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  1. What do I do???...
  2. Improving social skills-suggestions?
  3. Dropped Due To Admitting To Depression
  4. Do people with AD/HD gravitate to one another?
  5. Marriage
  6. Losing my Mojo?
  7. Strangely interesting?
  8. i have question on this thing that happend yesterday at the movies with my friends
  9. Reality is a Nightmare
  10. What's a good cover up story for ADHD?
  11. I really need some friend support
  12. Does your s/o feel like you don't listen and take it personally?
  13. need advice please!
  14. what is support?
  15. I have a significant problem, please help me.
  16. ADD/ADHD and intimacy issues
  17. Weird "avoidance" behaviour
  18. I feel so bad now...
  19. ADD - or just not interested anymore?
  20. Family Response - Take Your Pill and Feel Better
  21. So Yeah... gotta tell someone....
  22. Stuck on thoughts.
  23. started meds/fog clears/dont like what I see
  24. Smothered
  25. Need help with potential relationship social cue
  26. Meeting new people, environment changes
  27. how do i explain what it's like to dh
  28. Saying the Wrong Thing
  29. Opening up myself.
  30. alright this is my problem
  31. I just want to be able to socialize normally..
  32. New guy, wall of text rant (possibly pointless. . . :P)
  33. My fiancee doesnt understand
  34. boyfriend with ADHD drives me crazy - need advice!!
  35. I'm sure this has been threaded before but... I am a skeptic and I need answers!
  36. lonely, gay and boyfriendless - GAYDD
  37. Flirting?
  38. ADD Mommy losing patience with my son (who is showing signs of ADD)
  39. I could use some advice about ADHD ex-boyfriend
  40. Pros and Cons of dating another person with ADD...
  41. Authority Issues
  42. Girlfriend with ADHD
  43. picking fights
  44. ADHD and social issues.
  45. I am totally socially insecure and obsessed with my body size
  46. Do you feel like you are "sensitive or shy" MUST READ!
  47. Lost..totally!
  48. Is it worth trying to have a relationship now?
  49. confused about the "right thing" to do
  50. Will I ever learn to like people
  51. Help! I feel so upset!
  52. Irritable!!
  53. How do we challenge ourselves to rise above our own personal suckiness?
  54. One of my best mates lost his battle with Multiple Sclerosis on the weekend...
  55. ADD and Sex Addiction - Connection?
  56. Marriage. . .long.
  57. My big stupid problem
  58. I'm going back to college in a few days and want to make more friends this time
  59. hormonal/genetic flag for relationship issues
  60. Why am I awkward and why do I keep dwelling!?
  61. Desperate need of advice. Want to save my partner from what his parent caused...
  62. Lost the love of my life... trying to go it alone
  63. Crush
  64. Rumination and stress induced anger: Danger
  65. How do you know when you are the problem?
  66. Is it me? What do I do?
  67. Both partners have ADD
  68. How do I resolve the last part of the problem?
  69. should I be anonymous or
  70. All AD/HD's doomed to the same fate?
  71. Breaking my own heart ... is this my fault?
  72. Possibly Breaking Up With My Girlfriend & Upset About It
  73. Can somebody give me some advice
  74. Adderall took away my personality?
  75. Confused and Concerned
  76. Breaking Up with a Manipulator
  77. How to be more shallow/vain??
  78. Question:Opposite Sex Connections!
  79. extreme inattentives- notice this on meds ?
  80. Tabboo tastes
  81. ADHD suddenly taboo???
  82. Trouble with marriage caused by my ADHD
  83. Sex, drugs, and ADHD
  84. Relationship frustrations!
  85. Anyone else drawn towards dating other ADDers?
  86. Overtalking and ADD
  87. Living Life Backwards
  88. Being Annoying
  89. Can the cycle be broken?
  90. My relationship is falling apart!
  91. Having butterflys
  92. In need of some advise
  93. Forgetting...
  94. GREAT ADVICE - specific to ADD relationships
  95. Troubles in marriage
  96. Is it just inevitable to lose interest in others?
  97. living with roomattes
  98. Problem with relationships/boyfriend
  99. Uh-oh, this explains EVERYTHING
  100. Was I the Oooo Shiny....for a while?
  101. I'd rather have no dad than the one I have.
  102. Personal Life dilemma
  103. Family Relationships
  104. inattentives that actually have a good relationsip?
  105. Are there any people to whom think of commiting suicide??
  106. no girlfriend .. is it a direct cause of my adhd?
  107. ADD is NOT contagious!!!
  108. Social ADD and non-social ADD
  109. Mum-in-law issues
  110. Heart vs Head? Intuition vs Proof? Potentially abusive?
  111. Distance+Love+ADD=?
  112. HELP - pseudo wife wants divorce
  113. I think this girl is avoiding me!
  114. Had a Bad Day- VERY upset and want to cry
  115. are there people with out issues living amoungst us?
