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  1. Poor Interview skills and acting too nervous
  2. What the heck am I supposed to do for a living????
  3. Dogs in office: lower stress, higher morale
  4. Seeking business mentor
  5. Confession Time
  6. i know this couple
  7. High IQ, LOw EQ, ADHD Suffering Relative is Unemployable
  8. I hate my job....
  9. New Job Interview
  10. New college graduate-need job search advice
  11. Nasty co ! VERY long Rant
  12. I got fired for being "a little different"
  13. Writing, deadlines, hyperfocus, and "procrastination."
  14. new guy...
  15. Looking for the right job
  16. Is this really too much to ask?
  17. New Job - Training Videos & Quizzes
  18. Hospital Nursing and ADHD
  19. I cant remember who I all worked for (Resume)
  20. JOBS OF ADDers and ADHDers
  21. Feasibility returning to school?
  22. Small man, Big mouth.
  23. fired
  24. Out of work
  25. Tell your boss or supervisor?
  26. Can Anyone Suggest A Career(s) for an ADDer?
  27. Bad Job Market
  28. Jobs - list them
  29. What's your stupidest/strangest excuses for being late/absent for work?
  30. "I am sorry, it is not a good fit, we are going to have to let you go"
  31. Been pulled aside by your boss ???
  32. 2 paths of life! blue collar or no collar
  33. How do I learn to REMEMBER things as a RN?
  34. Do you think that an ADDer would be able to work from home?
  35. And another one bites the dust...
  36. Layed off
  37. Are you on disabillity for ADD?
  38. I found the pain
  39. DOing research before job interviews?
  40. Anyone else having a problem finding....
  41. ADHD and the military.
  42. Review time!
  43. Verbal Impulsivity
  44. ADHD helped this time...
  45. I started a training course today
  46. disclosing ADD to HR Department.
  47. doing a bunch of part time jobs?
  48. Hired!
  49. It is easier to teach than be in an office job
  50. recommend good noise cancelling headphones?
  51. It is stone quiet in my office, other than the clicking of keyboards
  52. Is it legal to fire someone for going to a scheduled appointment
  53. what is the easiest non college job?
  54. Suggestions for Resumes?
  55. i lost my job AGAIN!!
  56. I go to bed dreading having to wake up and go to work
  57. There is a first for everything...
  58. Music to help concentrate on work
  59. Starting your own business
  60. Do you have a mentor or role model at your employer you look up to?
  61. I *HAVE* to work but can't make myself!!!
  62. Does anyone have a crazy work schedule?
  63. Do you think I'll be fired?
  64. Staying focused in meetings
  65. how did you do it?? school?
  66. Hard time with Motivation/Self Discipline
  67. Any Day Traders here?
  68. Embarassed about the mistakes at work?
  69. Get off the Computer and get your Behind to Work!!
  70. My journey through state employment rehabilitation services
  71. forced into workplace
  72. Dr. Evil's Headquarters Called!
  73. Got a Job
  74. ADD Friendly Jobs & Businesses
  75. Explaining Negative Situations
  76. ADD Diagnosis/Employer Reaction
  77. Which corporate environment is more ADHD friendly: large/competive or small/local?
  78. Help with my Career/life direction
  79. aaaarghhh what am i suppose to do???
  80. Job interview questions
  81. Micro-managing
  82. impulsive distraction, to valuable, and attentive in 30 mgms
  83. resources for my boss...
  84. I am the smallest pig in the poke
  85. Lost my Job Again Please Help!
  86. Guesswhatguesswhat???!!
  87. ADD, ADA and HR Accomodations
  88. I cant do it.
  89. Work Problems
  90. Dealing with Losing Your Train of Thought in Meetings
  91. Corporate social ladder
  92. How ambitious are you?
  93. Anyone else think they're gonna get fired tomorrow?
  94. Exhausted with new F/T job and trying to keep all the balls in the air!
  95. ADHD, you like your career, tell me what it is
  96. Layout, Carpentry, Wall, Framing Trouble
  97. I’m despondent and destitute. PLZ HELP
  98. Having confidence and motivational issues...
  99. pre-employment drug screen
  100. What was your most anti-AD(H)D job ever?
  101. ADHD info for employers - are there any resources?
  102. ADD has not been berry berry good to me..
  103. BIG first bid.
  104. Need help regarding AAMC MCAT TEst accomodation. Need a disability representative
  105. What do you do instead of actual work?
  106. question about job working from home problem..
  107. collecting payment
  108. Dont you ever let these b@$t@rds break your will...EVER!!!!
  109. I almost had a nervous breakdown today at work
  110. Does anyone else ever snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?
  111. Any other adult Accountant(s) with ADHD
  112. you all don't have to read this, I just need to put it out there.
  113. Difficult to go out looking for work
  114. Negotiating Severance -- Asking for Coaching
  115. What am I supposed to be doing?????
  116. Ideas about types of work arrangements.
  117. Fighting the Overlords
  118. Music production/audio engineering career for someone who probably has add?
  119. work performance improvement
  120. Dealing with an ADD boss/ supervisor
  121. so what makes a leader?
