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  1. how would you react to this?
  2. i'm going to do it!
  3. Bloody hell I hate meetings sometimes.
  4. How to Form a Union Where You Work
  5. Feels like Im a failure, I will never achieve anything :(
  6. ADHD in high powered environment
  7. Cold Comfort
  8. Have meds totally changed your career life for the better?
  9. The Hottest Recession-Proof Jobs
  10. Any writers out there?
  11. Your Current Job
  12. I start my second job in late March
  13. Feeling at work/Do u work in the Food Service Industry?
  14. ADD affecting work - careless mistakes
  15. It's over...
  16. Tips on how to get to work on time!
  17. Laid Off? Fired? Check This Out!
  18. You folks have inspired me to....
  19. IT/computer careers
  20. Should you tell your boss you have ADD??
  21. Funny things to keep your spirits up while looking for a job.
  22. Any freelance writers here?
  23. Millitary Service
  24. This affects more than my job...
  25. A Cashier with ADD
  26. wrongful termination - help!
  27. education, I could use some guidance.
  28. Looking for Volunteer work or a Job
  29. Adjusting to a new job
  30. Are there any ADHD Restaurant owners out there?
  31. I have basically given up.
  32. Natural Talents - How to find them
  33. Probably getting terminated, Can anyone help?
  34. New Duties and Fear
  35. I have a business degree and a useless law degree and i have ADD
  36. Underemployed
  37. Does your boss or people at your work know that you have ADD/ADHD?
  38. do lots of people find you rude and you dont know how?
  39. Just Got Offered A Cool Gig
  40. Unemployed
  41. Word Of The Day: Slayoff
  42. Roll call: NIGHT WORKERS
  43. Work
  44. I am in trouble with my job
  45. Enjoy the chaos?
  46. No good at menial labour
  47. Imprisoned By Fear
  48. I hate working with the public!!!!
  49. managing deadlines
  50. Stupid mistake that may get me fired :(
  51. Sales and ADHD
  52. Help!
  53. are you doing?
  54. ADDers need not apply.......
  55. Am I wasting my time thinking about disability insurance
  56. Telling HR I think I have ADHD )pre-diagnosis)
  57. Do people think you don't care?
  58. My life with ADD
  59. Military ADD, college med help
  60. Boss noticed i am ADHD today
  61. do we deserve to be fired? I got fired...
  62. Focus and other problems with self-employment
  63. WHAT IN GODSNAME WAS THAT! -just finished shift
  64. I'm embarrassed to tell you...
  65. 'Top 11 Signs Your Company Needs a Better HR Department'
  66. Pregnancy and ADHD
  67. Working in a fast paced resturant
  68. I need career help.
  69. I quit my job because of my ADD :(
  70. I've found another job yet again
  71. Job Advice for newly self-diagnosed ADDer
  72. Running out of time and money
  73. whats your profession?
  74. Is anybody else having trouble finding a job?
  75. Personal Trainer?
  76. Cash Handling Jobs?
  77. Why ADDers love programming ?
  78. Financial help from the government?
  79. A Human Question
  80. I Love This Blog!
  81. random drug test- adderall and vyvanse
  82. Bar Exam Advice
  83. Job Interviews
  84. It's official! I'm A Loony Tune!
  85. Useful 'New Economy' I-Phone Apps!
  86. The advantages of temp jobs
  87. Help! I'm working for a mad chihuahua lady!!
  88. How do I implement all these new Ideas when I keep for getting about them?
  89. Coming out to your boss/co-workers?
  90. What is a normal interview like?
  91. I've screwed up big time and now I really don't know what to do...
  92. Feeling worthless at work and losing motivation.
  93. what job would be good for me?
  94. Ignorance is Bliss?
  95. half-hearted, unsuccessful attempt to switch careers
  96. Update on mad chihuahua lady situation
  97. How does one become a neuroscientist?
  98. What do you get into trouble at work for?
  99. Careers: What Do YOU Do ??
  100. Getting a New Job? Do This First!
  101. OMFG! I've finished - yes, FINISHED - my novel!!
  102. depressed looking for depressing job
  103. Work and Despair
  104. who do we have here poll
  105. What's the best way to find a stable Job??
  106. What do you think?
  107. What would you do?
  108. Anyone here a Registered Massage Therapist? or does massages
  109. Occupational Health?
  110. power over others
  111. What do you do when your boss is as ADD as you but refuses to admit it??
  112. My progress after 2 lost jobs and applying for disabillity
  113. Unemployed, no classes - what should I do with my time?
  114. Any success filing for disability?
  115. Stimulants and Heavy Machinery?
  116. Ok, so not directly ADD related, but America and Hunger
  117. Hopefully these will all cheer us up!
  118. Just Laid Off
  119. Fired... Again
  120. US Military and ADD
  121. I start work for the RSPCA next Thursday
  122. Job Satisfaction
  123. Great Book: Finding Your Own North Star
  124. My first day on the job went badly
  125. Is It Better To Be Busy?
  126. Finallly - something good
  127. My job is either a blessing or a curse...
  128. Dealing with Angry People
  129. Don't you just hate time wasters?
  130. 'Jobless graduate sues her college'
  131. Just diagnosed, ADD in the medical field?
  132. Too Many Rules
  133. "Get out of our coffee shop, laptop squatter..."
