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  1. I really want to join the Navy
  2. I really want to join the Navy
  3. How do answer boss's direct qns about ADHD?
  4. Programming/Analyst Aptitude Test
  5. Should I tell my boss I have ADD?
  6. Some Great News
  7. It's Right There for the Taking
  8. Pre-employment drug test
  9. Fired, but I think that was a good thing
  10. Need HELP!
  11. Job Applications
  12. I'm having problems with my manager.
  13. Graphic/web designer needs help
  14. I'm seeing an ADD career coach
  15. Brain-paralysis breakers
  16. Surviving a 12 hour shift
  17. First days at new jobs put me on full tilt :eek:
  18. Sunday Night
  19. been giving two more rotations to find another job or should i get legal aid
  20. Personality Type Versus ADD
  21. Working 14 hr days - help!
  22. Sharing an office with 2 chatty people
  23. Anyone have their own business?
  24. Laid-off ADD - Inattentive Type Attorney...
  25. I'm not even good at waiting tables
  26. job interview or drug test?
  27. Laid off because they wanted to hire someone for less
  28. Having a great boss
  29. ADHD and workplace discrimination.
  30. ADHD and "The Lost Generation" (20-30 age)
  31. Medical Questionaire
  32. psychologists with adhd
  33. adhd in the army
  34. Applying for Jobs
  35. Finding Work Frustrations
  36. Career disappointment
  37. Do you have a goal(s)?
  38. Got called in for an interview after 2 months of waiting for a response...
  39. "start your own business"
  40. Technical career question, Networking or CAD?
  41. I want to be fired
  42. Working below minimum wage because I'm afraid no one else will hire me
  43. Does stress make your ADD worse?
  44. ADHD screwup in real time, folks...
  45. Am i ever going to work again??
  46. pulled a thousand!
  47. Karma's a beeeyotch...
  48. Why does the military insist new recruits be off of meds for 1 year?
  49. 'A bad job is just as damaging to your mental health as unemployment'
  50. Andres Torres Professional Baseball player
  51. "I feel that you're unreliable, and can't have you work here anymore"
  52. My boss doesn't like me
  53. 6 months
  54. ADHD in Engineering
  55. Issues with Job and over sleeping or not sleeping at all
  56. my work place upside down
  57. The Networking Thread
  58. I have a problem
  59. ADHD and Internet Browsing Habits
  60. Drug Test for Employment Question
  61. Resume - AAAAARG!
  62. Snitch at work and being on time
  63. Does this sound familiar?
  64. ADDchefs?
  65. Just finished the report that was hanging over my head.
  66. ADHD and Bipolar people in Acting
  67. venting about an awful co-worker.
  68. So discouraged - punished for daring to try!
  69. Suggestions for an ADHD-Friendly Website Design?
  70. Need advice - Teaching & ADHD
  71. Telling your boss..
  72. ADD employees
  73. Fired.
  74. INTP Careers??
  75. Job hunting without medication
  76. Full time vs Part time
  77. Getting references and going for an interview
  78. Messed up at work
  79. Can I get fired for having ADD
  80. Don't know how to deal with dishonesty
  81. Can't get a job
  82. Working in a cubicle field
  83. Didn't know where to turn to
  84. social security and adhd
  85. Is it more logical to start with manual labour? (no meds)
  86. Just had the talk with my boss. Went okay.
  87. Staffing Firms
  88. Wanting to become a doctor
  89. Networking on LinkedIn
  90. Reality Check: "You can always get a job at McDonalds"
  91. FMLA Work Leave
  92. living off the government ADHD
  93. Could use some advice......
  94. On Friday, Talking about getting a Job.
  95. Looking for a new job
  96. Do you think this woman's for real? I'm flipped!
  97. Putting in my two weeks...
  98. Is this really a compliment??
  99. Those darn job application tests!
  100. Can Johnny become a psychologist
  101. A Blogging Attempt
  102. Dont want to lose job- would a doctor disclose this info?
  103. CNA with ADHD
  104. So I'm feeling a bit down and useless, but still trying to be hopeful
  105. How to get help finding a job?
  106. Teachers with ADD?
  107. deciding a suitable career
  108. Burnout
  109. new med or disclose?
  110. Mondays are my best days, Fridays I'm completely burnt out
  111. Are you less likely to be promoted if you don't drive a nice car?
  112. Manager is perpetually angry/irritated when talking w/ me. What's going on?
  113. Job interview gone bad ( or so it feels )
  114. They will hire me but don't want to try anymore
  115. Help with pub health/epidemiology
  116. New position-very nervous
  117. Careers people with ADD fair well in
  118. Adderall and Professional Exam Studying
  119. Landing a job with social anxiety
  120. Well that went to sh*t faster than I thought!
  121. calling all COMPUTER GEEKS.. Help needed
  122. Does Anyone Have Low Confidence While Applying for Jobs?
  123. Well, today went much better!
  124. accidentally left my meds in the bathroom, now co-workers look at me funny...
