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  1. This is driving me crazy
  2. I'm ADD, my boyfriend is ADHD. Is this going to work?
  3. I feel angry and resentful - grief related
  4. Do you miss people when they are not around?
  5. The awkward moment when you realise a friendship is over....
  6. Looking for some sort of advice
  7. blame and relationships
  8. Need Information for Family...
  9. Friend needs a helping hand
  10. New to this - please help!
  11. When is enough enough?
  12. Carrying things too far
  13. Fake Family Relationships
  14. What kind of partner would be best for a girl with overfocused ADHD?
  15. ADHD and sexuality?
  16. What are we to do?
  17. Having difficulty living with roommates
  18. What do you need in a friend?
  19. Question: About an ADDer becoming a parent?
  20. Some Questions
  21. having problems being selfish
  22. Summer Love
  23. I have had it with my father!!!!!!
  24. Relationship With Kids' Dad
  25. Tired of behaving
  26. Time Delays Between Chats Make me Worry
  27. screwed up my life
  28. Getting bullied
  29. Communication in relationships
  30. Social Incompetence
  31. Consistently Inconsistent
  32. Does anyone else get bored of people??
  33. Types of Bad Friends.
  34. ****** Off
  35. Possible to be in a happy loving relationship with a BPD (Borderline Personality)?
  36. Hard to Make Friends
  37. forgetfulness destroying relation
  38. slighty toxic, or oversensitive....?
  39. Girlfriend Has Severe ADD... Driving Me Crazy - Help??
  40. How long does it take.....
  41. Credit Card problems....didnt know where to put this...Advice? Am i doing right thing
  42. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  43. In-laws,Families VS Sarahsweets
  44. Getting married, fiance wants a kid... I'm scared.
  45. You Just Cannot Win ! * Beats Head Against Wall*
  46. leave of alone
  47. A senior ADDer in a foreign land and my problems still follow me
  48. How many lifetime sex partners have you had?
  49. Problems attracting the opposite sex
  50. Do You See Yourself as a Leader? Follower? or Neither?
  51. My excessive sensitivity ruined my mom's life
  52. I need some advice.
  53. I'm regressing socially...
  54. s/o knows about your add?
  55. I need help!
  56. No matter what, it's just never good enough- or right
  57. How do you know someone loves you?
  58. Relating to parents as an unmarried adult
  59. Move out
  60. When it all goes bad...
  61. What Did I Say?! How Do You Fix ADHD Social Ineptitude and Anxiety?
  62. Detached from close friends after being diagnosed
  63. Do you consider yourself a people person?
  64. Muddling through idle chit chat
  65. I think DH is finally getting it...
  66. Quick Sexual Orientation Poll
  67. Partners who dont understand
  68. My Friend Is Going Through a Divorce
  69. Hyper focus and dating
  70. Was this wrong??
  71. parents did not help me and will take no blame
  72. A social outcast, what should I do?
  73. adults who bully
  74. adhd and confrontation
  75. My boyfriend is stealing my Adderall
  76. Is your partner supportive?
  77. How do I deal with an emotionally abusive EX?
  78. Winning the argument with your spouse
  79. Very hard time with the opposite sex
  80. All alone.
  81. my family thinks my ADHD its an excuse
  82. How to get my boyfriend back..
  83. ADD and Relationships
  84. Social anxiety, need advice, tips!
  85. How do you deal with anger?
  86. ADHD stigma
  87. Trying to Figure Out if I am in the Right In a Situation (warning-sort of long)
  88. for better or for worse?
  89. Another "Parents don't believe me about ADD" story
  90. Tips for self-centered and narcissistic behaviour??
  91. The Friendship Cycle
  92. ADD and suffering spouse
  93. Relationships, struggles and misunderstandings
  94. Help! Boyfriend sleeps for days!
  95. My sister says "ADHD comes mainly from paternal side not maternal"
  96. Jumbled mind
  97. Blocking a parent from calling you
  98. Calling All Introverts: How Do Friends/Family React?
  99. Article about flawed parents
  100. Looking To Help My ADD GF with Time Management
  101. My Boyfriend is gone!
  102. Do you think Abi would make a good father?
  103. All They Ever Talk about
  104. Vent: I am ready to strangle my husband
  105. Bored Bored Bored!!!
  106. My boyfriend's grandma died- am I doing the right thing?
  107. Overactive sense of humor and avoiding people who bore me
  108. Emotional dips?
  109. My Wife Has Had Enough And Wants Me Out
  110. Roommates...eek
  111. Should I just stay away?
  112. Scared to Break Up?
  113. Help
  114. Borderline Personality Disorder Relationship Horror Stories
  115. How to tell a nice guy from a good guy?
  116. Please stop talking to me!!!
  117. Thank you, Dr. Barkley.
  118. Anxiety over my partners decision to go onto another phone plan
  119. Where to draw the line at generosity?
  120. Why do you not have a social life?
  121. Are ADDers drawn to each other?
  122. There goes another relationship
  123. People who lack the ability to connect 'dishing it out' with 'taking it'
  124. like to be alone and in a quiet environment
  125. I am Really Confused about my behavior!!
  126. beyond forgiveness?
