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  1. new lease of life in our relationship
  2. Affection and ADD?
  3. mixing with people
  4. dating and relationships of Adults with ADD
  5. Books- Relationships and Adult ADD
  6. Friends
  7. adders have problem landing babes ?:)
  8. 8 Minute Dating for adults with ADD
  9. Visiting Parents/Family
  10. What relationships? Oh ya, those. :P
  11. Happy News
  12. conventional relationships and adults with ADD
  13. Dating Non-ADD People
  14. How's this for a match...
  15. ADD/ADHD folks what's your favorite peronality type for a date/relationship?
  16. Best Date???
  17. Suggestions for those with ADD to put up with those of us that do not...
  19. How to...
  20. living situation
  21. ADD Dating Site
  22. dating and making PLANS
  23. Weekend/Do For Fun/Movies
  24. count me in
  25. International Attention Deficit Disorder Meetup Day
  26. I Need A Date
  27. How does your ADD affect your parenting
  28. hmm.....
  29. messiness is main prob..getting frustrated w/ myself
  30. Where does a 39 year old meet guys?
  31. ADDA Tapes - Relationships
  32. Taking things literally
  33. Relationship issues "survey"
  34. Confusion Reins Supreme!
  35. Adult with ADD Romantic impulsiveness - dangerously so
  36. Getting diagnosed saved my relationship!
  37. Compulsive apologizing?
  38. My Don't You Look Lovely Today:)
  39. When your partner is opposed to medication for ADD
  40. In need of advice......
  41. Romance, sexuality, intimate relationships...
  42. Co-dependence vs. Interdependence
  43. SELF-IMPROVEMENT - Ok, let's learn from this; What's over the line?
  44. Learning..........
  45. Instant Messaging, feelings??
  46. ADD/ADHD and Phone Phobia?
  47. is this an ADD thing or just me
  48. Adults with ADD and Abusive Relationships
  49. Losing Friends
  50. Big fat bully is picking on me.
  51. Is this true: Men only want younger women
  52. Chemistry verses intellectual stimulation
  53. Telepathy & the female mind
  54. Unexpected Encounters
  55. Impatience on behalf of the ADD partner
  56. ADD and the nonbelievers
  57. Chronically misunderstood- ADHD?
  58. Always the mistress-never the bride...
  59. Does this make ADHD relationships harder?
  60. Speed Dating
  61. agreeing to disagree
  62. Help with organization
  63. Adult with ADD Blowing off some steam
  64. Ummm..ok how do I take this...
  65. Starting Over at 36
  66. Are spouses of adults with ADD more likely to have affairs???
  67. The Other side of the coin - Elizabethizme
  68. Exhausted and depressed
  69. Trivia and Communication
  70. You thnk I'm What?!
  71. Trivia and Communication - fixed poll
  72. How best to explain ADD to a ridiculously efficient spouse?
  73. Things seem to be looking up
  74. How DO you explain ADD?
  75. psychic? or just intuitive?
  76. Trust issues and adult ADD
  77. Will meds make me clean my house?
  78. Effects on children of ADD parent.
  79. Clams in crisis
  80. Thank you
  81. wondering, a males point of view?
  82. The smart@ss Professor- petty issue
  83. I give up! I surrender!!
  84. Innocence, Naivity, vulnerability
  85. Social SKills
  86. Adults with ADD and Problems being calm in the relationship?
  87. Adult with ADD and My dingy dilema
  88. Relationships
  89. meaningless ramble about meaning
  90. Does it get any better? Relationship post Diagnosis
  91. Life or something like it.
  92. A deeper Love
  93. People who ask for forgivness
  94. Socializing
  95. Defensive shields
  96. Never saying the "right" thing
  97. Am i A Fool
  98. Whimsical Girlfriend
  99. My social life now and what I am finding
  100. Birds of a feather?
  101. Please Help
  102. Help In reaction
  103. Restarting Social Relationships
  104. Touch of Reality
  105. Good Day
  106. Attention Deficit Disorder and Problem with girlfriend
  107. ADD and Marriage
  108. Wondering if my ex husband had adhd does any of this sound like it ?
  109. Can't seem to get much done
  110. What my therapist said...
  111. New private forum for non-ADD spouses
  112. ADD and Romantic Relationships
  113. Non ADD spouse of 17yrs may be right
  114. An end of an era?
  115. Do you find it hard to make friends with your Add/Adhd?
  116. Knocking my own confidence
  117. aaargh
  118. Social ADHD symptoms
  119. Newly diagnosed with disbelieving husband
  120. I did it again
  121. Abbreviated intro to ADHD for spouses?
  122. Well it happened
  123. How do you react to a compliment?
  124. Is ADD guy keeping himself from getting involved with non ADD gal?
  125. Some positive News
  126. Utter confusion II
  127. AAARGH... Rant... How to express...
  128. What is up with ADD and romantic relationships???
  129. love him not right now
  131. Warning!Unusual for most.-but I have no feelings for my kids.
  132. Completely petrified
  133. What a difference a week makes
  134. augh! what a pain-but I'm proud
  135. Divorce Rates and Adult ADD
  136. WHAT DID I DO?
  137. Any other ADDers with an unsupportive spouse?
  138. bit his head off
  139. Going Bonkers Need Advise
  140. met a girl with add
  141. ADD and my Pending Divorce
  142. Afraid my family won't believe ADD exists
  143. Commitment, Responsibility and Compromise
  144. sensitive adult with ADD
  145. Feeling Blue
  146. ADD+ADHD relationship
  147. ADD? or maybe me?
  148. friends who just don't *get* ADD/ADHD...
