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  1. Oh, no...revealing ADD to parents
  2. One of my best friends I believe has ADD
  3. Does having ADHD hurt a new relationship?
  4. When you fall into a rut
  5. should I tell him?
  6. It's been a while ..........
  7. Singles in 30's, can u relate?
  8. Definate Social Issue
  9. Will we know if we really found that person?
  10. Boyfriend with ADD (help me)
  11. Am I Totally Insensitive?? Please...
  12. ADD and relationship issues
  13. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Adults with ADD - non-social AND social butterfly?
  15. Adults with ADD, how do you pick yoursellf up AGAIN and brush yourself off
  16. I'm not shy after all--I just don't know how to talk.
  17. An important note....
  18. Adult ADD and trouble making friends
  19. question about my girl
  20. I'm PO'd--back stabbing ingrates!$%^
  21. Romantic Love, is it real?
  22. I've been given the Treatment...
  23. Recently Diagnosed and Separated
  24. Invisible?
  25. Letter to Doug
  26. Gah... The dreaded "Friends" thingy
  27. I Am Afraid To Be In A Relationship With Anyone
  28. Free Online Articles On Relationships For Older and Young :)
  29. Where to go from here
  30. Is it just me?
  31. Does anyone else bare their soul to EVERYONE they meet?
  32. Custody of the kids?
  33. Are people w/ ADD more needy/dependent
  34. People with A.D.D. more passionate lovers? And yet can't communicate that love?
  35. How would you interrpret this ...
  36. freindship and add
  37. Dating an Adult ADD
  38. Sat. Night Date-Last minute help please....
  39. Am I wrong for this
  40. Aggression and anger!!!!!!!
  41. Is husband ADD?
  42. Is it Too Late To Repair Friendship??
  43. Why did you take the first step????
  44. Thanks everyone
  45. I really need help!
  46. Adult ADD and Closeness
  47. New to ADD with an unsupportive wife..
  48. My girlfriend won't let me take my ADD meds :(
  49. Single with ADD/ADHD...Come on in!!
  50. Are adults with ADHD loners?
  51. Tendency to rely on others without ADD.
  52. over-sensitive space cadet
  53. No clue how to fix myself
  54. Why is a great guy like me still single? Find out now!
  55. How to Spot an Abuser on Your First Date
  56. How To Spot An Abuser - For Men
  57. Poll: Adult ADD relationships. Is your partner ADD or not?
  58. Passive, quiet, withdrawn
  59. Research:ADHD and Intimacy
  60. ADD & Getting Along With Others
  61. How do you tell if you've been single to long
  62. Impatience and the dateing game on the NET
  63. The guilt of not being like the other wives!
  65. Books - Relationships and Adult ADD
  66. I need my wife to feel welcome here.
  67. Detaching With Love
  68. Interesting Thought-Are We Victims?
  69. How much should I give to friend who is getting married
  70. Am I, or are we, too Bold in the Dating Game?
  71. READ ME FIRST!!-ADHD Basics-What Everybody Needs to Know In Relationships/Social Iss.
  72. Unexpected reaction from hubby/housekeeping skills
  73. Fast Divorce
  74. International long distance relationship with man who has ADD
  75. Rumors?
  76. Problems with Sociopaths
  77. Relationships between ADD and Non-ADD: How communication and understanding fails
  78. Newly diagnosed ADHD - Answer to relationship issues???
  79. Friends with ADD
  80. add affairs
  81. Does This Sound Like Anyone? Help
  82. The Men With ADD Calendar
  83. Is there anyway to make my husband understand???
  84. Relationship heading in wrong direction
  85. Scared I'm Going To Lose A Friend...
  86. Problems With Dating/making Friends
  87. old hippies and neil young/I am ADD
  88. Boundaries and Definitions for Relationships
  89. IS ADD/ADHD an dealbreaker?
  90. Support needed
  91. Ranting....
  92. Social relating...
  93. Great, and hilarious movie to watch!
  94. Nervousness
  95. Do I tell her ?
  96. What's the rush?
  97. What should I be looking out for?
  98. ADD & Communication
  99. cherry more for the road........and CSI
  100. Placebo Effect??
  101. The Number People - Huh, What's that?
  102. How do you deal with resentment in a relationship
  103. Need help making friends and turn friendship into romantic relationship
  104. A Secret Gift
  105. ever feel isolated from people ?
  106. Words of Confusion:Love
  107. NPD (Narcissist)/ ADD Binary relationship
  108. Friendships
  109. Living back home for the summer
  110. Cheating Husband
  111. Fear of...& How Much Does It Stop Us From Being Who We Are...
  112. Work: when is it interfering with family life?
  113. Difference between hearing & listening-the choice
  114. informal poll. Do you feel isolated from other people ?
  115. Troubled, confused, now what?
  116. My Thoughts
  117. More words of confusion: Friends
  118. A Mayonnaise jar and coffee:
  119. Mixed Messages Perceived
  120. Adhd,add and sexulaty
  121. ADD: get along better with ADD or Non-ADD people?
  122. no desire for friends
  123. how do YOU make friends?
