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  1. A New Relationship With A Bipolar Guy?
  2. Rebuilding relationships with parents - need simple educational resources
  3. ADHD looking like passive aggression?
  4. ADHD and "the mid-life crisis"
  5. Paranoid stint is nearly over!
  6. come home at 5, cook regularly healthy food and get cbt sorted
  7. trouble with colleagues
  8. Being Me:The Dad, The Husband, The Income, The Smiles
  9. ADHD and getting bored in relationships?
  10. What to give the guy who has everything already?
  11. Feel like I've lost my humanity
  12. Anorexic Friend :(
  13. He thinks I am making it up (long, sorry)
  14. If I tell my SO about my deepest darkest fears, should it change anything?
  15. I like this girl, But she seems to be a little bit afraid of me?
  16. me understand NTs.
  17. Up and down emotions.
  18. Are you open about having ADHD?
  19. It was special while it lasted.
  20. should adhd'ers have kids?
  21. Suicidal loved one stopped going out in public.
  22. Treatment for ADD and sex addiction
  23. Keeping up appearances
  24. How old do you have to be to start calling "adults" by their first names?
  25. Anxiety, and Depression, and Addiction...Oh my
  26. Cuddling .....
  27. How to propose to girlfriend on her birthday ?
  28. Am I demanding too much
  29. First post, need to vent.
  30. in with the new and out with the old
  31. I was put on this Earth to get into arguements
  32. Caffeine and emotional numbness?
  33. Does being rushed or micromanged make you furious?
  34. Failing at life with ADD turned me into a people pleaser
  35. My dad won't stop calling me while I'm ******* working!!!
  36. Being a Drama Queen
  37. I am going on a first date tomorrow
  38. Do you feel stupid?
  39. Ideally, how frequently would you like to have sex?
  40. recovering from narcissitic mother
  41. My friend touches himself in front of me so...
  42. Living here is unbearable, need to move
  43. Wife seeing psychologist for "us"
  44. Facebook or no Facebook ? That is the question...
  45. Email procrastination- the bane of long-distance friendships
  46. Questions on Hallway Exchanges in the Workplace
  47. My boyfriends parents want him to break up with me. Heartbroken.
  48. withdrawing
  49. I don't understand!
  50. I Really Hate This .......
  51. Trouble With Friendships...
  52. I keep thinking about my ex
  53. She wants "Distance"
  54. Help with an apology letter
  55. Having NO friends!
  56. anyone almost get into a fight as an adult?
  57. Something Odd with my friendships
  58. Coming on too strong
  59. ignorance from the small minded
  60. Not getting attached to people?
  61. Lunch
  62. Constant damage to my relationships
  63. Inaction leads to a big mess
  64. I don't think my husband desires me anymore
  65. how can people talk so much???
  66. Feel like I've been walking thru a nervous breakdown
  67. Nagging ?'s and opinions
  68. Forgetting to tell people important things
  69. Update On One Sided Friendship
  70. I'm Unaware Of My Facial Expressions
  71. What am I doing wrong??
  72. My responsibility, My life, and ....
  73. My ex
  74. narcissistic SIL vs Me
  75. My b/f is a jerk
  76. Scared to go to church tomorrow!!
  77. part-time friendship
  78. Conciousness of me
  79. The "this happens to everyone!!" statement
  80. Absent Minded ???? Hmmmm?????
  81. Help. My husbands false accusations
  82. Life turned upside down
  83. ADHD and massive social deficits?
  84. functional definition of friendship-contribute if you have a friend
  85. How to move on from a lost friendship?
  86. Posting Again
  87. I guess I'm not the only ADDer in my family!!
  88. End of a long complex friendship?
  89. Break up after 5 years with a 2 year old daughter.
  90. Dating sites
  91. Different Voices?
  92. Girlfriend's snoring should be illegal
  93. Often been a third wheel ?
  94. Wow!!
  95. Do people find you weird?
  96. First date tips please?
  97. Ruminating over ex-boyfriend
  98. Am I alone with this one?
  99. Talked About Potential ADHD with my Soon to Be Ex
  100. My girlfriends dog is to much to handle
  101. I fear that my 2 year relationship may be coming to an end soon
  102. Recently diagnosed...getting my boyfriend to understand me. Advice?
  103. Miserable at home
  104. How to handle toxic people
  105. I feel like my life is falling apart.
  106. Acting like a little girl
  107. Making new friends as an adult
  108. My husband still doesn't GET it!
  109. Which works out better?
  110. Social skills or lack of...
  111. Telling your kids about ADHD
  112. Ending a marriage
  113. Unreasonable fear of making friends and associated boredom
  114. Exactly how normal is it to get bored of your mate with ADHD?
  115. What Do I Say ???? Oh Help !!!
  116. need some advice...
  117. Casual friendship to relationship advise?
  118. How to help people understand my behavior doesn't always reflect my personality
  119. I can't take it anymore...
  120. We're definitely on our way out
  121. need help with my gf
  122. Unhealthy attachment issues
  123. I guess, separation is always on our mind
  124. What is the best 'book' or 'model' on ADHD in it's myraid forms
  125. Motivation to save marriage
  126. Ever since kid got diagnosed and meds he's
  127. That paper stuff that does things - What works?
  128. Issues with confrontation continue
  129. love or lazy
  130. Got fired by my Doctor
  131. Dresses! ACH!
  132. Giving boyfriend advice to my teen!!
  133. adhd guy with adhd girl. Does anyone have adivce for this?
