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  1. Aggressive and hostile person - help
  2. trying to get ex back- crazy or not?
  3. Going on lunch date today with an introvert.
  4. Need help with my cat
  5. TLC Trust in the UK
  6. why she yells at me
  7. "You can never show all of your crazy at once on dates"
  8. Self Sabotage Destroying Relationships with friends and destroying jobs
  9. Aldous Huxley's - A brave new world
  10. ADHD and aging
  11. Do I really need real friends if I like being alone?
  12. Help me help my adult ADD son
  13. Another relationship bites the dust...
  14. Can someone help me figure out what this means?
  15. How to not blow it
  16. how not to become the "target" in social situations
  17. Can't stop thinking of her
  18. Does empathy and guilt feel like your private hell?
  19. How to achieve security in a romantic relationship
  20. I have ADHD, live with my mother, and she's about to leave me. Can I get some advice?
  21. pretty sure I blew it.
  22. Anyone Else on Family Holiday Visits?:eek:
  23. Important questions
  24. Sabotaging Personal Relationships
  25. I need to vent
  26. the backlash from past mistakes
  27. Boyfriend's hyperfocus could ruin our relationship?
  28. The Lonely Cycle
  29. in desperate need of advice
  30. Females:How do you manage to not get bored?
  31. dexedrine/ abilify and orgasming
  32. Being loved and hating it
  33. Being a parent
  34. Another Fight with my Husband
  35. Peas in a pod...
  36. Breaking up..
  37. F.r.i.e.n.d.s.
  38. Getting my head around the fact someone genuinely wants to love and care for me...
  39. My mind won't let me be happy...frustrated
  40. I'm in love, it's AWFUL
  41. Out of my fog, yet still pretty lost.
  42. ADHD wife done with husbands lack of understanding
  43. Helping a guy plan getting together
  44. Depression, Dreams, Boyfriends, and Pillars
  45. Verbal impulsivity
  46. The Gift of Fear
  47. Misdiagnosed for 10 ten years, please help
  48. Those who have/have had online relationships...
  49. Do you often fight with people ?
  50. Verbal abuse
  51. Amazing personal growth after ADHD drugs, but I feel I'm growing out of my marriage:(
  52. Somehow I feel like I can only date people with ADHD
  53. Gay & OCD
  54. Started Adderall this week/think I burnt a bridge with my friend
  55. Lonely
  56. My boyfriend is my whole social life
  57. bored in bed with wife
  58. Was I wrong?
  59. Taking on others pain and worry....
  60. How do you cope with being in a relationship while unmedicated
  61. "I yell at her a lot" and other great ways to catch the attention of forum users
  62. Help with destructive family members?
  63. So it seems like my marriage is disintegrating
  64. ADHD husband has gained weight
  65. My husband is an *******
  66. Reviving old friendships?
  67. My spouse doesn't get it.
  68. keeping friends
  69. Captain america needs YOU
  70. Meyers-Brigg Personality Tests - Any INTPs out there?
  71. How do you get comfortable in your own skin?
  72. How do you convince someone to be tested?
  73. Sharing with friends
  74. do you get upset when SO is upset?
  75. Doi's 'rock bottom'
  76. how to get over an ex when your environment + ADD constantly reminds you of them?
  77. All the stupid things I say and do
  78. Being an outsider
  79. The break up talk; She said i am insipid.
  80. Is it better to be with an understanding significant other?
  81. Love, loving and expectations?
  82. Coping with ADD as a Professional Actor
  83. The "pushover" syndrome
  84. My boyfriend and I and ADHD
  85. Your Dating Persona
  86. Didn't want to seem rude - visitor messages
  87. My boyfriend and his problems
  88. Guys with adhd are the funnest
  89. I'm so lost.....
  90. Both ADD? Your relationship CAN work!!
  91. tools to help hubby understand adhd-pi
  92. Girls asking out guys and a scandalous hillbilly-esque dilema!!!
  93. how to ask someone out
  94. ok, so theres this girl...
  95. Well-meaning, sucky advice- how to react
  96. To put away your egg
  97. The focus to grieve
  98. after you cross the line of friendship into dating will it never be the same again?
  99. ADHD people acting like kids at 20 yrs old?
  100. Problem with the way im saying it or the way your hearing it?
  101. Johnny Walker relationship problem (super long true love story in the making)
  102. Memories That Won't Let Go
  103. what challenges do you guys have in dating women ?
  104. How self esteem impacts relationships
  105. UN-SUPPORTIVE Famlies.
  106. My husband doesn't believe I have ADD
  107. An open post to my wife…
  108. No forgiveness gives me no choice.
  109. My Pride/Courage + The Bully
  110. ADD and Infidelity?
  111. A message for me...
  112. Reacting to "old scripts"
  113. I was saying sorry to the wrong person..
  114. Losing Interest
  115. Self-Loathing after Social Activities
  116. I hate living with my parents, but I'm broke.
  117. Love, Relationships, Flirtations and ADDF
  118. Rebound Chick
  119. Helping Partner Understand ADHD
  120. Relationships and ADD
  121. I kept trying, and trying, and trying..... and trying, andtryingandtryingandtrying...
  122. Mother knew best
  123. I think my brother ruined a friendship of mine
  124. Trying and failing
  125. He Took Just About Everything
  126. Coming out to your parents with ADHD
  127. Is It Possible For 2 People To Be "Too Similar To Get Along"?
  128. ADD & the Decision to have Children
  129. i feel like im slowly becoming boring/reserved
  130. Letter from my Mother
  131. My doctor wants me to start a relationship based on lies
  132. Bad ADHD Day
  133. I Have No Close Friends
  134. And it happens again...
  135. Breaking up with someone who loves you
  136. I am on the way of braking my 2nd marriage, with the same guy
  137. My social life is now a big screw up
  138. Coming on too strongly: feedback requested!
  139. what to do in colage???
