penmenship
  225. With ADD, Interest is Everything?
  226. Frustration at work
  227. Should have stayed at home today.
  228. anyone academic or writing a book with ADD here?
  229. Does anybody here get disability or SSI?
  230. Slow, but thorough, but still SLOW
  231. Boss is dropping expensive responsibility
  232. Hitting bottom, resigning without notice & starting over
  233. I was just informed I'm being laid off! ARGH!
  234. Small Businesses’ Premiums Soar After Illness
  235. I worry about being a 26 year old woman
  236. Anyone here work on Cruise ships?
  237. Joke or Attempt on Life?
  238. Yet another post on being late for work
  239. You know what it is not going to be like this...
  240. Calling HR tomorrow
  241. Drug Test
  242. watching a friend self destruct
  243. I hate my job!
  244. Having Trouble Keeping One Job
  245. Are there any Welders that are ADD?
  246. job hunting is a pain in my rare
  247. Dealing with supervisor who is a micro manager
  248. HELP!!!I can't get through an interview
  249. Post Drug Test for New Job...
  250. Government pay for ADHD?