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  1. i cant stop smoking and lying about it to my wife! please help!
  2. Advice on how to deal with a stubborn, impulsive, ADHD mother?
  3. How do you know when someone wants to be your friend or acquaintance?
  4. Feel like i'm drifting away from people
  5. Falling for Someone Else
  6. longdistance not going well and its all my fault!
  7. When your brain is silent, you should pay attention.
  8. Always finding yourself in the 'out' group
  9. Is it possible to "grow out" of someone?
  10. What is the purpose of a sig. other/spouse?
  11. Lasting friendships
  12. Get along with guys but no luck with women.
  13. Long for closeness, even hugs from strong men
  14. Ex boyfriend won't let me move on
  15. Do you or have you had, a good long term romantic relationship?
  16. First post: How does ADD affect your dating relationships?
  17. dealing with roommate issues
  18. Friends, evolution between 10y ago vs now
  19. It's ok to disgaree
  20. So she was cheating....
  21. Why do people you know for ages come out as gay then never speak to you again?
  22. My Wonderful Lady Moved On
  23. The thin line between helping and controlling
  24. I am one horrible ungrateful child on Mother's Day
  25. If your family is ADHD or such ...
  26. Happiness is....
  27. Lying
  28. Do I relinquish control
  29. Has anyone else thought being alone is best?
  30. Anti-depressants for my dating now?
  31. Arrogant trumpet guy!
  32. sone broke up with girlfriend
  33. My new bf
  34. How and what to tell kids about your condition?
  35. Naturally low sex drive in men?
  36. Improve Your Sex Life, ADHD Adults
  37. low sex drive in women
  38. Learning to rely on myself
  39. I'm in need of a little advice...
  40. I lose track of what to say in dating...
  41. Some friendships are just meant to be
  42. Playing hard to get
  43. Relationships and College
  44. What kind of people do you attract : Birds of a feather flock together
  45. The fine line between friends and acquaintances
  46. Are you more comfortable having close friends of the opposite sex?
  47. messy home anxiety
  48. Appearing ridiculous to others
  49. Angry all the time- no ritalin for a while
  50. Relationship Hug
  51. Communication
  52. Keep beating myself up about it
  53. Need some help - untreated adult daughter
  54. ADD throughout the lifespan
  55. On family issues
  56. please
  57. ADHD and social isolation/anxiety
  58. short, explosive temper
  59. My Last Supper - Paris & London baby !
  60. Being unapproachable
  61. I never know when to talk in social situations (Rant)
  62. travel together (I'm an idiot)
  63. Article: Why Don't Women Know What Men Find Attractive?
  64. Dating and Online Dating. What to disclose about ADHD?
  65. the second half of every year
  66. Been with him for almost two years...STILL lying, porn, etc..
  67. Pain from 1 year relationship...
  68. New here and need some advice/suggestions
  69. Me: 42 ADD inattentive Him: 42 depression He isn't happy....
  70. Family reactions to diagnosis
  71. Needing time away from immediate family
  72. Getting "followed" online by an ex
  73. Feeling jealous of successful, wealthy, non-ADHD girlfriend
  74. Looking for advice, and direction.
  75. Some people - friends - rant
  76. finally a diagnosis... now leave me alone???
  77. The Volcano Exploded
  78. Guy who has anxiety issues had a 1st date on Thursday night and has a question
  79. Others knowing you own a cat..
  80. how to deal with other people's denial?
  81. Sharing and confiding
  82. Saying Yes When I Want To Say NO!
  83. Vicious personal attacks, online
  84. looking 2meet adults with add adhd
  85. Hard-time building & maintaining Friendships
  86. so I took DH to therapy...
  87. Emotional mess!!
  88. Rant... Wife... what am i going to do with you?!
  89. Lonely in a busy World
  90. Attractions to other women.
  91. Spouse - ADHD is an Excuse
  92. Gay ADDers shout out and the straight friends of 'em of course :)
  93. Arrrgggg
  94. I'm a c***
  95. Wonderful Mess (long)
  96. Support by non-ADD family
  97. What do you do when your BF doesnt take your ADD seriously
  98. can i run away?
  99. Ashamed of my inability to be satisfied with my marriage
  100. Is my attitude toward my dad reasonable?
  101. Does your parent forget about vacation?
  102. Is it fair to asks for breaks, time-outs, leniency, etc?
  103. Need Advice/vent
  104. Is this a typical BPD behavior
  105. People talking to me
  106. Thank you all!
  107. The Studio Apartment Family
  108. Distracting Fantasies
  109. Coming over to other people
  110. The constant need for making someone realize they are wrongis it poss
  111. is anybody tired of being judged for being yourself?
  112. Extremely Proficient Social Skills but extreme anti-social behavior
  113. reframing loveability: please help!
