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  1. lack of empathy
  2. Anyone else read "The ADD Effect On Marriage" by Melissa Orlov?
  3. girlfriend loves my squirreliness
  4. I got an email from a girl?
  5. Tell me your experiances
  6. Keepin relationship boundaries and how the hell do you do it?
  7. Difficulty maintaining friendships
  8. "Why Don't You Relax?"
  9. A funny diary entry
  10. Forgetting You're Upset...
  11. ADHD: Saving Your Relationships seen on Dr. Oz
  12. ADD and social issues
  13. What do NT's talk about on the telephone??
  14. My boyfriend handles his ADHD much better than me.
  15. Problems with my ex boyfriend
  16. Boundaries and violations
  17. "Lord protect me from my friends"
  18. Facing Reality: Him or my self interest
  19. School Counselor: "You're so cold and distant" :(
  20. Social Skills-- declining/accepting invites
  21. help me help him
  22. Intimate relationship problems
  23. Reading people's intentions or motives
  24. My partners EX....AGAIN!!
  25. Why am I having such arduous time finding Ms. right ?
  26. I feel like an empty shell...
  27. Fair weather friends on ADDF
  28. Getting Feedback/Complaints about Never/Hardly Ever Talking or Communicating
  29. I ruined it...
  30. Is it best to just date someone that has the same disorder as you
  31. Relationships with significant difference in age...
  32. Concentration Dip and Social Activities
  33. Interesting article on couples/sex therapy
  34. Relationship advice/resources
  35. Do ADHD people have short attention span in sex too ?
  36. Making friends when you have NO friends
  37. Nature vs. Nurture: Parenting with ADHD...
  38. uninvited.....
  39. Humility and ADHD, any link (or lack thereof)?
  40. eh im so confused
  41. Getting over a rebound
  42. ADHD caused my little general to go limp.
  43. Dr OZ, Is ADHD Ruining Your Marriage
  44. Spontaneously Feeling Comfortable Around People Again :)
  45. Holiday Tales of Horror
  46. In love for more than 8 years
  47. Looking for peer coaching partners
  48. Anyone else feel like a complete failure at ever holding a stable relationship?
  49. A good listener
  50. Issues with friends
  51. Personal Boundaries. HELP
  52. Can't take this anymore...
  53. Grouchy Old Man
  54. Fear of Rejection
  55. Sensitive, a description of the ADD child: by Dr.G Mate
  56. Not knowing what to say
  57. Hiding Adderall! ...but I have no reason to!...
  58. tricks- stay in the conversation
  59. Letting people go
  60. My long distance relationship
  61. Confronting life...
  62. ADD/OCD. Marriage Crisis after 10 years.
  63. Boyfriend has OCD, I have ADD, is this doomed to end in a stabbing?
  64. Problems focusing during a divorce
  65. Good mates just slight problems help would be appreciated
  66. Do friendships happen or do we make them happen ?
  67. OCD behaviour in relationships activity
  68. Her father died - I got her falling down laughing !
  69. Don't know how do deal with this anymore
  70. ADD/ADHD and Maintaining Friendships
  71. Trying To Trust Again
  72. I fail at everything revolving relationships
  73. Negotiating A Limited Relationship
  74. Be a friend
  75. One single big problem in bed, need advice..
  76. 0-2 ADD takes down my 2nd marriage
  77. Communication skills?
  78. My partners rough behaviour
  79. How do I tell them?
  80. Trying to Understand MY Behavior
  81. What Am I Doing Wrong Socially?
  82. Too hard on myself when I make social mistakes
  83. Peoples perceptions of you
  84. Needing to share in an ADD world that actually understands me
  85. How to cope with social anxiety/ADHD/depression
  86. Helping vs. Making me feel stupid
  87. here's where I'm at
  88. Rebelliousness in Relationships
  89. Seeing other people as godlike
  90. How do you solve a problem like a Becky?
  91. feel hurt, confused and betrayed
  92. Calling all ADHD men
  93. What My Mom is Like
  94. My Dadda is in Melbourne
  95. He's Perfect ~ I'm not :( how can I explain to him vagueness makes nothing better
  96. Why my wife chose me over this great guy, why?
  97. Are we ADD:ers more clever than others? Please help.
  98. Where to learn about topics most people know about? lol I am a bit isolated...
  99. Advice repairing a relation
  100. My Son's Birthday ........
  101. can never stay in relationship
  102. To Date or not to date
  103. Relationship Woes: Please Help!
  104. Butting in, impulsivity how to deal with it?
  105. My partner treats me like a child, yet expects me to be his mommy
  106. Just been diagnosed, but brother doesn't trust psychologists...
  107. Im watching 15 years swirl down the drain
  108. Online dating with ADHD
  109. how to avoid being in a quarrel every now and then ?
  110. ADHD & Co-dependancy issues
  111. Disowning my family.
  112. Huuge relationship issue. Please help me out!
  113. Worried (newly diagnosed)
  114. I'm a little overwhelmed but this was a long time coming
  115. Am i crazy?
  116. Loving a man with ADHD
  117. With no one left just need a vent
  118. Social problems, could this be ADHD related??
  119. I don't know why i still regret this but i do.
  120. 9 yr relationship - time to end??
