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  1. letting go
  2. ADD induced "emotional autism"
  3. chicken or the egg... my heart is an omelette.
  4. I Think He Has A Crush On Me
  5. Jewel Box of Sadness - There's Nothing Left Of Me
  6. Recently diagnosed and dumped. Need advice.
  7. Meds and Relationships
  8. How do I deserve to be treated?
  9. Get bored in Relationships????
  10. I want to crawl into a hole
  11. Heartbroken
  12. Why do I cause Drama?
  13. Need Opinions
  14. intimate troubles.
  15. Need your opinions, mostly girls, but guys can weigh in.
  16. Boyfriend doesn't get it
  17. Must be something in the water...WARNING - LONG
  18. Need some advice
  19. Confused about negativity. Is it me or them?
  20. Guaranteed 100% happiness in love!
  21. How you make your relationship WORK. :D
  22. My life is a nightmare
  23. Hopefully a lesson will be learned!!
  24. I need some advice.
  25. I just feel sad and a bit depressed
  26. relationships, social events, conversation with ADHD
  27. How can I make the most of my time with my dad?
  28. Partner does not trust me
  29. Embracing loneliness
  30. Outgoing Social guy with no friends
  31. Becoming an issue
  32. Bullying And Mental Health: Study Links Anxiety, Hyperactivity In Kids To Bullying
  33. Toxic family advice. Need you opinion chaps
  34. 'Men and Women Can't be 'Just Friends'
  35. People of the same sex annoying you?
  36. um...hello :)
  37. ugh
  38. Song
  39. People!!!
  40. Scared of being in a relationship
  41. I'm Just Going to Hurt Him
  42. Impulsivity making it hard to make or keep friends
  43. ADD and Facebook
  44. Does anybody else have trouble recognising faces?
  45. At Least We're In This Together
  46. I got a restraining order in place
  47. Insecurity & Jealousy in relationships. ADD?! Please help :(
  48. No real friends along the journey
  49. I like social interaction, but not close relationships
  50. Just crossed the last name off the list..
  51. Old crushes
  52. Need help for friend
  53. "I like the new, medicated you."
  54. Unintentionally offending strangers in public
  55. Looking for a friendly connection
  56. now accepting girlfriend applications
  57. Do ADHDers tend to marry later in life?
  58. Family vent
  59. hey y'all :(
  60. When is it time to cut the apron strings and how do you do it nicely? (long)
  61. Ruminating is ruining my relationships
  62. Patraeus problem
  63. I feel like a hypocrite.
  64. Hubby fed up of me again
  65. Juggernaut
  66. Online dating services?
  67. Feeling like talking to people but not knowing how
  68. How to Disclose
  69. A simple little social question. Need a Girls touch
  70. sticking to a relationship
  71. Beyond Porn - Is sex chatting/emails with strangers part of Adult ADHD?
  72. Breaking patient confidentiality, will the drama in my life ever end?
  73. Not approaching people
  74. A small challenge, ADDF really helped
  75. Has anyone here tried Okcupid online dating?
  76. Making friends as an adult.
  77. Rejected as a Person - how do deal with it?
  78. Girl Flew out from Virginia to see me
  79. The four agreements
  80. Re-Grieving
  81. Dealing with my family (long post)
  82. Girlfriend
  83. Guilt
  84. How to handle my brother while my dad lays sick hospital
  85. Baby's infancy passing without anyone seeing her (long post)
  86. Emotional responses that make no sense
  87. Therapy over mail
  88. Meanness
  89. People who say they have ADD and don't..
  90. Happy Birthday to a Father I Miss So Much
  91. Was I too harsh??
  92. Abusers Using Your ADHD/ADD as an excuse/trigger to Abuse You
  93. Whats my purpose for living?
  94. can some one please tell me why?
