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  1. I honestly must be the stupidest person EVER!
  2. What do you get when you fall in love?
  3. About to dump a friend and clean up my life.
  4. Envy
  5. Partners for the ADD'er: with ADD, without, or either
  6. ADD Denier
  7. Is being single really better than being in a relationship?
  8. Unrealistic Expectations
  9. Would like to see it from his point of view...
  10. Working On Sex and Intimacy - Success Strategies/Stories?
  11. No support
  12. question i'm afraid to ask
  13. How to deal with Parents that think ADD/ADHD doesn't exist
  14. Relationship Update-adhdPEteacher
  15. Sex, Hyper-focus, and white lies
  16. "When an addiction starts emotional maturity stops" , are you immature ?
  17. Telling a loved one your diagnosed...
  18. i need some advice, or an ear, or SOMETHING
  19. Wonders if a relationship with ADD sufferer can be a real one?
  20. Struggling in relationship due to my mood swings.
  21. Go team?
  22. Handling breakups
  23. How do you deal with...
  24. do you have an even harder time getting some adhd people to get you?
  25. ADD as male vs female
  26. If i am suposed to leave?
  27. Male abuse.
  28. general frustration!
  29. meds help getting to-dos done but hurting relationship
  30. Chaos Central
  31. My ADD and Bipolar disorder are ruining my relationship!
  32. Tips for Apologies
  33. Hyperfocusing on relationships
  34. ADD and dating/relationships/crushes
  35. Social Difficulties in different types of ADD
  36. So, now what do I do?
  37. Black and White Relationships
  38. Winning with Empathy
  39. pain to the fourth power
  40. I don't know how it came to this...
  41. Relationships - Male or Female
  42. Love is Exponential
  43. ADHD and Cheating -- Related?
  44. Am I just crazy, hyper attentive or what. PLEASE HELP
  45. Since you guys are amazing, I thought I'd give it another go
  46. Both my brother's think I'm a Jack-***
  47. is the ADD inattentive or the adderall causing me to be weird.
  48. Has anyone made it back to love?
  49. So Embarrassed - What should I do?
  50. Online relationships...
  51. Sibling abuse
  52. Dealing with neighbours.
  53. Losing Friends
  54. Walking On Eggshells
  55. Where do i go online to make friends?
  56. Great. I had to go and fall for an ADULT.
  57. Stunned
  58. Letting my guy friend go
  59. Youtube Video Blogs
  60. Meeting others..... and maybe the one.
  61. Oy... Family...
  62. Being too open and expressive
  63. Dating and ADD
  64. It may be too late
  65. One last hope.... ruined
  66. Does a broken heart ever get better?
  67. Men are confusing
  68. Does anyone know a married couple who both have ADHD?
  69. Dating Sites
  70. Don't know how to handle this situation..
  71. so f'in happy
  72. ADHD and divorce
  73. People make me sick
  74. It hurts
  75. Change
  76. I texted him... advice needed
  77. Boundaries and Brick Walls
  78. getting mad right on time
  79. Ignorance in Family.
  80. Unloading unhealthy types out of my life!!!
  81. first weekend alone
  82. Need perspective from ADHD parent...?
  83. Ready to run...
  84. Today is not much better than yesterday
  85. omg he texted me! help!!
  86. question for the Ladies on here.
  87. Leaving with love..
  88. Some people seriously need to grow up
  89. Divorce
  90. Cousin Asking for Money
  91. How do you get 'friends' etc. to notice/support you?
  92. From texting to voicemail
  93. No Choice but to remain nice and friendly
  94. Difficult people
  95. People prefer the medicated me
  96. Reacting in a mean way when someone says something I don't like
  97. Enjoyable reltionship
  98. Dear ________,
  99. Major alcoholic roommate drama...
  100. Husband lost his job again, yay me!
  101. Please help.
  102. People joking about having ADD... when they don't
  103. Anyone cyberstalked?
  104. Why cant I just shut up?
  105. Sigh this is getting tough
  106. How do you console a friend?
  107. Changed brands and now Im sooo horny all the time!
  108. Just split up with gf...will I ever being able to have a relationship?
  109. Calling/e-mail back
  110. Overthinking my problems, and then trouble sharing/venting...
  111. Girl trouble..
  112. Living with/next door to the inlaws..
  113. How do you deal with MAJOR infatuation/crush ???
  114. those closest to you: do they get the best *and* the worst of you?
