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  1. Inattentive ADD/Chronic Fatigued type here having to deal with Hyperactive ADD types.
  2. The older I get, the less I want to tolerate people
  3. Romance & Broken Relationships
  4. On the subject of patience
  5. Situation with parents-not ADD related
  6. To date someone who also has ADHD...
  7. How do you deal with being 'marginalized' by people?
  8. Some people offend me and about that "don't worry be happy"
  9. Caring about people and what they think
  10. Why Trust Is Important (myths, jealousy, openness)
  11. Moral code: inherent or learned? Nature or nurture?
  12. So you don't have adhd and I do. It doesn't mean a relationship with me is pointless
  13. Relationship rebuild
  14. Transition anxiety causing problems with spouse
  15. Love hate relationship with mother
  16. The Finest Representation of Aspergers That I Have EVER Seen.
  17. Staying away from people who lack compassion for your ADD
  18. Need tips on ending conversation and walking away
  19. Toxic people who always compare themselves to others
  20. Condescending People Magnet
  21. can we make ourselves invisible ?
  22. I dont have friends
  23. Trying so hard to be friends
  24. Let ex back in my life or not?
  25. Bf possibly has ADHD too?
  26. Mental barriers
  27. Expectation hurts
  28. Talking to people
  29. Waiting 10 minutes for a text
  30. Dating someone you are not attracted to
  31. Do you tell a person you think they have a personality disorder?
  32. Boyfriend with ADHD broke up with me.
  33. Vent!! Daughter's first haircut didn't go as planned...
  34. Can't deal with these people
  35. Helping is awesome, not wanting anything back
  36. Fading
  37. Disregard instead of reward for coping
  38. Depressed...?... maybe...?
  39. I must apologize
  40. Learning to Trust Other--What Is This Kind of Work?
  41. drawn like a magnet to someone with a distorted view of reality
  42. Difficulty finding someone...
  43. 2 Year Break Up, Food for Thought
  44. That's what I get
  45. Do you explain yourself ?
  46. Noticing when someone is wearing you out
  47. How can I say "no" nicely
  48. i made my boyfriend late for work
  49. Maybe one day I will learn
  50. We're people, not machines
  51. Divorce due to personality changes upon taking Adderall
  52. Goals in relationships
  53. I may have killed relationship because I tried to help with her son's ADHD. Urgent.
  54. Loneliness, no friends?
  55. Are you the person who defends others and wishes sometimes others would defend you?
  56. I'm a misanthropist, I hate being around people, feel happy being around less people
  57. Can you get very suspicious
  58. The best tactic in delivering a message
  59. Social Wreck
  60. How do you define a simple question?
  61. Have not been in a relationship for about 10 years now.
  62. Confronted what I thought was abuse - proud as an adult !
  63. Not feeling loved or liked
  64. Friend seems to dislike me
  65. Hurtful Words because of Impulsive Mouth
  66. Wedding Vows
  67. Knights of the round table - witnessing abuse
  68. Only one from church small group not invited to wedding
  69. It is a bad idea to mention ADD in my dating profile?
  70. Problems with maintaing Relationships and/or Friendships
  71. Social Delays and Stuff
  72. i think im in love with my shrink
  73. She says 'no worries' but hopes I care
  74. Pastor telling me not to be offended at not being invited places
  75. Apologies and stuff going on with me...
  76. Friend hid Facebook post from me
  77. I'll be honest here, I'm afraid of intimacy and being in a relationship.
  78. struggling to find a relationship: ADHD, or just shy?
  79. social responsibility vs full disclosure
  80. The final push to let go
  81. How does ADHD affect you socially with relationships, friends etc.?
  82. Overworked situation
  83. Friend at church ignoring me when I say bye, says hi in rude tone
  84. Being married with AD/HD
  85. Guy hitting on my girlfriend as soon as I turn my back
  86. Is Truth wrong or right honesty is confusing me
  87. Friend hid yet another status from me
  88. Im su ugly, I cant be afraid to be beautiful
  89. Why do I always RUN AWAY?
  90. How can you explain sensory overload to friends ?
  91. Boyfriend is Angry at every little thing. I can't help him anymore.
  92. Worried that I'll never find someone
  93. Need some insight on denial
  94. Online friendships/relationships, internet use
  95. I feel alone, but I feel its hard to reply !!
  96. Not caring about an intimate female relationship
  97. Which one you prefer , a different or a similar ?
  98. I need help to save my relation w my old man
  99. Constantly torn between parents' and my needs
  100. ADD and marriage problems
  101. What was your relationship with your father like during your childhood?
  102. My dysfunctional family
  103. Childhood abuse
  104. I'm tired of being treated by people as if I have leprosy.
  105. Explosion with an ex might keep me out of nursing school
  106. Girlfriend with ADD ignoring me
  107. flustered when others become emotional about me
  108. Strong delay in socializing
  109. Death (not mine)
  110. Do you assume people hate you before they even get to know you?
  111. My spouse doesn't GET me!!!!!
  112. Women.
  113. i think my bf got sick of me
  114. GF dumped me because I take anxiety/ADD meds (need to vent / rant)
  115. Is he ghosting/disinterested or his adhd?
  116. Not one of the guys
  117. bf yelled at me for venting
  118. 21 years.
