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  1. Adder: Sadness, loneliness, what?!
  2. Let's all weigh in on our 'status'
  3. I just lost a good friendship!!
  4. my long story...why do i forget to say important things...
  5. 10 Things ADDults with ADD/HD Would Like Their Partners to Know
  6. Being "socially inept"
  7. Now What! Is Happiness an Illusion?
  8. If Given the Chance?
  9. Life is not worth it!
  10. An encouraging word would be kind :(
  11. Am I the only One?
  12. Constantly checking yourself
  13. With An Add Partner Or Not? How About Friends?
  14. Why is it that ..................
  15. any ideas?!
  16. Please help world is falling apart
  17. Jealous of roomate/best friend
  18. ADD in the Bedroom
  19. Am I reading to much into this?
  20. Need help communicating with others.
  21. Me and my man...
  22. Wrong words, wrong time, wrong way
  23. Relationships/Love...Work or being yourself?
  24. Finding "The One" with ADHD
  25. My Turn
  26. Loser
  27. Lessons learnt
  28. ADD and non-ADD relationship suggestions.
  29. What Do Men Find Romantic - ADDer comments
  30. I need advice
  31. social problems
  32. Another one for the record books...
  33. Answering "Why aren't you married?"
  34. communication problems?!!
  35. My Relationship, Can We Really be Happy Together??
  36. Bars and other massive stimulation venues
  37. Brief Thought on Infatuation
  38. Diarrhea of the Mouth
  39. Getting into a relationship
  40. Need advice
  41. What is the 'issue' and what did you do about it?
  42. Anyone else whose partner "just couldn't" cope with their ADD stuff?
  43. I can't even make girl friends...
  44. Sad story. How do I move on? Please read
  45. Confused and Frustrated
  46. Need advice..
  47. most people have more dating experience...
  48. Can The Poeple Here Give Me Some Pointers!
  49. Need advice...
  50. Anti-Social or Transitional phase ?
  51. My Boyfriend has ADD
  52. make a friendship with me?
  53. Advice to Help Me Save My Marriage
  54. Small Talk with a Small Attention Span
  55. Dating advice for the socially-inept ADD guy
  56. How many of you feel understood by their significant other?
  57. Help! Phone stalker (long story)
  58. So sad lately
  59. Constantly on guard
  60. failed relationships and add
  61. Are you Coy?
  62. Forgetting names
  63. Does ADHD take away your credibility?
  64. ADD relationship (adult issue)
  65. Wandering Minds
  66. Looking for Tips on successful home projects with your spouse
  67. ADD couples....
  68. Thinking before you open your mouth...
  69. Embarrasments! The memories return....
  70. How do you know when it's love?
  71. Married to a non-ADDer, who can't stand my ADD
  72. Add And Friendship Problems. Help.
  73. Problem Housemate.
  74. Joking around
  75. Detecting ADD in girls
  76. 'Starters' and 'continuers' for better conversation
  77. Older woman...
  78. ADD Destroying My Relationship?
  79. Families Resistant To ADD?
  80. Is my relationship over with my ADD boyfriend?
  81. Good sign or bad sign?
  82. How did you meet your spouse?
  83. A sad loss
  84. How to be a better communicator?
  85. Dating someone much older/much younger
  86. ADD/HD makes a relationship better
  87. Thinking of ending a long term friendship
  88. Talktive to the max, How to deal
  89. Conversation Problems/ Social Situations
  90. My ideal life is over...
  91. BF/GF Differences
  92. Being told I am too nice & Toxic Relationships....
  93. The Choice to be alone.
  94. frustrating relationship
  95. Making friends with "quiet" people?
  96. The Power of Now....
  97. "ADD is a crutch"
  98. Am I A Complete Cow?
  99. The ultimate betrayal.
  100. Opininions welcome
  101. no time alone together
  102. "Work In Progress"
  103. Its over!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. Its over!!!!!!!!!!!!
  105. When does ADD become an excuse....
  106. Forgotten how to make friendships/relationships
  107. Listening
  108. Issues with my dad--need feedback
  109. How ADHD Impacts Couples
  110. social issues and depression I need some advice
  111. running off at the mouth...
  112. My DH just told me I am lazy
  113. Getting blown off
  114. ADD and BDSM
  115. How do you deal with Apathetic Parents?
  116. Single or Divorced- Come On In !!
  117. Having some confused feelings with relationship
  118. Today Show - ADD and Relationships
  119. Dating a woman with a Downs son
  120. any passive agressive types?
