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  1. Leaving the Child
  2. People with wavering self-worth ought to watch this
  3. When Should He Know?
  4. Me and relationship
  5. personality or adhd?
  6. ADHD and intolerance of "phony" people
  7. Its my girlfriends birthday.
  8. Advice for a girl whose heart was broken..
  9. Don't snoop, you might not like what you find
  10. Sudden influx of social awkwardness as participation rises
  11. Online dating tips for ADDers?
  12. Problems from Ignoring a Friend
  13. lost at 30, and don't know who to trust
  14. ADd/HD people have lasting friendships together. My thoughts
  15. Arrrgggghhh big party today, and I am not the cook !
  16. impulse control and relationships
  17. How to I get him to get me?
  18. Learning to forgive, I.e. moving on
  19. Guys with EX girlfriend/wife issues!
  20. Heartbroken and confused...
  21. Any suggestions to help me stop asking my partner negative questions?
  22. My Spouse attacked me last nite
  23. Keys Lost May Have been taken by Scangers
  24. Keys Lost May Have been taken by Scangers
  25. Outlaw Inlaws
  26. I don't want to be alone with that anymore
  27. death and depession
  28. Break up?
  29. Interesting explanation of politeness
  30. How Do I Tell People? Should I?
  31. On Going work saga (stupid chick stuff)
  32. Could my problems getting a date be related to ADD?
  33. Can YOU adopt if Diagnosed ADHD & stayed in MentalHealth Hospital?
  34. I just had a relationship
  35. Almost 2 Years downt he drain?
  36. Knowing how and when to respond to situations
  37. Time Managment Rant
  38. Parents and retrospective diagnosis
  39. Please Help! Cyber Cheating and don't know why.
  40. Spending Christmas Alone
  41. Ladies: Create Your Ideal Man
  42. Advice? Vent? Support?
  43. Tips for helping NT husband cope with changes?
  44. When on new dates do you bring up your ADD/neurological issues
  45. Friendship
  46. Therapy or Divorce?
  47. I'm shy because... [rant]
  48. Question for the ladies, particularly mid 20's
  49. Dealing with accusations
  50. Understanding the differences between NTs and people with ADHD
  51. Spending time with my parents.
  52. My partner lied to me about quitting smoking. Now I dont trust him. Am I overreacting
  53. Shyness/ Social Anxiety?
  54. My mom is totally NEGATIVE all the time?
  55. Going out -- solo, duet, or group
  56. Those horrible open-ended questions
  57. Marriage/Relationship Advice
  58. Social Media Dating
  59. worried sick
  60. My parents refuse to believe I have ADHD
  61. Me and my story so far.. LONG READ!!
  62. Are you introverted or extroverted?
  63. How to get him to understand...sorry, sort of long
  64. Sarcasm = Problems
  65. Is it really such a bad thing to be a social "outcast"/ socially accepted?
  66. High and low expectations
  67. What's your relationship status?
  68. People Hate Me
  69. Friends are too much work?
  70. Dept Meeting from H***
  71. Dating trouble
  72. Penpals anyone
  73. Newbie Here, Diagnosed October, 2010
  74. I think I am smarter than you!
  75. Single once again
  76. Feeling Miserable
  77. Very worried, bf taken off Adderall
  78. Anyone else have terrible relationships and not know why?
  79. Men and women being friends
  80. Adhd dating websites
  81. What about absence of romantic relationships?
  82. Please help! I don't know what to do!
  83. Breaking free from parental influence
  84. Every time I open my dang mouth!
  85. If Not Photographic Memory, Then What Kind?
  86. marriage help
  87. Unconquerable sexual appetite
  88. Back on track...
  89. Cant stop thinking about this
  90. Substantial Victory Today-IMHO
  91. Are you too analytical?
  92. Haters!
  93. I could tell you... but then I'd have to kill you.
  94. The benefits of finding ways to relate to people
  95. Confused? Any female-psyche-aficianado's?
  96. Should I Date? I Was Told To Never Have Kids
  97. Missing signs of interest
  98. hey guys. i had some trust issue with people.