  119. Demisexuality - other sexualities - support thread
  120. Where do you meet your pals?
  121. not sure its ADHD related but
  122. Does anyone else suffer from Love Addiction??? Ties to ADHD?
  123. I really don't understand men
  124. All about saying sorry?
  125. Roommate issues
  126. How to survive as an introvert in an extroverted world?
  127. Communication issues: ADD & Asperger
  128. As a child, were you "mature" for you age?
  129. Attracted to other people with ADD and/or Asperger's?
  130. I want a relationship but at the same time am afraid of it
  131. ADHD is Ruining Everything
  132. Ruined my friendship (Not sure if ADHD helped)
  133. Where did I go wrong?
  134. If I ever want to be in a relationship ever again, I better..
  135. Drunken behavior gets on my nerves
  136. Is this ADD, anxiety, or PTSD?
  137. Dealig with Overbearing Brother I Live With
  138. Medication helped me see I was in a dysfunctional marriage
  139. Struggling in my relationship
  140. internet & online friendships
  141. How common is experiencing abuse?
  142. Adhd ruining everything in my life and im at a loss to stop it.
  143. when you can't look at yourself
  144. A Word
  145. Questioning whether or not I should break up with my boyfriend...
  146. Resentment towards my parents. Was I abused? Or am I a bad child?
  147. I think that I'm undateable.
  148. Partner talking too much!
  149. Meeting someone after 30
  150. making people upset and frustrated with me
  151. I'm in a bus, describing my handicap
  152. Hyper-Motivated friend gets me down.
  153. Can't seem to participate in discussions or have great conversations
  154. pushing people away
  155. How to handle snobby/rude/condescending people over the phone?
  156. Do you resent society for changing you?
  157. Why can't I stay in relationships?
  158. Sex, boredom and marriage
  159. Nothing works out for me
  160. Emotional issues and issues with parents
  161. Anger and repeating myself
  162. Meeting someone after divorce Been divorce for 4 years
  163. Is hard to date when I have ADHD and my son has autism
  164. I just need to be good enough to me
  165. Not sure whether to let him back into my life or not
  166. Best friends growing apart
  167. Nobody will ever want me
  169. Life and relationships overwelming?
  170. HoW to help someone with depression and anxiety
  171. Coming on too strong and wanting things too fast, too soon
  172. Mind Blank during speaking
  173. Leaving the past and relationships behind
  174. Kids with three different women
  175. Rejection-Sensistive Dysphoria (RSD) Fluffing Stinks
  176. Always alone
  177. Seeing Old Friend - Happy to See Him But Then Feel Depressed
  178. I don't know what to do next
  179. Motivated by good?
  180. Parents that require care
  181. My mom: the queen of bluffing
  182. Troubles in 2016 caused our brake-up. I'm still fighting for her since 5 months.
  183. How to tell someone they've out stayed their welcome?
  184. Social skills getting in the way of hobbies?
  185. Male lack of emotional involvement.
  186. Former relationship is now more former, have to vent / would like advice
  187. Having a pity party.
  188. How to not fear for loved ones' health or worry about their deaths?
  189. The big reason why many of us don't seem to have social lives is because..
  190. Did I break up with him for the wrong reason?
  191. Anxiety from relationship break-up.
  192. Think my boyfriend has ADHD
  193. Heart and head?
  194. It is a Miracle ......And Far and Away the Best Thing That has Ever Happened to Me
  195. Apologies...Who, When, Why, How?
  196. Questionable behavior from my father.
  197. the illusion of being together
  198. Is it adhd or is he just not interested?
  199. Rant on my parents..
  200. Going out there in the world I subject myself to humilation on a daily basis.
  201. Flirted with a woman yesterday mid 20s
  202. Meeting people at work
  203. Love language?
  204. Early Memories of Warmth and Safety Scale
  205. Break Up
  206. Conversation with my dad
  207. How to overcome social issues
  208. His erractic Behavior left me confused, triggered him,ADHD related or something more?
  209. This guy I like
  210. Knowledge of relationships triggering poor mental health
  211. Sexual Satisfaction in Relationships (split from Knowledge of relationships...)
  212. My loved ones get frustrated with me
  213. ADD couples
  214. Why does it have to be this way
  215. My oversensivity is ruining my relationships :(
  216. TV and other background noise...
  217. Good songs to apologize...?
  218. Tired of loosing friends :(
  219. Establishing my ground rules
  220. Bored with being bored of friends
  221. Seeking help connecting with siblings
  222. Sexual harassement or just trouble embracing diversity?
  223. How can someone know if they crossed the line from curiosity to creepiosity?
  224. A bipolar and a borderline get in a circle.
  225. Mean comments from my spouse
  226. Knowledge Retention, Intelligence Insecurities, Conversations
  227. Take Vyvanse on "date"?Male here
  228. You and your spouse have ADHD - have you filed taxes from 2014 yet?
  229. Hyperfocus on the past
  230. Single and confused.
  231. Love, and respect
  232. resurrecting friendships after self isolating
  233. How many people can someone like at once?
  234. Forgetting Promises in a Relationship
  235. Obsessing over people, putting them on a pedestal
  236. Endless saga of Willow's dating life: in which we meet a ?video game addict?
  237. Is this a crush or is it imaginary?
  238. The single life sucks being adult with ADHD it doesn't help
  239. Overcoming not being good enough for a woman
  240. Incapable of love?
  241. verbal diarrhea
  242. How intense is an ADHD crush ?
  243. ADHD stigma and labeling
  244. First impressions of others and thinking they're something they're not
  245. What's the difference btw Flirt and Relationship ?
  246. Two ADHD partners? Can it work?
  247. Things vs. people.
  248. Bad relationship with parents
  249. Do You Find Yourself Drawn to Emotionally Unavailable People?
  250. Does a dating profile without a picture have any chance ?