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  1. A Question for ADDers Who Are in a Long Time Relationship.....
  2. Commitment issues - is this ADHD?
  3. normally i'd dummy up and say nothing...
  4. I'm dependent on relationships
  5. How to help my boyfriend- long, sorry
  6. I am dating blind girl and i have a little "problem".
  7. questions about a girl
  8. I don't understand social habits (Venting!)
  9. My dysfunctional family strikes again
  10. Input from either genders appreciated!
  11. Sense of being completely different from other human beings
  12. curious as to when something is considered abuse?
  13. seesaw marriage
  14. Falling in love and dopamine
  15. Need to vent my relationships issues
  16. socially inept
  17. My day in divorce court....
  18. ADHD for two...
  19. What's your "type"?
  20. Competition?
  21. do women find nice guys creepy/boring ?
  22. Love bites
  23. I'm very grateful for facing an issue as, while...
  24. One of the most significant relationships, (on the edge of) ending :(
  25. single parents with no family raising kids??
  26. I want to date again
  27. 17 years ago, this week
  28. I just want my parents to care about me
  29. Social boredom
  30. Advice on how to support my bf with ADHD
  31. Trust Issues and Honesty with ADHD
  32. I am so insecure around my family
  33. I GOt Lucky and Learned This Many Years Ago......
  34. Riding the horse going in the direction of letting go and letting loose the stress by
  35. depression after sex.
