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  1. Are ADD partners often in need of constant presence
  2. Marriage in Crisis
  3. DH saw psychiatrist today
  4. New here, bf has ADD
  5. I think im going crazy!
  6. Impulsivity as cause of much displayed ADHD behaviour
  7. need a little help please
  8. D day
  9. New To It All, What's to be expected?
  10. Gee, here I am again!
  11. How can it get better
  12. Is it time to call it quits?
  13. long time lurker...
  14. Defending
  15. Split up with ADD partner
  16. revelation about my husband...please offer your insight
  17. new here - gf with add how can i help her
  18. is there anyway to ask an ADD person for something?"?
  19. why does she blame other
  20. General question
  21. What to do?
  22. Relationship questions
  23. What to do?
  24. ADHD...grounds for annulment??
  25. New: Dealing with the moods...
  26. Friend with ADD?
  27. Too much to say! But need some advice anyway.
  28. Lack of Common Sense
  29. Can someone help?
  30. Just found out
  31. all I want is peace and happiness
  32. Im ADD. I think my partnet may have it to
  33. he only learns things he already knows a lot about
  34. It's getting worse, now there's a deadline, I need support
  35. ADHD and Intimate Relationships
  36. addition to thread "all I want is peace and happiness.
  37. Imagined Spoken Words
  38. Can anyone relate?
  39. I need so wisdom on finances with Adhd
  40. Advice for a Newbie?
  41. no one understands what's going on
  42. Is there any hope?
  43. is it possible
  44. Tough question
  45. Is it the ADD?
  46. Husband may have ADD
  47. Love and the ADD mind
  48. life is good
  49. Separated and confused
  50. Can anyone explain this?
  51. Relationship help
  52. ADD memory from a non-ADD guy viewpoint?
  53. ADD traits that you love?? Anybody??
  54. What is the private non-ADD partners thing about anyways?
  55. Resentful world...
  56. Did he lose interest in me, or is it just his ADHD??
  57. Mayb.........a new "friend"
  58. New to this... sort of
  59. Touch Sensitive?
  60. ADD communication challenges
  61. How do I deal with someone with ADD?
  62. NON-ADDers and jobs
  63. any ideas on how to motivate a job search by my ADD spouse?
  64. Is this something an ADD person would do?
  65. Newbie looking for advice on "disconnection" with combination type ADD
  66. Are they taking their meds?
  67. When my ADDer hurts my feelings: 7 things I tell myself
  68. Recently Divorced
  69. So, here it goes...
  70. new here and going crazy...any support would be great
  71. forgetting the last sentence...
  72. Where to from here?? Would love support!
  73. Looking for advice - spouse with ADHD
  74. Three against one
  75. paranoia in my spouse
  76. two ADD's in a relationship?
  77. my new ADHD guy
  78. How Do You Cope With An ADD Spouse
  79. How can ADDers be so sensitive and insensitive at the same time?
  80. breaking up? Non-ADD perspectives
  81. Sharing his pain
  82. partner with ADD
  83. I didn't expect this
  84. Can someone help
  85. Feeling Lost
  86. Broke up, should try to take him back... if he comes back?
  87. Non-ADD Partners Public and Private Forums
  88. Ever appropriate to call someone's therapist?
  89. Is everyone crazy? Am I crazy?
  90. ADD Counseling
  91. Good Book??
  92. New Here, Need Some Answers Please
  93. New to all this need answers please!
  94. sometimes he is spacey.
  95. Lying, omissions, poor memory.. ADD, or bad character
  96. His Concerted Effort at Contact
  97. Hard to believe....
  98. Question for the non-ADD partners
  99. Boyfriend may be ADDer
  100. Im the spouse of an AADer
  101. I'm New Here, And Need Help
  102. Is there anything beyond coping?
  103. Need to write out my Venting...sorry
  104. my wife's job situation
  105. Im so confused and wondering whats going on
  106. How can I be supportive
  107. Dealing with another down swing!
  108. Still waiting ..not knowing..still hurting
  109. need some clues about this situation and how it relates to ADD?
  110. New relationship with ADD Guy
  111. Sorry if this is inappropriate...
  112. Getting back together?
  113. When did you find out...
  114. As a non-ADD person in the relationship...
  115. Divorce - Result of ADD Diagnosis
  116. New somewhat frustrated member
  117. Follow-up to original post
  118. Re:self help
  119. I'm looking for other non-ADD sources.
  120. first post - suspect husband is add
  121. how untreated AD/HD affects relationships (article)
