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  1. 37 Common Characteristics of Dyslexia
  2. What is Dysgraphia?
  3. Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Handwriting Problems or Dysgraphia
  4. Dyscalculia (or Dyscalcula)
  5. 70% of ADDers may have other LDs
  6. Spelling?
  7. Reading
  8. Nystagmus
  9. Directional Dyslexica
  10. Dyspraxia
  11. Mis-Hearing
  12. "Three-Dimensional Learning" for dyslexia
  13. Nvld
  14. Learning Problems in Adults
  15. Trouble with Expressive language
  16. Your brain works faster than your mouth can keep up with?
  17. Vocabulary Improvement For A Visual Learner
  18. In 7th Grade, but reading at 2nd grade
  19. dyslexia
  20. ADHD & Learning
  21. Am I Dyslexic?
  22. glitches in the mind
  23. The Math Disability
  24. Visual- Perceptual Learning Disorders
  25. New Diagnoses...Neurocognitive disorder
  26. possible ld?
  27. Dyslexia/ Dyspraxia anyone out there
  28. LD vs. AD/HD
  29. Could this be LD and OCD, too?
  30. math "dyslexia"
  31. Dyspraxia and timed math tests
  32. Negative side effect?
  33. Ex-rocker's delayed diagnosis: Dyslexia
  34. Dyspraxia
  35. people in the Armed servies with Learning Disbilities anyone here that has a story???
  36. A MUST READ!!! Top Five Emotional Difficulties of Adults with LD
  37. Finding Help for LDs
  38. Late on-set Dyslexia?
  39. Lisance Test!!!!!!
  40. Testing
  41. problems with math ehh
  42. Learning Disabilities Associated with ADHD
  43. Trying to Get Out but Can't
  44. Just had a thought!!!
  45. I failed my drivers lisance test
  46. Diagnosis of LD's
  47. Are Dyslexia and Wealth Linked?
  48. Where to diagnosis writing disability
  49. Suspect LD, please advise if you can
  50. Do you think ADD/ADHD is a learning disability?
  51. LD profiles? Anyone know what this is?
  52. wechsler test organizational skills measurement?
  53. Supporting Forum Members with Dyslexia
  54. Word finding problems
  55. Dyscalculia: Getting tested, But I don't know much about it!
  56. Dyslexia and ADD!(Dual Diagnosis)
  57. I'm sure someone will know....
  58. hi, i have a LD disorder and soon to start college
  59. stimulates or nonstimulates
  60. My Dyslexia is getting worse, what gives?
  61. Can a Straight A student have a learning disability?
  62. Are todays teachers nit picky?
  63. i have LD and i wanna go to college but there making it dificult for me
  64. Counting
  65. Ashamed
  66. Multiple things.
  67. Fighting the battle against LD
  68. Low Non-Verbal intelligence
  69. Adult ADD and NVLD questions #1
  70. So nervous
  71. Problems communicating
  72. Handwriteing
  73. Monotonous voice
  74. Keep It Real
  75. Secrets
  76. Is there such a thing as non-dyslexia reading disability?
  77. Where's Everybody At?
  78. Connecting ADD type and LDs
  79. LD's and my son (kinda long)
  80. How's Everyone Doing
  81. Do I have learning disabilities?
  82. NVLD and Cerebellum
  83. Does anybody have more than one Learning Disability?
  84. White paper
  85. Do you know anything about the General Learning Impairment(GLI)
  86. Dyscalculia and Trumpet fingerings
  87. How does dyslexia effect music reading?
  88. NVLD and writing
  89. How's everyone doing?
  90. Hard to hide it when YOU'RE the teacher
  91. Looking for BOOK to understand IQ terms
  92. Dyslexia diagnosis from school?
  93. Can you have Dyscalculia and Dyslexia?
  94. Working Memory
  95. PEOPLE mag: '90210' star Ian Ziering (Steve) comes out about his DYSLEXIA
  96. Semi-dyslexic???
  97. Dyscalculia and ADHD
  98. Great article... on ADD/ADHD skepticism...
  99. ADHD with a learning disability
  100. Dyslexia and RAD Prisms
  101. Dyslexia anyone?
  102. Can you develop Dyslexia/Dyscalclia If you take medicine for ADHD?
  103. Ld?
  104. The VAK learning types
  105. Looking for a forum such as this one but for LD
  106. Food for thought for people with learning disabilities.
  107. Dysgraphia anybody?
  108. Anyone with LD-NO, or non-verbal LD, or competing diagnoses?
  109. Eye Contact, NVLD, & ADHD
  110. dyscalculia, or: learning basic maths... and its all gone again.