  125. Help! Any bankers/general sales people here?
  126. I had a big interview yesterday
  127. got excited about a topic, now in over my head
  128. Stuck at a low level job, but feel safe.
  129. ADD and working in fast food
  130. Finding a new job after 2 and a half years
  131. I have to stop Medical Marijuana for future job opportunities.
  132. Applying for jobs - already overwhemled.
  133. Starting a new job at the end of the month WOO HOO
  134. Any experience with an ADD/Life Coach?
  135. Self-employed success?
  136. Just got fired
  137. How do you explain gaps in unemployment?
  138. Interview Today
  139. Fired 3 times, lost and confused
  140. The "Entrepreneurial Fairy"
  141. Seeing Yourself Outloud: Working with other "closeted" ADHDer's
  142. tired of paperwork
  143. Sleepless nights (@ _ @)
  144. struggling to choose career
  145. Pay the Bills or Speed through School
  146. Considering a career with computers at 43
  147. Any Nurses here?
  148. Shift Work
  149. Usual problems of a Software Engineer with ADD
  150. Mistakes at work
  151. Disability, didn't want to hijack the sticky
  152. I've given up
  153. Is it Me, Or Do Job Ads Ask For Unreasonable Qualifications?
  154. Concerned About New Job :-/
  155. In need of advice to keep job, please help!
  156. What am I doing wrong?
  157. Just realized I don't like any "career".. only the paycheck excites me..
  158. Detail-oriented job success stories? How much do meds help? About to lose my job...
  159. How is ur thot process impacted by a migraine when you have ADHD?
  160. probelms with ADHD boss -help!
  161. Job Accommodation Question-Help!
  162. New Job - Questions
  163. any ADD programmers out there want to try remote pair programming for learning?
  164. Fired this week
  165. ADHD and computing
  166. What sort of jobs are there for people with ADHD?
  167. Dealing with a MISANDRIST!
  168. Another Interview!!
  169. Promoting Yourself at Work
  170. is it appropriate to disclose ADHD problem to job interviewers?
  171. What do I want to be when I grow up (@55)
  172. "No Unemployed Need Apply"
  173. Broke and Drinking
  174. I am new to this forum and desperate for help
  175. what to do?
  176. What are good careers for an ADHD Person?
  177. Career Change?
  178. Mathematical view of suitability of careers in those with ADHD.
  179. So what the heck can I do
  180. Heakelping my son with career counseling
  181. Anybody tried giving up on finding a fun job for them to do and just work for good $?
  182. How to get workplace trainers to consider techniques that work for us
  183. I'm just not doing my job
  184. The Three Step Program
  185. I've been "laid off"
  186. Could an ADDer be an MD? (gets ranty)
  187. I think my boss is self destructing
  188. So bored
  189. Rejected for job because of drug test
  190. What to do?
  191. ADHD and your jobs
  192. Really Struggling, Classic ADHD with co-morbids.
  193. New Job
  194. Adderall background check?
  195. new job after diagnosis?
  196. Bosses at work
  197. How to limit Internet Usage especially at office
  198. Other people getting you in trouble
  199. July is gone
  200. Do you work in IT or similar technical job?
  201. Should I just quit?
  202. greetings from newbie & plea for help/advice
  203. Quitting on First Day - Is it ever possible to work there again?
  204. Found this interesting letter to the editor
  205. No It's NOT You -- It's The Economy
  206. Owning a business and ADD
  207. Co-worker doesn't believe I have ADD
  208. A Question for Professional Writers
  209. How long for LabCorp Drug Test for ADDer?
  210. How to Focus for longer time in workplace
  211. Finally swallowing my pride
  212. The Ex-Boss From Hell
  213. How to improve analyzing skills at work place for quicker results
  214. did i just set a firm boundary?
  215. She's going for it!
  216. New Job - Freedom or structure ? Need quick advice
  217. Staring A New Job Tomorrow And Already Freaking Out
  218. just a skosh conflicted...
  219. Job Interview HELP
  220. how to explain this to NT's...
  221. Snapped at coworker when hyperfocused and interrupted
  222. Every Ounce of Self-Control I Can Muster.......
  223. active vs sedentary work duties
  224. Would sales be a good fit for me?
  225. Dept of vocational rehabilitation
  226. Another Burnout
  227. Need some Help and Feedback
  228. Why can't I???
  229. Al Bundy Could Not Get Hired Today
  230. alarming conversation with my team lead
  231. Good jobs for analytical, ADHD-PI people?
  232. Pharmacy Technician?
  233. Working on the resume....
  234. Explaining ADHD to management...
  235. 'Unemployed and Taking on Debt to Stay Afloat? Donít Expect to get a Job'
  236. Does anyone work RETAIL?
  237. Finally found the one!
  238. Lost in a paperwork nightmare
  239. Having trouble at work
  240. Working in IT industry or Computers(Programmer), Nightmare for people with ADD?
  241. Epic FAIL (rant sorry)
  242. Blacklisting by Recruiters & HR means you are unemployable
  243. GOOD news - I got a job! And a link to make a few bucks online.
  244. Daunting return to work
  245. Flippin for Weeks
  246. Job hunting and still no meds
  247. How many here dislike their boss?
  248. More Shabby Chic,...and a Question !.
  249. Fired from my first *real job..
  250. Feel like a failure :(