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  1. Job Requiring More Attention to Detail/struggling/work in insurance industry:(
  2. job reversal?
  3. Job seeking
  4. Roseblood has a new job!
  5. Going to lose another job - and not from ADD this time. . .
  6. Any Creative people out there, Doing it for income?
  7. References
  8. How are you handling the pressure and guilt?
  9. Do the forums affect your job performance?
  10. What career/job choices or options are "really" out there??
  11. A sad realisation
  12. advice on working with an ADHD boss
  13. Unemployment: Great Quote
  14. it finally caught up to me
  15. Who am I kidding..I need help.
  16. ADD friendly boss leaving (long O/T rant)
  17. ADHD and the navy
  18. Newly diagnosed - should I disclose it to my job?
  19. I don't know if its ADD, but I like it.
  20. ADD Healthcare Workers
  21. Need job advice
  22. Drug Testing and Adderall
  23. Can ADHD cost me my job?
  24. Career Advice -- getting my life back on track! (Any help appreciated)
  25. ADHD and Company Policy
  26. Need insight please, wanting to join the military...
  27. An unpleasant colleague
  28. Consulting & ADD
  29. anyone in eLearning field (educational technology)
  30. Social Security or Not?
  31. Hard time holding a job
  32. Is the problem with the job or me?
  33. What did you accomplish at work today?
  34. Any benefits to hiring a person with ADHD?
  35. hug ME
  36. Confessions from a terrible teacher
  37. therapy schedule and work day - how do you handle it?
  38. Military and add or adhd
  39. ADHD and the military?
  40. Please help - need advice about self-advocating at work
  41. Technical Interviews
  42. is there a market for this?
  43. Can't stand being around people I work with
  44. Anyone Getting Temp Work?
  45. My A.D.D. has left me in a heap of trouble. Need advice!
  46. Made a huge mistake at work
  47. The 'I Have No Job' Thread
  48. Job/career
  49. Feeling left out at work
  50. I just quit another job. 6 months at it training. Truck Driving (yes a semi)
  51. Bored out of my mind at work, will medication help with this?
  52. depleted and down..
  53. Use a timer at work!
  54. Balancing professionalism and relationships...
  55. deciding on a career
  56. Conferences/Meetings and Sitting Still
  57. Technology anyone?
  58. "Good but could do better"
  59. Loving a job you can't do/hating a job you can do
  60. Can't figure out what career path to take
  61. Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices?
  62. resume help
  63. ADD affecting work.
  64. I told my boss I have ADHD today!!!
  65. Activities when on Disability or Unemployed!
  66. (computer programming) - anyone recognizes this?
  67. I want to break free
  68. ADD + Comorbid: Supported Employment?
  69. I want to go to work.
  70. Would you tell a *white" lie to get a job?
  71. I am a bit worried
  73. Can they ask what I take?
  74. 'Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered' '
  75. 15 year Police Officer diagnosed with ADD....Help Please
  76. Anxiety about getting a new job
  77. I just got myself a casual job!
  78. Thinking Of Going To Vocational School?
  79. First day at new job went extremely well.
  80. Just found out my boss hates me
  81. MBA ADD'er, out of control
  82. Yay I got accepted into my chosen course!
  83. Any self employed ad(h)ders out there?
  84. I may have a second paid job in 2 or 3 weeks.
  85. Opinions Please?
  86. Adrenaline jobs!!
  87. Frustrated with Job
  88. College degree...Blahhhh
  89. Unemployment Blues
  90. ADHD and Skilled Trades
  91. The Best of Jobs, The Worst of Jobs...
  92. Telling supervisor about ADHD?
  93. Unsure if I could return to work...
  94. A Pivotal Day Coming .....Yikes !
  95. Are there jobs ADDers shouldn't do ????
  96. Please, I'm very depressed and Mad. Please help me
  97. Career Counselor for ADD?
  98. Finding a Complementary Partner
  99. Will I be allowed in the army?
  100. I'm afraid the damage is done...
  101. Can't start new job due to drug test delay because of Adderall?
  102. A positive update.
  103. Starting a business
  104. Getting a Job in the future
  105. Impulsive & Good Teacher vs "Normal" & Good student
  106. firing me!
  107. Tenure track and struggling with finishing papers
  108. Job Rant
  109. Job Criteria
  110. Finally!
  111. Still chasing student and disability support services at TAFE
  112. Best organizational tools for your job?
  113. Possible Career.
  114. Lost my job
  115. This has been asked before but hear me out!
  116. Does Accomplishment = Job Satisfaction?
  117. 22 years old, can i be a computer programmer?
