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  1. What It Takes To Capture an ADHD-er's Attention
  2. Sex problems with wife/partner
  3. How do you ask someone to hang with you on your birthday?
  4. I can't Stand You but I love you- ADD+ADD = Disaster?
  5. I make people uncomfortable
  6. When and How?
  7. Afraid to take control of my own life
  8. Getting over a girl
  9. Newcomer's Curiousity--A few questions
  10. Newly diagnosed ADDer & new-to-dating questions
  11. ADHD and Friends
  12. Re: Withdrawing from life
  13. OPERATOR! Give me the number for 911!!!
  14. Sex in the ADD world..Your thoughts
  15. Blah...I wish I didn't care..
  16. How do you deal with people snapping at you?
  17. Intentional Community
  18. I did something very mature
  19. It might be time to step out
  20. Can unconditional understanding and acceptance be scary?
  21. How do I stop people disrespecting me when I'm chatting online?
  22. My boyfriend wants me to quit ADD meds
  23. What I always do around would-be friends
  24. Do you feel a "connection" with other ADDers before you even know they have it?
  25. It's the little things...
  26. Best way to handle a social event?
  27. Do you get bored with people?
  28. My BF threw ALL my Ritialn down the TOILET!
  29. Scared to have a baby
  30. Any Other Twins Here?
  31. Married, but at times flirt with women
  32. Need suggestions about what to do with my 61 year old dad
  33. Article: ADHD & Relationships
  34. New here - maybe can get some help!
  35. Heading for a breakdown.....
  36. what are the up's and down's dating some who is like you but more hyper with adhd?
  37. ADHD and social problems?
  38. New here and need help
  39. Phone Call
  40. Recognizing ADD in Others
  41. Confused
  42. Boundaries??
  43. i have a boyfriend now everyone hes also adhd hes on this site also
  44. To do or not to do. *Sig*
  45. So Why do i feel like I want to cry?
  46. Does anybody else love being single?
  47. Sensitive Topic, Taking all advice and tips. (First Post)
  48. i met my boyfriends family and hes dad few days ago it went well
  49. feeling sad i dont know how to get over it
  50. is it common for your other halve and you argue alot both being adhd
  51. When you first meet someone you want to be friends with, what do YOU do?
  52. My tears in the rain
  53. Birthday Shenanigans
  54. if you were being judged for past decisions...
  55. New Here! - Newly Diagnosed - how can i make up for lost years w/ my child?
  56. Whats that all about?
  57. Who else on here is spending Christmas alone this year without their families??
  58. Another relationship bites the dust
  59. husband rant, kinda
  60. Running from the "L-Bomb" Does anyone else do this?
  61. Heartbroken at coming second to it all
  62. emotionally exploited
  63. half of people won't like you
  64. How do you tell your family?
  65. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, or is he the crazy one O.o
  66. What happens to our relationship...
  67. Communication Is All I Ask For In A Relationship.....
  68. when you dont pick the phone up and ignore emails
  69. is it bad to call your boyfriend a lot?
  70. if your girlfriend does not like one of your friends is a girl
  71. does it **** you off when your other half stares?
  72. video games
  73. so is it not healthy to argue in a relationship?
  74. Well I was completely alone on my birthday now new years!
  75. i dont know our relationship is like Bi-Polar Sweet Then Gets Bad
  76. Any ADD'er ever had this happen?
  77. Guys..this happen to you???
  78. Answers?
  79. Hard time making friends
  80. Dating Issues and ADD
  81. Grrr...Frustration! Need advice
  82. poem for ADD'ers and broken relationships
  83. asking to many questions in a relationship of your other half... is that good or bad
  84. people with adhd are they in high risk in getting pregnant ?
  85. why is it so hard for my boyfriend to open up to me and tell me his problems
  86. is crazy my boyfriend and me when we togther we never argue or fight we always happy
  87. crazy in love
  88. im so proud of my boyfriend is been a month hes not smoked weed or drink alcohol
  89. Husband never touches me
  90. Nobody likes me.
  91. Not having kids?
  92. Letting it all hang out (Rant extended play)
  93. Re: living an "emotionless" life
  94. Needing to Think of someone. .
  95. Unsupportive Parents. Alone=Pain and destruction to self image.
  96. Are adhd people jealous people ?
  97. GLBT people: How long did it take you to realize?
  98. Rough times
  99. Partner work
  100. why do i get mean and bossy at work when we are busy? is it a adhd thing?
  101. Boyfriend with adhd, need advice..
  102. all this ********* ended me up on the street tonight :S
  103. Married happily twenty years
  104. Advice for a "bad" friend
  105. hard lesson I learned
  106. To tell or not to tell... your friends
  107. The Relationship - vent thread
  108. problems in bed w/out meds (anxiety?)
  109. afraid of relationships
  110. how to stop ruminating?
  111. Irritated by a friend's unexpected visit (warning: vent :P )
  112. Great position to be in.
  113. Passive Agressive People Frustrate me!
  114. how can i help my boyfriend and our relationship?
  115. Empathy?
  116. both partners having adhd good/bad?
  117. My girlfriend's jealousy over my success in college with Adderall...
  118. Am i Missing Something?
  119. How do your friends treat you?
  120. Going underground-Disrespectful and/or Necessary
  121. What on earth is going on?!?! Semi-Adult content (And a Vent Maybe)
  122. what's the longest you've gone w/o sex?
  123. I have this question do adhd people to take life and relationship none serious
  124. eeeeek help!!!