  116. Why does everyone end up abandoning me?
  117. How do you socialize properly?
  118. This is strange
  119. I think this girl is avoiding me-- update
  120. I am scared!!!
  121. seeing your spouse "clearly" post treatment
  122. How can I tell them exactly how I feel?
  123. Adult Relationships Private Forum
  124. Delusional, maybe a bit strong but..
  125. Do you feel like a socialpath/bordeline psycho?
  126. Adoption and ADHD
  127. intimacy or the lack thereof
  128. unsupportive s/o?
  129. My ADD Daughter Assaulted me this morning
  130. Is it unreasonable to just give up on normal relationships
  131. boyfriend with ADD... eliciting sex on facebook
  132. I want a girlfriend!
  133. add/hd and touch sensitivity
  134. Just need to vent...
  135. Someone Help me !! :(
  136. Boyfriend With Add
  137. something's wrong with me.. my heart disappeared..
  138. Can you occupy yourself when you are alone?
  139. me again
  140. I'm a jerk!
  141. well....this is confusing..........
  142. having a grudge
  143. Relationships
  144. Role Reversal?
  145. Not Getting Better
  146. Why am I so awkward around guys????
  147. Why!!!
  148. Stoicism and ADD
  149. Hope..
  150. at my complete lowest
  151. Im Moving On!!!!
  152. When is enough enough?
  153. Epic Rant thread... input if you can read it all lol...
  154. girlfriend possibly cheating?
  155. what do people talk about!!!!!!!??????
  156. Family Holiday Drama
  157. Orgasm problems and ADHD
  158. AD/HD, Relationships, Depression and Settling
  159. As a diagnosed ADDer, would you have a relationship with an undiagnosed ADDer?
  160. romance novel vs porn
  161. Telling Others About Your ADD
  162. nicole and steve
  163. Incompatible or ADHD?
  164. Anxiety, ADD, Love and relationships
  165. Does medication change you?
  166. Clueless
  167. Bad mood and ADD
  168. Honesty - not always the best policy...
  169. Anxiety
  170. father is unflexible with housework
  171. Watching and Talking about Sport- what does it do to you.
  172. Losing Friendships
  173. puking my emotions out......
  174. "in the zone" socially?
  175. Diagnosed last week and seprated from wife.
  176. "Non Believers"
  177. could this be him.....
  178. Inability To Commit
  179. Fustrated :(
  180. may be too late
  181. Just got dumped
  182. "Productivity" interfering
  183. Is it possible both me and hubby could be adhd
  184. How many times can a heart be broken?
  185. someone at work
  186. Ah... Making Friends/Losing Friends
  187. When do you tell someone?
  188. So now that I'm diagnosed
  189. In what way does adhd effect your relationships/self esteem
  190. Ending a Relationship
  191. My lack of social skills will be the death of me
  192. I need help!
  193. Beginning to get worried about relationship issues
  194. I do not no what to do anymore
  195. long distance, and distance
  196. Social Help
  197. Caring what people think
  198. Working myself to the bone, becomming a total recluse
  199. Making it special
  200. Social Issues Blog
  201. moving in?
  202. It's finally over
  203. do you ever wonder ??????? cos i do
  204. Is passive-aggression abuse ?
  205. Meds and Relationships
  206. Distractible and Unfocused: What Do I Do?
  207. do you often feel ignored and lied to as you continue to live as space cadet?
  208. Is a neat and orderly appearance the most impossible task for me to accomplish??
  209. Choosing a mate with ADD/ADHD or without??
  210. Feeling alone
  211. Do you really lack social skills??
  212. How many operate out of "normal" social behaviours / standards?
  213. i love you so much but sometimes i just dont like you
  214. My ex's indirect suicide threat
  215. 21 never had relationship and have lost hope
  216. do you mimic your environment?
  217. Family?
  218. I keep beating myself up
  219. I feel like an abuser!
  220. Do you find you are most attracted to people who are as sensitive as you are?
  221. Tidy Neuro Typicals...
  222. New and emotional ::sigh::
  223. No friends
  224. I'm sick of ADD and I'm pretty much sick of me - pls help
  225. ADHD meds make me more social
  226. compulsive lying
  227. HELP! Relationship Problems
  228. Serial Monogamy
  229. Friendship difficulty with ADHD
  230. A Loner, a Transient, an Outsider for ever & ever...
  231. I don't know why I do this
  232. for fear of being myself
  233. You know you BOTH have ADD when...
  234. A year and a half and now its gone..
  235. Social interactions
  236. Hey girls, you don't want your party to be boring? Invite the ADHD kid, he's so funny
  237. I dont know why
  238. Insecure maybe?
  239. I am not able to make friends!!
  240. How comfortable do you feel letting your loved one know your S/N on here?
  241. A first relationship that is going too fast and is complicated
  242. Advice appricated
  243. so confused and hurt!
  244. Guilt, Disorganization and Vicious Cycles
  245. New relationship: kind of freaking out
  246. Relationship Phobia & Thank God for Horses!
  247. When forces collide
  248. Controlling people
  249. Anxiety and Sweating...
  250. Post-Iraq ADHD Hubby Not as Interested in Sex as Before?