  95. trying to keep up with folks
  96. How to keep the irritation out of your voice??
  97. Social Anxiety helping with conversation?
  98. Emotional Love
  99. Friendship issues
  100. Harsh, hurtful words
  101. Why is tenderness so scary?
  102. What to seek/expect in couples counseling?
  103. I need an affectionate woman
  104. Is this really a friend?
  105. Aggressive and manipulative partner, how do I handle him?
  106. Figuring myself out
  107. question for the gentler sex
  108. Hoping for Some Advice Managing my Boyfriend/ADD/Medication
  109. Do you have a friend who tells you when you're screwing up socially?
  110. Are Women Bothered by Inexperience?
  111. blogging on here about parental issues
  112. A sucker for mean women.
  113. I actually did it!
  114. Social obligations - the boredom of it...
  115. What to do...
  116. I'm ADHD and he's Bipolar? What do I do about this situation?
  117. Uneventful love life, can't stop thinking
  118. Depressed? Or just realistic?
  119. Impulsivity in my choices/actions cause me to lie... help!
  120. Adhd and texting?
  121. What little things do girls find attractive?
  122. Struggling to balance setting boundaries and accepting people
  123. Watching a friend descend into her own private nightmare
  124. Living with someone with a mental/neurological disorder
  125. How do you deal with people who believe adhd is fake
  126. Why are men like this????
  127. Do you have family who you suspect have undiagnosed ADD?
  128. Just looking for some advice/need to vent
  129. I love my boyfriend to death, but man!!!
  130. What Should I Expect?
  131. Need advice about a family issue
  132. A friend has berated some ADHD kids
  133. Telling my family I have ADD
  134. How can I help now when all I've done is hinder? sorry it's long
  135. Feel locked out of social understanding...
  136. Need help asap
  137. I'm a pain in the ***. How can I change?
  138. messed my life up
  139. Stress on family relationships
  140. Taking a ****load of responsibility - My marriage depends on it
  141. How do I forgive myself? *A Bit Long*
  142. Donít understand why some people just never apologize
  143. OkCupid profiles
  144. Why do I do this?
  145. When to tell someone you are dating your disorder?
  146. I'm not a helpless child....have some faith, please?
  147. Almost caught up in a lesbian love affair
  148. Im in Love and im worried my adhd is faking me out again.
  149. how can i be supportive?
  150. Does anyone look at their parent and fear hurting their children?
  151. What am I gonna do without her? (kind of long)
  152. Dealing with parents
  153. what the f***
  154. one-sided, fair weather friendship ...
  155. do i tell him to go f**k himself?
  156. Damned if i do and damned if i don't
  157. My mom is depressed again
  158. Is the relationship failing or is it all in my head?
  159. My therapist, citing it as poetry, almost shed a tear reading my lyrics
  160. All day arguing?
  161. My EX and my daughter
  162. Concerta
  163. I think, I've made a friend
  164. Long term friendship failures
  165. Changing your mind about wanting to break up with your BF every 2 minutes?
  166. Does abuse = an abusive relationship?
  167. Cleaning struggles from having A.D.D.
  168. My trouble in deep relations lies in barely feeling people's emotions and thereby rem
  169. ADHD can be so hard :-(
  170. Mom came into my room once a year
  171. Break-up weirdness.
  172. not real
  173. To tell or not to tell?
  174. Abandonment issues?
  175. He really is a jerk. Not angry, just feeling aware
  176. Do you think as you get older it gets harder to find someone?
  177. Help understanding other people
  178. Relationship
  179. Fantasizing about friendships
  180. Buddy system to help ADHD?
  181. Advice please: Driving away new friends
  182. you have to stop protecting her so much(long)
  183. relationship problems cured by a weird book
  184. Ladies, I'd like your opinion
  185. Personal question
  186. Relationship - Problems after medication
  187. My husband won't back off when we're "in a mood."
  188. "Pressure" for relationships
  189. Marriage/Household peace issues--please help?
  190. My Partner has Bleeding Heart Syndrome!
  191. How do I deal with HIS procrastination? a rant..kind of long.
  192. subtler forms of abuse - please share if you can
  193. Sometimes being with people is like pulling teeth?
  194. Canceled plans
  195. Clever people needed!! How to surprise my boyfriend?
  196. Inattentive ADHD & Scarce Dating?
  197. Rejection
  198. I'm an idiot
  199. just not relationship material
  200. Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes
  201. May be my 'last' last chance....
  202. Testing People
  203. Do you Avoid or Actively Seek Out Social Interaction?
  204. Undiagnosed ADD - Lost my Love
  205. I wasnt excluded but I wasnt included either.
  206. I'm feeling social today but I don't have an outlet
  207. Please tell me if you think my mum is behaving unfairly
  208. Never thought I'd *hate* anyone but my ex
  209. Vent....Having a horrible day....can't stop crying
  210. Passing the Buck
  211. I need more friends
  212. I told a friend about my BP II diagnosis
  213. ADD like a roller coaster
  214. Need to vent
  215. Am I a spoiled brat or asocial?
  216. can you be in love with two people?
  217. Geesh, I goofed again
  218. Driving people away
  219. I'm Engaged
  220. Question for females on this board
  221. Question I think this would fall under social issues
  222. How do I deal with my parent's negativity?
  223. every break up the same?
  224. lonely
  225. When people ask "How are you?"
  226. ADHD as an excuse - just musing
  227. Anyone Else Say "I love you" too much?
  228. Father just called me ungrateful
  229. Please help!
  230. Feeling So Alone Right Now
  231. Need help to stop being rude/mean to partner
  232. Marriage counseling
  233. i left my girlfriend and i feel great!!!
  234. Comparing yourself to others
  235. I was called an OUTCAST???
  236. Pessimism and you
  237. Bored with my relationship...
  238. I don't think my spouse believes ADD is real
  239. The agony of family dinners
  240. Marriage crumbling
  241. Relationship Celebration
  242. Expressing Individual Opinions(Negative impact of filters)
  243. People discounting my ADHD
  244. Another dreaded conversation about "responsibilities"
  245. Argument with my Sister
  246. Attractive Couple Falling- Seeking advice
  247. Aggravated and Antisocial
  248. adhd and intamacy
  249. Newly diagnosed with ADD.. Social issues?
  250. I actually had a date....what?