  36. Living a solitary life outside of work harmful?
  37. getting talked down to
  38. Vent / Very sad about messed-up family
  39. Compulsive Lying is killing my relationship
  40. Have you ever been suspected of being on drugs or being drunk, when you were NOT?
  41. confronting my social phobia... again
  42. I just cant get over it.
  43. My social issues, please help
  44. Navigating couples therapy - does it always feel choppy
  45. Coming out
  46. I can't talk to my brother anymore
  47. Complete opposites, but not in a good way
  48. BOYS - What do your different glares/stares mean?
  49. Do you trust anyone?
  50. How can you tell if someone loves you
  51. I give up
  52. I need advice about getting my ex gf to understand my ADHD
  53. A fetish drawing me back into a sad lovestory
  54. My ADHD ruins my relationships
  55. New relationship
  56. Sex After Dexedrine: Is there coming back?
  57. I hate weekends
  58. ***Potential Trigger***My Boyfriend Thinks He's Fat
  59. Socialising is the worst pain ever
  60. ADD and marriage issues
  61. What's it like when an NT falls in love?
  62. Taking things out on family
  63. Is it you, me or ADD: book review??
  64. Help! How do I deal with a roommate?
  65. bad memory, can't remember names
  66. Another one gone, feel like doing stupid ****... Don't want to.
  67. I'm losing my only real-life friend
  68. Great article for those who know what motivates
  69. Is your ADD ruining your social life?
  70. 5 Things About Women: Insite For Men
  71. Girls, 5 Things About Men: Insight
  72. Do you need to give in order to receive?
  73. Hyperfocus and Dating
  74. I just can't speak to my parents
  75. Always having to explain/justify one's way of being
  76. How do I get my father to understand I am trying my best?
  77. Does anyone wonder if or why people love you?
  78. Can you modify your behaviour?
  79. Lez Do This. Emotional Intelligence Learning Tool.
  80. Conversation with (almost)NT' you all have this issue?
  81. Die
  82. Family gatherings
  83. I hate socialising... I'd rather have friends online!
  84. Terrifying Dream
  85. Please help! Im struggling. My relationship is failing because of my problems
  86. Need to stop nagging and negative!
  87. Need guy advice. This is kinda long. Sorry :-\
  88. Life as it has been..kinda long
  89. How To Get Over Him
  90. Do you often think people don't like you?
  91. At what point do you say it's enough?
  92. Maturity Leap
  93. 10 in 100 people in the Younger Generations are Narcissists
  94. I'm having a bad time. Sorry
  95. Salon article on AS dating
  96. Forced holiday socializing
  97. relationship advice and.would really like a females PoV
  98. Introverts - This is For You
  99. They don't seem to care
  100. some not so obvious relationship issues with us
  101. Are You Lonely?
  102. When Someone is Lying
  103. my ADHD clashes with my sisters OCD
  104. Do you feel a need to apologize?
  105. My Marriage...
  106. Single person rant (not too long!)
  107. There has to be a way out of this
  108. Hello and merry Christmas fellow add/adhd members.
  109. im single
  110. Bullying and some other examples
  111. Sharing a house with people with frustrating habits - vent
  112. This is ridiculous : confused by affection
  113. To Women with ADHD who love other women
  114. Thank This If You Remember NEVERMORE
  115. Supose this has been Asked before
  116. Tearing Up in Costco
  117. ***Trigger Warning*** Ugh! The Topic of Suicide
  118. So even when I do stuff
  119. Another huge argument
  120. too much cell phone use
  121. Friends
  122. Is there anything I can do to make this better?
  123. What We Do Not Know About Males
  124. How You Know Both of You Have ADHD
  125. Thought I had survived christmas
  126. Information for family members..?
  127. 'Culture' is run by those who are Sociopathic Narcissists and here's how ya deal
  128. What It Feels Like To Have ADHD
  129. My Grandparents Are Here
  130. Fighting with my ADHD dad
  131. your not ready
  132. Grumbling
  133. Will the resentment ever go away?
  134. Need help with emotional confusion and compulsive sexual outburst.
  135. Terrified of losing people/friends (abandonment)
  136. Re strategies for communicating with the NT world - anything work for you?
  137. Boyfriend Can't Stand it When He Recieves Criticism etc
  138. one sided coin
  139. Socially impaired somehow...
  140. Why won't he just let go?
  141. a vicious cycle of self deprecation
  142. Talks at Google
  143. Has anyone started ADHD meds and realized their relationship was abusive?
  144. Mending fences
  145. Rant: So upset post on a support site
  146. I feel so bad for my mother
  147. inability to say "I can't"/fear of making others angry?
  148. Reading between the lines
  149. Moving back with parents with my new diagnosis
  150. Does online dating work at ALL???
  151. Hyper Focus Ending or something worse?
  152. Life without over-concern with what others think
  153. Dad betrays my trust
  154. Farts & Relationships
  155. Ever discover you were offputting
  156. You'll need a special woman to cope with you
  157. Got married 5 months ago, wife wants to part ways.
  158. When your sig. other is completely anal retentive over minor details..
  159. Frustrated-boyfriend doesn't make sense
  160. What happens to people when love is conditional?
  161. Logistics, appointments and reassurance.
  162. Someone take my cell phone away from me geez
  163. Friend or foe?
  164. Deterioration of Friendship/My Experience with my ADHD Friend
  165. Taking offense
  166. Interpreting what others say
  167. Always Worried I'm a Pest
  168. Worrying Over the Past & Obsessing
  169. unsupportive family
  170. Anyone else go crazy in the absence of contact with loved ones?
  171. Adhd how to walk down hall crush??
  172. Politely getting out of a dinner party
  173. Periods of alienating myself due to not handling small frustrations well.
  174. I'd like some help over a bad break up. I need your support.
  175. How do you start talking?
  176. The familiar "new relationship" freakout -- inspire me with your success stories :)
  177. Is there a way to find peace.
  178. Adult ADDer, aging, misunderstanding father.
  179. He always has to be right....
  180. Dead, or just mostly dead
  181. Relationships and school?
  182. Being too blunt
  183. A rant in regards to that annoying question "how are you"
  184. What if nothing changes?
  185. Hmmm
  186. Pressure to Socialize
  187. can not settle down
  188. Help for trauma and drama
  189. Responding/reacting to verbalized feelings thoughts of ADHDers
  190. Telling former best friend that I am leaving
  191. ADD & Domestic Violence
  192. Partners with ADHD support thread.
  193. Nervous around girls??
  194. How do you listen?
  195. If you're dating...
  196. Is this my ADHD in action ??
  197. Why don't you like me? I'm nice.
  198. Kinda Don't Know What to Think .....
  199. Finding I can't rely on people
  200. boyfriend of a year has depression and s.a.d. wants to be single..for 2nd time.. help
  201. I didn't tell the truth.... why do they care??
  202. Medicated Mingling
  203. help me to get it right this time PLeasee
  204. Would you date me?
  205. Something Bout Love
  206. I don't think I want friends
  207. Just need to vent I am so frustratred!
  208. Treating people like hobbies...
  209. Any women in Sweden here?
  210. I mess up most of my relationships
  211. Bella Therapy
  212. Bad relationship songs
  213. I need friends to hang out with. I'm going stir crazy :(
  214. Just was told I'm socially awkward....
  215. What am I to do?? If I don't improve, he'll leave me....
  216. Name-Calling [the way it's said]
  217. Self-confidence and Co-dependency
  218. Touch Sensitivity
  219. Need help with emotions!
  220. Stabbed in the back, twice
  221. Attractive People and What's Normal?
  222. To be honest I think you're kind of fake...
  223. Pretending to be alright
  224. Still having problems with my friend
  225. Mom and Me
  226. Broken heart, and general ADD rant
  227. Do you feel like it's not enough? Life in general.
  228. I hate everyone around me.
  229. Idea
  230. Frustrated with boyfriend. Am I crazy or normal?
  231. Want one now ! too much to ask?
  232. I make my boyfriend and others feel unimportant
  233. Needing a break from a "bestie"
  234. WTF do I do now?(long, my apologies)
  235. Moving forward
  236. Here I go again...on my own
  237. Socially connecting never seems practical
  238. Parenting and Family Life
  239. ... and another argument
  240. I'm a husband beater
  241. Still a Virgin and in a Sexless Relationship
  242. Reunions
  243. A wish to be interested in other people.
  244. Annoyed with my parents (long stupid boring rant alert)
  245. Does it matter who is doing what to whom?
  246. Starting a conversation at the conclusion
  247. And another thing
  248. Super Sensitive to Tone of Voice
  249. With a bad guy you are ok....
  250. feeling socialy lost 911 help