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  1. Confused.
  2. I think my girlfriend has Add... Some help plz
  3. And it gets worse!
  4. Hopeful
  5. My wife must have this
  6. My adorable wife has ADD and I don't handle it well enough!
  7. Hubby with ADD and new diagnosis...diid others go thru this?
  8. Intimacy problems with ADD bf
  9. is this typical behavior?
  10. How do I...?
  11. Non-Add wife and mother
  12. article recommendations to brief husband on wife's ADD diagnosis?
  13. when is enough? ADHD spouse
  14. My girlfriend has ADHD
  15. Dear Spouse or Partner of ADHD
  16. don't want to have sex with adhd husband
  17. The Long Talk
  18. Non ADHD spouse me understand my hubby's porn addiction
  19. Seeing Support
  20. New to an ADD relationship
  21. Adhd & "nt" spouses generally speaking!
  22. lonely and unloved
  23. txt me that u love me!
  24. vent of hoplessness!
  25. Confused About Difference between his ADHD and his personality
  26. Question from an ADD wife!
  27. To the Non-ADHD female spouses: When do you start cheating on your husband?
  28. No one seems to understand my partner at university.
  29. Hi, haven't been here for a while. Need some advice
  30. Looking for Insight/Perspective on pwADD's All-Nighters
  31. balancing what my partner needs with my own emotional health
  32. ADD gf and my family - communication
  33. perspective on communicating with ADHD ex-partner
  34. Trouble sustaining conversations with ADD boyfriend
  35. Unsure what to do
  36. A Confused Guy Seeking Advice on a Breakup...
  37. The only thing I can depend on is they she is undependable
  38. Need Help Dealing With My ADD Girlfriend
  39. ADHD symptoms or something else?
  40. Desperate and feeling alone Non-ADHD girlfriend
  41. Need informed advice
  42. extra curricular activities
  43. DH doesn't think logically
  44. Hypersexuality
  45. Meeting my ADHD-er's mother - any tips on how a family can best support him?
  46. Help me with my ADHD partner
  47. My husband has passed away
  48. I think my husband has ADD
  49. ADD? Learning disability?
  50. New here. Rant/Advice?
  51. ADD or passive aggressive?
  52. Lying
  53. Trouble Focusing on the Conversation
  54. Thank you :)
  55. Exhausted
  56. Sad and Tired
  57. Interested in the ADHD experience of comforming for your spouse
  58. I am new here and need help....
  59. New (kind of)!
  60. Finding peace without being a peacemaker
  61. ADHD Articles--what is your must read article?
  62. Greetings! Want to help my friend with her son
  63. Anger towards family
  64. ADHD vs Selfishness
  65. Making Excuses??
  66. Reality Check
  67. Husband is depressed, angry, etc
  68. trouble communicating with spouse
  69. A cheater?
  70. How to talk about ADHD to a non-ADHD partner - doesn't believe me
  71. Motivation and anxiety issues?
  72. partner has ADD/lack of physical contact issues
  73. He has ADHD; ignores me for DAYS, but then says he loves and wants me..what to do? :(
  74. Urgent help-PLEASE!!!!
  75. ADHD=Avoidance of Close Relationships?? I LUV him;DESPERATE FOR HELP!! :,(
  76. Please Help!!
  77. At the bottom. Again.
  78. Non-ADDer Needing Relationship Advice
  79. When do you know to give in?
  80. Information, Information..I needs some Information!!
  81. I Need Help...My first post and feel lost
  83. New here but been going on for 15 yrs!
  84. Difficult situation involving career
  85. Question for ADDers (on dramatically shifting your life around):
  86. I feel bad
  87. Just now figuring it out
  88. New to the forum but not new to having an ADD partner
  89. Wife newly-diagnosed ADD and medicated
  90. Partner's Symptom Drives Me Bats - Tips?
  91. Counselling
  92. Excessive talking about the past
  93. Help
  94. Needing advice for my husband
  95. Abandoned while shopping & spending without me - Hopeless VENT
  96. Do spouses have any right to information?
  97. excessive talking about the past (off topic)
  98. LDR and Monogamy
  99. ADHD vs. Trust Issues
  100. Can you change the story?
  101. Should I go with him to therapy? What to expect?
  102. Trying to understand my ADHD girlfriend
  103. so much makes sense now, need to talk about it
  104. I can't live like this
  105. New to the forum
  106. New to forum but not new to ADD partner--and thinking about calling it quits
  107. Seekin Advice on helping an ADDer fill out paperwork/accomplish important tasks
  108. how did you get help for your AD/HD partner?
  109. worried about boyfriend
  110. new here but not new to ADD
  111. Dealing with my boyfriends ADD
  112. Book - The ADHD Effect on Marriage
  113. new here...
  114. New to forum, Need Advice re adult step-son
  115. New to Forum...7 yrs w/ ADHD spouse
  116. Soul Searching
  117. My boyfriend has ADD and I need some support
  118. Dressing up for the weather/suitable clothing?
  119. My husband has ADHD and I don't know if meds would help
  120. ADD, the seventies, parenting and a rant
  121. Lack of "appreciation" from ADD partner?
  122. Helping ADD GF
  123. Trying to cope in a long distance relationship
  124. Advice on dealing with husband who has ADD
  125. Should I bring up ADD with EX-GF? If so how?
  126. New here. Wife has ADHD and she's not the person I fell in love with.
  127. Relationships: Survival Tips for the non-ADHD Spouse/Partner
  128. Commitment Or Lack Of It
  129. I need him, but where is he?
  130. Wife with ADHD + Smoker
  131. Coping Mechanism - Running away from problems?
  132. in shock and in need of advice
  133. new here and looking for some support.