  124. Women, marrige, kids, arrrgh! Warning, rant ahead!
  125. ADD and making and keeping friends
  126. Difficult, Perfectionist Person
  127. Wild in the morning!
  128. Tips for resolving conflict online
  129. What's the Rush -> Why the wait?
  130. How Do I Stop From Hurting My Boyfriend?
  131. overthinking
  132. bonding with minorities
  133. Did I do something wrong?
  134. anam cara - "soul friend"
  135. had therepy today
  136. Do you look *at* or look *along*-Perceptions on truth and reality
  137. I canít be patient anymore!
  138. Help needed with Non ADD Husband
  139. Forgetfulness makes us bad at connecting w/ ppl?
  140. good judges of character
  141. ADD and Seasons
  142. Spouse just doesn't want to be bothered anymore
  143. ADD and your image
  144. Anyone else emotionally oversensitive?
  145. No family support
  146. adhd and relationships
  147. Social Success & ADHD
  148. ADHD is psychobabble BS
  149. using ADHD against a married person
  151. Maybe i should ask for some input on this
  152. "I'm sorry".....just two words?
  153. Do you have a closet?
  154. ADD/HD and Marital and Family Relationships: A Preliminary Study
  155. How do you help someone who doesn't want help...
  156. Please help
  157. living on a different planet?
  158. In need of someone to talk with
  159. Do u tell your bf/gf that u have ADD?
  160. *not saying* appropriate things
  161. Who Am I
  162. Questionable Friendship?
  163. ADD, grief/string emotions and relationships
  164. Behind Closed Doors...I'm Real
  165. Is there anything I can do to make things better?
  166. Problem...
  167. Good succinct info for parents of someone with adult ADD?
  168. How do u tell him?
  169. lonely ADD male seeks a female friend
  170. Looking for (a) girlfriend(s)
  171. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO family support at all!!!!
  172. Confusion in friendship...HELP!
  173. Happy marriages
  174. Truth, Lies....and Blurting
  175. Over analyzed by nonAdder's.
  176. Add Relationship Types/styles
  177. If you believe in fairies, you'll believe in anything.
  178. Afraid of Getting Involved....?
  179. Single ADHD'er
  180. As an ADD person which would you prefer...
  181. Got brass in pocket.
  182. ADD, depression, anxiety - or am I just selfish?
  183. It's a party!
  184. ADD and personal ads...
  185. Feelings of Isolation ?
  186. Can I please get a hug?
  187. The meeting..........
  188. OK..that's it!! I'm getting a social seeing eye dog......
  189. The proverbial "different drum beat"~ Testimonial
  190. I'm Feeling Better!
  191. laughing out loud....... or behind your back
  192. caliber,merit, excellence
  193. little days
  194. I'm wearing my wife out. (And not in a good way)
  195. Feelings?
  196. Slaying the Paper Dragon
  197. How can i deal with moods and R/S issues
  198. Conflict Resolution
  199. Someday I may believe that I am appropriate for sociaty. Until then, I will be conten
  200. I love you Stephanie
  201. Small Talk
  202. All right,Im fessing up
  203. stressed ???
  204. feel weird, inadequate, stressed, out of place in a farmers world
  205. relationship between ADD spouses/partners
  206. Just a thank you for all your support
  207. Seasonal Personality
  208. feeling like you are in a fog???
  209. what's next?
  210. Getting family support....
  211. how do add-ers know when they are in love...
  212. ADD & open relationships ???
  213. ME!!! I have what ?
  214. How can I get my nonADD partner to understand me?
  215. Why do some maintain relationships with those who won't accept their ADD?
  216. Im becoming a hermit again.
  217. NEED advice in regards to a question I need to ask TONIGHT!!!!
  218. I'm so tired of the same old crap!!!!!!!!!
  219. "... I just can't do this anymore... "
  220. Im baaaaaaaaaack!!!!
  221. Weird
  222. feeling so alone in this world
  223. Can we blame ADD for the past?
  224. ADD or "just plain mean?"
  225. Who here on this forum is single?
  226. Frustrated and scared - don't know what I'm doing.
  227. Lonely life
  228. Set Me Free
  229. Social Skills
  230. I am a little shocked
  231. Is love/relationships a 'fad' for ADD'ers?
  232. Need advice on expanding my circle of friends and Dating.
  233. Lost need help please!!!
  234. ADHD-I and forced introversion
  235. Three's a Crowd
  236. Please Advise and Help Give Me Some Insight
  237. Friend turned is good..
  238. Self Centered (not centered..mind you..) people
  239. HELP!
  240. Living with an over social friend
  241. There is hope: my happy story of love/bestest friend
  242. "Blond" Moments
  243. Can't ever get things to work out
  244. need help bigtime... re: emotional abuse + manipulation
  245. What do you do when..
  246. avoidant/procrastination
  247. The fear of being alone...
  248. Smoothing over an abrasive personality
  249. The most emotional art I have ever seen
  250. Adder: Sadness, loneliness, what?!