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  31. Perfection
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  38. I could just scream!
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  50. befuddled conundrum, looking for insight, sorry very long post
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  60. Thin skinned
  61. Counseling and him.
  62. It is safe to come out yet?
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  64. Do you think this is condescending?
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  66. Something fun for him
  67. A moment of understanding
  68. Can I "blame" it on ADD??!
  69. Best inspirations and advice I've found for my ADD relationship
  70. Cute poem my ADD partner shared with me about who's really to blame!
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  80. Decisions
  81. Advice on ADHD boyfriend
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  83. How do i deal with the disrespect?
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  85. Newbie Here...(Sorry so long...)
  86. I need help and support with dealing with my a.d.d. partner !!
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  88. Describing ADHD to friends and family
  89. impact of ADHD on the partner -- how to explain to family and friends
  90. Help Please
  91. ADHD
  92. Can he really change?
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  98. wife kicked me out because of my ADD
  99. To the Non-ADDers from an ADDer (Not a rant, but a story and thanks)
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  104. boyfriend has ADD
  105. non ADDers Support Group, Brisbane AUSTRALIA
  106. I can't cope if I can't understand him...
  107. Drinks more now that he's on meds
  108. What's the Point?
  109. I can't believe that I am the one to say this...
  110. The Vent Thread
  111. Non-ADD Partner Introduction Thread
  112. About my hubby (not really a rant).
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  119. Two different conversations.
  120. Love Them
  121. ADD and attachment disorder
  122. What Works
  123. So In Love, How to ask without offense?
  124. Care and Feeding of an NT
  125. So what do I do now?
  126. ADHD and loss of interest in spouse
  127. Feedback Needed for my Evaluation of an ADD-man's Behaviour
  128. ADD Husband "needs more time" before he's ready to do anything
  129. I put him out
  130. How to make him understand this?
  131. ADHD and infidelity
  132. Are there ANY happy and positive NT/ADD relationships?
  133. will he still come back?
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  135. trying to understand
  136. looking for a physical support group
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  145. Please Bear With Me as I Vent
  146. I am new here
  147. A Question
  148. Hoping for the best
  149. Career change - cont. from the intro thread
  150. Unable to "see" the issue?
  151. Forgotten on Valentines day :(
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  155. Non-ADD Private Forum
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  158. ADD of the Future!
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  168. Is there hope?
  169. you miss physical intimacy?
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  175. Equality?
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  178. Finding A Good Therapist
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  183. Pottsville Pa support group anyone interested?
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  189. help me understand my BF
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  191. New and needing help
  192. ADD+nonADD couple financial management?
  193. how to continue w ADHD bf
  194. “I don’t want to hurt their feelings…”
  195. Feel like a fly...bugging him all the time! :(
  196. NYT article on ADHD and marriage
  197. gf of an ADDer and long distance too
  198. hoping for some insight
  199. I am hopeless at this point..
  200. New to this site my bf had ADD
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  209. so confused
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  216. Hey all you NTers... tell me something...
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  219. Hello from England :)
  220. I think I'm affecting him
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  224. So my wife got arrested yesterday
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  226. Just a sad vent. . .
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  228. Gifts
  229. Leaving - Need advice from Non-Adders who have done it
  230. half of the information
  231. Non-adders: spouses relationship with your family
  232. how many non-adders are really in here?
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  234. The value of "taking a break"?
  235. Hopeful
  236. Why is a diagnosis so important for me as a partner?
  237. How do you deal with the lying?
  238. Husband has stopped medication
  239. No remorse
  240. Confused and sad
  241. Waiting - Venting Mostly - Would Love Advice, Thoughts
  242. ADHD partner and the GPS
  243. Is this his ADD or is he losing interest?
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  246. The most HILARIOUS thing my dh has done ...this has to be Add
  247. Deadly Concotion
  248. New to ADD forum
  249. Depressed!
  250. iHateAdderall