  149. Is this a ADD/ADHD feeling? I'm so lonely... leave me alone!
  150. Dating another adult with attention deficit disorder
  151. hidden feelings and adult ADD
  152. Adult ADD - Friends and Getting Off Task
  153. trust thread - internet dating and adult ADD
  154. help with spouse
  155. Boyfriend does not know i have adhd
  156. a bit baffled / social barriers ADD / ADHD
  157. Adults with ADD - Difficulty at Parties
  158. Adult ADD Couples?
  159. Loneliness-Is it a ADD thing or M/F thing?
  160. Why must Non ADDers look at me with such contempt
  161. Adults with ADD - lost feelings
  162. Adults with ADD attending Class Reunions
  163. ADD Adult with Money issues: I hate them! Need advice please.
  164. Adults with ADD - ending relationships
  165. Adult ADD and Staying Just Friends
  166. Are Adults with ADD more "Touchy Feely" than Non-ADDer's
  167. Adults with ADD What is the Ratio Of Relationships
  168. Adult ADD and Friendships
  169. I'm back and no better
  170. At What Point In A New Relationship Should You Tell Someone You Have ADD
  171. Love ADD Style??????
  172. What does an ADDer have to offer in a relationship?
  173. Maritial Status and Showing Attraction
  174. Controlling Anger -- Before It Controls You
  175. SUFFOCATED by friends...
  176. How to improve family life in the midst of total disorganization?
  177. What do I want? Good Question!!!!
  178. I'm a hypocrate
  179. The Human ADD Race
  180. husband with add, and everything's my fault
  181. woman with ADD - Feelings of Dread About Boyfriend
  182. Depressed today need to vent
  183. ADD & Ruined Relationship
  184. Abusive relationships and ADD
  185. Trouble talking with the opposite sex?
  186. ADHD, Chat rooms, and Marriage. They don't go together very well. Or is that just me?
  187. Adults with ADD - Cheating on Partners
  188. Relationships with non ADDers
  189. Adults with ADD - Number of times married
  190. What Are Some Funny Experiences You Have Had With Relationships
  191. :( Thought a diagnosis would help
  192. Dedicated to the One We Love
  193. Frustrations w/ Mother-in-law
  194. SSerious relationship difficulties-please advise
  195. How do I tell my girl that I have to get away from her!!
  196. Difficult friends.
  197. Issue with a Non-ADD Spouse / Partner Support Group Leader
  198. Adult with ADD - Argument with girlfriend turning physical
  199. Conversations, timing and silence
  200. Update on a life....
  201. Does anyone else think that their spouse is using your ADD against you?
  202. Adults with ADD - Being afraid of a relationship
  203. Adult with ADD Afraid of Losing Girlfriend
  204. Feeling conflicted
  205. Adult ADD - What's the difference between an excuse and an explanation?
  206. Learning to cope with ADD as a Family
  207. 10 Things Adults with ADD Would like their Partners to Know
  208. Are people with ADD drawn to marriage with perfectionists?
  209. What do I do???
  210. Why are there no groups for COUPLES with ADD issues?
  211. Today--after Midnite--is a bad day
  212. ADDer Says, "Don't tell me to shut up, Sis!"
  213. Does couples therapy work longterm for an adult with ADD/ADHD?
  214. Mixing oil and water - great article from the American Psychological Association
  215. Adults with ADD -Anyone else was embarrased of his/her house?
  216. Adult with ADD - Negotiate a truce
  217. Confused about Discomfort with Intimacy
  218. My girlfriend doesn't want ADD children
  219. I thought this was funny for a change--ebay link
  220. Drugs for Irritability? - ADHD
  221. Remember the thrill? - ADHD
  222. Maybe not just ADHD? / questionable listening skills
  223. Young Adult with ADD - need help with parents
  224. Adults with ADD and Social Problems?
  225. What would you like your Non-ADD Partner / Spouse to understand about you?
  226. New here, friend misunderstands diagnosis
  227. Adults with ADD - Anyone here never been married in their 30's?...
  228. Update to a still important question and issue
  229. ADD social issue: wacko over wedding
  230. Adult ADD and Emotionally charged situations
  231. help! adhd family and daughter's education
  232. How has ADD affected your relationship w/ your parents?
  233. Curious about husband
  234. Relationships w/ other people
  235. Adult ADD and Self-esteem
  236. Relationships with physical differences versus relationships with AD/HD'ers
  237. i'm annoyed w/ my husbands constant pda game.
  238. ADD and intimacy
  239. Adults with ADD Thinking back on childhood and friends
  240. Adult ADD and Social Issues
  241. Overfocused ADHD and Intimacy?
  242. family issues for Adults with ADD/ADHD
  243. Adult with ADD in New Area and socializing
  244. Pot and ADD killed my relationship...can it be "fixed"?
  245. Are you introverted ADDers percieved as slow and retarded by others?
  246. Adult with ADD -wow i just had my first focused boring small talk conversation
  247. common for inattentive ADD to self censor ,unemotional , monotone in expression?
  248. Angry outbursts
  249. Can't Change Me, So don't even try so sayeth the ADD Adult
  250. Sorting out ADHD. Good to enter relationship?