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  1. Planning vs surprises
  2. How do react when you notice
  3. I survived another Christmas!
  4. is anyone else not interested in making friends?
  5. Has ADHD destroyed your marriage or long term relationship?
  6. Is adderall making my boyfriend kinky?
  7. Roommate rant
  8. Attended two funerals missed the wedding
  9. At 24 yo - I've finally met her
  10. My big mouth!! and insecurities!!
  11. As I improve, might I outgrow my SO?
  12. Young man (28) needs life advice on handling crushes & relationships
  13. Anatomy of an online dating profile: ADD edition
  14. Am I a bully
  15. Where have you been? We miss you!
  16. I'm damn bored of my life because no social life, despite I have some good stuff
  17. An encounter with a BPD girl.
  18. Aren't I too old for this [s] ? [pun]
  19. Italkalot
  20. Pulling the trigger
  21. How to focus when you perceive more than you should?
  22. Some More Whiny Nonsense
  23. She stalks my posts then marries me
  24. Anyone have any dating tips?
  25. How did you meet your significant other?
  26. does anyone really want honesty?
  27. any way out?
  28. I need help
  29. when angry i would walk back and forth and stomp my feet
  30. Natural Aphrodisiacs
  31. Perpetuating a lie
  32. Why in poo's name can't I forget my ex
  33. The Female Orgasm !
  34. Boyfriend saying he is suicidal
  35. Lonely vs. Alone
  36. Steady as she goes Captain.
  37. A girl is interested in me (and vice versa). Need advice
  38. Can anyone truly "just be confident?"
  39. im in an odd postion
  40. super frustrated
  41. Sometimes's not NTs
  42. to share or not to share...
  43. Forever lonely
  44. Are the odds for happiness better if we never marry?
  45. I Recognize ADHD symptoms in my mate
  46. Finding consistency
  47. (im down at the moment) Big fight over nothing, all my fault i guess
  48. Marriage Crisis
  49. Striking out
  50. Need to know...seriously...
  51. i need help
  52. Cant seem to stay at home ( always on the go )
  53. dating troll
  54. Own worst enemy?
  55. The legacy of bullying / social rejection
  56. When your significant other takes their bad days out on you..
  57. Can you be compassionate and not care about certain people?
  58. Distracted by technology and relationships
  59. Just telling people you have difficulties paying attention
  60. Feeling Annoying
  61. ADHD Introvert and NT Extrovert
  62. When do you quit giving people excuses?
  63. I feel like a self centered jerk. Am I?
  64. Lifestyle change (i.e. being in a relationship) makes the symptoms worse?
  65. Set up for failure
  66. Ashamed about things from childhood
  67. How ADD Affects Your Relationship
  68. The Scapegoat Child
  69. frustrating
  70. Ever feel like punching people square in the face?
  71. No Happy Mother's Day
  72. Looking for suggested reading for my non ADD SO
  73. Social Skills and Support
  74. Depression and/or ADD in a new relationship - need advice
  75. Relationship and Parenting issues
  76. "There's someone out there for everyone"
  77. is it fair to tell people not to talk about certain topics?
  78. I read my husband's messages.
  79. Why don't people compliment each other more?
  80. To socialize is to tolerate discomfort (for me)
  81. Meeting people - already drained
  82. Things that make long lasting relationships - article
  83. Is Conversation Supposed To Be This Hard?
  84. How should we react when someone yells at us?
  85. My friend
  86. not having a lover while on amphetamine sucks?
  87. why is it so difficult to say no?
  88. Why do people go out of their way to ignore me?
  89. Facebook comment: how would you react?
  90. The expectations of success and the reality of failure
  91. How to be more chill when your partner comes over
  92. I don't know how to be perfect
  93. Rough news
  94. The balancing act of detaching
  95. What people say about us
  96. That Best Friend (Problem)
  97. When both partners have ADHD.
  98. Meds, Dates, ADD & Narcolepsy
  99. When you are the adhd'er in a dual adhd relationship.
  100. Family has run its course
  101. When socially 'intimidated' - trying to 'please'
  102. How do you feel when someone tells you "I miss you"?
  103. Husband doesn't want me to be treated for ADHD, thinks I can just change on my own..
  104. Low(er) emotional investment/input
  105. Rant: Not putting up with anything from anyone anymore
  106. Having a voice in a group
  107. Alcohol was the solution
  108. How to help partner understand
  109. Very upset. ADD maybe ruining my marriage
  110. Adhd and the partner who doesnt get it- its not ok.
  111. Stop telling me to stop thinking #&
  112. Special, deep connections
  113. Socially awkward, supposedly
  114. Using jokes to convey/diffuse serious concerns
  115. The brother I've never had
  116. How did you guys managed to get married while having depression?
  117. Apologising
  118. Who besides me avoids social situations because of AD(H)D?
  119. 20 years
  120. Need tips dealing with *talkers*
  121. Not knowing that all others see are my actions
  122. Unjust, so ****ing unjust
  123. Guy stopped misbehaving because I remained so polite
  124. Suffering to be more like NTs
  125. Roommate infuriates me with this behavior!
  126. ADD Boyfriend & Anxiety Girlfriend
  127. I don't know what to do anymore
  128. ADD Wife Extremely Slow
  129. Random feelings of hatred towards certain animals
  130. I need a little advice.
  131. Having Kids
  132. (My story): Spirits shot down again; again an outlier.
