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  1. Disillusioned about relationships.
  2. I am attracted to a psychopath and dont know how to stop myself
  3. Seeking out crazies
  4. Married, but contemplating divorce
  5. Afraid of who i really am
  6. When do you let him go?
  7. I am so confused...
  8. Help! Need to stop obsessing over why can't everyone like me
  9. New here and so frustrated-Help!
  10. Really Livid about my baby brother..
  11. Gay, very much alone in FL
  12. Tell family I have ADD or keep "hidden"?
  13. Lost
  14. HELP Codependent mother exhibiting behaviors that annoy me immensely...
  15. We are desperate! Please help! ---LONG---
  16. Sad...
  17. what can i do
  18. I feel like I am out of control
  19. Self Esteem Issues
  20. Expressing emotion
  21. Emotional Abuse in relationships
  22. Talking with skeptical partner
  23. Marriage, ADD and escapism
  24. Numb to the outside world as I stand in that world.
  25. ADD Make People Impatient in Dating? Help!
  26. my wife and her job
  27. ADDvice needed
  28. Recent AD/HD diagnosis, too
  29. Do you LET your ADD cause fights?
  30. Do you portray yourself weaker than you are?
  31. Keeping up with other's demands!
  32. First contact
  33. Terrified of social situations
  34. On Meds & Ending Old Relationships
  35. Someone to lean on!!
  36. I CANNOT do small talk!
  37. Maintaining Friendships/Keeping in Touch
  38. Cannot respond to sarcasm.
  39. Quixotic Me
  40. New Diagnosis / Semi New Boyfriend
  41. what is this change?? Relationship is tooo different
  42. Do you expect too much out of others?
  43. Letting go of the underlying fear that has paralyzed me.
  44. i cant figure out if im right or wrong !
  45. I feel like an idiot.
  46. Help with relationship...please!!
  47. Being connected with others lives
  48. learning to love yourself
  49. do you have add and arn't taking meds and arrn't easily turned on? let me know plz!
  50. A Stressful Time
  51. Is it possible to be in love with someone but not initially attracted to them?
  52. forgetting names
  53. UPDATE: (From the A Stressful Time thread)
  54. Never mind.
  55. Boyfriend Doesn't believe in ADD
  56. Sometimes I want to escape
  57. Family Finances
  58. communication overlapping
  59. Too late to find a group of friends?
  60. Single by Choice...
  61. tuning people out--i can't stop!
  62. My BF boyfriend called me Incompetent...
  63. She never talks about herself...Even when were alone.
  64. Always really Quiet
  65. What do I want to hear?????
  66. Will she stay?
  67. Cascading System Failures...
  68. @ my Whits End.. (Long Post....)
  69. Relationship issue: adderall + impotence + girlfriend
  70. New AD/HD support group in town... failed expectations
  71. My friends aren't helping "the cause" =(
  72. First Serious bf; serious problem..
  73. I got cheated on... any advice?
  74. I cheated on my husband
  75. Keeping friends...
  76. Is it me or them?
  77. The Words In My Mind, and Speaking Them
  78. Aging Parents and Noticing their Cognitive Decline
  79. Living in instability
  80. Social Stigma of disability explained in 1.5 minutes...
  81. to tell or not to tell.
  82. Commitment/Relationship phobias
  83. Are these behaviors ADD typical?
  84. could you forgive
  85. social misfit
  86. Put myself into this mess...
  87. Anitsocial Anyone??
  88. Is being a control freak possibly connected to ADHD?
  89. Guy add VS Girl add
  90. Single again in Seattle
  91. Getting Hostile with friends
  92. Choosing to be alone
  93. Negative view of women
  94. How do you answer the "you've changed" question?
  95. before and after medication in conversation?
  96. Can you tell you're on meds?
  97. I think, “ohhh gawd is this another ADD/ADHD issue?!”
  98. Is there hope?
  99. Finally Letting Go
  100. What is my BF's problem?
  101. How do i spot a ADD girl???? lol
  102. I am so unhappy...
  103. Recently discovered
  104. I can't pretend anymore!
  105. Creeps who play mind games!
  106. Please Help!
  107. I am setting up an e-harmony online profile LOL
  108. Any guys out there with the fear of intimacy?
  109. Anyone here never had sex or done drugs or drank and over 30 years old?
  110. Do lots of ADD people live lonely lives?
  111. Am I dating a dangerous man?
  112. I dont know what to do... neighbor
  113. I don't want to loose my wife
  114. Struggling with the lack of contact and follow through
  115. Showing Affection
  116. i've had a gutz full
  117. my father
  118. Dating... ADHD or no ADHD?
  119. How do we explain the term "DEPRESSED"
  120. Social Nuances and Getting to Know People
  121. anyone actually in a stable/loving relationship??
  122. Dealing with a buddy that wont grow up
  123. Need Help: Picking fights w/ girlfriend when Adderall wears off
  124. Anyone else have no friends?
  125. Hiding or Healing?
  126. Conversation gaps
  127. Motivation, ADD, speech
  128. my problem is keeping a guy
  129. i have problems keeping friends and making friends i can make friends online easy
  130. In relationships having someone trying to run your life is not a good idea
  131. am i the only one who is not so sexual i get bored with the sexual activities
  132. totally lost with people
  133. leaving girlfriend behind because of college :(
  134. Why is trying to meet someone who's compassionate and understanding so difficult??
  135. Controlling Father
  136. Oh boy...I really did it this time!! LOL
  137. I feel like I am socially inept
  138. I Just Can't Fully Forgive Certain Things
  139. How to tell someone
  140. you know what makes me mad?!