  122. Finding Peace & Respect when one is ADHD and the other isn't
  123. Can't deal with his rages/not taking medication
  124. Re: negative results
  125. ADHD and Marriage: Dr. Hallowell
  126. Marriage and Partnerships Article
  127. Housework / Chores
  128. How many of you nonADDers of ADDpartners think they too are ADD?
  129. Still no job
  130. Quick question re partner communication
  131. Dealing with Alone Time...
  132. Re:words vs. actions
  133. Tired of Being Angry
  134. Moods/Coping
  135. Are you new here?
  136. New to ADD & in a new relationship!
  137. Can anyone give me some help/ suggestions - missing someone
  138. Rytalin is saving my DH's job --but ruining our marriage
  139. Does anyone else feel like they are "getting" ADD?
  140. My boyfriend has ADD and I am struggling with it!
  141. husband now having an affair
  142. Boyfriend is refusing to take ADD medication
  143. Co-dependancy
  144. lonliness
  145. Laundry
  146. Doors and Drawers
  147. Piles
  148. ADDer need Advice for NonADDer Partner PLEASE
  149. wife's employment issues
  150. hello
  151. marrying an add'er... need help
  152. Need Help Getting DH Some Help
  153. Magical Mystery Tour, Life with my ADD ADHD partner
  154. Desperately Trying to Save My Marriage
  155. waking and sleeping issues
  156. He Doesn't want to take MEDS!
  157. Finding a Doctor for Husband - NY
  158. Melatonin
  159. Has anyone come back from brink of divorce successfully?
  160. non add partner here and i am sad....
  161. connecting
  162. Let's share what works for us...
  163. rant rant rant...with a bit of despair thrown in for good measure
  164. How do YOU survive this????
  165. Wives and Husbands
  166. lack of communication
  167. please help me understand
  168. ADD partners & boredom
  169. how can i help my boyfriend and our relationship?
  170. Things that drive me insane
  171. Communication skills, or lack thereof
  172. spending money
  173. Would this be a common outcome?
  174. Need Help!
  175. My boyfriend has ADD
  176. Ritalin making DH more hyper
  177. ADHD wife/non ADD husband
  178. Non-ADD partner here with a Question...
  179. Marriage beyond help?
  180. help with finding a link for add simulation
  181. ADHD & Dyslexia
  182. Help!
  183. A pattern of break up and getting back
  184. My most extreme reaction
  185. Help! Drivers License Suspension Hearing
  186. Xanax in ADD adult and memory loss?
  187. Help with DH
  188. ADHD and Diabetes - Need support for this double whammy
  189. ADHD and Diabetes - Need support for this double whammy
  190. What to do?
  191. I think I am more accepting about his ADD than he is
  192. Do you struggle with quality time with your ADD spouse?
  193. Confused
  194. ADHD Boyfriend and Drug Abuse
  195. Frustration
  196. Sex and Self-Identity Questions
  197. I don't know what to do...
  198. Fifty years of this?? How do you people do it~~
  199. exbf has ADHD and uses coke
  200. boundary issues: is this common?
  201. After 14 years...I am no longer mad...looking for answers
  202. New :)
  203. just looking for words of encouragement, I guess
  204. Help the newbie
  205. Finally I am getting my yard cleaned
  206. being "uptight"
  207. Divorce and Custody
  208. New here, my husband has ADD
  209. He finds obscure we go again!
  210. Is ADD Contagious?
  211. new question driving me crazy
  212. thanks so much for all the replies......
  213. Starting to feel a little desperate
  214. An unsolicited word to the add partners here.
  215. over-analysing our relationship
  216. My husband's been diagnosed at 29
  217. To All The Non-ADD Spouses/Partners
  218. How do ADD women deal with maintaining a decent sex life?
  219. Support for the Newly Diagnosed
  220. Hubby now understands me better...I hope
  221. New here and at a loss...
  222. Lost and Confused Wife
  223. What Can Help Non-ADDers?? (non-adders respond only, please!)
  224. Tips on ADHD in Couples . ..
  225. Had a really bad night with dh
  226. ADD Nearly Destroyed My Marriage - Now It's Great
  227. Please tell me I'm not alone...
  228. Finally, People I Can Relate To!
  229. Depression in non-ADHD spouses
  230. So how do you keep your self-esteem intact?
  231. Encourage Research in All Areas of ADD/ADHD, Bipolar, etc...
  232. Living the life of frustration
  233. He got fired, AGAIN!
  234. He's pushed me away, and I don't know why.
  235. Soliciting Feedback on Non-Drug Approaches
  236. Confusion & Decision
  237. Untreated AD/HD & violence in relationship
  238. Make it or Break it!
  239. Anger and resentment from lack of attention
  240. not missing hubby
  241. My cuz the dr. said ...
  242. Where do I start??
  243. Help
  244. ADD/Passive-Agressive
  245. (I made a funny)You know your fiance has ADD when....
  246. Walking in ADD shoes for a night
  247. Help me Understand my wife and Adderall
  248. Why does it take a catstrophe?
  249. Please HELP!!!
  250. Here I am