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  1. Post-Iraq ADHD Hubby Not as Interested in Sex as Before?
  2. i can't believe it other realtship gone pufff
  3. Lost Teen
  4. I hide it...
  5. What to do about a friend who keeps calling in a pushy annoying way
  6. Looking down on Undiagnosed ADDer who gave me greif
  7. ADDers- higher sex drive/kinkier than partners?
  8. Jealousy/Controlling Behaviours
  9. avoiding succesful people?
  10. My ADD/Depression Ruined My Relationship
  11. alrighty I'm not sure I can take this on but can you make yourself sit still? or danc
  12. Do you feel validated and appreciated by your spouse/significant other?
  13. relationships and intense emotions
  14. Relationships....kill me please
  15. here it comes...
  16. "I sound condescending" and "self-centered."
  17. Sometimes I can't control myself
  18. How to tell someone you like that you have ADD
  19. Starting a social life from scratch
  20. Life and marriage falling apart
  21. Could it hinder our adoption?
  22. yay a positive thread! and habit forming conversation starter/ skill topics!
  23. Just need advice.
  24. Mind blank in social situations
  25. mind doesn't connect to mouth when nervous
  26. ok, need help making friends
  27. Young Dad
  28. I taught myself to pay attention to my friends and they made me aware that..
  29. I know this is so ADD but what kind of random, off topic type things do you say?
  30. ADD attracts ADD?
  31. Very slow moving people
  32. How old were you when you had your first girl/boyfriend?
  33. He wants to marry me... but...
  34. I have a problem with small some think i'm a quiet type
  35. don't know what to say
  36. Cold Shoulder...Sick Of It!
  37. Abrupt/snappy/rude...
  38. Help please..... ,)
  39. Anyone else "pretending" to care...?
  40. any1 else find it easier to be nice online than in person?
  41. "We never talk..."
  42. Last Minute Advice/Encouragement Needed!
  43. my personality and a reserved girlfriend
  44. Frustration
  45. Thinking I'm going to end up being an old lady eaten to death by her pet cats
  46. Dad passed away
  47. getting antsy
  48. ADD and bluntness
  49. Anyone else annoyed by reorganization?
  50. I can make friends fast but suck at keeping them
  51. A Good Start
  52. getting the girl across the class room with assigne seats as if it's grade school lol
  53. 2 add-ers getting married
  54. I feel so pathetic. My social Life is Zero. I feel lik some loser.
  55. Loneliness
  56. Why am I always so misunderstood??
  57. ADD/norm vs ADD/ADD marriages
  58. My bf doesn't get it.
  59. Gotta Just Love My Husband!
  60. At a fork in the road
  61. ADD and understanding
  62. are you shy with the opposite sex?
  63. 'Selected Personals From American Psychiatric Associations Dating Website'
  64. We hit rockbottom...again...
  65. Spousal issues
  66. I think I screwed the pooch
  67. I NEED to tell my date ASAP that I have ADD ASAP or else I'll be dumped!
  68. NTs and Validation, Competition
  69. Relationship help
  70. It's over, and I just have to blabber
  71. What does it actually mean to let your guard down?
  72. Newly single
  73. premature ejacualtion
  74. support
  75. Friendless and happy?
  76. what are adhd moments called in your home?
  77. Did you overcome the social problems of ADD/ADHD as a young person?
  78. Things are not good, could use someone to talk with
  79. Back & Forth Relationships? This is Crazy!
  80. social skills and ADD
  81. Driving myself up the wall
  82. Getting that "alone time" without pushing away?
  83. i hate small talk !!!
  84. Venting some frustrations
  85. A Rant
  86. opposite personalities, hurt feelings...
  87. Social Skills training in the UK
  88. Video games (WoW) and ADD!
  89. Conversing with others
  90. Sabotage, giving up, or A right??
  91. I am having a Mother's Day Tea for 50 senior women
  92. Can an ADHer detect another ADHDer ?
  93. I Wanna Know What Love Is. . .
  94. I don't understand males!
  95. Should I say I'm sorry and explain?
  96. I don't know what to do with me
  97. Dealing with the your Other half!
  98. GRRRRRR! "Everybody" does NOT have ADD!!!
  99. Penpals in prison
  100. What is the best book you know of?
  101. My Dad doesn't believe in ADHD
  102. Is there an end to this?
  103. Advice regarding unreasonable lack of trust
  104. Need Input-I feel hollow and so does my marriage!
  105. friends dont call
  106. Poor social skills, so annoying....
  107. Can you be friends with your failed crush?
  108. How do you get rid of a friendship?
  109. Frustrated with my DH
  110. how do u interperet this? ...
  111. Roommate Relations
  112. My friend has adult ADD
  113. Lunch with "friends"
  114. ADHD Private Relationships Forum
  115. Trying to enjoy myself
  116. Confused....Last Chance Hotel. Do I leave or do I stay?
  117. Regretting getting help for ADD...
  118. ADHD vs ADD/inattentive
  119. This Just Ticked Me Off. . .need to vent
  120. I don't understand feelings. Maybe you can explain??
  121. Tired of it
  122. hmm.. I Have A "Relationships & Social Issues" Issue!!