  134. What is normal?
  135. HP, family and individual therapy is saving our marriage
  136. Deleting her out my life.
  137. Tired of my family seeing the worst of me rather than the good
  138. ramble... depressed
  139. lunch w/girlfriend later & getting anxious!!
  140. Anti-social; I Can't Talk
  141. Tribute to loved ones passed away.
  142. I'm getting tired of the on again off again sh*t
  143. People pleasing
  144. Am I being irrational? (I swear she isn't taking responsibility for her own actions)
  145. depressed may lose kids
  146. Old friend messages me from out of the blue (LONG).
  147. Friends who cancel plans at short notice
  148. Broken heart here!
  149. 20 Compliments People want to hear?
  150. Increasing my concentration when people talk to me
  151. Marriage problems
  152. Well I did it!!
  153. Sex Drive Poll
  154. Just got kicked out of home. This has been a rough month...any adivce?
  155. Too energetic in a convosation
  156. How to make and keep friends?
  157. Return of the in-laws
  158. This song keeps coming in my head every time I think of certain person....
  159. Couples with 2 ADD people?
  160. I find it hard to form friendships
  161. Moving in with friends (possibly)
  162. Overwhelmed - spouse says I have nothing to be overwhelmed about.
  163. Let go, or fight for what I want
  164. Making eye contact
  165. She says "why wont you talk to me?"
  166. EMO IFIC! NOT!!! warning, life vests do not float when
  167. How to handle a poisonous family
  168. 23, it's a new year for me!
  169. The proof that I'm a disgusting freak
  170. My Mom, my brother.. their issues are going to send me to the nut house
  171. Secretive (but only with close relationships?)
  172. Relation with siblings who seem to be not interested in me
  173. Kick in the gut
  174. talked with ex gf,weird feeling
  175. limerence
  176. Something wrong with Social stuff
  177. My filter is still off...
  178. I'm angry..incredibly angry
  179. just not working with my parents, ready to stop trying and ignore
  180. Need to vent... I am so upset and useless and angry.
  181. do you ever find it hard to make friends? I do because it is hard for me to approach
  182. Think I found my niche group; musicians, music fans
  183. UPDATE to Moving in with friends (possibly)
  184. Smiling
  185. Emotionless?
  186. mood
  187. Girlfriend at the end of her rope
  188. better emotional control?
  189. How can I help my daughter?
  190. How do you manage to neither hurt yourself nor others?
  191. Another thread about social insecurity
  192. Long Distance + College + Intense study load = bad relationship?
  193. Feel like im having a nervous breakdown.
  194. My mother-in-law is actually pretty amazing..
  195. Dear Husband
  196. I feel like my life is falling appart again..
  197. 4 months of mooches robbing my dead husbands stuff
  198. BellaVita's Life Issues Stuffs
  199. My family just pounced on me
  200. Neighbors and baby talk
  201. Was blown away yesterday
  202. When you know someone doesn't like you, how do you deal with it?
  203. Is social withdrawal common in ADHD?
  204. play devils advocate?
  205. How to get through to dad without yelling?
  206. How do I tell my friend that I haven't done his work?
  207. Worrying to much about other people's feelings.
  208. disaster waiting to happen
  209. Love or OCD?
  210. So, so unexpected
  211. The scars from physical and emotional abuse-which are worse?
  212. cant make my wife understand
  213. My problem, my story, my desperate quest for help! ADD, Sexual Side Effects, & Meds
  214. Is your spouse/partner supportive?
  215. Letters from Mother (may have triggers)
  216. My perfect mate
  217. Looking for Some Help Coping with Something Terrible
  218. My Nephew
  219. Showed up blackout drunk and sobbing...
  220. the in laws.
  221. confusing friends
  222. My favorite moderator....
  223. Dialectical Therapy for ADHD Social Issues
  224. People don't like me unless I'm on adderall
  225. Is anyone else here "Non-binary", the same way as I am?
  226. Will my brain work when I need it the most?
  227. Guys, does this really happen? It's been haunting me
  228. AD/HD and Weight
  229. People love you until you become a burden…
  230. Is "clutter" an issue?
  231. Peace has nothing to do with others
  232. Struggling to find an open minded person
  233. Husband resenting me. So confused.
  234. Gave Up On Being A Girlfriend
  235. My Nana is 89
  236. Told my dad something I used struggle with
  237. Can't stop thinking about someone.
  238. should I feel gulty...or how should I feel...
  239. "Don't be a bully, Be a friend" Middle Schoolers Win International Award
  240. I am making my wife suffer
  241. How to approach my sister about her & her family's probable ADHD
  242. A small tentative discovery
  243. Growing into each other
  244. My parents want to take my child w/ADD b/c I have ADD
  245. Marriage and after the ah-ha moment of the right dosage of Rx
  246. Shifting feelings can't make up my mind !
  247. What do you all think about this website?
  248. My family is tearing me apart
  249. Dealing With Family
  250. A Question for ADDers Who Are in a Long Time Relationship.....