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  1. Speak before I think
  2. Finished college... and now?
  3. I don't think I can work anymore
  4. "Personality Conflict?"
  5. Please I need advice.
  6. Girl at work... possibly have ADHD
  7. Alsways making careless mistakes :(
  8. ADHDers. Working with or without people (stimulation to be with people or not)
  9. Has it really come to this?
  10. Proof reading buddy
  11. Making time for ADHD (FMLA?)
  12. Assault or Not?
  13. *gossipy/rant* ....more work drama
  14. Jeesh You'd a Thought I'd Just Run Marathon or Something !
  15. On One's Own
  16. Work Paralysis
  17. Acting...yes or no?
  18. Self Employed. What to do?
  19. Seriously conflicted - Stay or go? argh
  20. I Am Going To Sue My Old Company!
  21. I can't stand being unemployed. Where can I find someone who can help me find a job?
  22. has anyone here benefited from ADHD career coaching?
  23. Help with Jobs!
  24. Need help! Job interview... No meds!!
  25. And then it hits you... (Any social workers?)
  26. maybe i really can't do this anymore
  27. Disclosing ADD
  28. My parents are enablers and I am a 27-year-old in college since 2003
  29. tough interview question ?
  30. Any Pharmacy Techs out there?
  31. Using Social Media and Having ADD: The Great Challenge
  32. Time keeping issues
  33. Opportunity Strikes Anonymouslyadd!
  34. ADD Entrepreneurship
  35. Good in school but a mess in the "real world"
  36. jobs for ADD people
  37. How can I control stuttering issue?
  38. Inattentive ADD - Working on Career Change, Frustrated
  39. Disclosing my meds?
  40. Profession in the Medical field with ADHD
  41. Non-profit to deliver career guidance to ADDers
  42. Tracking time for work - suggestion
  43. not sure where to start w/my boss
  44. I got laid off
  45. Job Interview this morning!!
  46. Crises of confidence at work - miserable.
  47. My new course starts next week
  48. Who here doesnt work?
  49. jobs for peopel with ADHD?
  50. ADHD in the workplace
  51. Job Problems
  52. House of Cards Falls Down .......
  53. How Teenagers (Like me) So Motivated To Get A Job?!
  54. tell me if I'm being paranoid
  55. Grief...facing what I missed out on...
  56. Is it the Work, Me, or ADD?
  57. ADHD and the Navy
  58. Interview TOMORROW
  59. No Ambition
  60. Work rant...sorry!
  61. Reading job advertisements
  62. Any other Entrpreneurs here? With ADD
  63. Any writers here?
  64. Jobs and Learning Disabilities and Hopelessnes.
  65. Help with Proofreading!
  66. Asked to resign poor cultural and skills fit
  67. Scary Movies and Safe Stimulation
  68. Why do I feel like this?
  69. New Here: Maybe I shoud just stick with plan A?
  70. It took a bad review to realize ADD
  71. At job interviews - do you mention ADHD?
  72. looking for a job once we move in
  73. how do you guys reinvent yourself in this dismal economy?
  74. To tell my boss or not???
  75. ADHD, ADA. . .Invisible Disabilities and expiration dates?
  76. Afraid I'll lose my job without a prescription refill, but nobody will prescribe.
  77. Slowed Down Thinking/Forgetfullness on the Job
  78. feeling like a total failure in this real world..
  79. The "Personal Responsibility" Mantra
  80. Do you stay late at work?
  81. Blech! I can't believe how stupid I am!
  82. Things Are Looking Up, After All
  83. An Update
  84. Even bosses can't have their cake and eat it too!
  85. Anyone get so bored at work they just can't keep going?
  86. i feel like i'm too stupid to hold down a job
  87. Bosses breaking Confidentiality...
  88. The "I got fired" thread...?
  89. Work on the Computer but also play?
  90. ADHD and possibly Dyscalculia struck @ work yesterday!
  91. Looking for support and help
  92. Remind you of you or hope for jobs if you are a creative type with ADHD
  93. ADHD and carreer as an artist
  94. Computer Users - Desktop Icons and Folders
  95. Best way to focus for longer duration esp at work
  96. Laid Off
  97. Anyone do any Lawyering?
  98. Tips on managing a problem at work needed
  99. Lost My Internship
  100. I told my Boss and I'm terrified!!
  101. Hunter vs farmer theory
  102. Being Bullied, hostile work environment
  103. Excluded from doing what I was hired to do
  104. Changed my filing system!
  105. My manager may diie, my job is up in the air, and my adderall stopped working!
  106. PHysicists with ADHD?
  107. Careers people with ADHD tend to be good at?
  108. Disclosed and now extended probation as result
  109. interview tomorrow
  110. Self Defence against the Neurotypical
  111. Now job, yupeee !.....wait, I don't think so
  112. 'America's army of jobless'
  113. Really stressed out at work
  114. Work Errors
  115. I'm A Writer And...
  116. New Job and Career - Scared I'm going to blow it.
  117. Should I or Shouldn't I?
  118. New job, jerk supervisor
  119. ADHD and journalism
  120. Cold Calls and Confidence?
  121. How did add affect your time in school/university ?
  122. Damage Control
  123. How do you get excited about a boring job, like automotive parts?
  124. Boss wants me back on meds
  125. How far do I push for recognition?
  126. How do you motivate yourself to stay at your boring job for 5 years?
  127. Numbers on a Balance Sheet: The Limits of Positive Thinking
  128. best alternative income sources for ADDers
  129. Getting any kind of job at all
  130. Looking for headphones to drown out conversations
  131. It's true. ADDer's are the first to be laid off.
  132. Idiot at work.
  133. Should I be worried or am I just overwhelmed? Encouragement and suggestions please!!
  134. More Clear headed with meds.
  135. Security vs Excitement in our careers?
  136. How could I ever get another job?
  137. Think Ive had a productive 6 months?
  138. Recent College Graduates (Medication)
  139. How is a career in Computer Support Specialist for someone with ADHD?
  140. ADD/ADHD and Jobs
  141. Very basic ADD career question: how to focus?
  142. Here is the work. Do the work.
  143. Starting something new at 53!
  144. Pollinators: The New Breed Of Innovators
  145. Pondering a new career as a writer
  146. new here :)
  147. ADD and U.S. Department of Defense Security Clearnance
  148. Struggle to belong or throw in the towel?
  149. Lost my cool today
  150. do you have trouble passing the job interviews due to ADHD ?