  140. Can't get my father to understand
  141. ADHD & Friends
  142. I feel hopeless and helpless, all my fault
  143. Oh no she didn't!,oh yes she did: Pure ignorance about LD's.
  144. My partners EX!
  145. Old Flame
  146. Shame
  147. Have you been Emotionally Abused by your parents?
  148. People my own age give me the creeps /uncomfortable/nervous
  149. Feel the need to set some boundaries at work
  150. how to med broken relationships?
  151. "What did I do to deserve this abuse" "your disrespectful "
  152. Reached the boiling point
  153. ADD a curse of nature
  154. "ADHD girlfriend" I love this guy but I NEED advice..Please please help!!!! Please..
  155. Geez some people are unreal!
  156. ADD vs Immaturity
  157. Hate Begets Hate
  158. When to say "no"
  159. Any ADHD's to trade Facebook in Australia
  160. tired of living without support network, need advice
  161. Struggling
  162. Setting healthy boundaries
  163. Ruining my own birthday
  164. i really hope my wife doesnt read this..
  165. Anyone else find background noise bad for their social life?
  166. Upset with a friend need advice
  167. Intimacy, my boyfriend, ADHD, love touching
  168. I don't fit in with my family anymore.
  169. How to deal with constant "I'm bored"
  170. How to Communicate effectively with ADHD
  171. Help? How to deal with pushy friend(s)?
  172. Daughter dropped a bombshell
  173. Emotional regulation problems? Or just reacting normally for this situation?
  174. Are people with ADHD a good match?
  175. living with girlfriend advice needed
  176. Finally Stood Up For Myself ! I am Salleh Hear Me Roar !
  177. Coming out to someone you're interested in
  178. 1 hour texting debate
  179. Bossy and Annoying ADHD Teen
  180. GGRRRR I do the work, he gets the money .....
  181. One sided friendships
  182. He gets distracted SO easy! I want him around more :(
  183. Need some help / Advice
  184. shy need tips on approaching women ?
  185. Is there a link between ADHD and promiscuity/infidelity?
  186. Adoption poll
  187. How do I tell family members to consider getting a diagnosis?
  188. Diffulty with friendships?
  189. I'm sad. Any input would be helpful!
  190. Overcoming the fear of starting a personal relationship.
  191. I AM So Angry I Could Chew Nails Into Baby Pablum
  192. Remembering What Didn't Happen: The ADD Relationship
  193. coming out of self-imposed isolation
  194. confessions of an idiot
  195. Is This Mental and Verbal Abuse ?
  196. Valuable Lessons
  197. No support from husband - how can I convince him?
  198. Interrupting
  199. Thinking of relocating for love
  200. Why doesn't she reply?
  201. Major Social Oopsies...
  202. People like that...
  203. Have you ever forgotten you disliked someone?
  204. Why I hate my parents.
  205. slow down my speech!
  206. Sometimes I can't read peples tone...
  207. ADHD and compulsive lying? I don't want to believe this.. :(
  208. Catharsis, Round 2
  209. I love her unconditionally, she wants me to change.
  210. Hate to Keep Harping on This .....
  211. Social Troubles in College.
  212. In love and having issues
  213. feelings
  214. "Just being honest..." a.k.a. "constructive criticism" that's not very constructive!
  215. The Price of Admission
  216. Personality or ADHD
  217. ending the abuse
  218. Sometimes not enough space puts a strain on things
  219. making new friends as an adult
  220. Mom making my ADHD worse!!!
  221. girlfriends
  222. Wife/Parent Issues
  223. superman/jerk
  224. How do you deal with people who are seen as popular but bully ?
  225. Trouble starting a relationship because of attention span?
  226. Not sure what to title this
  227. Parenting Issues
  228. My avoidance to meeting a new guy for coffee!
  229. I feel like such a bad person
  230. Not good
  231. New Relationship Woes
  232. Evaluating a Human
  233. Married but unsure
  234. Moved out, and then all the emotions came out
  235. Can a relationship work if the partners sleep in separate rooms?
  236. He bought me a ring!
  237. Cat troubles...
  238. Abusive Relationship- How can i recover?
  239. I feel toxic to my huband who loves me very much.
  240. Why won't he open up to me?
  241. Sex & My Relationship... Total Frustration
  242. How is your social life?
  243. Rebuilding my social life
  244. Do you know when girls are interested?
  245. Relationship Help?
  246. My Separation From My Wife is a Divorce Now
  247. Having to Be Social - Do you Feel Worn Out After a While?
  248. Newly diagnosed, wife troubles
  249. Do you ever feel like a?
  250. lack of empathy