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  1. Love my wife and kids but....
  2. Loneliness
  3. how adhd is affecting my relationship
  4. Theory of Mind and Empathy in Children With ADHD
  5. How to find out if he likes me?
  6. How do you let go of resentment?
  7. Do you feel ignored here on addforums
  8. Adhd or just me being stupid?
  9. New relationship trust issues
  10. I forgot my money for Disneyland
  11. Tables Turned
  12. Nothing that unique; just need to vent
  13. How to Make a Girl Feel Wanted
  14. Apathy and Weird Social Behaviour
  15. Advice on sharing ADHD diagnosis with with husband and family
  16. i often think about being ill
  17. A new opinion on SCT and why it should be named something else.
  18. 22 years today
  19. received somewhat nasty letter from my neighbors.....
  20. The struggle of connection..
  21. Conversations
  22. Terrified to live with my ADHD spouse again..
  23. Emotional. Resilience
  24. ADHD Medication & Romantic Interest
  25. Endless saga of Willow's dating life: 4? Bipolar!
  26. I'm "not putting any effort" into seeing my friends, apparently
  27. Gf moving out today
  28. Frustrated
  29. Other people's anxiety
  30. Friendships are hard
  31. Constantly bored by my girlfriend
  32. A very long vent about marriage and dating (read if you dare)
  33. I'm so triggered by everything
  34. referring to people as "crazy"
  35. Dating in 2017 seems impossible, Staying in bad situations to avoid fresh rejection
  36. How do I deal with family conflicts?
  37. How do you know your preference in relationships?
  38. On a dating downer again
  39. That awful feeling
  40. Question for the ladies (and alpha males)
  41. When you suddenly become the only single friend..?
  42. What I'm doing to try to handle my codependency
  43. Was my friend rude or it`s just his ADHD?
  44. Bad friendship
  45. No friends at 27
  46. "I love you, but I don't like you."
  47. Advice needed for brand new add/non add relationship
  48. Overnight guests
  49. Help me handle different personality types
  50. How to not seem lazy/self centered to others
  51. Being friends with someone with ADHD
  52. (long rant)...Think my dad's dead to me. :(
  53. When friends end a friendship for dumb reasons
  54. Best way to approach something?
  55. the key to forgiveness.
  56. Astrology and Zodiac signs
  57. I no longer care about being in a relationship
  58. In Relationship Therapy (Gottman Therapy)...but need some advice...
  59. How "in love" should I be?
  60. Can I think that someone spoke as if he/she was mad and not really be?
  61. Life so hard
  62. Girlfriend wants to end relationship after 3 years
  63. Online Dating PSA
  64. Relationship Help??
  65. Any women here with zero relationship experience
  66. ‘Boyfriend’ just asked me for $30,000
  67. Talking to people
  68. Remembering online identities/people
  69. negative, whiners
  70. I feel like my small group leader dislikes me
  71. What is forgiving?
  72. Hiding my prescription from my boyfriend
  73. What's your experience with Tinder ?
  74. Anyone else here extremely empathetic?
  75. little help, is my mother controlling?
  76. My Shenyang girlfriend wants me to carry her bag.
  77. Lost in my relationship...
  78. So confused
  79. How do you stop caring about what others think of you?
  80. Does ADHD cause problems building chemistry/emotional connections while on dates?
  81. Crazy feelings