  151. To what extent do your emotions control your work performance?
  152. On the verge of a nervous breakdown
  153. Article: Job Industries for ADHDers
  154. How do I tell off my boss?
  155. CPA Exam Studying and ADHD
  156. I can't account for $300.00 at work - I am so stupid!
  157. My new boss also has ADHD !
  158. 'An App For Job Searchers Who Won't Take The Hint'
  159. Lost another job...and I really liked this job too!!!!!
  160. Helping an ADD boss - advice needed
  161. Frustrated; Application requirement not met because of disability
  162. Discrimination after revealing ADHD and requesting accommodations
  163. Life After "Premature Retirement"
  164. Skills needed for these careers executive functioning
  165. how do I avoid discussing the salary question in the interview?
  166. Job hunting, again.
  167. Do you hate preparing for Performance Reviews?
  168. A decision to make
  169. The Perfect Job for ADHD
  170. Something I have realized about these jobs I have had
  171. Well, interview time soon....
  172. a.d.d.-dyslexia-3 polyps in colon = lost job
  173. Anyone active/former military?
  174. My Job: epic fail.
  175. My Future/ kind of venting please help :?
  176. At what point in the hiring process do you disclose that you have ADHD?
  177. ever have one of those days?
  178. Competitive what do i do?
  179. Do you think I should tell employers that I have ADHD?
  180. Does anyone have great anxiety when they start a new job?
  181. What is the ideal job for someone with ADHD?
  182. I have a ADHD careers advisor that is a tad useless, any ideas on how to ditch him?
  183. work, what is ?
  184. I don't have my liscence and i feel like a idiot
  185. Missed Jobcentre Appointment
  186. How to you feel about your fulltime job
  187. I got turn down for a job.
  188. What are you doing with your life ?
  189. I am a member of Mensa and a graduate of the highest-achieving school in the state...
  190. I think I made a big mistake
  191. Worried I will never have a career
  192. How does your ADD/ADHD affect your interviewing skills/image?
  193. Eligible For A Promotion At Work - But is it Worth it?
  194. Can you get by with excellent skills and experience but mediocre interview skills?
  195. Tips for the unemployed with ADHD?
  196. How many references do you have on Resume/CV?
  197. 21 jobs in 8 years? Anyone else have this pattern?
  198. Interviews, adhd, and social anxiety
  199. Employers seem to hate me. Bad personality or ADHD related?
  200. Almost 23, unemployed and still living at home? Is this normal?
  201. As a prospective employer which course sounds more interesting to you?
  202. Would you publish a book when your 22/23 or wait till you were older?
  203. Vocational Guidance -- Aussie Style
  204. Job hunting with ADD.
  205. 51 and unemployed for 3 years.
  206. are forced to accept labor job to pay the bills?
  207. Annual Income?
  208. Lack of Personality
  209. How can I motivate myself to get a job?
  210. Have you been in a career/job long term, that you like to share?
  211. Been a while, figured I'd stop by with an update on the job front.
  212. I have a job interview! Now what?
  213. So its been 8 months since graduation and I still havent got a job
  214. Are recruitment consultants weird?
  215. ith my marks on my degree should I do a masters or go into employment?
  216. Thinking about telling my boss. Not the usual reasons. Could use some advice.
  217. The ADHD employee did it!
  218. Job interview question
  219. Stepping Out of the Uncomfort Zone into the Unknown
  220. Accomodations (happy post)
  221. The I need a new job support thread
  222. I need advice quickly. Health Insurance opt-out denied.
  223. Article from Wall Street Journal - "U.S. Pushes Target for Hiring the Disabled"
  224. Meetings going wrong
  225. NY Mets' Andres Torres overcomes affliction to catch on as new center fielder Read m
  226. Jobs that don't require much experience
  227. how do you deal with people who spy on you at work?
  228. Vocational Rehab (U.S.)
  229. Career move to become a police officer.
  230. Vent: I had the *perfect* job, and now nada
  231. I need tips for phone interview
  232. can anyone relate ? perfectionism, something else..
  233. should you disclose to your employer that you have ADD
  234. Would you go to a uni 5 hours from your home town?
  235. not going to work
  236. Do people with greater financial burdens make better employees?
  237. Starting to lose it at work
  238. Anyone work in Finance?
  239. Should I consider moving to another country ?
  240. Should I complain about this feedback?
  241. I'd love to get everybody's opinion on this 2-minute video about the one-page resume
  242. I officially have no idea what I wanna do with my life...
  243. Going nowhere just to save gas? Frustrating skewed logic/advice from others.
  244. Job Interviews: Do you do better when you overprepare or when you underprepare
  245. Questions about writing your CV
  246. I feel defeated.
  247. Has anyone actually "FOUND" your career passion?
  248. The day just never ends
  249. interview questions ?
  250. Hyperactivity in the workplace...