  118. cant work
  119. Day Planner strategies...
  120. Arranging to study this particular course part time instead of full time
  121. SO annoying!!!!!!
  122. I'm just really stuck!
  123. Scared to find another job.
  124. Tired of Work and Colleagues...
  125. Administrative Assistant and ADHD
  126. ADD & working at home
  127. What Job Do You Do and Why
  128. What's your work motivation? How to best present it on a resume?
  129. Your Work space - Is it tidy?
  130. Time tracking-Any ideas?
  131. Did ADHD take away my job?
  132. U.S. D.O.J. Seeking to Hire Persons with Disabilities
  133. Interviews
  134. Reasonable Accommodation for Social Dysfunction?
  135. Employment background checks and ADD
  136. Hypothetical Career Question
  137. can a computer engineer with add manage a project ?
  138. A Career in Writing
  139. Paperwork trouble
  140. Resume/Time Gaps
  141. I was diagnosed in April and got fired last week
  142. how to figure out what you want to do?
  143. MoneyMakers
  144. Meds have changed my life in the workplace!
  145. The "I LOVE My Job" Thread
  146. Waiters And Waitresses
  147. My first dogwalking job
  148. Hotel receptionist - a good fit for iADD scanner?
  149. Job Hopping
  150. Just lost one of my jobs
  151. Anger Issues at Work
  152. Sweet, sweet validation...
  153. Job Confusion
  154. any PA's or PTA's out there?
  155. Any ADD chef's out there?
  156. Another meeting missed
  157. Need to learn how to ZIP - IT!
  158. Just need to vent/rant
  159. Venting about an annoying coworker.
  160. Time management, task management ... Help?
  161. Husband: wants ADHD risk taking "irresponsible" job, WIFE:wants him to be stable
  162. ADHD successes on jobs
  163. AD/HD, Pilots, and the FAA
  164. Am I the only one who finds this Public Service Announcement offensive?
  165. Do you always check your e-mail every day?
  166. I'm in quite the situation..
  167. Returning User- feeling out of control
  168. Working from Home With ADHD
  169. Attendance policies
  170. CVS discriminates against people with ADD
  171. Thanks mom, now I think Im going to fail at life =)
  172. 3 weeks
  173. ADD and my yacht
  174. It's Been Two Years. . .
  175. Boring, mindless tasks at work
  176. When to say I have ADHD and other disabilities when applying at a job?
  177. Fired after one day!!!
  178. Snap decision lost me my job
  179. Starting a biz with ADD - destined for greatness or failure?
  180. Work-Related Anxiety Attacks
  181. Unemployed again...
  182. Just Sick
  183. Are there any teachers here?
  184. Makes sence to me now & my dream job
  185. Is it too unrealistic/impossible to want to pursue a career that
  186. Detail Problems at work, advice needed
  187. Do you think this is right?
  188. Found a career test
  189. I am a human door mat! WWYD?
  190. ADDtorneys?
  191. My mouth is my worst enemy
  192. ADD affects employment
  193. Getting rehired once ADD is under control
  194. Another Job
  195. Mistakes at work...and you just can't see them
  196. Do you ever feel like "damage control" takes a lot of your energy?
  197. Am I setting myself up for failure?
  198. Personal Experiences with the ADA and ADHD
  199. Starting another job, another possible failure...
  200. To be honest or not to be honest?
  201. I can hear them
  202. Potentially Good News
  203. I need to apply for jobs but my references are crap ?
  204. Good Careers for an ADHD-PI (Primarily Inattentive)?
  205. I am SO Gonna Get Fired. . .
  206. How do you come back from this? :(
  207. What do you do for a living / in school?
  208. Need a 'corporate action plan' for my mental healh issues
  209. Teaching is hell
  210. Substitute Teacher with ADD/GAD = stress
  211. Do you change your mind a lot about the career you think you want?
  212. ADD and the military
  213. job promotion causing depression?
  214. Bouncing from one career path to another...
  215. ADHD and the police
  216. Any Ideas of a decent career for me??
  217. The busier the atmosphere, the better?
  218. ADHD programmer
  219. Unemployment frustrations rant
  220. Journalism?
  221. If diagnosed as an adult, did you tell your co-workers?
  222. How successful are you?
  223. Self Employment
  224. ADHD ADA Accommodations
  225. are employers required to give special accommodation?
  226. Getting a job
  227. Job Application - this is torture
  228. help, stressful retail
  229. Recently Fired
  230. trouble popping back into shape after work
  231. Applying for JOBS and Menatal Health diagnosis ADMITTING?
  232. Several Months Unemployed - Family Issues
  233. Another Job Application
  234. Freelancers and business owners with ADD
  235. "Whats Your Weakness"?
  236. Need guidance on my career please!
  237. Interactions with clients and ADD
  238. Just Frustrated...
  239. Thinking about Early Childhood Education
  240. Sales??
  241. Performance Anxiety
  242. Identifying Strengths
  243. You're impressed with my work? Are you sure??
  244. Dismissal laws in Aus-please help!
  245. Don't think I'll be able to hold down a long term profession
  246. My work day
  247. how do you justify meaningless work?
  248. Just got fired
  249. Rant: work.
  250. Always Get Run Over By Everybody and Still Get In Trouble.