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  1. Brain Sludge & Avoiding Physical Touch -- anyone else?
  2. How do I know what to do???
  3. I said something dumb
  4. I don't have energy for small talk
  5. How does Adult ADD/ADHD affect the male sex drive?
  6. A vicious cycle
  7. Did I open up too much?
  8. Don't be afraid of being alone
  9. Any advice on being better at socializing? girls?
  10. Love ADD learning disabilities and respect
  11. my mother was not supportive growing up and I...
  12. he wont leave me alone!!!!
  13. I don't think I want another relationship ever....
  14. WooHooooooo Party over here! Finally took my life back!!!
  15. cancer treatment
  16. How to Communicate with Someone Who Has ADD and Doesn't Know It
  17. Fear of Appearing Boring!?
  18. Diagnosed ADD two months ago. Husband wants me to hurry up and be all better now.
  19. meeting people, parties, and my ADD.
  20. Poor, impulsive relationship do I avoid them?
  21. ADD and promiscuity !
  22. Becoming more socially isolated
  23. Trashed
  24. Did my parents hate me?
  25. Dealing with after break up boredom, in a healthy way?
  26. My add boyfriend and My confusion
  27. My brain made me do it?
  28. Social relationships and priorities
  29. Might as well change my name to Woody Allen
  30. My Support Network Needs to Step It Up
  31. Do I tell people I have ADD? or not?
  32. What to do if your NT partner refuses to help...
  33. Loose Interest at 1 Year Mark
  34. My Wife says she feels no attraction of any kind
  35. How do you deal with loss of sex in marriage?
  36. Has anyone attempted trying to get closer to people even though you lost interest?
  37. What to do
  38. What does this mean?
  39. In the passengers seat
  40. Soon to be ex-husband ruining x-mas AGAIN!!!!
  41. My mate & how he deals with my ADD...
  42. don't blame all my personality flaws on ADHD!
  43. Everyone thought that I was druged
  44. Do you recognize Passive/Aggressive types easily? ADD thing?
  45. I'm the Perpetual 'Other Woman'
  46. Don't want to remain emotionally closed/alone
  47. Love and Relationships
  48. Free Penpal site.
  49. ADD & Drug Addiction
  50. losing friends
  51. I don't want to loose someone else I love
  52. being called "lazy"
  53. Dating and Age Differences
  54. Balancing Wants/Needs/Likes/Dislikes
  55. scared of my sister
  56. Shy? Insecurities? Get in here
  57. Relationship with Teenage Son Improving Daily...
  58. The quality of my "social life" has diminished since I've been sober
  59. Bad habit of NOT looking people in the eye when talking W/ someone
  60. Sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me...
  61. Angry with myself.....
  62. Girl Problems -_-
  63. Brain unable or unwilling to keep up with the conversation
  64. Need to mend important friendship, any input?
  65. When the opposite sex makes you nervious and incapable of communicating with....
  66. family relations issues
  67. Nye
  68. New Years
  69. Another Date....
  70. Difficulty with a parent
  71. I seriously need to unload this!
  72. Small talk
  73. Awkward moment
  74. Do questions make up most of your conversation?
  75. Lose interest in large groups?
  76. Step-Family Issues
  77. histrionics, "temper tantrums"
  78. Advice - attachment
  79. Whats mine is mine... and yours?!
  80. Do I Misunderstand?
  81. Developing my social self
  82. ADHD, Separation, Family- 3 that dont mix right?
  83. Social Circles
  84. Family not respecting my ADD needs
  85. Inconsistent Social Life
  86. Did your ADHD symptoms and anxiety decrease after separating form unsupportive SO?
  87. ADHD To ADHD
  88. Trying to change current situation, but don't know how
  89. A little assessment/critique if you will... please?
  90. adhd adult in denial or something else...advice please
  91. ADD relationship issues
  92. Whats wrong with me?
  93. Dunning-Kruger effect vs ADHD
  94. Taking A Stand-
  95. toxic friends
  96. How much has your working memory improved with meds?
  97. Feeling guilty about putting him through this
  98. Talking on the phone with your partner
  99. Are we too trusting, forgiving and friendly??
  100. Dependant on Stims for Relationships
  101. When is enough, enough?
  102. Forgetting names
  103. How to keep entertained
  104. When the World Comes Down.
  105. I feel like the biggest loser ever :'(
  106. Whew, I Need Some Advice On A Family Situation
  107. Negativity
  108. Do your meds hurt your social life?
  109. Is There a Site Administrator Here?
  110. "Romantic Weekend Coming Up!"... or so I was reminded!
  111. need help letting go of anger!! bout to blow
  112. Relationship probs with Boyfriend who has ADHD.
  113. I need a female opinion!
  114. If you're not into me....just tell me!
  115. Getting treated for ADD: What if...
  116. I need support for my broken heart
  117. Fence post thread, vent, fuss, whatever
  118. A Family on the Edge
  119. Get Outta My Bed!
  120. Ruining A Friendship
  121. help here! hand raised! light bulb moment! moderators to your horses!