  134. just wanting to vent..
  135. ADHD girlfriend
  136. Confusing signals from a male friend with ADHD
  137. "keeping it small" & pepsi cans
  138. ADD boyfriend left suddenly
  139. advice needed...
  140. Newbie needs advice about my computer addicted boyfriend
  141. Getting tired
  142. New Relationship Stress
  143. It just hurts
  144. Marrying an ADHD Man: Rage, Porn, Employment, Children
  145. I'm a 16 year old girl and I need help!
  146. I hope you can give me advice/enlightening..
  147. Thank You Mikey
  148. Could use some advice please
  149. ADHD - Feeling guilty
  150. I need help :(
  151. Advice Needed
  152. ADHD and finances
  153. The catch 22 of unemployment, money and treatment
  154. His Mistakes
  155. Resistance to Treatment?
  156. So we finally discussed it.........
  157. Emotionally closing off from husband
  158. I worry about him worrying about me :)
  159. Sylvie's husband's wife
  160. How can I help the best?
  161. Hermit like behaviour + lying in ADD friend
  162. Please help :(
  163. Any books or articles for somebody who doesn't know ADD enough?
  164. To be or not to be overwhelmed? Replies are appriciated.
  165. Broken trust over household/planning/career matters
  166. First marriage, husband very strange -ADHD?
  167. At lost with how to proceed...
  168. Excusable behavior or not?
  169. Husband won't address ADHD
  170. ADHD wreaking havoc on marriage
  171. In need of advice
  172. New here.. Seeking Help with AD/HD Partner..
  173. I want to make sure I'm being supportive (girlfriend of a guy living with ADHD)
  174. Support for parents of adult ADHD, where?
  175. Marriage Falling Apart Fast
  176. Did Adderall make my BF almost cheat on me?
  177. ADD Partner, how should I support her?
  178. I know it's the right thing for now but...
  179. About ready to scream or move on.. Please help
  180. My First Post
  181. In need of advice
  182. Let me get this straight....
  183. New Member, Spouse of an ADHDer trying to figure it all out
  184. Need some suggestions...
  185. What to do when ADHD spouse don't want to talk about or deal with...ADHD?
  186. Have some hope again for the first time in years!
  187. What do YOU think?
  188. Is backtracking normal? Brand new relationship advice needed.
  189. Sex in his sleep?
  190. Should I cut off my ex with ADD? Money, gambling, and more
  191. Long distance relationship- ADHD boyfriend too busy for me
  192. Addicted to texting friends?
  193. Quick to anger..I don't know how to handle it...
  194. New Diagnosis. Drugs (adderall), sex, and rock and roll. Well, appetite actually.
  195. help
  196. first post: ADHD benefits vs challenges
  197. Husband With ADHD - Recent Overdose & Constant Episodic Rage
  198. My Non-ADD partner doesn't like me medicated
  199. Husband Started Ritalin Today...WOW!!!!!
  200. Day 2 - Husband on Ritalin
  201. partner filling up all available space?
  202. Does My ADHD Husband Not See This Effects Me Too?
  203. Update on Hubby
  204. Can someone give me a link to easy to understand site on the different types of ADHD
  205. Now it all just blows, big time!
  206. Could we make a list of specific things that really help?
  207. All Too Hard-I Surrender
  208. So tired of my husband saying things I know he'll never follow through on.
  209. My husband had an explosive anger outburst this morning!
  210. ADD & Perfectionism in Relationships
  211. I'm Baaaack! Hubby Update.
  212. Is That Light I See At The End of The Tunnel?
  213. No Light At The End of the Tunnel, Just Total Darkness
  214. Helping my Housemate (I'm the ADDer)
  215. Hubby day 4 off Ritalin and increase in Olanzapine-He cooked me dinner..... twice!!
  216. The Roomie with ADD
  217. How do I avoid or negate his triggers?
  218. My husband's sarcasm is getting overbearing!
  219. a whole thread about movie watching and tv
  220. Another classy move by my husband last night!
  221. Last time I checked...
  222. This flip flopping on where we're moving to has got to stop!!
  223. At my wits end..
  224. Husband's ADHD and his job. I'm afraid he's going to get fired!
  225. The anger is getting to be too much!
  226. Perplexed ADD spouse seeks NT advice
  227. partner has ADD/slow mental processing speed. help?!
  228. Introvert (me) married to ADD-inattentive
  229. reading and learning from you
  230. What should we ask the doctor?
  231. Partner recently diagnosed struggling to understand
  232. Specifically about new-relationship hyperfocus
  233. How should I react to this?
  234. Puzzled just what happened. Someone explain?
  235. I just need to talk about it...
  236. Please help- ADHD boyfriend broke up with me
  237. I am at a loss and not sure what to do
  238. Is it normal for ADHDers consistently "threaten" to break up with their partners?
  239. Boyfriend's new tactic: the silent treatment!
  240. My First Post (Warning - long, babbley, and looking for advice)
  241. Finally: how do I get him to recognize that he needs help.
  242. Newbie - is this adhd please help
  243. Saddened
  244. He's gonna get help.
  245. Thank you for existing
  246. How to Help?
  247. Advice from experienced partners of ADHDer's?
  248. User manual for ADHD people
  249. New to Forum: Struggling with ADHD boyfriend
  250. That thing called sleep....