  115. Better to be social?
  116. Friends and Friendship
  117. Just walk it off
  118. Are you single or in a relationship?
  119. ADHD and commitment issues
  120. social anxiety
  121. Well, I guess I screwed that up pretty good.
  122. Roommates stole my ADHD meds...(well, sort of)
  123. Flirting
  124. The one that got away...
  125. Ugh
  126. Anyone else in a relationship with a really really Type A person?
  127. How do you deal with unrealistic expectations and pressures from friends and family?
  128. Meds changes Everything...
  129. Intimacy & ADD (note: PG-13ish)
  130. I can no longer remain reticent..Wife/Meds
  131. Do you ever feel like your AD/HD makes you seem "less than credible"?
  132. So upset haven't eaten in days
  133. Rigged deck?
  134. How and when do you tell significant other about your ADHD?
  135. The story of a Fish
  136. It's OK, It's OK, It's OK
  137. A New Guy
  138. Need advice on dealing w/ ex-BF
  139. Dating experiences of saying "I have ADD"??
  140. Relationship with someone suffering from Bipolar Disorder?
  141. I really need this off my chest!
  142. The truth hurts
  143. I think my boyfriend has ADD...
  144. Have you cheated on your significant other or thought about it?
  145. Feeling hopeless
  146. Will start a long-distance relationship with ADD bf soon
  147. seeking help with ADHD social problem
  148. Thinking about calling her today
  149. im 30 years old and my mom took my this legal?
  150. My friend is ****ed off at me - ADD strikes again!
  151. Do you ever feel awkward with people
  152. After three years she left, alone again!
  153. Stuck in the Middle
  154. Help!
  155. Adderall and ED, please help
  156. It should NOT be this difficult!
  157. Does your environment and bullying affect your sense of humor?
  158. payback (within law!) for ADD-related insult
  159. My Wife My Son and Me
  160. Attracted to exciting people
  161. A Family of NonBelievers
  162. My husband doesn't take my ADHD seriously!
  163. Intense/Driven ADDers As Alpha Roles In Relationships
  164. Really, this is better?
  165. Anyone have any tips for a good marriage?
  166. Socially Retarted.
  167. Why do I finsh Second always to my friends with relationships?????????
  168. The right amount of attention
  169. I'm being broken up with, right?
  170. Can you go against settling down with 'The One' ?
  171. my boyfriend has add and i dont get it :(
  172. ADHD how my brain might work in relationships
  173. housemates (or flatmates/roommates - whatever you have to live with!)
  174. Is it always my fault?
  175. No Vibs
  176. Asking people with AD/HD what they consider support
  177. I'm ruining my relationship with my anger
  178. help can't cope nor can my partner I have destroyed everything I love
  179. My life is a soap opera
  180. Voice inflections and accents
  181. How do I tell my wife?
  182. Lets talk about Sex ...
  183. So over it
  184. Social 'rules'
  185. Questioning Friendship with ADHD'er
  186. My impulsivity causing issues... so it seems...
  187. Does my partner show signs of ADHD? Social issues and concentration
  188. Why Facebook sucks
  189. She doesnt understand!
  190. AdultFriendFinder
  191. The Relationship Grave
  192. Do dreams change the way you view someone?
  193. Girl problems......
  194. A new relationship...Would you let them know that you're on medication, or hide it?
  195. Astrological Signs
  196. ADD/ADHD getting stuck in bad relationships?
  197. Do you have trouble keeping long term friendships like me?
  198. Lost the camera
  199. Do you find yourself lying a lot?
  200. Having a Crush again.
  201. Social Fail in college
  202. Divorce...
  203. not talking
  204. My Mom Freaks Me Out!
  205. Question for the ladies?
  206. How do you make friends?
  207. Harville, not Jimi
  208. "Unloveable" & "Difficult"?
  209. Dependant
  210. *warning-chick drama*
  211. Sorry to keep bringing this up, but...
  212. *warning* MORE chick drama
  213. A vicious ugly rant
  214. Telling the In-Laws
  215. Social Failure(s)
  216. What kind of therapy is best for relationship & social issues?
  217. Embarrassing Conversations
  218. I feel alone and like a Loser.
  219. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Mental Disappearing Act
  220. Anyone have trouble with this?
  221. I SOO want to cave...
  222. The Sneaky Hope Spiral and the Pit of Despair at the Bottom
  223. Relationships and trying to make them work
  224. I feel a bit of regret
  225. frustrated
  226. Being treated as a novelty in a relationship
  227. ADHD/ADD and Manners
  228. How ADD affects things like dates
  229. I dont know how to be single. Im crushed.
  230. How to get to know someone better in big groups
  231. ADD and odd/eccentric sexual thoughts?
  232. You'd think he'd "get" it. . .
  233. Letter from my Mother
  234. LIVE ADHD relationship chat 11/3/2010
  235. My big mouth?
  236. Saying the wrong thing/hearing the wrong thing??
  237. When was the last time you had sex?
  238. Question about nters @ Party?
  239. My husband is saddled with me.
  240. Mean vs Oversensitive
  241. a bit of resolution to my *chick drama*
  242. Grrr I'm so upset, I must just be a social reject :(
  243. How friendships change..
  244. The Sobbing Woman
  245. *Social Interaction And ADHD/ADD*
  246. Fixation and Infatuation
  247. I am the only 1 in family with ADD, and New to it. Help !
  248. Is it ever impolite to send multiple emails to someone?
  249. GF's son is autistic and I have ADD-can we coexist?
  250. Leaving the Child