  125. How to keep things fresh with a monogamous partner
  126. Misunderstandings
  127. When being ADD in a relationship sucks...
  128. so frustrated-driving my NT partner nuts b/c I'm such a mess!
  129. Adult relationships with a child mind
  130. New dimention to ADD - it's just a Normal Intelligence Type!
  131. Outsider looking in at extended family events
  132. Anyone ever feel like everyone thinks you're a moron?
  133. What does the "average person" do on a Saturday Night?
  134. Eros, Aphrodite & Us
  135. Is it me or the ADHD?
  136. I'm kind of seeing someone but I'm not sure if it's right for me
  137. I'm trying to track 2 people down!
  138. conflicts from confidence
  139. Apology to the girl I started another thread about in this category
  140. me and my boyfriend have adhd and he talked about marriage a lot of times but now
  141. My new guy and what I've learnt so far:)
  142. one thing i HATE IT'S
  143. Whoa nelly! The secret... or, dare i say it... a crock!
  144. Crushes?
  145. Went on a date last night........
  146. How to break hyper-focus?
  147. The same people stand at the bus stop every morning and do not say a word
  148. how is it I am still a virgin to relationships at 24!?
  149. 45 Year Old Virgin (ADD)
  150. How does ADD negatively affect relationships?
  151. friends forever? maybe not
  152. When to tell to your friends/people you are trying to know?
  153. Brother-in-law attends family events but does not talk to anyone
  154. Ugly, ugly, ugly.
  155. How to compromise? Need advise please!
  156. Random post of weird things I do
  157. Sex and ADHD
  158. Subconciously Sabatoging or Merely ADHD
  159. The Saga Continues
  160. Is it My ADHD
  161. I don't know whether to cry or bust up laughing deliriously
  162. I want her back so much.
  163. My husband is NOW ONE OF THEM!! some more self discovery
  164. help please
  165. Loathing funerals
  166. Minor but positive progress with social anxiety
  167. Minor but positive progress with my social anxiety issues
  168. Relationships
  169. don't understand dislike
  170. Gay guys with ADD
  171. i do not no how to open up
  172. Social Isolation
  173. "You Don't Let Anyone In!!"
  174. Why do ADDers stay with Non-ADD spouses?
  175. Not going out
  176. Do you shut down when upset?
  177. I know something is wrong with my social life but I dont know what.
  178. i believe i expirence in a chat in 10 minutes, what others go through months :)
  179. A scary moment
  180. Is my marriage falling apart because I'm getting "better"?
  181. Being an ADHD Mum
  182. Goodbye stable "married" future, hello crazy town!!!!
  183. Social Awkwardness
  184. Teamwork
  185. Problems piling up
  186. I don't realy care about people, it seems :(
  187. ADD/ADHD and dependability
  188. Is a relationship with another ADD person possible?
  189. Lost some friends - tired
  190. Lost Someone
  191. How can I be myself and stay sane????
  192. I really am a nut job....
  193. Never fit in anywhere in my life.
  194. And the show ends...(IM FREE!!! HIGH FIVE!!!)
  195. He's done it again!
  196. Dating another ADDer = like playing poker against yourself?!
  197. Just pathetic venting
  198. The Internet has allowed me to isolate myself on Sunday's
  199. do you take roleplay/cybering as a replacement form?
  200. misunderstanding of tone of voice
  201. Maybe girls develop sooner than boys because...
  202. Should ADDers and Non-ADDer's just avoid each other?
  203. Question about my ego
  204. Me, You, Us
  205. ADHD and Polyamory
  206. Disclosing your ADD status ... my story
  207. adhd ruined another relationship
  208. ADD cause over obsession?
  209. I really don't feel like trying to date anymore.
  210. Why we are the ones expected to fit in?
  211. Trouble making/keeping friends-just not interested in the same things...
  212. Positive update on the thread "He's done it again"
  213. Am I that bad???
  214. how do you deal with your other half saying
  215. when your other half says i know you're so like me in a lot of ways i understand you
  216. what would you think
  217. men????
  218. not sure where to put this.
  219. how can you tell your friends you dont do club life or drinking life anymore with out
  220. The IN-CROWD at work like to go out for two hour lunches and spend lots of money
  221. Has a talk with relatives you struggle with intepersonally ever worked?
  222. how do you get your other half to stop spending their money and save?
  223. in real trouble, i cant listen to my girl when she needs me
  224. Never had a relationship
  225. Best friend has ADD, need advice on reacting to certain behaviour..
  226. Calling all LAT's
  227. arguing with your spouse...
  228. Where do you meet people?
  229. Intimacy
  230. Ever feel like you're still single because of your ADD?
  231. The end of another relationship because of ADD.....
  232. am i the only one find this weird when your other halve fallows you everywhere
  233. is having space a bad thing in a relationship
  234. Desparate, please help..
  235. Hyerfocus on wife
  236. OCD spouse driving me crazy
  237. dont you hate when your other half tries to say you're less immature then they are
  238. Inattention when I get home from Work
  239. Might be caused by ADHD
  240. Being heard in group settings?
  241. Trouble keeping friends?
  242. a failure
  243. Blind Date-what do I do????
  244. Coworker held back at work for not being friendly
  245. Marriage may be in Trouble? Suggestions, anyone!
  246. The look?
  247. No Friends - Input Please
  248. Any other single ADD person feel this way?
  249. Girls who flirt excessively to get what they want
  250. i want a child and he doesnt later on when we get married cause he thinks