  99. In love with the wrong girl
  100. Self-Esteem
  101. How I know medication is helping me...
  102. The reason why I cannot use skype and like ;)
  103. How to destroy a narcissist?
  104. Being a pushover vs. being selfish
  105. Control issues!
  106. embarrassed to be around people
  107. How to get closer to people?
  108. How can I get my boyfriend to understand?
  109. I am so freaging angry to the maximum level new kind of level
  110. My experiences with girls being unmedicated ADD guy
  111. Do you find it hard to keep up / work the friendship? like..ugh...hiya lol..yea lol l
  112. Was this Ritalin or my personality?
  113. People, why are you single?
  114. Strange form of Empathy/Sympathy
  115. Stopping Online Stalkers
  116. Angry with family
  117. No excuse for not being in contac
  118. Driving my wife crazy
  119. Strange Issue that affects Personal/Professional Life
  120. My boyfriend broke up with me and I made it worse
  121. Keeping track of people.
  122. 2 girls after 2 years of being single
  123. A moral issue...
  124. ADD and sex drive...
  125. What's "normal" in a relationship w/ADD?
  126. discussing feelings
  127. I just feel defective now , Im never good enough.
  128. Is this part of his ADD?
  129. Online dating - to tell or not to tell?
  130. Ive HAD it with NTs!
  131. I neeeeed a new puppy or kitten!
  132. you know what sucks? going to therapy and being more aware of your problems/remember
  133. connecting for romantic relationships
  134. What should I do?? D:
  135. Difficulties with Parents
  136. attracted to older women
  137. AARRGGHHH - Ex-BF deserves to be forcefed nanobots that will eat him alive...
  138. I've moved on. Time to make new friends.
  139. Wallflower..
  140. What kind of guys/girls are you attracted to?
  141. Is my laid back style letting her run me over?
  142. Class trouble
  143. Sometimes Adderall makes me obsess about my ex.
  144. Why would not having a sex drive be a "issue"
  145. Soon my birthday
  146. List Boyfriend/Gf Fights caused by I-ADD!
  147. ADHD and confidence issues?
  148. I saw my Ex today for the first time after 2 weeks and I still love him
  149. Being yourself in public. Original (or excentric)
  150. Do people treat you different...
  151. i hate my NT brother
  152. Adults: has your family made an effort to understand?
  153. Don't know when to just nodd or stand up 4 Urself
  154. Building self-esteem?
  155. Bullying anyone?
  156. How has AD/HD effect your past/present relationship
  157. Kind of at a loss...
  158. "congratulations!" and being "happy for" someone
  159. Sibling relationship
  160. WOW. I met the most visibly ADHD person ever.
  161. anyone else feel like they'll be single forever?
  162. My Problem w/ Having ADHD and Legal Blindness
  163. Is walking on the beach going too far?
  164. Why do some people not say goodbye/see you later after conversing with them?
  165. Am I expecting too much?
  166. How much does height matter when dating someone?
  167. Does he like me?
  168. Don't ever want a relationship?
  169. Afraid of blowing it with this great new relationship
  170. ADHD guy confused about his relationship with his GF
  171. Celibacy
  172. How long is it going to take to get over this girl?
  173. Lost Soul. Literally.
  174. Ugh
  175. Over the line
  176. Hatred towards my parents
  177. ADHD Moment
  178. Women
  179. How do I tell my wife?
  180. anger/ignorance ruining my relationship
  181. Why am I ignored by aquaintances?
  182. Coping Mechanisms...and explaining them to your non ADHD spouse
  183. How important is employment?
  184. An Article I'm thinking of Submitting.
  185. I can't get a bf!!! :(
  186. Dating Older
  187. Vyvanse Review lol
  188. Crush Story: Girl sent me hints, I had an ephiany that she liked me too late?
  189. No idea how to make real friends
  190. Re: Dating Older
  191. How to find a good ADHD marriage counselor
  192. Third times a charm?
  193. Can anyone help me i have boyfriend he has ADHD but i want to learn how to help him!
  194. Need some input...(LONG)
  195. Non-ADHD partners and "it's understandable"
  196. I complained about this once before, but now I'm REALLY mad!
  197. Lack of Empathy
  198. What do I do?!
  199. Bad luck? possibly karma at work?
  200. sounding "fake"
  201. Getting my head around some changes.
  202. Toxic family
  203. Not sure what to do anymore...
  204. How can I help my Husband with Social Events we have to attend?
  205. Social Phobia is slavery.
  206. a friend with so much trouble
  207. Is anyone else... (VENTING)
  208. I can't control it
  209. why do i lose interest so quickly?
  210. I am in a relationship
  211. Question on dating?
  212. My relationship vent... support anyone?
  213. Inturruptions!
  214. I need help from adders and nts, dealing with ex wife
  215. Having a boyfriend who also had ADHD feels so great
  216. family screws you the best
  217. Meeting Strangers, Small Talk -- Do I have to be Social Batman?
  218. My daughter's friend is probably a Narcissist
  219. My parents have already started talking about me getting married!!!
  220. Ways to meet an ADHD partner?
  221. My mom and church
  222. emotional vomit
  223. My husband
  224. How do you explain "too much stress"
  225. ADHD and Moving On
  226. So frustrated... Never follow through with committments/duties
  227. Partner is a hypochondriac with real health issue
  228. Got tricked into
  229. Finding a relationship and marriage therapist in san diego
  230. Unable to Fall in Love
  231. I feel socially isolated, but I want real friends.
  232. Hyperfocus on my boyfriend
  233. do you think its ok for men and women to assume tradtional roles in todays society?
  234. stop spiraling arguments? Feel okay with stopping and picking it up later HELP please
  235. How do I get rid of these feelings?
  236. things i have forgotten
  237. I don't have real life friends. Where/How do I find some?
  238. I push people away for no reason
  239. Help me please
  240. My wife can't see it. HELP IM DESPERATE!
  241. Attitude towards (my) your therapist
  242. Annoying Business Partner
  243. bored with sex? no drive?
  244. An Open Letter to People Who Don't Have Cognitive Disabilities
  245. My relationship with my boyfriend is amazing
  246. In all Seriousness, I Secretly Have a Crush On... HELP!!
  247. Now that the meds are working- im kinda annoyed being around other Ad/hd's
  248. The Honeymoon is OVER. I don't want to have friends
  249. Social Instinct
  250. How to save yourself if you forget a special day