  114. big clash with mil - should have run away
  115. Struggling family relationships
  116. I've left
  117. socially isolated
  118. Why I left
  119. What's the BEST thing you've done so far?
  120. Does this happen to anyone else?
  121. Ending of a crush
  122. Undecided
  123. Help with Twitter (anxiety about tweeting)
  124. Finding people annoying!!
  125. How to tell people that you have ADHD & how to keep friends.
  126. Full blown avoidant pd social paranoia 'attack'
  127. My bf just broke up with me because of my adhd.
  128. Found this article
  129. Is this possibly a trait of add/adhd?
  130. Private message/online social "order"?
  131. At last some honesty from a friend - done playing friendless victim
  132. I got thrown out of my Psych 101 class today
  133. that SUDDEN change when medicated?
  134. Attaching too much
  135. Being "mean"
  136. My friend's relationship problem
  137. Do you see ADHD/ADD in your parents or signifigant others?
  138. Hesitant, anxious and a bit of a wallflower
  139. responsibility for another living being
  140. Jealousy
  141. a *****ed situation
  142. my whole family is crazy
  143. Parental guidance
  144. Severe ADHD leading to kicked out of places - inadequacy, deep seated fear, terrified
  145. Being Social. How do you be social?
  146. I told her im gonna make it
  147. ADHD & morning crankiness?
  148. Question for younger members
  149. Any have a father with ADHD?
  150. 10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again
  151. cohabitation vs marriage?
  152. Something weirdish
  153. Connecting with strangers
  154. When is the best time to tell in a new relationship?
  155. Does being social make you guys exhausted?
  156. Disowning my family
  157. When do I tell someone I have a learning disability?
  158. Anything I should know right away?
  159. Could being stand-off'ish be a big reason why it's hard to make/keep friends?
  160. question for you all (it's meet the parents time)
  161. Why do some people like to put others down?
  162. Girlfriend leaving for college in less than a year
  163. Wish I wasn't alone
  164. Massive anxiety over upcoming conversation
  165. Two hours away from girlfriend
  166. Why won't poeple just talk straight?
  167. Telling your feelings without people calling you whiny
  168. Some people in the family can be mean
  169. Has anyone ever had friends/Significant others constantly bother you for your meds?
  170. Trusting your feelings???
  171. how to approach
  172. I feel a bit sick....
  173. when you know it's better to not speak
  174. Help! Crush on a guy who has ADHD....should I date him?
  175. Forgiveness and Moving On
  176. Straight talking advice please...
  177. I blew up again
  178. is my adhd ruining my relationship?
  179. "We liked you until we got to KNOW you!"
  180. Anyone, please read this
  181. Going home (escaping) from parties
  182. How to deal with people thinking I'm stupid?
  183. Pet peeves socially
  184. Outbursts of anger
  185. Self esteem and partner/spouse
  186. How to deal with impulsive speech?
  187. 'Romance'...
  188. You've just got to be friendly!
  189. Lack of ability to read social and emotion cues is ruining my life
  190. The flirt factor
  191. Inattention equals poor listener?
  192. Tramps like us baby we were born to run...
  193. A sense of inferiority.
  194. The orgasm....
  195. Share tips on healthy ways to express anger
  196. Arguments with other people
  197. Avoiding Social Interaction (and issues with social interaction)
  198. Rules for relationships and social issues
  199. Do you have a best friend?
  200. Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere
  201. when love and hate collide
  202. Short distance friends - sill not working !!
  203. Loneliness...
  204. Just had yet another fight with my mum
  205. Need some space in the AM.....or else
  206. Got a date, sh**ting my pants...
  207. Is there a way to have a normal social life?
  208. Xxx
  209. Release the Hounds...
  210. How do i stop staring at women's chests?
  211. is there a line between listening/support, and just constant complaining?
  212. Thought paralysis when talking to a girl you might actually like
  213. Meet someone new - trust 2 quick - saying things u shouldn't
  214. How do you romance?
  215. Unable to feel like I'm supposed too
  216. Where are all the weird people
  217. Feeling
  218. Mistrust of People
  219. Why do we constantly second guess/question ourselves an significant other?
  220. Do exes deserve 2nd chances
  221. Trying to pick a fight with someone for no apparent reason at all...
  222. Once your gone,you can never go back,when your out of the blue and into the black...
  223. waking up from this nightmare
  224. Roller coaster
  225. Does anyone really understand anyone? (A Rant)
  226. Is this weird
  227. Adhd lgbt?
  228. I am the worst girlfriend and it has nothing to do with my Adhd
  229. Mind Blown
  230. I just called my dad an idiot.
  231. Can ADHD make you say stupid stuff?
  232. Forgetting sensual experiences
  233. ADDI - how to increase self esteem in a relationship?
  234. I may have snapped a bit...
  235. Yoyoyo ! Nuffin' I can't handle but this srsly itches me ...
  236. Trying to integrate into society is exhuasting!
  237. Are family holidays really stressful for you?
  238. self medicating with strip clubs
  239. Why do alot of us get used and taken advantage of multiple times?
  240. How to avoid people...without COMPLETELY avoiding them? lol
  241. Need help: hurting someone's feelings
  242. Yikes! Need advice
  243. My husband is a drunk. What to do.
  244. Colleague terribly annoying
  245. No middle damn way : waltzed over or aggressing
  246. Question for those in long-term Relations.
  247. How can this happen?
  248. advice please...
  249. My mom is driving me up the wall
  250. Planning vs surprises