  122. Waiting For The Man...
  123. I Need Some Advice Please Help
  124. Confidence crisis! How do I deal with this life transition?
  125. Not a penny to my name...
  126. Need Some Advice Asap
  127. I need some sort of lobotomy. Career advice
  128. Much-Needed Ego Boost
  129. AD/HD and Entrepreneurship?
  130. The Bureaucrat...Arch Nemesis of the ADDer?
  131. Advice Needed - I just got a bunch of free time...
  132. The Brilliance Of An ADHD / ADD Entrepreneur
  133. "You have a lot of potential"
  134. Help I need some advice
  135. Trouble staying alert/awake at work???
  136. why can't I hold a job!!!???
  137. Looking at a job in law enforcement
  138. Looking For Work Amidst Financial Collapse
  139. Grade for first test of the semester....
  140. "Non-ADD friendly" jobs contest
  141. Just Turn Your Brain Off
  142. Sharing ADHD at work - a positive story!
  143. 4 Jobs in 3 years!
  144. For the Entrepreneur.
  145. I lost my job again
  146. Finding the right job
  147. I am at my wit's end with my job & meds
  148. Ways to stay organized - especially email?
  149. does add make me grumpy at work?
  150. In danger of losing my job due to sick leave
  151. Exhaustion after work???
  152. Job motivation - is there a cure that lasts longer than a few days??
  153. UGH! I have been WORTHLESS at work this week!
  154. good jobs for inattentives?
  155. Found out today I was one step above being fired
  156. Where to find work?
  157. it's getting old...
  158. Coworker IS trigger...
  159. ADDer required
  160. ADD(HD) at work
  161. I got a new job....AGAIN!
  162. so im not the only one!
  163. Careers and ADD?
  164. ADD and Discloure to Employee
  165. Laid Off November 6th-Lots of Concerns...
  166. Interview Questions
  167. The 'Inattentive' ADDer & "A Sense of Urgency"
  168. Telling employers what you really think?
  169. Accommodations requested/required
  170. Good jobs for ADD'ers
  171. How can I find the right career for me
  172. ADHD influence interview performance?
  173. Advice.
  174. Some "good" news, at last!
  175. Problems at work
  176. Anyone ever had to take a "leave of absence" from work due to illness?
  177. Positive or work enviornments with emotionally stable people?
  178. My first job interview
  179. A Hard January Ahead
  180. Would Any Biz Owners/Entrepreneurs w/ADD..
  181. Apply for baby-sitting in France : some help needed !!
  182. underestimated
  183. Important life/career advice needed
  184. Attention to Detail, sigh
  185. dumped by a bad job
  186. returning to a job I hate
  187. IT - own business
  188. Returning to work to train replacement
  189. ADD & law school?
  190. Always late to work/meetings, and telling your boss u have adhd ur stories?
  191. ADHD Problems at work
  192. Anyone else do their best when thinking they may be let go?
  193. Weirdness from supervisor
  194. Vocational Rehad
  195. Major job uncertainty and related stress/anxiety
  196. Vocational Rehab
  197. Need a Work at Home job ideas (due to new baby; ADD-friendly).
  198. Differences in assertiveness, leadership, performance?
  199. 2009 means a new start, right?
  200. will i ever be a known artist......
  201. I Don' Wanna Play This Game Anymore!
  202. The Real Rate Of Unemployment & You
  203. ADA Recourse
  204. ADD and Air Traffic Control
  205. Do Adders live in poverty?
  206. I finally got the job I wanted YAY!!!!!
  207. Teachers with ADD/ADHD
  208. ADHD has saved my job...HOW ironic?!
  209. Best Jobs for ADD??
  210. Help! Thought meds were working!!!
  211. Horrible office conditions for someone with ADHD!
  212. The "Unofficial" Engineers with "ADD" thread
  213. In A Tough Situation. Advice Needed
  214. 106 Major League Baseball Players Granted Exemptions for ADHD Drugs
  215. I just feel sick.
  216. resumes and cover letters uhhh-oh
  217. I'm a professional proofreader!!!
  218. It's 11am and I haven't done any work yet today... again
  219. ADHD Medication and Drug Screening
  220. Question about applying for jobs, GPA, and recently diagnosed ADHD
  221. how to structure work?
  222. mile stone here
  223. Doing his favorite activity can help reduce ADHD´s symptoms?
  224. Should I tell part tilme employers?
  225. AD Act and unions?
  226. How many ADDers are there with MBA's or have had success in the Sales/Marketing Ind.?
  227. My Story
  228. Laid off
  229. Ummm.. I am a pre-k teacher..
  230. Dear future employer, hire an ADDer.
  231. Do you sometimes feel like the meds are placebo and you are a bad person?
  232. Woops, up too late again :(
  233. dont know what to do and need some help from someone who understands
  234. Meeting with upper management today .... NEED HELP!!!
  235. Looking for a new line of work & need some ideas
  236. ...I'm afraid to speak, I might act like myself.
  237. New to ADD... work problems
  238. Think I'm about to get fired
  239. Trying to find the right job...
  240. Just be yourself
  241. Great Failures .....Read this if you feel miserable and pathetic INSPIRING! :)
  242. in the military. advice!!??
  243. Why can't I just shut up, turn my creativity off, and do my job!!!!???
  244. Absolutely Best Books about ADHD in the Workplace?
  245. I DREAD going to my job now . . .
  246. A good job for ADDers
  247. Any ADD Registered Nurses?
  248. How to Help Understand?
  249. Was i wrongfully discharged?
  250. Blunders