  133. Poisoning the forum
  134. Do you greet people before talking to them?
  135. Name one thing every woman wishes their man knew
  136. Unable to focus because I'm SO impatient
  137. Double fun or avoiding "normal" people?
  138. Is it just me?
  139. Forced artificial polite behaviour
  140. Realizing You Were Never Loved
  141. Question (Possibly a result of ADD)
  142. Explicit and precise speaking
  143. Anger issues (fuming and exploding)
  144. Help I am addicted to Humans.
  145. Do you feel you're more enlightened because of ADD and intuitive?
  146. Rebuilding Social Skills
  147. Very calm then small things set me off
  148. Good weekend (Thrilled when they visit, happy when they leave)
  149. Name one thing every MAN wishes their woman knew
  150. How to Love Myself
  151. I finally have a date
  152. The Ask Men Or Women About Relationships Thread
  153. Relationship/openess
  154. Name Something Surprising that Someone Didn't Know about the Opposite Sex
  155. Can't stand unnatural people
  156. Small talk becoming stressful / overwhelming ?
  157. Friends & Family
  158. This made me lose so much faith
  159. HELP! Im Completely lost :( ~Seeking
  160. Confused and indifferent
  161. Stepdad called me a 'wimp' when girls passed by
  162. Can anyone give relationship advice?
  163. Adderall & Sex. Help!
  164. Would you call upon parents' inconsiderate word choosing, years later ?
  165. Is It Lying?
  166. I keep breaking up then regretting it. Please help
  167. When Someone Won't Admit They're Wrong
  168. Roommate advice needs please!
  169. Fell in love with best friends girlfriend
  170. I constantly mess up every social situation ex.1
  171. Anyone else have a parent with ADHD that denies it?
  172. When women stalk !
  173. Attachment, obsessive thoughts and Emotional problems with ADD
  174. Good reactions to critisizm
  175. Do you always have to explain yourself or what youre doing?
  176. What's the point in cheating?
  177. Politely declining contact
  178. Is it Me or My ADHD?
  179. So long bro, will miss you
  180. Am I to blame for every problem?
  181. Never let a person with Anger Issues drive...I learned the hard way
  182. Someone's upset you. How to explain without being dramatic ?
  183. Too many perspectives on being unreasonable (or not)
  184. Learning to be gentle
  185. When people finish your sentences
  186. Whiny Post About Work/Relationship
  187. How to maintain long term relationships?
  188. getting into a relationship
  189. ADD person with a tranquil partner?
  190. Help, I become a jerk when my medication wears out.
  191. No one has the power to invalidate you
  192. Navigating the Hellidays Through the Eyes of Trauma
  193. Of human relationships
  194. What are Social Cues?
  195. Condescending Phrases
  196. Random question: Relationship w/women who work in clinic?
  197. New Relationships
  198. Love and "Friend-Zoning"
  199. Apologizing is good, knowing when enough is enough is too
  200. Family awkwardness over guardianship
  201. Online dating advice
  202. People always have to point out our screwups but never their own.
  203. You all must remember that most people especially nowadays are mean, nasty and cruel.
  204. "You only tease the ones you love"????
  205. People who interfere with your search for romance
  206. Making a choice
  207. Newbie
  208. Making peace with a girl from HS
  209. Hyperfocus on people
  210. First since 8 years
  211. been hyperfocusing on school, need advice on how to get my first kiss. 25 yo female.
  212. Friends and adhd
  213. Help me help my mother
  214. Breaking up
  215. Are you having problems to expressing ur feelings and thoughts too?
  216. Is my GF asking for too much ?
  217. What makes a good life???
  218. Help me with my mom
  219. Ever lose yourself in understanding others ?
  220. When to let people know about weaknesses
  221. Moving away from friends.
  222. Does your social life seem to crumble after years of doing good?
  223. Did anyone else's parents compare you physically to other kids?
  224. Attaching (too) easily
  225. I know that I'm mentally defective...
  226. ADD partner more loving one?
  227. Are we targets for controlling bullies in relationships?
  228. Respect vs Communication
  229. Friendly reminder to NEVER try to change who you are in order to appease those whom..
  230. 11 year relationship over - please help...!
  231. HELP! I'm Burning Every Bridge in My Life.
  232. I don't think I'll ever find a woman who'll be able to deal with my weirdness!!
  233. Living alone or with others?
  234. Wish there was a "boot camp" to where I can work on my "social quirks".
  235. Love, the most incredible feeling in the world?
  236. Foot and Mouth Disease (Boy don't I have that big time!)
  237. People can be so predictable
  238. Female friend helped me
  239. Compliment??
  240. Being Free, Trusted, Attraction, and how it is different
  241. Going to change my social self. A lot, actively.
  242. Slow Brain Effecting My Relations and Life?
  243. Would you tell someone if their partner was cheating?
  244. A guy and I can't think clearly again
  245. 19 vs 25 emotions
  246. Straight up, need suggestions
  247. Going Down: The Rabbit Hole
  248. Have you ever dated Someone with ADHD?
  249. add is messing up my relationship
  250. Are you viewed as a 'character' ?