  127. Do people avoid telling you bad news to avoid your reaction?!
  128. People not getting back to you
  129. Where do you meet people?
  130. Undiagnosed ADHD is Ruining My Sister's Life
  131. Is it common....
  132. Love does not exist.
  133. Searching for Tips on Overcoming the Impact of Quirky Behaviors around People
  134. Getting over an ex.
  135. How would you rate your present relationship status?
  136. relationship advice please.
  137. "I'll do it ... later" - social effect of procrastination
  138. Hi
  139. feeling persecuted
  140. AD/HD DATING SITES? If not let's start one on here!
  141. BigProblem: Lack of consistant moods/emotions toward love ones on and off medication.
  142. staying with a girl.
  143. my mother hit me!
  144. is something wrong with me?
  145. I must remember
  146. Dealing with insecurity
  147. Feeling anti-social at exactly the wrong time...
  148. Have No Idea What Type of Person I'd Want to Date/Marry
  149. My sister keeps picking fights with me
  150. so much drama
  151. I Think I'm Finally Free
  152. Now he wants to try for a baby!!
  153. How to deal with the death of a friend?
  154. Do you blame your parents for your troubles?
  155. he just blew up on me
  156. give it to me real plz! bf thing
  157. Does a relationship improve....
  158. How many times have you fallen in love?
  159. Do petty things turn you off?
  160. Hard time making close friends
  161. Trying to figure it out
  162. Going out
  163. When do you finally call it quits?
  164. A killing love (since 9 years... )
  165. Do relationship problems make it harder to focus?
  166. Accepting who you are
  167. capturing personality in a time-capsule
  168. Don't Know What They Want
  169. I'm a freak but i can't deal with other people's eccentricities
  170. Does my health and self come before anyone or anything else?
  171. Does Your Perception of Time Affect Your Relationships (or lack thereof)? Part 1 of 2
  172. Daddy Issues
  173. Sickening
  174. Hard time getting over my ex
  175. How has ADD affected your relationships/ friendships?
  176. Are you a people-pleaser?
  177. Why do I do it??
  178. How to find peace in the midst of family life
  179. Forgive, and Forget.
  180. another ultimatum :-(
  181. My social contacts on this forum
  182. problem with people talking too much
  183. A Solution
  184. Is it ADHD or me?
  185. Need some advice
  186. Most of the Time I Think I do OK.....But....
  187. Its Affecting My Marriage
  188. Made Me Feel Weak
  189. Hi, am i good looking? I need female oppinions.
  190. Disappearing for a while?
  191. Need some advice - Problems with cousin/aunt
  192. My Dysfunctional Family
  193. How do I get a thick skin??
  194. Sex, Fertility, and ADD
  195. Talking at people because I don't know their names
  196. in sickness and in health
  197. Dammit, it's NOT a disorder
  198. Tired of fighting
  199. sex drive
  200. People seem to ignore me or not want to talk to me...
  201. Jealousy, Insecurity, I know the issues but not what to do
  202. I can live with my other failures but I hate how I constantly let people down
  203. Finally Moving Out!!
  204. i have ruined my relationship
  205. Birthday alone
  206. ice breakers
  207. i am scared and dnt knw what to do
  208. Big Family & 1 Friend
  209. I have had enough
  210. My husband doesn't want too....
  211. Admit to feeling isolated
  212. Escaping from social anxiety feedback loops?
  213. What my brother is like
  214. The messages I'm not aware of sending around me
  215. Contacting my ex husband?
  216. My Crazy Sister and family......
  217. passive aggressive persecution
  218. Being accepted
  219. relationship issues
  220. Is it unreasonable to expect support from friends during a new business venture?
  221. How do people keep friends these days?
  222. My mom's loud voice and other stuff
  223. I need to do this before I go insane.
  224. Evaporating Friendships
  225. Problem's with Ex-husband and trying to move out
  226. Can two ADD people date if one is not managing it as well?
  227. do you think im to draining to be around unmedicated?
  228. Mom's snipey remark's
  229. Need help bridging the gap between my fractured family
  230. Meds are starting to ruin my relationship, advice?
  231. Has anybody found a solution yet ?
  232. Ahhh
  233. Need Advice about Mom situation, Or is it me?
  234. Ex-husband doesn't want to see kids, but his family wants too
  235. Ladies... Would you date me?
  236. Being Ignored, Invisible, & overtalked??
  237. I think My Friend Is Nuts, just a vent i guess
  238. Arrrgghh!!
  239. Separated
  240. Lack of motivation/direction causing problems with Girlfriend
  241. The Ex has moved on: bummed!
  242. Crazy high sex drive!
  243. I feel bad thinking this way
  244. Does anyone know me ?
  245. Living with another ADHDer: or, the Lord is testing me.
  246. Withdrawing from new romantic relationships
  247. Friendship Difficulties
  248. Does anyone else get told off like a little child by their partner??
  249. Staring/spacing out
  250. 'Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head...' My Heart Is Broken.