  111. nonverbal learning first glance
  112. LDs and Success....
  113. For the dyslexics in the crowd......
  114. learning disabilities are a reality
  115. types of learning disabilties and their history
  116. Learning disabilities and remembering
  117. what kind dyelaixa do you have?
  118. BRAIN damage with learning disabilties
  119. Testing over 20 years ago
  120. So, intelligence is defined as fast processing speed, where does that leave the rest?
  121. Organic dysfunction
  122. I'm at my lowest
  123. My daughter is learning disabled...
  124. Anyone write in mirror image as a kid?
  125. Does anyone else reverse their letters when writing?
  126. Dyslexia
  127. Nonverbal Learning Disorder
  128. Pain thresh hold.
  129. Dyslexics -- Physically droopy side?
  130. Need Some Kind of "Diagnosis" Before Official Assessment
  131. NLD: Only Some of Them Looks Looks Like ADD?
  132. Dislexya assessment
  133. no new post?
  134. Special Ed
  135. Got neuropsych results back
  136. LD or ADHD?
  137. NVLD and ADHD combination
  138. Have you ever heard of a learning disability Dyscalculia?
  139. Math problems?
  140. What sort of leanring problems do YOU have?
  141. Could this be dyscalculia?
  142. Donít Pass Us By: NLD and People Not Getting to Know Us (article)
  143. ADHD, NVLD, Asperger's, Depression or just stupid & spoiled?
  144. seeing numbers ::cue twilight zone music::
  145. learning disabilities and brain damage
  146. Spelling issues, Dyslexia, ADHD and NVLD
  147. Dyscalculia?
  148. NLD/NVLD/Visual Processing Problems? Does This Illusion Work?
  149. The first time ever!
  150. Having trouble with this forum
  151. Hard Decisions for Learning Disabled
  152. I cant spell worth sh*t
  153. Ignorant about LDs.
  154. Computer work (graphic design) - ADHD or LD problem?
  155. How to gain better skills in reading / writing
  156. doing spelling words before knowing the alphabet
  157. Anyone else with dysgraphia NOT dyslexia.
  158. Arrowsmith school
  159. Foreign language waiver?
  160. Dyslexia and typing question
  161. Wtf seriously :(
  162. Online test for dyspraxia and infos
  163. Living with ADD and dyslexia
  164. Dyspraxia- Poor Co-ordination
  165. Typing program for dyslexia?
  166. Do I sound mildly Dyscalculic?
  167. Math Disability - Need to Vent, Need Advice
  168. What could this be???
  169. NVLD Anyone?
  170. Dyspraxia questions-
  171. Richard Lavoie!! Reading Comprehension Activity.
  172. ADHD is not a gift, but is dyslexia a gift?
  173. Dyslexia and Dyspraxia links
  174. Most ignorant remark in recent times
  175. dyscalculia.....anyone else have it?
  176. Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (Split from "Am I Aspie?")
  177. Working Memory Deficiency
  178. Learning Disability or ADHD or Both
  179. Unnamed learning disability?
  180. Do I have a learning disability?
  181. Cheer me up. Help with memory problems?
  182. How does an adult get tested for ld?
  183. NVLD and Asperger's=mostly the same
  184. I think I have dyslexia
  185. Do I need to be referred by a doctor to see a psychologist?
  186. Help understanding test results WJ3
  187. Verbal Dyslexia
  188. Dad Always Had Trouble Reading
  189. Learning disability?
  190. Be careful with labeling someone with that
  191. Any tips on learning science for a visual thinker?
  192. The Irlen Syndrome links to adhd
  193. The Work and Writing of Byron Rourke
  194. sLD
  195. Byron Rourke's Scholarly Work in the Field
  196. Does my niece have dyslexia
  197. Classroom Stategies