  123. Dating
  124. Love Mind Games (Please Answer)
  125. Help for girlfriend
  126. Do you get peopled out?
  127. did anyone else watch dr.phil today?
  128. wife kicked me out over my ADD issues.
  129. Mom, the figure of uncompassion
  130. Problems with friends judging me / trying to change me.
  131. Dad thinks everything is a choice
  132. New baby e.t.a soon...
  133. So called family!
  134. Anyone give up dating altogether?
  135. Self worth and lack of remorse
  136. I hate her dad!!!
  137. Girl...
  138. who ever said girls like geeks??
  139. Sense of humour too far?
  140. For once it was clear
  141. Please help me understand
  142. Pets and the Quiet ADD mind
  143. Seperation Anxiety?
  144. I'm in love and I'm screwing it up AGAIN!!!
  145. Need help and advice
  146. Coexistence
  147. Does anybody else have problems conversing with others
  148. Went out socialising, 1st time in 22 years, oh my!
  149. So I've got a girlfriend now...
  150. Forget to introduce myself
  151. Not feeling emotion
  152. Difficult Making and Keeping Friends
  153. Socially Adept, Yet Introverted By Choice?
  154. i desperatly need some advice, help
  155. Worst day I've had in years... (sad rant)
  156. Getting married in 16 days and going nuts!
  157. Hypocracy- Who's the real nut here?
  158. "Ten Things Not to Say to Your Laid-Off Man"
  159. What do you think of women who overuse the abused woman card??
  160. Help with the way words/thoughts ramble on as they come out
  161. Dating My Boss
  162. It's hard to say what I want to, what I want, etc
  163. I'm one half of an AD/HD couple...
  164. How do I end a friendship that's runs it's course
  165. Ready to give up.
  166. Anyone have a parent that messes up your recovery?
  167. Can I get him back?
  168. So frustrating
  169. Aging Parents and Obligation
  170. Why...?
  171. Vent - questions....
  172. I just called my roommate a delusional nutcase
  173. my girlfriends therapist says bum and should kick me out
  174. Secret shame and not admitting ADD diagnosis
  175. Have you ever noticed this?
  176. Irritable when off adderall on weekends...
  177. Feeling awkward around people, mind races, anyone else get this way?
  178. struggling threw the death of my best friend my mother
  179. Having a good social life with ADD
  180. Dating with ADHD?
  181. A.d.d. and Respect issues (couldn't decide on title)
  182. Friends
  183. ADHD and communication
  184. Personality Traits of an ADD (inattentive)
  185. Relationship with Your Parents
  186. Typical need help making friends post
  187. Is it easier dating / marrying a fellow ADDer?
  188. Having trouble-- I cant close the deal!
  189. Advice, please
  190. Myers Briggs personality
  191. Relationship Woes
  192. I am so angry
  193. I cant stand the petty small talk at work anymore!
  194. undiagnozed adhd ruined relationship
  195. Just want a normal life!
  196. Adderall and Sex
  197. Can you help me with some introspection?
  198. What do I do to cope?
  199. whoops...
  200. Don't know what to do
  201. Internet Romance Scams- PLEASE READ!
  202. HI everyone Im new here, having issues with boyfriend
  203. I'm ruining my girlfriend's life
  204. Friends that borrow money and DON'T pay it back!
  205. Are all women messed up?
  206. Step Cousin
  207. wife
  208. Holding on to friends, seems impossible!
  209. How does ADHD affect your sex-life?
  210. How does ADHD affect your sex-life 2 (Poll)
  211. Getting bored in relationships...anyone conquered it?
  212. Incorrect Response
  213. ADHD and Friendships
  214. ADHD & College relationship
  215. What happens in ADHD support groups?
  216. Hyperfocusing on a new friendship
  217. Rollercoast Relationship: Is it Adderall? "Being in love?" Personality?
  218. Trying to encourage a teenage cousin to stay at home!
  219. What do I do next?
  220. Carrying a load of problems into college
  221. I won't shut the **** up.
  222. Left it too long
  223. Attracted to others with AD/HD
  224. My friend's wedding - help!
  225. incredibly shy........
  226. Dating & Loosing interest
  227. So I went to a fetish gathering last night...
  228. Hyperfocusing on people
  229. My girl is better off without me. Seriously.
  230. Online relations
  231. How do you keep your friends?
  232. Ending a friendship
  233. Can Parental Role Models Influence One's Social Behaviour?
  234. Conversation...phenomena? (just read)
  235. When Sunsets Are All You Can Afford
  236. so this is probably completely out there....
  237. Punching people in the face.
  238. Too Much Information
  239. how to listen without problem-solving...
  240. Missing Meds
  241. Girlfriend advice needed!
  242. Dealing with Friend
  243. Between NT and ADD
  244. Impatience.. Dang. Girls and all the waiting
  245. Is "Uber" support boring?? Love/Hate?
  246. My side..
  247. Let's hear some ideas! I'm taking back control!
  248. do you tend to find yourself daydreaming in the reality of your relationship?
  249. Multiple Running Conversations?
  250. Need support! The "giving space" issue