  122. Un-doing the NT Training
  123. New pics r up and I need a female 2nd opinion!!
  124. Facebook
  125. I give up
  126. Moving on but stuck...
  127. I was diagnosed w/ADD, he divorced me within about 6 months......
  128. I hate questions
  129. What to do when a man can't take NO?
  130. Would you take a friend back when they've dumped/hurt you?
  131. ADHD and relationship anxiety, or How I learned to stop loving and worry about it all
  132. Misrepresentation and its ill effects (rantish)
  133. Confused
  134. Making friends
  135. Inability to connect with others
  136. Where can I meet AD(H)D people?
  137. Ten Years Ago Today
  138. Actually recognizing my mistakes, and trying not to repeat them.
  139. no compassion
  140. What is your most helpful book/ article?
  141. How to seem like your listening
  142. Relationship is over, just need to get this off my mind
  143. acting like a prick!
  144. I've realised how important it really is to spend time with those you love!
  145. Thinking of leaving
  146. Stop trying to please people
  147. What does this mean?
  148. So Confused about How I Feel
  149. Any one have problems with manners?
  150. I threw a chair today :-(
  151. Lonely, aAlone and surpassed
  152. Bullied by siblings?
  153. my wife just does'nt get it
  154. New girlfriend with unusual ideas...
  155. should I move to Washington or Kentucky
  156. Help me understand what's wrong with my views on love and relationships
  157. Views on open/alternative relationships
  158. Talking on the phone
  159. Just need to vent...
  160. Might be moving away. GF wants to move with me.
  161. Overwhelmed, Distant and Withdrawing
  162. Attracted to bad boys
  163. 18 and just diagnosed with parents who aren't understanding
  164. Friends
  165. As an ADHDer what is non-negotiable for you in a relationship?
  166. Getting Through Adjustment to AD/HD and Meds with Support
  167. Who am I really?
  168. ADHD and memory lapses - NT needs your help
  169. When something you write causes you to lose relationships
  170. Sexual Confusion
  171. No Motivation To Get A Girlfriend
  172. here is my story...
  173. Ex-girlfriend's therapist speaking ill of mine?
  174. not necessarily ADHD related, but i have ADHD and i have an SO issue
  175. So hard for me to have friends, and a relationship
  176. So any one here like in there 40s and never moved out
  177. Do you spend time with older women ( if you're a guy) or younger men (if you're a wom
  178. Anyone up for meeting or starting a support group ????
  179. A friend who may have add
  180. Is anyone else like this when socializing?
  181. is anyone actually happy being married?
  182. biggest life epiphany so far
  183. Self-Fascination
  184. email vs calling someone back!!! do you agree
  185. So how do you fix ADHD?
  186. Asking girls out.
  187. Is A "Dry" Spell Normal in You Late 30's-early 40's
  188. Changeable affections
  189. Overanalizing or is my thoughts valid?
  190. Anger
  191. What the hell am I talking about?
  192. Anyone else have problems having conversations?
  193. dumb airhead speaking
  194. A new relationship and hopefully a happier life
  195. Vyvanse and sexuality
  196. Family issues
  197. Why do I never seem to fit in?
  198. Auditory Processing and ADHD
  199. Saying no
  200. do you depend on others to be happy?
  201. Confusion socially and mentally
  202. Can I have a #9, but instead of ... I want ....
  203. Non-Sociable (a rant)
  204. I hope i did the right thing
  205. Isolation
  206. ADD Parents with toddlers please help!!
  207. Erection not sustained?!
  208. Fear of Intimacy / Commitment
  209. Yer pushin' it
  210. how come they ignore us?
  211. How do you guys act in a relationship?
  212. marriage issues... Rant! Sorry so long
  213. Have you ever been divorced?
  214. ADD with Relationships
  215. WOW i cant belive he did this......
  216. mothers day - mother being demanding with guilt trip anyone experienced this?
  217. So Lonely Now
  218. Talking to people..very hard for me
  219. My new boyfriend has gone to jail
  220. who liked high school?
  221. Fighting with my Mom
  222. I dont know what to change...someone help!!
  223. Trouble making or keeping friends??
  224. Dear Someone
  225. ADHD spouse fight again, sick of this! Rant
  226. Not appreciating my husband.
  227. Please tell me if im right for being upset right now!
  228. Which Is Worse: Having A STD OR Being Unemployed?
  229. Weight...LBS...
  230. Not again...
  231. Help!! I think my friend is suffering from more than depression
  232. Common Sense
  233. When your family thinks ADHD is all a bunch of hogwash
  234. Cutting Slack vs Taking Crap - Where Do You Draw The Line?
  235. Facebook is REALLY good sometimes!!
  236. Boo!!
  237. She stopped her meds!!!
  238. awkardness
  239. my wife doesn't understand/ believe
  240. I'm confused and feel terrible
  241. I couldn't ever HIT on a girl :/
  242. How do you know if it's you or it's them?
  243. How to deal with poisonous, skeptical parent?
  244. What should i expect?
  245. Men Advice
  246. We always fight because he has a medial problem and I keep forgetting..
  247. Difference of opinions...
  248. Sexual issues for men only?
  249. How do you meet friends?
  250. Ignoring a Friend