  121. withdrawling
  122. Why am I so damn needy, jealous, and distrustful?
  123. What is the Private Adult ADD.... forum?
  124. Would You Forgive Him?
  125. Overtalking and overthinking...
  126. A former friend should i or should i not call him back? I really need help here
  127. I hate my shyness
  128. He Hates Me.
  129. Couples Therapy
  130. Shopping for a soul mate… Aisle Two!
  131. My girlfriend has ADD...any advice?
  132. Temptations
  133. Reunion w/ my baby brother, regrets.
  134. Friendships...
  135. How do you get and stay positive?
  136. How I resolve conflict that has gone too far..
  137. Can anyone else relate to the sticky peanut butter & jelly jars?
  138. Problems in marriage
  139. Ok Guys I Called Him!
  140. Women with ADD or ADHD
  141. Dilemma with a friend - need advice
  142. We Went Out Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Should I end it??
  144. Cheating and Relationships - Can Mine Work I Need Help! :(
  145. I need some sage like advice...
  146. ADD attracts ADD
  147. cheating, fidelity and wondering what's me..?
  148. I messed up REALLY bad this time.
  149. I'm a total disaster!
  150. Which one?
  151. How do I break the cycle?!?!? HELP!!
  152. i know nothing about girls or relationships and im 30
  153. Inattentive ADDer in lust..
  154. Why Do Forum Member Relationships Feel Out Of Sync!
  155. help?
  156. platonic relationships
  157. Love and Marriage
  158. Social Bull in a China Shop
  159. just a question and im sorry if it starts an argument
  160. No reason to be in a relationship?
  161. Hard to socialize
  162. being defensive
  163. Am I that bad or what???
  164. ADHD Matches
  165. Writing emails: Procrastinating and then rushing through..
  166. paralyzed...
  167. Serial Dumper needs help..
  168. problems with eye contact in conversation
  169. Hyperfocus: Getting over Her
  170. I don't want to separate
  171. Is it me? ADD? Or the relationship?
  172. Any advice on how to maintain a healthy romantic relationship if you have ADD?
  173. online predator
  174. Spouse & I Both Have ADD - Should We Get Marriage Counseling?
  175. Follow my heart to Spain?
  176. Je ne sais rien de les femmes (warning - Adult situations)
  177. Help/advice please!
  178. I un-filed for divorce today
  179. my fiance and I broke up partly due to ADD
  180. inattentive improvements
  181. quick question
  182. strategies to regain focus in conversation
  183. Large Groups
  184. Question for men....
  185. Just tired of one-sided friendships
  186. Desperate, heartbroken and befuddled
  187. The Story of my Downfall (with a touch of optimism)
  188. Why is my personality change with different people?
  189. Why do my relationships always spontaniously combust
  190. Manipulative friends of ADDers
  191. Need for almost constant affirmation...
  192. Losing touch? (very very very long post - sorry??)
  193. no volume button
  194. Having problems communicating what I actually feel.
  195. My Add Friend And I Broke Up
  196. Concerta - Increase Anxiety...
  197. My wife, my job, my kids and my car....
  198. Just do not fit in
  199. I have a new partner *shock horror*
  200. Grandstand downer?
  201. ADD and Infidelity
  202. Trying to Show them how I feel with songs
  203. How to connect?
  204. Commuicating what is inside my head
  205. Add And Contradicting Behavior
  206. Making friends
  207. I hate people
  208. Why do we lie to the one's we love?
  209. How often do you have to "hide?"
  210. ADHD Communication?
  211. Bizzare behavior?
  212. I know what I mean, but they don't
  213. I suspect my husband has ADD, but don't know how to bring it up.
  214. My boyfriend doesn't get it!
  215. Labeling
  216. telling someone to leave you alone w/ out hurting there feelings, VERY confused!!!
  217. need a good B-Day present idea
  218. When is it Laziness, when ADD? (wife is leaving)
  219. Please help me not ruin my relationship
  220. People poking fun at each other
  221. Wife whose husband has ADD
  222. This is hell
  223. Infidelity
  224. Social faux pas
  225. Have you ever hyperfocused on someone you liked romatically?
  226. So, it's become functional.. Then what?
  227. I've been wrong, he's been wrong-any hope?
  228. too attached too quick?
  229. Silence
  230. Wife and family
  231. ADD friends must be better....
  232. Advice Needed: Men: How do you feel w/ the female AD/HDer?
  233. I'm wondering.....
  234. I'm single again!
  235. The other side of self-monitoring
  236. ADD boyfriend says "you should be on meds"...
  237. Advice for saving marriage
  238. two disorders that just don't go
  239. Marriage on the rocks
  240. Screw I am.
  241. Redemption *explicit content*
  242. I am a little scared...
  243. social cues= delayed
  244. Troube in conversations
  245. Feeling disconnected from others
  246. How do you murder self contious
  247. Help me understand ADHD concept of FOCUS and PRIORITY
  248. Destination Unknown
  249. Apparently, we are both a mess! lol
  250. Long Distance Relationships