  121. Approach Anxiety
  122. People out there (mates, workmates), dont regard ADHD as a mental illness?
  123. Never thought that I'd be asked out on a date
  124. Inability to remember names
  125. Left-handed Gemini with ADD chills with Gemini woman with ADD
  126. Doing the wrong thing
  127. Will anyone ever understand me?
  128. Boyfriend pushes me till i explode
  129. People confuse me
  130. Placing people on ignore
  131. Does this sound like ADHD?
  132. A song for someone other than my better half
  133. She just doesn't ****ing get it!
  134. Difficult person or something wrong with me ?
  135. just be SHOUTED out
  136. My mom just accused me of being an addict
  137. Do we make others feel inadequate?
  138. Video games and parents
  139. Dealing With Aggressive an Ex-Ranger....
  140. I have ADHD and I have been severely bullied
  141. I feel like I have lost all my mates/freinds from over-reacting?
  142. Good at opening, terrible at sealing the deal
  143. who am I??
  144. Excessive need for space????
  145. Poem I found that describes me
  146. What Makes a Wife?
  147. A view from a non-ADDer of ex gf with ADD
  148. I always worry, i'm a mess
  149. Whenever I meet a guy i think he's not good enough
  150. We are One!
  151. A good mate of mine never chats to me anymore...what should I do?
  152. ADHD and trying to cope with betrayal. Do you think Im over reacting?
  153. The Bunny Lamp - thoughts around impulsive purchases
  154. ADHD and I havent had any real mates/freinds before I was 19
  155. Bah :(
  156. ADHD and homosexuality
  157. ADHD and girl issues?
  158. What makes a husband?
  159. Social skills training: Does it really make a difference?
  160. Opposites Attract - True for you or not?
  161. I'm worried this will happen again.
  162. How do siblings of ADD people cope?
  163. My NT Brother
  164. The middle Child syndrome.
  165. What Do You Need From Me?
  166. Being Put Down Constantly...
  167. Talking about your feelings to the ones you love
  168. So much is happening right now
  169. Finding people boring?
  170. ADHD and have some boy trouble..
  171. Am I a horrible person?
  172. What Should I Do?
  173. How I found my wife, advice for others
  174. Ideal husband/wife for someone with ADHD?
  175. Do you prefer to be with a partner who is also ADHD or one who is NT?
  176. Burned Today - Listening
  177. Is is seriously too much to ask!!
  178. Restaurants
  179. Help
  180. ADD daydreaming mistaken for shyness?
  181. Parents abanded me!
  182. Help Getting through
  183. Encouragement
  184. Not wanting to blame all my dating problems on ADHD, but--
  185. Trouble communicating, expressing myself and articulation. Any help?
  186. ADD and Lack of Friendships
  187. Overthinking in romantic relationships?
  188. Responsibility
  189. In need of males perspective, I want to understand
  190. Is it ok to "force" yourself on your long term partner?
  191. Feel like I havn't grown up. Immaturity issues.
  192. Obsessions as a way to handle boredom
  193. How are you in conversation
  194. Really struggling and husband is meh
  195. Cuddling and ADD
  196. ADD - Does it make you cling to people?
  197. Do you argue with your parents a lot?
  198. Date Night!
  199. Need an outside perspective. I can't stop thinking about it.
  200. Mind reading Negative thoughts.
  201. Do you ever feel like running away?
  202. Moving On... (not sure if this is ADD?)
  203. Frusterated... Mind Blank
  204. I thought I told you that?
  205. How dependent are you on your significant other?
  206. Fear of losing my wife's heart
  207. Is everyone around me an idiot or is there something wring with me?
  208. Upper middle class friends make me feel depressed.
  209. Nothing, nothing, nothing, then BANG!!!
  210. Pretty women make me sad is this normal?
  211. Meds=less of a pushover?
  212. Really on another planet
  213. What do YOU do to maintain long-distance friendships?
  214. How do friends/work-mates treat you?
  215. Pathological liars
  216. Sharing your mental health problems
  217. I just don't get it....
  218. Conversation Problems
  219. I'm not lazy!!... I'm just... ???
  220. sabotaging my pathetically few friendships
  221. What would you think of two brothers who havent spoken to each other for 3 years?
  222. men, How do you managed to get hitched with your gf when you have ADHD/depression?
  223. I really want/need a wife(RANT)
  224. "Am I really that difficult to live with?"
  225. Friends with Benefits
  226. drinking due to boredom!?
  227. Dating vent
  228. Should I try to contact my father?
  229. Night&Day Jeckyl & Hyde
  230. Perceptions of You
  231. he is so mean
  232. His side of the story
  233. What do I do? My sister is driving me crazy
  234. still feel like "the kid"?
  235. I need an Impartial Opinion
  236. New Boyfriend - Abuser or ADHD?
  237. Parental Infringement
  238. I just had an epiphany!
  239. Seeking Advice on Navigating through a Negative Marriage
  240. Relationship Strategies
  241. I don't want to play the game.
  242. Do you find it hard to make friends with the same sex?
  243. This site is not ADHD friendly!
  244. ADHD and relationships
  245. Will He ? Won't He?
  246. Reevaluating Relationships w\ Others
  247. Breaking the Silence of ADHD Stigma
  248. add and relationships
  249. Need some advice on friendships
  250. Does anyone find that when your in a relationship with someone, that you have a hard