  141. Another friends topic..I would like some advice from the woman on here...
  142. Getting treatment, now marriage suffering.
  143. Misread Signals and "I don't know what do"
  144. I feel Unheard
  145. Valuable Advice about Interpersonal Relationships
  146. Why women don't tell each other the friendship is over
  147. Looking 4 Somone in New Relationship 4 Support
  148. Since being diagnosed we are worse off!
  149. Anbody read/use this book?
  150. choice between ADD man and non ADD man
  151. Sigh
  152. I need your advice...
  153. For those that both you and your spouse have ADD/ADHD
  154. Toxic Friend
  155. Sick and tired of my brain ruminating regarding relations with others.
  156. is marriage good ?
  157. Re: falling in love
  158. I'm in a new relationship and I'm scared and insecure.
  159. I give up and wash my hands of myself
  160. Finally Letting Go- Part 2
  161. I found the peace in being alone and not feeling lonely.
  162. I get bored!
  163. Criticizing my parenting
  164. Love without marriage
  165. Re: add and narcissism NPD
  166. Surviving Distance in Marriage
  167. its Friday night and something hit me hard this time
  168. It's happening again!!!!
  169. My wife says I use my ADHD as an excuse...
  170. Destroying My Own Relationships From The Inside Out
  171. How do you learn to recognize gestures of Love?
  172. Irrational thoughts ruin relationship
  173. Scars
  174. money and add
  175. Re:Being raised add/adhd?
  176. ADHD and Shyness
  177. Anybody get distracted from your relationship?
  178. Trouble Staying Commited
  179. Recognizing the differences between men and women
  180. I like to be forgotten
  181. Relationship with my son has broke down
  182. Trying to get new social life
  183. Approching women
  184. what is love
  185. I dont want to sound like a jerk... but enough is enough
  186. Why is there a lack of tact. (When a girl doesn't know how to say no)
  187. I cannot forgive people in my life either, I attempt closure
  188. Aproaching women don'ts
  189. Smart? Whats so great about it?
  190. Stressful Friend
  191. Re: pets and add/adhd
  192. A Good Vocabulary
  193. Relationships.... Wow, what to do....
  194. Taking on a partners child/children
  195. Do's and Don't's for those in a relationship where there's a ready made family
  196. recovering from painful breakup
  197. The Breakup and the Search for Hope.
  198. I'm Killing my Marriage...(loooooong)
  199. i have a friend who has adhd and more but wont admit what else he has
  200. Feel socially 'inept' with no friends after moving
  201. Why do I keep pretending?
  202. Being the One Who Must Be Forgiven
  203. i herd this from a guy
  204. why do we have to work ten times harder to make friends then the regular people?
  205. do adhd guys go for the looks when you look for a girl?
  206. A matter of Priorities or Add thing?
  207. opening up - exhausting for ADHD folks?
  208. manipulation management
  209. ADD vs ADHD
  210. Other adders, stressfull or fun?
  211. Confused and needing advice...
  212. i put add's to meet people online but im scared to meet them when they message me
  213. Is it better to date a fellow ADDer, or non-ADDer
  214. Re: blaming others
  215. being uncomfortable in large groups
  216. My wife is getting deployed for a year...How am I going to care for 3 kids on my own?
  217. Okay has this ever happened to you?
  218. Not returning calls, or communicating
  219. Breaking up is hard to do
  220. Driving Me Bonkers
  221. Headed for the Big D, don't mean Dallas...
  223. Co-Parenting ... Help!
  224. How not to scare the "person of your dreams"?
  225. Friendship and what REALLY matters!
  226. Dealing With Friends Who Don't Believe ADD Exists
  227. Sometimes I wonder which Partner has the ADD/ADHD
  228. need advice on talking to partner and him understanding my reactions
  229. Loss of friendship and apathy with depression/mania/ADD
  230. Just don't be yourself
  231. If someone doesn't want to talk to someone anymore why don't they just say so???
  232. I can't believe they said that, some Non ADDers say the darndest things
  233. Trying to rebuild my relationships...
  234. Saying the wrong things at social events
  235. Risk saying something stupid or stay quiet?
  236. Making comments which get no response
  237. changing your personality...
  238. Question for all married/ divorced couples
  239. Sick of being akward and sad
  240. do adhd people tend to date people who have adhd also?
  241. Tired of people getting tired of me
  242. one of my friend said that when i meet a guy when he see's how i am he well be scared
  243. why is it so easy to make friends online then in real life?
  244. when u hangout with someone who is adhd like u is it kinda hard to deal w/ the person
  245. Living under constant condemnation
  246. do peer presure with the adhd people we are easy to get caught with peer pressure?
  247. Telling your friends about mental health issues...
  248. "always looking so serious"... and personality change
  249. the "loser" tag
  250. What It Takes To Capture an ADHD-er's Attention