  134. "Another Hurdle for the Jobless: Credit Inquiries"
  135. Anyone know of any good free or low cost aptitude tests?
  136. Is A Career in Social Work ADD Friendly
  137. " best " jobs for ADDers?
  138. ADHD and Military Intelligence
  139. Anyone here gone down th commerical pilot road?
  140. Any lawyers in the group with good coping tips?
  141. I want to be more productive
  142. Applying to study veterinary nursing
  143. ADD solution
  144. If I was a few years younger,
  145. Docs with ADHD...any advice for a med student??
  146. Having a rough day...
  147. Career path for ADHD'ers
  148. Dream jobs that really could be... but aren't
  149. I was able to meet the rent this month. Unfortunately someone had to die...
  150. I just lost my job and I might have ADHD
  151. Resume Writing 101???
  152. Removing internet distraction at work
  153. I Have A Money Deficiency Disorder
  154. "Italian lottery prize is a job"
  155. A survey regarding disclosing a learning disability in a job interview
  156. Successful career changers? Any stories out there?
  157. High IQ, ADHD and lost in the wilderness
  158. Another job accommodation ?
  159. Nurses or nursing students with add/adhd?
  160. I'm just ****ing away time on the internet at work.
  161. Worst 'mistake' at work
  162. Out N about
  163. Quit it!
  164. Anyone used these programs?
  165. AD/HD Entrepreneurship? (Help)
  166. A Win - Win Business Idea
  167. I ran a credit check and I'm up a creek 530?
  168. ADHD and entrepreneurs
  169. Anyone here a current / future practicing medical doctor?
  170. Anyone in the construction industry ?
  171. Reality Check Wanted: Realism Or "Writing Off"?
  172. France Telecom: working conditions in europe
  173. '10 Stages Of Unemployment'
  174. Making Stupid Look Easy---but it's A LOT of work.
  175. Book recs? ADD & self-employment
  176. adhd and unemployment
  177. Is nursing a career option
  178. 'U.S. Unemployment Now Lasts Longer Than Benefits'
  179. Anybody Work in Academia and/or Science?
  180. Work and my ADHD
  181. ADHD and Socioprofessional Impact
  182. drug screen
  183. Having difficulty getting back into the workforce.
  184. Can't handle my job....
  185. In a pickle
  186. ADD'ers with "high-profile" jobs ?
  187. Oh man, I am so going down
  188. losing a job offer me being antisocial
  189. anyone ever feel like your never going to improve?
  190. Motivation issues
  191. When you HAVE to go home like NOW
  192. Job interview today
  193. calling in sick
  194. What do you do for a living?
  195. "Become Rich By Working At Home!"
  196. Can my boss look at my medical records??
  197. Expanded Disability protections in the workplace
  198. new job need advice
  199. Chronic lateness or timekeeping problems
  200. How to land a job the ADHD way
  201. how do you handle all-day trainings/meetings?
  202. Sad legacy of lost opportunites - need support
  203. Self Employed? "Unhireable?" Have a Partner?
  204. A Humorous Workplace FAIL
  205. another sad post about disability.
  206. Question for Professionals and Execs - How do you manage and succeed?
  207. Looking for medical pros to discuss work strategy
  208. Looking for a fellow Psychologist to talk to
  209. How to deal with becomming bored of jobs
  210. is Nursing school feasible?
  211. The ideal job for those to whom cant stand being around people??
  212. For those of you who have problems at work..
  213. That Sinking Feeling
  214. Getting to work on time?
  215. Going down the self employment road.
  216. Ebay
  217. Military experiences?
  218. On a bright note. . .
  219. I want to be a writer
  220. employer health questionnaire
  221. Easy to get depressed or feel worthless?
  222. advice for dinding the right career
  223. Any EMT's / Paramedics out there?
  224. Life After Employment
  225. Anyone going for BA?
  226. any ADHD writers here?
  227. every job I hear "you don't seem to be able to focus and follow through with work",
  228. attn. all phoenix area adhd people
  229. Subtypes of Entrepreneurs
  230. 25 and Scared out of my mind
  231. Health Inshurance
  232. Just applied : good idea ? :-o
  233. Retail managers...question for you?
  234. The Phone
  235. Forgetting Job Protocols and Procedures
  236. Going to Disclose to Employer - Terrified
  237. Interested in applying for peace corps but am afraid to
  238. Have Job-just feel like life/opportunities are passing me by
  239. Riding the Monster - Making the Best of Our Affliction
  240. Help-Any Advice?
  241. Help!?!?!
  242. Writing a cover letter
  243. ' Best Careers Today: Arsonist, Hunter-Gatherer'
  244. Rough night after a confrontation with my boss today.
  245. Got a job interview while applying as a person with LD
  246. Military Deployment and ADD/ADHD?
  247. Can't focus on a career... ideas change so fast...
  248. My State Disability cut me off Not good! Kinda need some advice
  249. feeling worthless at work, how do you deal???
  250. 'How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America'